Thanks to Wikileaks, again, for taking a stand against the clear bureaucratic elements within the US and their allies. As I’ve already stated before, RALA is here to report the truth, no matter how damaging it may be, because the people deserve the truth. Which, unfortunately, the US and allies are not doing so for the people whatsoever. So, we’ll now release the secret cables, detailing what could very well be a diplomatic crisis between the US and allies. The links will not be as long as the others, but there’s hundreds of thousands of cable leaks throughout the categories.

P.S. The US has been determined to stop these leaks, and more than likely try and shut down the organization Wikileaks. So, please, as you read through all the leaks, make copies for yourself, and place them in your hard drive. Make copies through flashdrives and distribute them out to your community. Please help in making a collective effort to expose the crimes being committed worldwide:

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