Why Prison Gates?: 

The title of this news blog, The prison gates are open…, originates from a famous historical quote by Ho Chi Minh, revolutionary Marxist-Leninist leader of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam from 1945-1969, in which stated, “When the prison gates open, the dragon will fly out.” The dragon was symbolized as the global resistance against capitalism-imperialism. That, once the prison gates in which confine the oppressed inside of opens, a breed of resistance against the oppressors will be unleashed and burn down the exploitative, oppressive system of capitalism-imperialism.

About the Author:

My name is B.J. Murphy, and I’m an activist for worker’s rights and social justice. I’m a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), and currently an organizer for Occupy Winston-Salem, the Winston-Salem, NC branch of Occupy Wall Street. And if you’re seriously looking into becoming an activist for not only worker’s rights, but also for a Socialist future for our fellow proletarian comrades, then I would strongly recommend you giving the FRSO a look into and to contact them for further information.

Having said that, this news blog that I run, The prison gates are open…, does not always represent the overall view of the FRSO as a whole. This blog is strictly based on my own individual views and nothing else. I do not expect you to believe as I believe. What I do expect you to do is question mainstream news and to find alternatives to such. Which is where me and my blog come in. I’m here to do nothing more than promote alternative news. Predominantly, I’ll re-post articles that can be found by other sources, in which I do give credit to by sourcing back to them. Also, you can find articles of my own that I’ve written by clicking on the tab “My Articles”. It’ll be updated with new articles of mine once or twice per month.

As for the overall message by this site, I’m here to promote the ideals of revolutionary communism under Marxism-Leninism. Meaning, as the site will reflect, I’ll be representing various amounts information detailing under both proletarian struggle and anti-imperialist national liberation. This site does not just support workers worldwide, but also of the entire oppressed people. Whether they be peasants, workers, religious, non-religious, immigrants, etc., this site will represent all that is continuously being oppressed by the global oppressors of capital.

To better understand Marxism-Leninism, I’ll redirect you to a fellow comrade’s news blog where he provides study guides for those wanting to further their studies on communist literature and the works of Marxism-Leninism. Click here if you wish to be redirected to the study guide.

If you’re just wanting to go through all the works of past communist literature, ranging from Marx to Stalin, then merely click the links provided below:

The works of Marx and Engels: http://www.marx2mao.com/M&E/Index.html

The works of Vladimir Lenin: http://www.marx2mao.com/Lenin/Index.html

The works of Mao tse-Tung: http://www.marx2mao.com/Mao/Index.html

The works of Joseph Stalin: http://www.marx2mao.com/Stalin/Index.html

For more, then visit the Marxist library Marx2Mao and dwell yourself into the vast archives of Marxist-Leninist thought: http://marx2mao.com/

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  1. As someone who wants to protect all people from sectarianism, dogmatism, & revisionism, I strongly suggest all people not to join the “World Communist News Forum” like I did. I eventually was attacked on it by their own members for promoting articles where I embraced criticism where criticism was needed, & according to them, I didn’t post what they felt was needing to be posted. So, as a warning, don’t join the group that commented above. Stay true to yourselves, Comrades.

    Red Love & Salutes!

  2. Dear friends,

    I saw your name in KASAMA and came to look around.

    For your information only, the great poster – the one that says RALA supports PFLP –
    the Arabic words on the photo are backward and not legible. If it was a MS Word file I could have helped you to correct it or, if there was anyways that you could have e mailed me the text only, I could have fixed the words (an Arab could do better since I might be able to correct it but still it is not my first language, Farsi)

    Anyhow feel free writing to me at walkingwithcomrdes@gmail.com

    Where by the way are you originally from (or your parents….)

    I will slowly start reading the site but it is good to see younger people getting busy with such things as a progressive communist site

    with due comradely regards

    Behrooz Navaii

    If you felt like, send it

    • Hello comrade.

      Glad to know more readers are coming in, and thank you for letting me know about the PFLP poster. I’ll make sure it gets fixed here soon.

      As for where I’m from, I, of course, live here in the States, but came out of a neighborhood (one would call it the ghetto lol) located in Norfolk, VA. Now I live here in another small town, called Dobson, NC.

      Thanks for the heads up, and I’m glad you found RALA.

      Comradely greetings,

      BJ Murphy

  3. Hello, I just found your website and will definetly be looking into it more. I’ve just started really embracing communism in the last few months and have been doing everything I can to learn more and your website looks like it can be very helpful to me. I would also like to thank you for the links to work by various communists. It has been hard to dig through the jumble of some websites to find legitimate work by these men and not just capitalist propoganda about them and how horrible they were. I’d like to ask, is there a good communist following on the east coast? I’m from a small town in Kansas and am trying to get the word out on communism, the real word, not the twisted misconceptions. Thank you for the website, I will be checking into it a lot more.

    • Hello Comrade Wyatt,

      Let me first off say thank you for all the warm compliments. Second off, I’m glad you found interest in my news site, and found it to be helpful. I was hoping my site would, as time went by, be able to do just that. So I’m glad to have confirmation now.

      As for your question, I would seriously try and get in touch with Freedom Road Socialist Organization – Fight Back! if you’re really serious into getting more politically active. I’m part of the organization and you’ll certainly meet some of the most intelligent people you’ll ever come by when it comes to our politics.

      To get in touch with them, just go to their website, and click the link that says “email us” at the very bottom: http://frso.org/

      So I really hope to hear more of you and hope you get a chance to join the FRSO-FB! The best of luck to you, comrade.

      Red Love & Salutes!

  4. Pingback: Turkey and France clash over Libya air campaign

  5. fyi
    Open Letter From Russian Doctors In Libya To The President Of The Russian Federation
    Post Categories: Africa
    By The 4th Media | 15:31 BeiJing Time,Monday, March 28, 2011
    President of the Russian Federation Medvedev DA
    Prime Minister of Russian Federation VV Putin
    from citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, working and living in Libya
    March 24, 2011, Tripoli, Libya
    Dear Mr. Medvedev and Vladimir Putin,

    Bombs and rockets struck residential houses and fell near the hospital. The glass of the Cardiac Center building was broken, and in the building of the maternity ward for pregnant women with heart disease a wall collapsed and part of the roof. This resulted in ten miscarriages whereby babies died, the women are in intensive care, doctors are fighting for their lives. Our colleagues and we are working seven days a week, to save people. This is a direct consequence of falling bombs and missiles in residential buildings resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries, which are operated and reviewed now by our doctors. Such a large number of wounded and killed, as during today, did not result during the total of all the riots in Libya. And this is called “protecting the civilian population”?

  6. Proletarian Greeting Comrade
    Just discovered your excellent website which is very informative with plenty of good links. Could you please keep me updated. If possible can you add the For Bolshevism-AUCPB (All-Union Communist PArty of Bolsheviks link to your list of communist organisations in Russia. The party is active in building teh labour movement towards carrying out a second socialist revolution in Russia. The link is http://aucpbenglishwebsite.blogspot.com The main Russian AUCPB website is vkpb.ru

    Revolutionary regards
    Kevin Cain

  7. Videos show events of 16 February in Bengazi and proves that protestors opened fire first.

    Protestors gather around a compound.

    Here is video claiming civilians and ambulances are shot by Army:

    Here you see that it is rebels who fire in direction of military base from which ambulances were leaving:

  8. Dear BJMurphy:

    Thanks for your remarks on Kasama! I’d like to correspond by email, but I just can’t find your email address!

    Mine is above — can you please email me there?

    I’m going away tomorrow for one week — back on Monday June 6. Won’t have much email access while away. But send me an email and we can talk in a week.


    Grover Furr


    This is a message for mankind all over the world who have a conscience & mercy by work not by words . For all people who love liberity, brotherhood & equality . For every writer and journalist to share in the biggest battle in the recent history for liberation of slaves – your brothers in humanity – who suffer from horrible crimes in kSA.

    The inviter :- More than 8 million people from more than 50 countries who suffer the worst injustice in the recent history . The speaker is an Egyptian doctor, his wife – who is also a doctor – & his 2 very young kids. This family suffers the worst crime one can imagine inside KSA. They have been prevented from going back to their country & also from work for more than three years up till now. The local authorities had cut the electricity from their home for about 1 year in an evil trial to kill them only because they want their money from the government who refuses to give them!! They had sent many complaints to the King, Princes & the cabinet with no response.
    The receiver :- Secretary General of U.N., Security Council, U.N.O., All presidents, All human rights organizations & All others concerned by this invitation.
    The Message :- Why all of you are silent about the horrible crimes occurring against the foreign workers & employers inside KSA!!
    1 – Is the Saudi Government is stronger than all world countries together to behave this bad attitude?! No, this government is so weak that they can’t defend themselves from a few hundred Yemeni people who invade the country very easily & reach Jeddah – the second big city – within hours!!
    2 – Are you don’t know these horrible crimes?! No, these crimes are recorded in the letters of all human rights organizations!!
    3 – Are you don’t have the power to force these criminal people to full with all international agreements?! No, you already have many political, economic & military powers to force these mentally retarded desert people to use their minds!!
    4 – Are Saudi labour rules having any similararity in any other country all over the world?! No, because these stupid, retarded & discriminative rules have no any other similarity!!
    5 – Is the bribery & gifts given to presidents, diplomatic & media persons are the cause of this silence?! These people should be prevented from receiving this dirty money!!
    6 – Are the billions of dollars in western banks & huge investments are the cause of this silence?! I ask these countries to follow human rights & the rules these countries are build on in their constitution!!
    7 – Are the huge Saudi donations to sport clubs & zoo in western countries had mad the ugly Saudi faces pretty & beautiful?! This is not sense at all because the care of football & bears doesn’t forgive the horrible crimes against more than 8 million innocent people!!
    8 – Are the huge money spent by Saudi tourists in prostitution, drinking alcohol & gambling tables in many countries are the cause of this silence?! No, because this dirty money – from ethical points of view – never build a good country!!
    9 – Is the silence of these foreign workers about injustice & discrimination are the reason for continuation of Saudi crimes against them?! I ask all these workers to use all peaceful ways like demonstrations & strikes to oblige Saudi authorities to change these stupid rules!!

    Finally, I ask all presidents & kings all over the world to unite together to force this stupid Saudi government – who is retarded more than 1000 years from the rest of the world – to change this discrimination against foreign workers immediately for liberation of these slaves because they are your brothers in humanity .

    DR / Usama Anwar
    Iman General Hospital
    Riyadh, K.S.A
    Mobile 00966595150867


    All India Organizing Committee

    Address : Flat No.303 ‘B’ Block Vaishnavi Plaza, West Boaring Canal Road, Patna -1.

    Contact: 09998974288



    Organize the student and young community of India to support the movement of Anna Hazare

    The movement against uncontrollable corruption in India by the social activist Anna Hazare has been continued for 12 days until the dramatic end happens through the acceptance of the Government to discuss the issues of Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by the Anna Hazare team on 28/08/2011. Young generation of India waves their support in full swing as like a strong wind for this movement. With no organizational background Anna Hazare started this movement like a one-man army and this has been spread like anything. Government acted on this background and has been unleashed undemocratic actions against this peaceful movement rather cruel than the English Government before freedom. The government thought that the attitude of the docile people in India also strengthens their way of handling this movement. But the strong growth of this movement proved that the government analysis is wrong. The strong condemnation is in the insight of the young generation against this social evils awakes suddenly and it has been emerged as gigantic support for this movement.

    Started from the commonwealth games scam; corruption has been grown day by day through 2G spectrum scam and Aadarsh Housing scam. By taking superficial actions against those persons who have been acquitted in these scams; the people who run the Government thought they can hide these issues. But eventually they could not do that. Ultimately they strongly put forth the Anna Hazare Movement itself is against parliament democracy. Legislation is entirely within the limit of parliament only. They extended their statements like by the name of civil society some individuals cannot take legislative process their own and they started to condemn this movement. By having all the power and institution to emulate legislation why parliament cannot stop these ever growing corruption and scams? But there is no answer for these questions from them.

    Elected members of parliament and legislative state assemblies who cannot only stop these scams as well as themselves become corrupted. Elections have been not at all happened to elect correct people for long. Now a day’s Election results have been determined by cash for vote, caste, religious and regional fanaticism. Dialectical politics centring around people issues are not at all taken by the political parties now. Today’s Media and the literature are giving importance to the non-issues and desensitizing the minds of people by which keeping them in dreamy world. All these things play an important role in electing third rated people as parliament and legislative members by the people.

    Approximately 16% of today’s members of parliament are criminals who have been engaged in criminal activities; majority of these parliamentarians are getting money from capitalists to render their support in parliament. They are rather very much concerned about the cause of rich people than the day to day burning issues of majority poorest section of the people. These things are quoting how these parliament and legislative assembles are not doing anything for human welfare now a days. ‘Intellectuals’ central ministers claim “Parliamentarian democracy is disturbed by the movement of Anna Hazare”. These claims are not also enough for the cause of ending corruption. Instead of that these claims are serving to hidden the corruptions and scams. These things are going up to the extent that these corruptions were done for the welfare of people. Nobody can forget that how the current Telecom and Communication Minister hide the facts revealing the 2G scam. He stated that there was not only any loss there in 2G spectrum allocations but also it served for the welfare of common people; how strange this is!

    When we welcome this movement and urge the participation of younger generation in this movement, we should not forget to see the root cause of all these ever growing corruptions and scams. Because the majority of people are depicting that these corruptions are emerging from nowhere. If we analyze the reasons properly then we can find that the big capitalist institutions of this Indian society are behind the manufacture and growth of these corruptions. All these corruptions are carried to make favourable industrial policies for the wellbeing of the Indian capitalist class to usurp huge profit by stamping their authority over the Government and its actions. Corruptions in small magnitude are exercised routinely even at the root level by the petty politicians joined with government officials and contractors now a days. At this juncture even if you bring numerous laws that laws cannot stop the corruptions and it will be last long with these legislations. This is the current scenario in Indian society.“Money is everything; if we have more money then we can purchase even the social recognition, name and human respect” – these are the lifeline of current social system. It has been proved in these circumstances corruptions cannot be changed as well as hidden until we can change the current social system which is entirely based on money and its matters.

    We cannot dumb this gigantic issue of ending corruption by questioning either the Jan Lokpal bill which has been drafted by Anna Hazare and his team or the lokpal bill which has been brought by the government in nemesis of corruptions and its consequences. Should the Higher Judiciary and the higher representations of the government like Prime Minister be included within this legislation? Yes of course. But, if we are expecting faithfully that these legislations will only bring an end to the corruptions then we will be day dreamers. No legislation can be strong enough to counter the corruptions. Unified people’s power and the people’s struggle with correct target can only be the strong path against the corruption.

    On basis of this the movement generated by Anna Hazare against corruption shows the ray of hope rather the Jan Lokpal bill itself. Legislation of any law in true sense is possible with broad based people’s support and with their struggle only. So called today’s ‘democracy’ is only for the moneyed people and it is very much action less; in these circumstances the hope for suffering and toiling mass of the society is people movement or exercising ‘street democracy’ only. Democracy in its true sense and the people’s government can be witnessed only by the participation of huge volume of poor and working people of this society. Now the movement by Anna Hazare opened such participation of people. The same serenity should be shown to this movement like that how J.P. movement got the popular support in 1970’s. Future of Indian society-the youngsters should come forward for uplifting this cause of Anna Hazare. This is the duty on the shoulders of the young generation of India. Even though this legislation will be formed in the future, the true practice of this legislation should be ensured by the active participation of the people – the movement. This movement should be taken forward against all the social evils. Because the growth of society is not in the boundary of laws. It is in the people’s movement only. We call all the young generations of this India to come forward with strong commitment, understanding and sincerity.
    Student Democratic Movement (SDM)
    Student forum of Communist Workers Platform (CWP)

  11. Just want to leave a Hey Hey! Love the work i’m seeing here, makes me more motivated to make my blog just as useful and good. Will be adding it to my blogroll

  12. Undeniably believe that that you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be at the web the simplest thing to remember of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while other people consider issues that they plainly do not recognise about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  13. Dear BJ Murphy,

    The Uhuru Solidarity Movement would like to offer you the opportunity to endorse the “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign. This year’s theme is “Facing the Truth About Racial Injustice: How White People Can See the Future through the Eyes of the Oppressed”.

    We live in an era of profound crisis when everything around us is in flux, when U.S. wars proliferate around the world, the economy is crashing and climate change wreaks havoc.

    We believe that the only future for the planet is to go forward as one, in true solidarity with all of humanity. There is no individual solution and it is in our profound interest to join the majority of the earth’s peoples in actively transforming the world.

    The Days in Solidarity with African People campaign (DSAP), which will be held in San Diego and Oakland, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, St. Petersburg, Florida and Warsaw, Poland in October of this year, offer a chance for white people to understand how the world truly got the way it is and to begin to see the profound opportunities for the future by looking at the present and the past through the lens of African and oppressed peoples.

    Please join us by endorsing this event. If you believe that this is a critical issue which needs to be addressed, endorse this campaign and help to make the events a success!

    Endorsement means:
    You will promote the event on your blog
    You will post the “Days in Solidarity with African People” promo button on your blog
    Your logo and the link to your blog will be added to DSAP endorsement page online and will be announced on our internet radio show, “Reparations in Action” that airs every Sunday at 1pm EST

    If you are interested in sponsoring our event, here are the sponsorship options:

    $25 Includes a tabling space at the DSAP event closest to you and a business card size ad in all event programs nationwide. You will also be promoted on our website and online radio show.
    $50 Includes promotion of your business/organization on our HTML emails nationally, a ¼ page ad in all event programs nationwide and a table at the DSAP event closest to you. You will also be promoted on our website and online radio show.
    $100 Includes an ad for your business/organization to be run on our HTML emails nationally, a ½ page ad in all event programs nationwide and a table at the event closest to you. You will also be promoted on our website and online radio show.

    To submit your information for sponsorship, reply directly to this email or email to stpete@uhurusolidarity.org. Checks can be made out to “Uhuru” and mailed to: PO Box 3630, St. Petersburg, FL, 33731. Or a donation can be made through our WePay site at: https://www.wepay.com/donations/days-in-solidarity-with-african-people-2012-facing-the-truth-about-racial-injustice-seeing-the-future-through-the

    To confirm your endorsement, simply respond directly to this email and include the image and web link that we can post to our website!

    Thank you for considering endorsement and/or sponsorship of the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign. Please contact me with any questions.

    Stephanie Midler
    stpete@uhurusolidarity.org – 727-683-9949

    Stephanie Midler
    National Chair
    Uhuru Solidarity Movement

    • Thank you so much for your endorsement and support of the Days in Solidarity with African People! We wish that you could attend one of the events in person! We are posting your blog link and endorsement on our website tonight. Uhuru means Freedom!

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