More than 2000 worldwide US-collaborators publicly exposed

September 3, 2011

US Protected "Strictly Protected" Sources Now Strictly Un-Protected

The US-led Northern Atlantic Terror Organization NATO still bombs the towns and people in Libya and sends their armed stooges to hunt black people and other alleged supporters of the Libyan government. Though there is not much, what the Libyan people can do against the terrorists’ bombs, today is the first day of international revenge.

Wikileaks just published an editorial taking pride of contributing to the US-led series of regime change operations in the arab world publicly known as the “Arab spring.” The terrorists just admitted that their predatory war of aggression against Libya has already cost the life of 50.000 people. Wikileaks did not find a single word of regret for all the black people murdered in Libya by US-led terrorists, but expressed only regret that a recent breach of Wikileaks secrecy publicly exposed US-collaborators.

But the most cynical sentence in Wikileaks’ statement is this one:

Every day that the corrupt leadership of a country or organization knows of a pending WikiLeaks disclosure is a day spent planning how to crush revolution and reform.

Cryptome Timeline of 19 July 2010 shows, that in July 2010 Wikileaks got the secret US-embassy cables well before July 2010 and the whole world knew it at that time. But instead of publishing the material instantly, Julian Assange decided to hold the cables back until the end of November 2010. Even then Wikileaks did not publish all cables, but only small portions, it let the corrupt propaganda outlets of NATO-countries set the spin for the cables and strictly censored all the names of the collaborators with the global US terror regime.

In the meantime the US-led global terror regime had enough time to plan on how to deal with the leak. In August 2010 Barack Obama signed his secret “Presidential Study Directive 11” in which he ordered all US agencies to prepare for a series of US-led regime changes in the arab world. The US plan was to stage a set of regime changes, switching one corrupt government of US puppets against another regime of US puppets, to mask these US-led regime change operations as spontanous revolutions and to deflect public attention and shame from the most corrupt governemnt in the world: itself.

It is the U.S. goverment which invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, causing the death of millions of innocent people there. It is the U.S. government which based devilishly uses predator drones to more or less randomly kill people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. It is the U.S. government who sends special operation forces to perform “kill operations” and has the nerve of calling the rumors to identify targets for the killers “intelligence.” It is the U.S. government which enables the zionist apartheid regime to oppress and slaughter the indigenious population of Palestine. It is the U.S. government which supports all wars of aggresion of the zionist regime against it’s neighbor coutries and shieds the zionist regime from being persucuted for it’s world wide acts of murderous terror. It is the U.S. government which regularly performs regime change operations in the whole world to bring puppet governments to power, which do not serve the interests it’s people but it’s masters in the U.S. The U.S. government does all this for the sake that their banksters and corporations dominate and plunder the world.

The recent most criminal act of the U.S. government was murdering tens of thousands of Libyans and bombing Libya into ashes so that Libya will need it’s financial assets for reconstructing Libya instead of being able to invest it in other African nations to help Africa overcome the neocolonalism of World Bank, IMF and CFA-Franc. And Wikileaks claims to be proud to have assisted the USA with that murderous plunder, censoring it’s cable leak to help the U.S. terror regime to keep it’s collaborateurs secret, so that these U.S. collaborateurs can continue to act as U.S. agents of infuence. But #Fail.

It’s a mistake to trust the U.S. government. The U.S. terror regime is not trustworthy. Not at all. For nothing. Who ever talks to the U.S. govenment and it’s agent of terror in it’s world wide fortresses it calls embassies shall know that now and forever. The Wikileaks cables are out as undeletable Torrent in the internet – uncensored, all the cables with all names of US-collaborators exposed, plainly readable in clear letters for everyone.

Have a look at: cat cables.csv | grep -i -B 1 “strictly protect”














PAGE 03 ZAGREB 00827 02 OF 04 281646Z





























5. (C) During a December conversation with Polcouns,
attorney Hauwa Ibrahim (strictly protect), one of a quintet

Uwais had said he \”was waiting for the case,\” confided
Ibrahim. Uwais (strictly protect) made a similar statement



Colonel and ECOWAS staff member M. Dixon Dikio (please
strictly protect) told PolMilOff that a major breakdown of


notetaker. (Note: Paras\’ handlers indicated that they
wanted the meeting to remain secret. Strictly protect. End

16. (C) Please strictly protect the fact that we have a copy

2. (C) On August 2, Ministry of Finance and Economic
Development Permanent Secretary Nick Ncube (strictly protect)

of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. Poloffs twice
met Lawal\’s chief attorney Hauwa Ibrahim (strictly protect),

1. (C) Summary: On August 31, Codel Daschle met attorney
Hauwa Ibrahim (strictly protect) for a brief on the Amina

4. (C) On August 18, poloff met with Ibrahim Gharaibeh
(strictly protect) an East Banker and former member of the

labor groups, this communication was received via the AFL-CIO
Solidarity Center (strictly protect). According to

dated October 11 which the Diyarbakir Human Rights
Association (strictly protect) passed to Poloff, Aydiner

be competing with Shah Deniz gas.
4. (C) BOTAS General Manager Bildaci (strictly protect)

2. (C) Brian Dodson (strictly protect), a gas analyst for BP,

1.(C) On 21 December, EconChief met with Khalid Yousef Fulaij
(strictly protect), who serves as an Advisor on Petroleum

The GOH does not see how they can meet these targets.
Alvarado (strictly protect) has now proposed to the Cabinet




convention late into the night of January 5, PolCouns
met Tunji Abayomi (strictly protect), Obasanjo\’s



relationship between Arabs and Turks might really be. The
Saudi political counselor (strictly protect) described Turks

4. (C) The Israeli DCM (strictly protect) confided that when

5 (C) The Moroccan DCM (strictly protect), who served in

6. (C) The Embassy of Pakistan DCM (strictly protect)

the need to communicate to the markets. IMF Mission Chief
(strictly protect) called the team \”totally incompetent\” and
a \”hopeless bunch.\” Central Bank Governor Serdengecti (also
strictly protect) said it was like having a bunch of

2. (C) Joshua Fumodoh (strictly protect), former president

King on board. By contrast, human rights activist Fawsi
Samhoury (strictly protect) was uncharacteristically cynical

2. (C) Sana\’a Al-Kitbi (strictly protect), Secretary-

2. (C) BP,s local BTC Co Managing Director Yashar Latifov
(strictly protect) told econoff that the timing of Bildaci,s

3. (C) On March 30 PolOff met with human rights activist
Fawzi Samhoury (strictly protect). Samhoury has attended



these divisions are having on Turkey\’s willingness to work
with the U.S. These contacts (strictly protect) include, but


4. (S) Dr. Ala\’a Al-Tameemi (strictly protect), a

1. (S) According to MFA Iraq Department Head Kerim Uras
(strictly protect), the GOT held a coordination meeting on

1. (S/NF) Poloff spoke with Washington-based American-Iranian
activist Mark Namdar (strictly protect) on May 3, 2003. Mr.

1. (SBU) IMF ResRep (strictly protect) told us late today

in particular, the positive points drawn out (paras 7 – 14
below). Yet Dermot Groome (strictly protect), a senior trial

testimony that seemed to be given in his favor. Registry
legal adviser Christian Rohde (strictly protect), who sees

Urso. Teti,s paper, a copy of which was obtained by the
Embassy (please strictly protect), reiterates familiar themes


3. (SBU) Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA)
Vice President Ercan Turkan (strictly protect) told us July

2. (S) With Celik at the venue were two influential Kurds: 1)
Ihsan Arslan (strictly protect throughout), an AK Party

4. (S) Arslan (strictly protect) offered that the DEHAP trip


proposal that Majola act as chief prosecutor for some interim
period. Johnson (strictly protect), who served as acting

4. (C) Blewitt (strictly protect) said that he had not worked

the cleric\’s wife told ConGenOff recently. The
cleric, Ma Jingxin (strictly protect, had been drawing

which he very likely exceeded his brief, the Jordanian
Charge in Baghdad, Dimai Haddad (please strictly protect)

Remarks by Minh Pham, the Amcit head of the UNDP office
in Male (pls strictly protect), were particularly

to represent the needs of the Turkmen community. Ziyal
(strictly protect) complained that GC member Songul Chapuk

4. (C) In response to A/DCM\’s question regarding prospects
for an Italian pledge, Baiano (please strictly protect)

American Country Director of the AFL-CIO\’s Solidarity Center
in Nigeria (strictly protect), told Labor Officer that the

Econoff within hours of the meeting, John Pototsky, Managing
Director of Mobil (strictly protect), characterized the



1. (C) Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA) Director
General Wang Zhenyao (strictly protect) has helped

2. (S) Ecmin met with Dr. Aldo Doria (strictly protect


Foreign Trade Ministry is actually part of the Industry
Ministry). de Mohr said (strictly protect) that he had

Valledupar. He reports directly to AUC military commander
Salvatore Mancuso. Mayor Pupo (strictly protect) told

trial against Berlusconi found the PM innocent. Gaetano
Pecorella (strictly protect), a key member of Berlusconi\’s

1. (C) FYI. Ambassador Lunstead met Feb. 3 with Minh
Pham (Amcit — strictly protect), the head of the UNDP


UNDP Resident Representative for the Maldives (Amcit–
strictly protect). Pham said he was hearing an

mistreatment by government authorities. (Note: According to
Max Furrer (strictly protect), Protection Coordinator for the

1.(C) A highly reliable senior official (strictly protect)

inter-Arab meetings, according Bahrain\’s PermRep in Geneva
(strictly protect). Our MFA source said he had briefed Ref A

Director for International Organization Affairs Ghassan
Shaikho (strictly protect). Before calling in his

MEPI-funded American Bar Association (ABA) legal advisor
(strictly protect) to review the files of the dismissed

4. (C) Our ABA legal advisor (strictly protect), who was

Al Arayed appears to be serious about reform. Our ABA legal
advisor (strictly protect) recommended criminal prosecution

corporation operating in an international market, KPC must
strictly protect its record on safety and standards in order

home. According to a reliable Embassy contact from the Youth
Forum (strictly protect) some of the men brushed past the

to the parliamentarians, for example. By contrast, neither
the King (strictly protect) nor the Crown Prince (strictly

4.(C) Director of Agreements and Treaties for the Directorate
of Legal Affairs Jameel al-Alawi (strictly protect) told P/E


discussing program specifics and spoke more generally about
Malawi. (Please strictly protect.) \”We\’re working on the

economy, and to push the GOT hard to ensure civilian control
of the military. Ruete (strictly protect) also offered his

8. (C) On April 23, EU Parliament President Cox\’s diplomatic
adviser Joe Dunne (strictly protect) told us that President

8. (C) According to Max Furrer (strictly protect), Protection

package for assistance would be too great to manage through
the UN. Verheugen\’s Cyprus Adviser (strictly protect) told

6. (C) Ruete (strictly protect throughout) noted that the

prosecutors fired earlier by Torres — Maria Cristina Munoz
and Mery Estela Gorzon (strictly protect both) — be

10. (SBU) Several members (strictly protect) of the provincial

(such as France) to impose their armaments standards upon the
entire EU. Collins (strictly protect) replied that \”the

Resident Representative in the Maldives Minh Pham (Amcit
— pls strictly protect) focused his remarks on the

of the Greens might be forced to seek a coalition with the
ELDR. Greens MEP Joost Lagendijk (strictly protect) also

2. (C) At a reception June 9, visiting IMF Mission Chief Reza
Moghadam (strictly protect) told

a course of events in the Niger Delta. JTF Commander BG Elias
Zamani (strictly protect) told Consulate Officers that after

3. (S/NF) Sam Ken (strictly protect), a senior militant Ijaw


owns — could be a potential gold mine. Embassy has learned
from another U.S. corporate source (strictly protect origin)

1. (SBU) Summary: Post has spoken separately with the wife and
two of the adult children (strictly protect) of detained democracy

team plans to ask the current government to send an agrement
request ASAP. (Strictly protect — this is still

Ambassador had with the Doraleh port site manager, K.K. Menon
(strictly protect) on June 30. The informal \”proposal\” that

2. (SBU) According to family members (strictly protect), Khue

candid in discussing his party\’s delaying tactics. His
confidence needs to be strictly protected.)

6. (C) According to Abdulwahab (strictly protect), when the

7. (C) (Strictly protect) Iannuzzi and Ferrari Bravo both

5. (SBU) In a two-hour private meeting with Staffdel, Pastor Siu Y
Kim (strictly protect), head of the Southern Evangelical Church of

the former is part and parcel of the latter. Carlos
Rodriguez (strictly protect), President of the CUT, has

uncertainty towards the political future of the east. Father
Harry Miller (Amcit- strictly protect), a Jesuit priest who

1. (C/NF) According to UK Mission official Karen Betts
(strictly protect), the EU-3 are working to coordinate with

3. (SBU) Pastor Nguyen The Binh, head of the Southern Evangelical
Church of Vietnam (SECV) chapter in Danang (strictly protect),

9. (SBU) Father Tran Quoc Viet, a senior representative of the
Bishop of Danang and Quang Nam provinces (strictly protect) told

2. (C) Cypriot Military Representative to the European
Union, Lt. Colonel Pantelis Christophorou (strictly protect)

2. (SBU) Pastor Doan Trung Tin (strictly protect), Director of the

2. (C) Father Dario Echeverri (strictly protect), chairman of

3. (C) General Manager Alex Borges of BTC (strictly protect)

Acting Director General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology
Sultan al-Saifi (strictly protect) described to Econoff the

5. (SBU) Pastor Le Van Thien (strictly protect), a senior official

8. (SBU) Thich Tri Quang (strictly protect), head of the HCMC

9. (SBU) In discussions on October 22 and 27, Pastor Pham Dinh
Nhan (strictly protect), a leader of the Vietnam Evangelical

7. (S) UK political chief Sharma (strictly protect) told us

1. (SBU) According to Pham Dinh Nhan (strictly protect), a leader

5. (S) A report passed to us by the UK High Commission
(strictly protect) corroborated concerns about the Cox\’s

3. (C) Biato (strictly protect on this) said Garcia\’s highly

5. (SBU) Pastors Y Ta Hmok, Y Ky Eban and Huynh Kim Thoa (all
strictly protect), Chairmen of Dak Lak chapter of the Southern

10. (SBU) Bishop Nguyen Tich Duc and Father Tran Van Phuc, Chief
of Staff of the Dak Lak Diocese (both strictly protect), told us

5. (C) We spoke to Vlatko Cvrtila (strictly protect),

2. (C) Ambassador called on Adamkus\’s chief foreign policy
adviser Edminas Bagdonas (strictly protect) November 30 for a

outer district of HCMC, DAS Dugan met with Pastor Pham Dinh Nhan
(strictly protect), a leader of the Vietnam Evangelical Foundation

2. (C) Dutch working papers shared confidentially with
Poloff (strictly protect) reveal that the UK, Poland, Sweden,

tougher language, such as by dropping mention of a specific
date. A UK contact (strictly protect) involved in the

1. (C) Rob Swartbol (PM Balkenende\’s diplomatic advisor)
(STRICTLY PROTECT) told Ambassador Sobel late December 6 he

2. In a separate conversation with the DCM, Pieter de
Gooijer (MFA, European Integration) (STRICTLY PROTECT) said

2. (C) On December 26, poloff spoke with Jamshid Karimov
(strictly protect), a Jizzak-area journalist hired in

resembles his uncle, and by Jamshid\’s mother, Muslima
Karimova (strictly protect), the widow of President

5. (S) Perennial presidential candidate and opposition
politician Tunji Braithwaite (strictly protect) told CG that

6. (S) Professor Ukande Damachi (strictly protect), a

paid. A working group member from the PM\’s office, Aharon
Mor (strictly protect), contended that such a GOI claim would

pensions and restitution, in a December 8 meeting with
emboff. (Strictly protect Mor, per his request.) He

CHP mayor of Gaziantep Celal Dogan, according to Cevikce
(strictly protect). If they are unsuccessful in advancing

of General Intelligence at the Karama Border crossing, Lt.
Col. Al Sharafat (strictly protect), explained that Jordanian

(strictly protect), both of whom work on Iran and attended

Austrian Interior Minister Liese Prokop (reported septel),
Helmut Krehlik (strictly protect), head of the Economics

4. (C) PolCounselor followed up Singer\’s statement on 21
January with a call to Marcel Biato (strictly protect),

4. (S) Ricard (strictly protect) told Poloff January 26 that,

and Economics, and Dr. Hatem al-Shanfari, Professor of
Economics and Finance (strictly protect), agreed to chat for

2. (C) IMF Resrep Hugh Bredenkamp (strictly protect) said

5. (SBU) According to Le Quang Liem (strictly protect), leader of

7. (SBU) Ms. Le Thi Phu Dung (strictly protect), wife of

(C) Will the Penal Chamber approve the extradition?
Domnguez Brito (strictly protect) says that they will and

police surveillance and says visitors\’ access may be restricted.
Separately, the Bishop of the Hue (strictly protect) told us that

7. (SBU) Poloff on February 17 also met with Bishop of the Hue,
Nguyen Nhu Thue (strictly protect) to discuss freedom of religion

6. (C) In a separate conversation, Federal Prosecutor
Ubiratan Cazetta (strictly protect), pronounced himself

religious order \’The Sisters of Notre Dame\’ in Belem
(strictly protect this reference). One of the Sisters told

Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF). Gabrielle Rush
(strictly protect), an adviser in the Ministry of Foreign

meets the Terrorism Suppression Act\’s requirements, according
to Bill Peoples (strictly protect), crime policy and projects

its Embassy in Moscow to its Embassy in Tbilisi. MFA
Caucasus Department Head Adali (strictly protect) portrays

1. (SBU) On February 22, visiting S/P Staffer William Inboden and
ConGenOffs met with Ms. Le Thi Phu Dung (strictly protect), wife

Thieu, senior members of the executive board of the SECV (all
strictly protect), said the climate for religious freedom in

7. (C) In a March 3 meeting with PolCouns Sonia loyalist and
Congress spinmeister Rajiv Desai (strictly protect) was

2. (S/NF) On March 2, Embassy officials met Elkin Dario
Tuberquia (strictly protect), a former militia member of the

1. (SBU) On March 7, Le Quang Du (strictly protect), father of

bought a stay for Ruweished camp. In quiet consultations
with Royal Protocol Minister Rifai (strictly protect), Charge

Ragheb, however, turned him down flat. Sabih al-Masri
(strictly protect) told us that Abul Ragheb had recently come

Abul Ragheb license. CBJ Deputy Governor Faris Sharaf
(strictly protect) confirmed to us that there is support \”at

1. (C) Summary: Since December 2004, New Zealand native Erik
Oosterbroek (strictly protect), the leader of one of Tarsus\’

2. (C) Consulate Adana officers met with Eric Oosterbroek
(strictly protect), the leader of a Protestant community

2. (SBU) Pastors Pham Dinh Nhan, Nguyen Ngoc Hien and Doan Trung
Tin (all strictly protect), senior leaders of the house church

unrecognized Hoa Hao Central Buddhist Church (HHCBC), Liem
(strictly protect) focused on a possible gathering of his sect in

with Hoa Hao dissident Le Quang Liem. On March 14 Thang\’s wife,
Nguyen Thi Hoang Em (strictly protect), told us that on February

split in the Hoa Hao church between a GVN-recognized faction and
other non-recognized groups.) Liem (strictly protect) used the

Le Quynh Nga, to discuss her father\’s planning for the April 3
event. Nga (strictly protect) stated that she and other family

discussion of New Zealand,s participation. Senior MOD
officials (strictly protect) tell us it was not until Finance

foreign and defense policies. We have been told by senior
MOD and NZDF officials (strictly protect) that their efforts

encourage us to, in the words of a senior MOD official
(strictly protect), \”help us get out of the hole we have dug

issues. According to British national Angus Reid (please
strictly protect), a small group of worshipers are meeting in

community there to learn about the situation first-hand.
British national Angus Reid (please strictly protect) told

courtesy call, EU Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs
(and former Italian FM) Franco Frattini (strictly protect)

2. (S) On April 1, ICRC Deputy Head of Delegation Maarten
Merkelbach (strictly protect) gave us a confidential briefing

Christian groups — actively campaigning against their
missionaries (Refs A and B). Atila Erdem (strictly protect),

(IBIB) in Paris reported on the arrest of UBCV monk Thich Vien
Phuong (strictly protect). Shortly after the reports we spoke

initiatives at the Plenary, and are still reviewing the
various U.S. proposals. MFAT officials (strictly protect)

have similar names and it is difficult to verify substances
through testing. The two MFAT officials (strictly protect)

2. (C) Jean-Francois Brakeland (STRICTLY PROTECT), who covers

1. (S) Introduction and summary. Tyre businessman Qassim
Daoud (strictly protect) provided econoff on April 19 with

2. (SBU) Late on April 27, we spoke with Nguyen Thi Hoanh Em, wife
of Tran Van Thang (strictly protect), who told us that her family

Ma\’ale Adumim is progressing despite USG objections.
Brigadier General (res) Baruch Spiegel (strictly protect),

Corporation (KPC) General Counsel, Shaykh Nawaf Saud Nasser
Al-Sabah (strictly protect) gave Poloff a readout on the

1. (S) Summary: Islamic/international terrorism
investigating judge Jean-Francois Ricard (strictly protect)

12. (C) The General Manager of ING Taiwan, Lawrance (sic)
Liang (strictly protect), offered AIT his understanding of

7. (SBU) On May 9, we spoke with one of Pastor Truong\’s attending
physicians (strictly protect) over the phone for an hour. (The

May 10 with Mennonite activist Le Thi Hong Lien and her father
(both strictly protect) to investigate claims that torture in

14. (SBU) On May 13, we spoke with Lien\’s attending physician in
the Bien Hoa mental hospital (strictly protect). The doctor said

1. (C) During a casual meeting with Econoff on May 20, Mr.
Nguyen Hong Duong (strictly protect), Deputy Director of the

1. (C) On May 26, poloffs met with Father Dario Echeverri
(strictly protect), Secretary General of the National

responsible. On May 26, Catholic Church negotiator Father
Dario Echeverri (strictly protect) told polcouns that he had

integration, primarily in the energy sector. Despite Chavez\’s
\”defects,\” Barbosa (strictly protect) said, increased regional

3. (C) Visiting Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tehran, Majed Al-Difiri
(strictly protect), told Poloff and PolMiloff June 4 that the

3. (C) On June 7, poloff spoke with anti-terrorism
investigating judge Jean-Francois Ricard (strictly protect)

Thich Thien Hanh, the senior-most member of the outlawed UBCV in
Hue (strictly protect). (This visit came off after much debate

Thich Thien Hanh, the senior-most member of the outlawed UBCV in
Hue (strictly protect). (This visit came off after much debate

and former Truth and Reconciliation Executive Secretary
Javier Ciurlizza (strictly protect). Foreign Minister

3. (SBU) On June 9 we were able to contact Dr. Hoang Trong
Tam (strictly protect), who until recently was Truong\’s

1. (S) On June 7, Austrian MFA A/S-equivalent for Western
European Affairs Herbert Krauss (strictly protect) asked to

EU role in Kosovo prepared by High Rep Solana and
Commissioner Rehn (a copy of the paper – strictly protect –

organization\’s progress in implementing Vietnam\’s new legal
framework on religion (strictly protect). The SECV is Vietnam\’s

organization\’s progress in implementing Vietnam\’s new legal
framework on religion (strictly protect). The SECV is Vietnam\’s

9. (C) Econchief talked to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tax
Advisor Dr. Robert Peake (strictly protect) on June 15.

Group (MILF-AHJAG) official (and International Visitor
Leadership Program nominee) Mike Pasigan (strictly protect)

frequently working with some level of political protection.
The Italian consul (strictly protect throughout) termed the

on Saturday, June 11 with Iraq MOD Deputy Director for
Security and Intelligence Asaad Abbood (strictly protect),

1. (C) SUMMARY: On June 27, we delivered ref (A) demarche to
Nicolas Pascual de la Parte (STRICTLY PROTECT), EU HighRep

2. (C) Pasqual (STRICTLY PROTECT) said that the EU was at a

member Talal Alsayegh, the Head of the Central Bank\’s
Anti-Money Laundering Unit (strictly protect), the draft

Kloiber and Justice Ministry spokesperson Poechinger
(strictly protect both) have told us that the press

3. (C) Investment Commission Deputy Executive Secretary Emile
Chang (strictly protect) told AIT/T that the Commission has

local police commissariat weekly. Terrorism investigating
judge Jean-Francois Ricard (strictly protect) had previously

Alsayegh, the Head of the Central Bank\’s Anti-Money
Laundering Unit (strictly protect), the draft legislation:

3.(C) Both the Sirnak sub-governor and UNHCR contacts in
Silopi (strictly protect) suggested that travel in western

its Legal Committee on July 11. IECI Commissioner
Hamdia (strictly protect) has been unofficially

with plans to build an Iranian Trade and Technology Center in
Austria. Krehlik (strictly protect) said certain Austrian

6. (SBU) In a series of meetings in his church, Cao Dai dissident
Le Quang Tan (strictly protect), who serves as mentor to the

of the International Monetary Fund\’s office in Djibouti,
Emmanuel Kumah, (strictly protect), who works very closely

National Treasury Director for International Economics Danel
van Rensburg (strictly protect) July 19, who confirmed that

3. (SBU) Bui Thi Thu Dien (strictly protect) established the

7. (SBU) Father Tran Dinh Tu (strictly protect) in 1999 became the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of Common Foreign and
Security Policy Petr Kaiser (strictly protect). As

Truong\’s lawyer Nguyen Van Dai and Truong\’s former attending
physician in the hospital (both strictly protect), in June,

church community visited Truong at the hospital. One of the
pastors, Pham Dinh Nhan (strictly protect), told us that

2. (c) CDC representative Hsu Yu-chen (STRICTLY PROTECT)

discreet courtesy peek at the letter WHO sent TCDC Minister
Steve Hsu-sung Kuo (STRICTLY PROTECT) on July 27. Hsu

7. (C) On July 26, two senior Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
advisors (strictly protect) discussed progress on the

1. (C) ON August 10, the Danish DCM (strictly protect)

3. (S) UK Deputy Head of Mission (strictly protect — he

8. (C) Moroccan Ambassador Benryane (strictly protect) told

example, Ankara mayor Gocek,s head advisor Murat Dogru
(strictly protect) told POLOFF that prior to the November

in the Protestant house church movement, on August 22 we spoke
with Dinh Ruong (strictly protect), a preacher in Quang Ngai

activity in the United States. PolOff told Hoang that freedom of
speech was strictly protected in the United States. However, if

gathering, it would likely not/not block him from traveling.
Habibullah (STRICTLY PROTECT) said he sounded out a selection

Department of Planning and Investment and Nghia, Vice President of
the HCMC Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (strictly protect

Embassy contact Sydney Masamvu of the International Crisis
Group (strictly protect) September 7 that despite press

3. (C) IMF Resident Representative in South Africa Vivek
Arora (strictly protect), who was a member of the IMF team

2. (C) In a September 8 meeting with Econoff, Sabr S.
Yessimbekov (strictly protect), Executive Director of the

daily Le Quotidien d\’Oran. Le Quotidien\’s editor in chief,
Mohammed Abdou Benabou (strictly protect), offered his views

2. (C) Deputy chief of National Police (PN) Brigadier General
Rafael Guzman Fermin (strictly protect) called on DCM

challenge legislation before the Constitutional Court.
Al-Ajmi asked Emboffs to strictly protect this information

during the HGA negotiations.\” Conoco-Phillips\’
representative Hakim Janah (strictly protect) was less

sealing the border when asked by Israel to do so. Requesting
that his information and sources be strictly protected, Gilad

take care of it.\” Gilad requested that the USG closely hold
this information and strictly protect the sources. He

a conglomeration of \”out-of-hopers.\” Note: A Ramadi-origin
Embassy contact, Mohammed al-Hamdi (strictly protect),

Distribution Company at the Ministry of Oil Zuhayr Shakir
(strictly protect) told us September 27 that he intends to

the Oil Products Distribution Company at the Ministry of Oil
Zuhayr Shakir (strictly protect), he told us he is continuing

1. (C) Father Dario Echeverri (strictly protect), Secretary

agreements on August 4. A prominent local analyst, as well
as an energy attorney at Macleod Dixon, (strictly protect)

agreements were different. In addition, partners at the law
firm of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (strictly protect) told

12. (C) Dr. Lee Bin-Zheng (strictly protect), Professor and

the police are investigating the case. However, Ms. Nguyen
Thi Thanh Mai (strictly protect), a ConGen contact at the

Polcouns, National Security Council Director Oscar Bonilla
(strictly protect) rejected claims by the National Police

to Artiga\’s remarks, some two weeks ago PNC Counternarcotics
Director Godofredo Miranda (strictly protect) went on at

8. (C) Araujo (strictly protect) gave a brief description of

11. (C) Itau Chief Economist Malaga (strictly protect) opined

13. (C) CSFB Chief Economist Teixeira (strictly protect)

15. (C) UNIBANCO\’s Mauricio Oreng (strictly protect) noted

election pact. However, Gandhi family confidante Wajahat
Habibullah (strictly protect) on October 19 told us that

October 18, Salvadoran Foreign Minister Francisco Lainez
(strictly protect) recounted his efforts to avert approval of

1. (S) SUMMARY: In a meeting with Tajikistan\’s Ambassador to
the United States Zaripov (strictly protect throughout),

UNMEE\’s ability to physically monitor the border. Ennifar
(strictly protect) told the Charge privately that the UNMEE

9. (S) Ennifar (strictly protect) told the Charge privately

opposition party on the social security reform legislation.
Fund staff (strictly protect) is awaiting a decision from IMF

elections). The price increases should include the following
changes (strictly protect):

General of the National Reconciliation Council Father Dario
Echeverri (strictly protect) suggested that the ELN establish

controlling interest — in market-leading TV Markiza to CME.
CME official Roby Burke (strictly protect) confirmed to us

1. (S) Summary: Terrorism investigating judge Jean-Francois
Ricard (strictly protect) discussed his office\’s ongoing C/T

3. (C) Ennifar (strictly protect) attributed \”alarmist\”

1. (C) Arslan Chikhaoui (strictly protect), a private

Santiago with Chilean Embassy Political Officer Fernando
Velasco (strictly protect). Velasco said that at least

1. (C) On November 14, the Ambassador met with Salvadoran
Foreign Minister Francisco Lainez (strictly protect) at the

Arabian Peninsula country. Noted terrorism expert Ajai Sahni
(STRICTLY PROTECT) told us November 16 that five separate

Prime Minister Singh and the Nepalese King at the SAARC
Summit (strictly protect) during which Singh underlined

the proposals. South African Police (SAPS) Senior
Superintendent Burger (strictly protect) told PolOff November

Amb. Azouz Ennifar and Chief Military Liaison Officer Colonel
Jarmo Helenius (strictly protect). According to the UNMEE

1. (C) SUMMARY: Shell Venezuela President Sean Rooney
(strictly protect) stated during a November 23 meeting with

signed the transition agreements. Shell Venezuela President
Sean Rooney (strictly protect) told Petatt he fully expects

negotiating terms of a prisoner swap. National Reconciliation
Commission SYG Echeverri (strictly protect) declared the FARC

General of the Church,s National Reconciliation Commission
Father Dario Echeverri (strictly protect) reported that the

(C) THE LATEST information comes from the banking lawyer
(strictly protect) hired to put together the legal case

Damascus en route to Lebanon. He revealed that SARG GAPAR DG
Ali Moustapha (strictly protect) had approached him on the

1. (C) SUMMARY: Statoil Venezuela President Thore Kristiansen
(strictly protect) was upbeat on the migration of Operating

2. (C) Petroleum Attach (Petatt) met with Statoil Venezuela
President Thore Kristiansen (strictly protect) on December 2

1. (C) In a November conversation with the Consul General,
Ugo Okafor of GoodWorks International LLC (strictly protect)

corruption, the DCM met December 13 with John Parsons
(strictly protect), a UK national who heads UNESCO\’s

corruption, the DCM met December 13 with John Parsons
(strictly protect), a UK national who heads UNESCO\’s

Speaking for the first time on India\’s military outpost in
Tajikistan, Bhagwati (strictly protect) reported that India

1. (C) SUMMARY: ExxonMobil Venezuela (XM) President Tim Cutt
(strictly protect) told the Ambassador on December 20 that

Commission of violating impartiality. End note). Diallo
(strictly protect) commented that although the AU Commission

to Allawi\’s cousin and Amman-based advisor Ja\’afar Al-Taie
(strictly protect), Dulaime and Allawi agreed to form a joint

3. (C) Husam Ghazallee (strictly protect), an Iraqi moderate

5. (C) On Dec. 23, ConGen Istanbul spoke to Berna Turkili
(please strictly protect), who observed the voting in

6. (C) On Dec. 28, ConGen Istanbul also spoke with Ozgul
Erdemli (also strictly protect) of ARI (an NGO, with its

5. (C) Courtney Williams (strictly protect), Senior Fiscal

3. (S) During a December 19 meeting with Emboffs, Kenya\’s
senior-most magistrate (STRICTLY PROTECT THROUGHOUT)

officers met with outgoing ICRC deputy head of delegation
Samuel Bon (STRICTLY PROTECT) to discuss his organization\’s

stark contrast, Borja\’s Vice Minister of Finance, Fabian
Carrillo (strictly protect), told a USAID contractor that he

5. (SBU) Responding to an inquiry from post, Draxler
(strictly protect) investigated the status of a case stemming

1. (S) Norwegian MFA Assistant Secretary for Security Policy
Kaare Aas (strictly protect) told us on January 19 that UK

1. (C) Ass\’t Sec\’y Gen\’l Hedi Annabi (strictly protect) of

highly mechanized operations, which employ far fewer workers,
and strictly protect their concessions from would-be small

Ivan Toro Lopez, and CTC International Affairs Director Jose
Leon Ramirez (strictly protect)) claim that many of these

field activities, remain murky. AU Security Arrangement
Mediator Laurie Nathan (STRICTLY PROTECT) noted to D/SpecRep

10. (C) AU advisor Alex de Waal (STRICTLY PROTECT) argued to

Special Representative to the Sudan (D/SpecRep), AU advisors
Alex de Waal and Abdul Mohammed (STRICTLY PROTECT) described

confessed to AU security arrangements team member Jeremy
Brickhill and Laurie Nathan (STRICTLY PROTECT) that field

1. (C) SUMMARY: Ambassador Harnish met with AIOC President
David Woodward (Strictly Protect) January 31 to review AIOC,

2. (C) Italy may face an electricity crisis by the end of
March, according to Diego Gavagnin (strictly protect), a

analysis was corroborated by Carlo Crea, Secretary General of
the Italian Energy Authority (strictly protect), who said

electoral support. According to national security expert
Faruk Demir (strictly protect), pious Sunni Turks tend to

revolution to Turkey as it did in the 1980s. Turkish
journalist Ihan Simsek (strictly protect) reported that the

and of talking about it with the U.S., a Council official
(STRICTLY PROTECT AND NOFORN) met separately with Shannon to

1. (C) SUMMARY. The current editors of Hawlati, Kurdistan\’s
most independent newspaper, (strictly protect) charge that

foreign page editor, Peshwaz Sa\’abdullah (a recent graduate from
the Columbia School of Journalism) (strictly protect throughout)

exploration luncheon held by oil companies operating in
Venezuela (strictly protect), progress on negotiations on the

G) Asking that we strictly protect this information, Frank

2. (C) Saleemah Ismail, Vice President of the National
Committee for Unifem, Singapore (strictly protect), told

with senior officials in NATO nations. However, we
ask that all sources be strictly protected. End

his most recent medical visit to her Rangoon compound
(STRICTLY PROTECT; ref B). The two leaders said that they

and Enira Bronitskaya, NDI employee Aleksandr Shalaika
(strictly protect), and Timofei Dranchuk, aide to imprisoned

The National Democratic Institute\’s David Hamilton (which
funds Partnership\’s activities-strictly protect) told Embassy

4. (C) Also on February 21, the BKGB arrested NDI\’s main
Belarusian employee (strictly protect), Aleksandr Shalaika,

1. (S) Summary: Sayed Emad Kelanter (strictly protect), who

deviated from other sources was provided by Simmons College
Professor Zachary Abuza (Strictly Protect). Abuza\’s figures

8. (C) The BKGB has succeeded in spreading fear with these
arrests and other actions. Oleg Manaev (strictly protect) of

Department, renowned influenza expert Dr. Robert Webster
(strictly protect) alleged that pressure from the PRC\’s

Dehring, Managing Director and CEO of Cricket World Cup,
Incorporated (CWC); Chris Tetley (strictly protect), the

CEO of Cricket World Cup, Incorporated (CWC); Chris Tetley
(strictly protect), the International Cricket Council,s

7. (C) Post has heard repeated rumors, including from the
Singapore DATT (Strictly Protect) that the Singapore

any refugees, in a February 15 meeting with Poloff, Bhutanese
Second Secretary Karma Thinley (Strictly Protect) stated that

2. (S/REL UK) Dr. Mussab H. al-Dujayli (strictly protect),

Embassy interlocutors that they view jihadists to Iraq as a
major threat. Judge Jean-Francois Ricard (strictly protect)

representatives, Austrian Amb. Brigitte Oppinger-Walchsofer
(strictly protect) told Pol/Econ Counselor that EU member

11. (C) Commenting further on the atmospherics of the
Chirac-Abdullah discussions, Boche (strictly protect) noted

deer are dissuaded by other animals from trespassing on the
strictly protected FREDA sites. FREDA\’s Secretary General

in April 2005 and opinion polling is now strictly
controlled by the GOB. Therefore, please strictly protect

April 2005 and opinion polling is now strictly controlled
by the GOB. Therefore, please strictly protect the source

5. (C) Commenting on Stoere\’s statements about the AHLC,
Gjelstad (strictly protect) said that the Norwegian Foreign

Special Envoy on the peace process, in London March 29-30
(note: please strictly protect) to discuss the agenda for

continue working under the CETEMs. Shell Venezuela President
Sean Rooney (strictly protect) also told Petatt and the

backtracked on several key points. END NOTE) Giancarlo
Ariza (strictly protect), general manager of Hocol, told

minutes of the March 2006 monthly exploration luncheon
(strictly protect) Petrobras is negotiating the joint venture

2. (C) Ferstl (strictly protect) told Ambassador on March 3

2. (C) Poloff paid a visit March 23 to Victor Gomoiu
Children\’s Hospital (strictly protect) on the outskirts of

and Ecclesiastical Affairs Deputy Permanent Secretary Stefan
Eiriksson (strictly protect) the ministry\’s planning for

was approximately 2.3 million barrels. Jim Maruzuola
(strictly protect), owner of a service company operating in

8. (C) Luis Prado (strictly protect), Shell Venezuela

service rather than its overall value. Pride International
General Manager Al Vielma (strictly protect) told Petatt

they work with. Most recently, American citizen, David
Michael (STRICTLY PROTECT), is reportedly leading an

Director for Korean Peninsula Affairs Yang Jian
(strictly protect) told Poloff she had heard

3. (C) Moises Benamor (Strictly Protect), Deputy Chief of

3. (C) Moises Benamor (Strictly Protect), Deputy Chief of

2. (C) Fatah official Yasir al-Masri (strictly protect) told

4. (C) MFA Counterterrorism Office Director Matthias Sonn
(strictly protect) provided Acting Global Affairs Counselor

1. (C) Summary. In an April 6 conversation, Baghdad resident
Hussein Muhammed (strictly protect) told PolOff he was

April 7 by International Republican Institute (IRI) Country
Director Jeff Lilley (strictly protect) following his meeting

2. (C) On April 7, IRI Country Director Jeff Lilley
(strictly protect) told PolOff that he had been summoned to

3. (C) Ho said (strictly protect) that in general, the MOA

2. (C) Econ/C met April 18 with respected local Nairobi
journalist and businessman Robert Shaw (strictly protect)

al-Jabburi (strictly protect) has told us that Trade Minister

to have Amrozi testify in open court. According to our court
monitor (strictly protect, as TPM attorneys do not know this

evening of April 19, GOES Finance Minister Guillermo Lopez
Suarez (strictly protect throughout) confirmed to Polcouns

2. (S) On April 20, Michael Vatikiotis (strictly protect),

Father Dario Echeverri, Secretary General of the National
Conciliation Commission (strictly protect), April 21 to

Abdullah Al-Omari and a respected local journalist, Farhan
Bokhari (strictly protect). While MFA and Saudi Embassy

control over the PNTL, did not take the necessary actions to
keep order. Moreover, the President (please strictly protect)

12. (SBU) In a separate conversation in HCMC, Pastor Kim
(strictly protect) reacted angrily to allegations made in a

15. (S/NF) According to ICM Political Relations Director
Mohammed Al-Dallal (strictly protect), the ICM and the KMB

to find willing partners, or both. According to the
consultant, U.S. energy firm Valero (strictly protect)

8) (S) (Please strictly protect the information in this

8) (S) (Please strictly protect the information in this

7. (S) (Please strictly protect the information in this

Commercial Assistant met with the Presidential Foreign
Policy Advisor Tsogtbaatar (strictly protect) to urge

3. (C) Gonzalez (strictly protect) said \”off the record\”

Salman. However, when former U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain
Johnny Young (strictly protect) met with the King during a

1. (C) The Foreign Minister\’s Chief of Staff, Peter Kmec
(strictly protect), told DCM that FM Eduard Kukan has already

South, most notably the Sungai Padi district of Narathiwat.
End Note) Don Pathan (strictly protect) a well respected

9. (C) On May 29, Rabbi Schneier (strictly protect) told the

9. (C) On May 29, Rabbi Schneier (strictly protect) told the

1. (C) Mrs. Minerva Cabel (strictly protect), wife of

7. (S) On May 23, Roberto Meier, the UNHCR representative for
Colombia (strictly protect) told the Embassy Refugee

himself too closely with investor interests. On May 30,
Kabyldin (strictly protect) urged Mosneron-Dupin to approach

2. (C) On May 26, soon to be Bishop Irinej (Dobrijevic)
(strictly protect throughout) met with poloff in the wake of

2. (S/NOFORN) Vaglum and Eikenes (STRICTLY protect) said

into distinct parts. During a separate interview, Saad M. Anad
(strictly protect), an Iraqi businessman and contact of REO

2. (C) After presenting the official Italian position, Cuculi
(please strictly protect) offered his personal view of the

4. (SBU) At the Ministry of Science, Spirnak met with
Undersecretary of State Olaf Gajl (strictly protect), who led

recently practiced medicine at the Qatari Ministry of Health
in Doha, where his family still lives (strictly protect).

a semi-trailer, and NIS 250 (USD 56) for a single trailer.
Coca Cola distributor Joerg Hartmann (strictly protect)

how \”little\” these problems can be. Minsk businessman
Vladimir Lukonin (strictly protect) owns an air-conditioning

8. (C) On February 7, director of the Belarusian-American
software company Belsoft Dennis Shut (strictly protect) told

1. (S/REL UK) Summary: In a June 8 meeting with Emboffs,
moderate Islamist Ali al-Dabbagh (strictly protect) said that

as reaffirmation that Iraqi Shia views are not monolithic.
Another independent, Mustafa al-Kadhimy (strictly protect)

one of Chen\’s brothers. Another brother of Chen\’s,
Chen Guangfu (strictly protect), was also in Beijing

surprise that this was the perception. MOD Adviser Amerio
(strictly protect) quietly admitted to us that indeed the

with Berhane Hiwet Ghebre, General Manager of the Housing
and Commerce Bank (strictly protect), the PFDJ

who specializes in genetics and hereditary diseases, and Dr.
Yang Dongzi (strictly protect), chief of obstetrics and

instead of party dissidents. This story came from Sierad
President Director Eko Sandjojo (strictly protect), who also

9. (C) In a June meeting, PKB Deputy Secretary General Yenny
Wahid (strictly protect) confirmed to us that the close

girlfriend who lives there, according to Golkar Deputy
Treasurer Poempida Hidayatulloh (strictly protect), who

2.(C) Acting ICRC/Burma Head of Delegation Thierry Ribaux
(strictly protect) in a June 29 meeting with Emboffs

further steps to minimize its presence, Mandalay ICRC
representative Serge Thierry (Strictly Protect) disclosed

2.(C) During a July 1 meeting with Emboff, former NLD Central
Committee member Sai Ohn Maung (strictly protect) disclosed

4.(C) In an early July meeting, NLD MP and former NLD Central
Committee member Sai Ohn Maung (strictly protect) confirmed

Ossetia Negotiator Yuriy Popov to seek the Russian side of
the story. Popov (STRICTLY PROTECT) did not seek to maintain

7. (S) (Please strictly protect): Commenting on Minister of

353,000-hectare Nakai Nam Theun watershed area in Khammuan
Province. It is supposed to be strictly protected under the

achievement, however, took several years of effort, according
to AZG director Frank Smithuis (strictly protect), who has

contacts in law enforcement institutions at the state, entity
and cantonal level. Of particular help (strictly protect)

2. (C) Senior Political Specialist (strictly protect)

proceedings, Baruta councilwoman and friend of the family,
Omaira Clemente (strictly protect), shared her concern about

director of the Baruta Mayor\’s office began a heated argument
with one Guard member, Ms. Clemente (strictly protect)

July 25 for his insights into the Abderrahaman decision.
Fungairino (strictly protect) dismissed the Supreme Court

6. (C) ICRC Chief of Mission Mary Werntz (strictly protect)

1. (C/NF) SUMMARY: Local IMF Resident Representative Jang
(strictly protect) told Emboffs August 3 that the IMF had

courtesy call August 3 on IMF Resident Representative Byung
Kyoon Jang. Jang (strictly protect) began the discussion by

2. (SBU) Comment: UNDSS officials (strictly protect), however,

earlier on August 7 near Seyah, roughly 85 km north of El Fasher.
UNDSS (strictly protect) has confirmed the incident, and said that

10. (SBU) Deputy Premier Dulic-Markovic (strictly protect)

support calls for a democratic transition in Cuba, according
to DFA Director Pieter Swanepoel (strictly protect). The

2. (C) Separately, SECV pastor Siu Y Kim (strictly protect), a

15. (C) In June 2006, the HRC offered Ibrahim al-Mugaiteeb
(strictly protect), founder and president of Human Rights

al-Hamid, Matrouk al-Faleh, and Ali al-Demaini, as well as
their lawyer, Abdul Rahman al-Lahem (strictly protect), who

for former Prime Minister Alkatiri and his political faction.
(Please strictly protect.) The President\’s chief of staff, Agio

relations will eventually improve. (NOTE: Uyama requested
this exchange be strictly protected.)

2. (C) PolOff met with Saudi businesswoman Eman Abdullah
Al-Akeel (strictly protect) on August 27 at a \”ladies only\”

that the number of these killings and suicides has indeed
risen. According to Tamburi (strictly protect), UNAMI,s

3. (C) Senior executives at ExxonMobil (strictly protect)

7. (C) \”Zebe\” (strictly protect) opened discussions by

1. (C) SUMMARY: The Algeria country director of a major U.S.
oil servicing company (strictly protect) told us September 3

2. (C) In a September 3 meeting, the country director of a
major U.S. oil servicing company (strictly protect) shared

25 percent to Italy\’s ENI.) Anadarko\’s country manager
(strictly protect) told Econoff that the cumulative impact of

of deference to his high position within FDTL. (Note: According
to a well-informed Australian source (please strictly protect),

players of concern, including Syria. To that end, Lapuh
(strictly protect) told us, Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula

3. (C) In meetings with UNOCHA South Darfur Regional
Director, Wael Ibrahim (strictly protect), he bitterly

since most SACE exposure to Iran is long-term risk insurance.
However, Fabio Fritell (strictly protect), Managing Director

he may not finish his term of office, according to Pernambuco\’s
former Governor Jarbas Vasconcelos, (strictly protect), a veteran

3. (C) JMAC Director Michael Center (strictly protect) on


deciding whether to go ahead with elections or postpone them
for two years. Mendy (strictly protect) says Wade is leaving

2) (SECRET N/F) STRICTLY PROTECT: COMRA is engaged in the

7. (SECRET – N/F) STRICTLY PROTECT: Dr. LIU has traveled

3. (C) Semana journalist Marta Ruiz (strictly protect) told

7. (C) The Prosecutor in charge of this case, Amparo Ceron
(strictly protect), told us on September 20 she was asked to

2. (C) In a meeting on September 21, Central Bank Director
Enrique Ackermann (strictly protect) told Econoff that

Khartoum-based UNMIS Security Officer Steve Glunning
(strictly protect both) privately have complained about the

2. (S/NF) Post\’s public affairs counselor learned from a
\”Jyllands-Posten\” journalist (strictly protect) last week

Special Security Service (SSS) in Akwa Ibom. ExxonMobil has
retained Controlled Risk Group (CRG) (strictly protect) as

President regarding viable options. Meanwhile, an advisor to
the Vice-President (strictly protect) told the Ambassador

4. (C) Whiton also briefed Kathi Zellweger, International
Cooperation Director (strictly protect) of Caritas – Hong

3. (S) On September 20, Dr. Merera Gudina (strictly protect),

3. (S) China Reform Forum scholar Cao Huayin
(strictly protect) told poloff on October 7 that he

Development Research Center\’s Institute of World
Development An Hongquan (strictly protect) said he had

International Strategic Studies scholar Liu Dexi
(strictly protect), just returned from a CPS retreat

6. (S) Well-connected journalist and International
Visitor Program grantee Chen Jieren (strictly protect)

9. (C) During a September 30 meeting, Sister Juliana Devoy
(strictly protect), the Director of the Good Shepherd Centre,

3. (C) According to Deutsche UFG chief economist, Yaroslav
Lissovolik (strictly protect), foreign investors are

6. (S) Comment: Post has had indications via provincial IP Chief
Gen. Qais (strictly protect) that some of Col. Salam\’s conduct

dismissed, according to South African biographer Mark
Gevisser (strictly protect). Zuma\’s appeal extends far

3. (C) On 29 September, South African biographer Mark
Gevisser (strictly protect) spoke with PolOff off the record

1. (C/NF) Chevron Latin America Upstream President Ali
Moshiri (strictly protect throughout) and ExxonMobil
Venezuela (XM) President Tim Cutt (strictly protect

Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian government, Georges
Paclisanu (strictly protect), Head of Delegation,

meeting, he subsequently privately told the British
Ambassador (strictly protect) that he would likely pardon

— Also cited was the 2005-06 arrest and detention of our
host, Sahrawi activist Brahim Dahane (strictly protect), who

Yerevan-based Western freelance journalist, Onnik Krikorian
(strictly protect), told us that after Avdoyan\’s death, one

Colonel Pitchlynn October 15. In a candid, confidential, and
wide-ranging discussion Khalid (strictly protect) expressed

3. (S) Khalid (strictly protect) also called for the removal

formal power they have to make policy and appoint government
leaders, elections activist Li Fan (strictly protect)

2. (C) Elections activist Li Fan (strictly protect), a U.S.

1. (C) Ambassador Nuland delivered reftel A talking points
to key Ally Ambassadors (strictly protect) on October 24,

2. (C/NF) ConocoPhillips (CP) Venezuela President Roy Lyons
(strictly protect throughout) met with the Ambassador on

sufficient personnel to do so. Fernando Avila, CP\’s Legal
Manager, (strictly protect throughout) added that Petrozuata

the Ambassador on October 19, ExxonMobil Venezuela President
Tim Cutt (strictly protect) stated the placement of the

2. (C) PolOff, PAOff and PolFSN met with Editor-in-Chief Sam
Nda-Isaiah (strictly protect) of Leadership newspaper on

(reftel). Palihakkara said he understood the Ambassador\’s
position and agreed (please strictly protect Palihakkara\’s

he understood the Ambassador\’s comments and agreed with them
(please strictly protect Palihakkara\’s candor).

Tony Rogers, a Control Risk Group (CRG) kidnapping consultant
(strictly protect), who arrived the evening of November 2.

met with Chevron Latin America President Ali Moshiri
(strictly protect throughout) on October 31 to discuss a

negative effect on operations. (NOTE: Thore Kristiansen
(strictly protect), President of Statoil Venezuela, told

2. (C) PolOff met with Ebrahim Ebrahim (strictly protect)

2. (C) Weeratunga (please strictly protect throughout)

University Dean Sugamar, a 2006 International Visitor Program
nominee (strictly protect), held the Karuna group responsible

Editor-in-Chief Mohammed Taha (reftel). Though Embassy
Senior Guard Adam Ibrahim Al Haj (strictly protect), a leader

on the issues discussed. Moscow-based ILO representative
Sten Petersen (strictly protect) October 27 told Poloffs that

situation in his country, Chadian Embassy Security Chief
Mohamad Tahir Tordjok (strictly protect) said the Chadian

4. (S/NF) Poloff subsequently spoke with MFA IO Department UN
Affairs Division Director Yang Tao (strictly protect), whose

5. (S/NF) More generally, Yang (again strictly protect) said

7. (C) COMMENT. A well-liked and trusted locally employed
staff member of the U.S. Embassy (STRICTLY PROTECT) is a

Vice Chairman of the China Reform Forum (CRF) DING Kuisong
(strictly protect), told visiting EAP DAS Thomas

HU Jintao himself has been managing the DPRK problem, Ding
stated. YU Meihuan (strictly protect), Director of CRF\’s

Reform Forum (CRF) on November 7 began with YU Meihua
(strictly protect), Director of CRF\’s Center for Korean

6. (C) Vice Chairman of the China Reform Forum DING Kuisong
(strictly protect), who joined the meeting in progress,

Saudi commercial lawyer and diplomat Dr. Waleed Nasser
Al-Nuwaiser (strictly protect) told PolOff on November 8 that

2. (C) Dr. Waleed Nasser Al-Nuwaiser (strictly protect) of

— echoes comments made by Human Rights First President
(HRFS) Ibrahim Al-Mugaiteeb (strictly protect) and political

1. (C) Cardinal Renato Martino (please strictly protect here)

d\’Affaires, Ambassador Vicki Huddleston and the PAO, to
mission selected Ethiopian intermediaries (strictly protect),

2. (C) Mohammed Ogaz Hassan, (strictly protect) currently

d\’Affaires, Ambassador Vicki Huddleston and the PAO, to
mission selected Ethiopian intermediaries (strictly protect),


criminal court. Attorney General (Fiscal) Garrid Saffie
(strictly protect) told Polcouns late November 29 that his

6. (C) The Embassy\’s lawyer (strictly protect), based in Sao

China. Elections activist and Director of the World and
China Institute Li Fan (strictly protect) told poloff that

leaders to intervene. Semana Magazine journalist Marta Ruiz
(strictly protect) told us on November 30 that the killings

well. In addition, it may also be called upon to address
issues beyond strictly protecting humanitarian operations, to

foreman at the site who identified himself as Abu Firas
(strictly protect). Although initially fearful of talking to

with cocoa farmers are unsurprised at the turn of events
(strictly protect). Local Cargill and ADM representatives,

investigation reported conflicting information. Jonathan
Ibrahim (STRICTLY PROTECT) a pilot and former CEO of Nigeria

5. (C) Jones subsequently spoke with AIPB Director Angus
Ozoka (STRICTLY PROTECT). Ozoka said he became aware of the

said he does not know what took place at the interview, but
the investigator, Remi Faminu (STRICTLY PROTECT), thereafter

6. (C) Giancarlo Ariza (strictly protect throughout),

dollar. HSBC\’s Juan Pedro Trevino and JP Morgan\’s Alfredo
Thorne (strictly protect) agreed that the budget proposal is

3. (C) The strongest reaction came from Permanent Secretary
George Pessima (strictly protect) in the Ministry of Mineral

third from a lower position within it. In addition, our best
source in the unit, Armen Boshnaghyan (strictly protect) will

5. (SBU) Econoff on December 12 asked Dr. Carlos Munoz
Izquierdo (strictly protect), the Director of the Institute

budget will be approved by all political parties. Carstens
(strictly protect) told Econoff this week that these debates

According to SaD Deputy Governor and Ba\’athist confidant
General Abdullah Ajabara (strictly protect), a portion of the

5. (C/NF) According to SaD Deputy Governor and Ba\’athist
confidant General Abdullah Ajbara (strictly protect), there

Port-au-Prince every other day with the goal of arresting
gang members, according to Mike Center (strictly protect),

water, sanitation, and hygiene services to the camp. (Note:
Oxfam (strictly protect) believes that a group of SLA/Minawi

2. (SBU) We request that all sources be strictly protected.

10 different firms and is the sub-agent for hundreds of other
firms. Galina Alexandrova (strictly protect), deputy editor

2. (SBU) Econoffs on December 19 met with Jose Gildardo Lopez
Tijerina (strictly protect), a top staffer (Secretario

2. (C) Over lunch with PolEc Chief December 18, Noureddine
Ait Messaoudene (strictly protect) the executive director of

sources for additional details. One contact, exiled Cuban
doctor Antonio Guedes (strictly protect), a Cuba activist and

According to MINUSTAH\’s A/Deputy Commissioner for OPS Neil
Warriner (strictly protect), the plan to destroy gang leader

1. (C) According to UK Charge Colin Wells and UK Emboff Chris
Gotch (strictly protect), GOAJ Interior Ministry police

Colonel Thinus Van Staden, UNMIS Military Staff Chief
(strictly protect), and Gambian Inspector General Landing

5. (C) Oscar Beltran (strictly protect), a journalist in the

with CNPC President and Sinovensa General Manager Qingping Li
(strictly protect) and CNPC Vice President Jinling Zhang
(strictly protect) on January 5 to discuss the current

surrounding the 2007 elections, warned environmental and
human rights activist Chris Newsome (strictly protect), a

State Governor Goodluck Jonathan\’s 2007 People\’s Democratic
Party (PDP) vice presidential campaign (strictly protect),

different personal view, he would support the MFA-devised
position on Kosovo. Lajcak (strictly protect) appeared

\”living buddha,\” known as Nangshik Rinpoche (original Tibetan
name Kabsang Ladro) (strictly protect).

experts, EU regional assistance specialists and policymakers.
According to a UK contact (strictly protect), the

organization. Also attending were Aibai Chengdu co-founder
Jiang Hua (strictly protect), who had invited Congenoff to the

Tejera, attorneys at the Canadian oil and gas law firm
Macleod Dixon (strictly protect). According to Eljuri and

check.\” Bernando Weininger, an attorney at the U.S. firm
Squire Sanders (strictly protect), opined that the National

would be received. Hernando Diaz, managing partner at Squire
Sanders (strictly protect) said that the commercial code was

3. (C) ConocoPhillips (CP) Business Development and
Government Affairs Manager Alex Martinez (strictly protect)

4. (C) BP Venezuela President Joe Perez (strictly protect)

subsequent private meeting with Court representative Tortora
– strictly protect, she indicated that significant management

2. (C) Poloffs spoke with Mike Center (strictly protect),

1. (S) SUMMARY. House of Representatives member Saudatu A.
Sani, strictly protect, told Poloffs on January 23 that she

2. (S) Saudati Sani (strictly protect), PDP member of the

2. (C) Attorney General Conde Pumpido (strictly protect)

other contacts place the debt at 2 billion USD. Executives
with Baker Hughes (strictly protect) told Petatt on January

The GOP is very sensitive about this list and requested that
we STRICTLY PROTECT this information in official channels

incident and a Navy spokesman\’s official account of it.
However, a police source (strictly protect) told RSO that

3. (S) A police source (strictly protect) told RSO on January

could take to address the human rights situation. The deeply
frustrated Minister (strictly protect throughout) expressed

in the context of a wider political settlement, which had not
yet taken place in Sri Lanka. Brattskar (strictly protect

Communications A.S. Kobalen, Chairman of Daily Affairs Made
Erata, and Chief Secretary Gusti Widana. (Strictly Protect)

2. (C) During a recent reporting trip to Guizhou Province,
Congenoff met informally with Li Qing (strictly protect) of the

Dixon, and Hernando Diaz and Bernardo Weininger from the
Cleveland-based firm Squire Sanders (strictly protect). Both

7. (C) The National Court prosecutor handling the CIA flights
case, Vicente Gonzalez Mota (strictly protect), indicated to

Zambrzycki, CEO of J&S Energy, and Jarek Astramowicz (Amcit,
strictly protect), CEO of J&S Holdings, Zambrzycki told

require a more robust executive presence, EU Planning Team
head Casper Klynge (strictly protect) said the EUPT is

due to the slow process of coordinating with MINUSTAH. IOM\’s
Matt Huber (strictly protect) told Poloff on February 1 that

6. (C) In a January 23 meeting with E/P Chief, Bayar
(strictly protect) said that there is considerable discussion

Affairs Bureau in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
(MOFAT) (strictly protect); Cho Yong-chun, Deputy
Director-General of the Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau
(strictly protect); and Park Yoon-june, Senior Coordinator

Research Fellow at the Sejong Institute and Chairman of the
China Study Committee (strictly protect), Kim Heung-kyu,
Professor of Chinese Security Policy at MOFAT\’s Institute of
Foreign Affairs and National Security (strictly protect), and

Studies at the Hallym Institute of Advanced International
Studies (strictly protect).

University\’s School of International Studies Wang Jisi
(strictly protect) blamed \”communication failure\” within the

take time. President Hu Jintao was informed of the test in
advance, Wang said. Professor Zhu Feng (strictly protect),

Professor Jia Qingguo (strictly protect), Vice Dean of

——————————————— —–
3. (C) Liu Xianjun (strictly protect), a young seminarian at

his regime. Poloff spoke with Marguerite Guilavogui
(strictly protect), President of the Macenta branch of the

5. (C) According to French Ambassador Jean-Michel Berrit
(strictly protect), Air France canceled the flight because it

2. (SBU) MINUSTAH\’s deputy chief of the political
department, Elizabeth Cullity (strictly protect), provided

Gluski, President of AES Latin America, on February 8
(strictly protect). Gluski told us that AES Corporation had

2. (C) On February 7, econoffs met with Richard Sentkar, the
Representative of BNP Paribas in Venezuela (STRICTLY PROTECT

former Minister of State for Defense and current Special
Presidential Advisor Lawal Batagarawa (strictly protect)

separately with well-placed HCMC media contacts Bui Van and Huy
Duc (both strictly protect), as part of an ongoing dialogue on

Aleksandr Machevskiy of the Presidential Administration and,
separately, Duma Deputy Gadzhi Makhachev (strictly protect

2. (C) The director of the Kokand Businesswoman\’s
Association, Sokhiba Ergasheva (strictly protect), a former

6. (C) Ludmila Nikolayevna Alekseeva (strictly protect), the

8. (C) Andijon Maternity Hospital No. 1 director Alisher
Egamberdiev (strictly protect) and head gynecologist Oksana
Yeletskaya (strictly protect), told Poloff that the hospital

10. (C) Malohat Mirziyaeva (strictly protect), the head of

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Shell Venezuela
President Sean Rooney (strictly protect throughout) on

have taken the hardest lines with the BRV. He then added
that BP Venezuela President Joe Perez (strictly protect)

2. (C) The director of the Kokand Businesswoman\’s
Association, Sokhiba Ergasheva (strictly protect), a former

6. (C) Ludmila Nikolayevna Alekseeva (strictly protect), the

8. (C) Andijon Maternity Hospital No. 1 director Alisher
Egamberdiev (strictly protect) and head gynecologist Oksana
Yeletskaya (strictly protect), told Poloff that the hospital

10. (C) Malohat Mirziyaeva (strictly protect), the head of

instructing them to start the process again later in the
week. Breen (strictly protect) told refcoord February 20

1. (S/NF) During a February 22 meeting, ICRC Regional
Director Bernard Pfefferle (strictly protect) told Ambassador

7. (C) In a Feb. 23 luncheon with the Ambassador, Martin
Bruncko (strictly protect), former advisor to then-FM Miklos,

\”Operation Nazca\”. MINUSTAH Civil Affairs deputy Lizbeth
Cullity (strictly protect) referred to this operation as

MINUSTAH\’s intelligence unit (JMAC) deputy, Mike Center
(strictly protect), told Poloff that the intent of their

4. (C) On February 22, a well-placed and credible UN
employee (strictly protect) approached USUN confidentially to

February 10 and were likely responsible for the two deaths
(strictly protect).

the Guizhou Institute of Highland Development (GIHD), founded in
2004 by Luo Shihong (strictly protect), a former participant in

and Association for Youth Development Education, directed by
Huang Xiaoyu (strictly protect), are taking a more

7. (C) Mao Gangqiang (strictly protect), Director of the Center

3. (S) Bendahane (strictly protect) said he had personally

1. (S//NF) Summary: IRPOffs met with the Assyrian Majles
representative Yonathan Bet Kolia (strictly protect) February

Surayud. (The following day, dinner guest Sarasin Virapong
— strictly protect — provided the Ambassador with a readout

1. (C) According to Denneth Modeste (strictly protect), the

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Statoil Venezuela
President Thore Kristiansen (strictly protect throughout) on

Hospital Organ Donation Coordinator Abdullah al-Enazi
(strictly protect) denounced the proposed law for lacking

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Venezuela
Mitsubishi President Masashi Yoshihara (strictly protect) on

Procurement Policy and Coordination Department, Ms. Kh. Mart
(strictly protect), explained to Commoff how Mongolia\’s government

5. (S) General Secretariat of the Supreme Economic Council
(SEC) Member Hassan Al-Shuaiby (strictly protect) stated in a

mention Russia, which he took to be a good sign. MFA PolDir
Miroslav Lajcak (strictly protect) later told us that he was

accounts from contractors and local leadership, Matt Huber
(strictly protect) of IOM, described to Poloff the current

5. (SBU) MINUSTAH political affairs deputy Lizbeth Cullity
(strictly protect) told Polcouns on March 14 that there is

discussion with Polcouns. MINUSTAH intelligence, JMAC deputy
Mike Center (strictly protect), agreed that gangs continued

5. (SBU) Separately on March 19, we also spoke with HCMC-
based dissident Do Nam Hai (strictly protect), regarding

Abdullayev\’s apartment and possibly arrested him. Realny Azerbaijan
Editor Eynulla Fatullayev (STRICTLY PROTECT), told emboff that

2. (C) Milan Jezovica (strictly protect), foreign policy

was not shared with the GSL to protect the sources. The list
of abductees was compiled using sources (strictly protect)

Afore at the end of this time period. HSBC economist Juan
Trevino (strictly protect) on March 16 told econoff that he

1. (C) During a March 16 meeting, Argentine Central Bank
(BCRA) President Martin Redrado (STRICTLY PROTECT) told the

\”no, Tony, it could be much worse than that.\” Asking EconOff
to stop taking notes, Redrado (STRICTLY PROTECT) said he had

respectfully resign our membership.\” Leadership
Editor-in-Chief Sam Nda-Isaiah (strictly protect) told Poloff

Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos plans to visit Cuba, though
no date has been fixed. Sandomingo (strictly protect) shared

Quach Pagoda, we met in private with the Venerable Thich
Thien Hanh (strictly protect), the senior-most member of

— Supreme Court Judge Antonio Fretes (strictly protect) told

— Supreme Court Judge Antonio Fretes (strictly protect) told

forward with the additional names for consideration in a
complementary fashion. Our UK contact (strictly protect)

shootings against police officers. End note). Shaheen Gazee
and Hasam Musbah (strictly protect) provided first hand

did not call, and moved with relatives to a different part of
Baghdad instead. Ghassan Mohamed (strictly protect), also a

9. (SBU) Miriam Grunstein, (strictly protect) a local

reconciliation talks now scheduled for May 16. Col.
Mohammed Ibrahim Gober (strictly protect) a former chief of

3. (C) Subsequent reports from PAO\’s Somali contact, Ahmed
Ibrahim (strictly protect) and other Somali Internet news

when it comes to the comfort women issue, MOFA\’s Asia
Regional Policy Director Kazutoshi Aikawa (strictly protect)

12. (C) Slovakia: Slovak MFA political director Miroslav
Lajcak (strictly protect throughout) visited Belgrade on 3/30

2. (C) Wood Group Vice President for South America Neil
Harvie (strictly protect throughout) told Petroleum Attache

6. (C) In addition, Juan Santana (strictly protect

on Strategy at the Mexican Stock Exchange, Alejandro Reynoso,
(strictly protect) on March 28 told Econoffs that the bill is

7. (C) UN Director of Political Affairs and Co-Chair of the
JMST Abidoun Bashua (strictly protect) told Poloff on March

at the invitation of the
Boeing Corporation (STRICTLY PROTECT) and under the direction

materials. An XAC official, TIAN Wei, Director of Technology

however, Michael Wu
(STRICTLY PROTECT), a Boeing employee stationed at XAC later

in Darfur. In a recent conversation, prominent SLM leader
Abdulkabar Dousa (strictly protect) told Poloff that the

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with CNPC Vice
President Jinling Zhang (strictly protect throughout) on

3. (C) One detainee, Shaker Mahmoud Khalaf Al-Falahi
(strictly protect), identified himself as the \”leader\” of the

4. (C) Bishop Shlemoon Wardoni (strictly protect), the Deputy

likely that they will take MINUSTAH up on the offer,
according to Jean-Philippe Laberge (strictly protect),

2. (C) Yega (one name) (strictly protect), a reincarnate lama

National Human Rights Commission Ananda Coomaraswamy
(strictly protect) was contemplating resignation due to

of the National Human Rights Commission (HRC), Justice Ananda
Coomaraswamy (strictly protect), has confided in him that he

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with CP Latin America
President Roy Lyons (strictly protect throughout) on April 11

reported Ref C, ICRC Regional Director Bernard Pfefferle
(strictly protect) told Ambassador that the ICRC had

2. (C) Jigme Gyaltsen (strictly protect), a monk

sought to intimidate an IVLP candidate. Vo Huynh Thuc
Doan (strictly protect), a journalist with the Saigon

3. (S/NF) Comment: In August 2006, former SNR Deputy Chief
Col. Kiziba (strictly protect) met confidentially with an

1. (C) SUMMARY: Ministry of Interior (MoI) Human Rights
Director Mazen Kamel Al-Qoraishy (strictly protect) on March

4. (C) AP reporter Matthew Rosenberg (strictly protect)

to Executive Deputy Director Kang Shaobang and Professor Li
Yunlong (strictly protect both) of CPS\’s Institute of

1. (S/NF) SUMMARY: In a recent meeting, respected local NGO
leader Pastor Daniel Gebraselassie (strictly protect)

4. (S/NF) Over the course of several weeks, Pastor Dan
(strictly protect), in collaboration with the head of the

General, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
Chairman Ribadu (STRICTLY PROTECT) declared this eection

General, Special Advisor to the Foreign Minister, Aminu
Wisdom (STRICTLY PROTECT) said the People,s Democratic

with the government\’s manifesto, FM Kubis\’s Chef de Cabinet
(please strictly protect), told DCM by email that the

companies signed what documents. Chevron Latin America
President Ali Moshiri (strictly protect throughout) told the

ExxonMobil (XM) Government Relations Manager Carlos Ernesto
Rodriguez (strictly protect throughout) told Petroleum

May 1. Baker Hughes Vice President for Latin America Edgar
Pelaez (strictly protect throughout) told Petatt on April 23

5. (C) Alfred Leong (strictly protect), the Chairman of the

Ambassador to Australia and Indonesia), Janaka Perera
(strictly protect), told Ambassador that SLA casualties in

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Chevron Latin
America President Ali Moshiri (strictly protect throughout)

9. (C) Moshiri\’s positive comments regarding XM were echoed
by BP Venezuela President Joe Perez (strictly protect

negotiate with the BRV. Carlos Ernesto Rodriguez, XM\’s
government relations manager (strictly protect throughout),

1. (C/NF) SUMMARY: On April 22, Ministry of Human Rights
(MoHR) employee Amar Sabrih (strictly protect) told PolOff

of a new UNSCR and a unilateral declaration of independence
by Kosovo, Klava (strictly protect) said that recent NATO and

pressure on SADC Facilitator Mbeki to level the electoral
playing field. MDC Treasurer Roy Bennett (strictly protect)

in Johannesburg April 28-29 to discuss strategy. MDC
Treasurer Roy Bennett (strictly protect) told PolOff April 30

Merck\’s situation was a result of the company\’s rigid negotiation
policies over the past few years (strictly protect).

World Bank (and former Vice Minister of Finance) Jose Rojas
(STRICTLY PROTECT THROUGHOUT), a departure from the IMF and

of Common Foreign and Security Policy Director Vaclav Balek
(please strictly protect). Post received further information

believe the GOB is exerting unprecedented control over the
sector. Armando Gutierrez (strictly protect), the Vice

5. (C) Armando Gutierrez (strictly protect), the Vice

of the Embassy met with the father of Abdullah Al-Riyami
(strictly protect), an activist now living abroad who

provinces, despite official denials (Ref B). Venerable Tang No,
head monk of Kleang pagoda in Soc Trang (strictly protect),

of these community organizations in rights protection at the
local level. Xie Songru (strictly protect) is a retired

was allegedly leaked. According to IFES program manager
Rosemarie McBean (strictly protect), Justice Abdullahi has

4. (SBU) However, Hien\’s wife (strictly protect), who was

serious concern about continued grave human rights violations
(strictly protect).

the Ambassador on May 4, CP Latin America President Roy Lyons
(strictly protect throughout) stated National Guard personnel

5. (C) XM Venezuela President Tim Cutt (strictly protect

6. (C) Statoil Venezuela President Thore Kristiansen
(strictly protect throughout) told Petatt and the analyst on

1. (C) SUMMARY. Professor Akin Mabogunje (strictly protect)

dominated by the 2008 budget. Gustavo Madero, the President
of the Senate Finance Committee, (strictly protect) echoed

2. (C) During a March 18 meeting, Yang Jian (strictly protect)

groups. Popular Tamil TV talk show host Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam
(strictly protect), who has close personal ties to the

On March 20, former Tamil MP and legal expert Dr. K.
Vigneswaran (strictly protect) confided to PolOff that even

range of criminal activities. On April 3, Lutheran Bishop
Reverend James Shanthakumar (strictly protect) stated that

acquiesce to Karuna cadres\’ demands. Shanthakumar and Jason
Squire (strictly protect), an Australian working for Terre

Karuna, on April 16 the Associated Press\’ South Asia Bureau
Chief Matthew Rosenberg (strictly protect) allowed PolOff to

killings in Jaffna. Independently, on April 24, Jaffna
Government Agent Ganesh (strictly protect) confirmed much of

production figures of over 3 million barrels per day. Andres
Duarte (strictly protect throughout), a prominent businessman

drilling rigs. Oil analysts Diego Gonzalez and Ramon
Espinasa (strictly protect both throughout) have estimated

PDVSA employees. During a May 2 meeting with Petatt and
analyst, Maersk executives (strictly protect throughout)

9. (C) Halliburton executives (strictly protect throughout)

continue to labor under the threat of the formation of a
national service company. Andres Pantin (strictly protect

nick of time. Shell Venezuela President Sean Rooney
(strictly protect throughout) told Petatt and analyst on May

make decisions that do not make commercial sense. For
example, John Paul McKee (strictly protect throughout),

reporting drug-related crimes. On May 18, Rogelio Lozano
(STRICTLY PROTECT), San Pedro\’s Chief of Police, was interviewed

interviewer, the News Director for TV Azteca Northeast Luis
Padua (STRICTLY PROTECT), told him afterward that he had

4. (C) Beijing-based independent author Wang Lixiong
(strictly protect) told Embassy Poloff on May 21 that

5. (SBU) Marco Oviedo Cruz, Hacienda\’s Director of Financial
Planning (strictly protect), told econoff that domestic

Strategy at the Mexican Stock Exchange, Alejandro Reynoso
(strictly protect), added that another important factor is

released. Guangdong Foreign Studies University Law
Professor Wang Yunxiang (strictly protect) and Shenzhen-
based China Development Institute senior research fellow Li
Weining (strictly protect) told Congenoff that some local

information on the Guangxi riots. Zhongshan University
Professor Ai Xiaoming (strictly protect), an advocate for

Dominican Assistant Attorney General for Extraditions and
International Affairs Gisela Cueto (STRICTLY PROTECT) that

strategic associations despite the rapidly approaching June
26 deadline. ExxonMobil (XM)(strictly protect throughout)

personnel. President Chavez singled out ConocoPhillips
(strictly protect throughout) for a tongue-lashing during a

1. (S) Summary: Democratic Party (DP) legislator James To
(strictly protect), who is chair of the Hong Kong Legislative

6. (C) Khadija Benlebbah (strictly protect), a senior aide to

dollars are commonplace. Recently econoffs were told that
Venezuelan magnate Alfonso Rivas (STRICTLY PROTECT) was

their monasteries. Gomang Monastery Abbot Jamyang Lode Rinpoche
(strictly protect), who also heads the Tibetan Buddhist College

9. (C) The CG queried Jamyang Rinpoche (strictly protect) on his

(Note: In a private side conversation with the CG, Donke
Rinpoche (strictly protect), the Vice Director of the Kirti DMC,

3. (C) In a dinner with Poloff on May 10, Changbai County
Communist Party Secretary MIAO Chunxiu (strictly protect)

specifics. In a separate meeting on May 10, Deputy
Director Liu of Changbai Customs (strictly protect)–who

ranks only tenth in terms of economic development, according to
Wang Xiaogang (strictly protect), Deputy Director of the Sichuan

2. (C) Wang Xiaogang (strictly protect), Deputy Director of the

2. (C) Guo Dan (strictly protect), Director of the Institute of

according to ICRC Turkey Representative Pierre Ryter. Ryter
(please strictly protect) is the first ICRC representative in

3. (C) The Ideal Guest Lodge (strictly protect) owner, who

2. (C) Embassy has obtained from the American Chamber of
Commmerce in China (Amcham – strictly protect) a copy of

1. (C) Summary: Ruan Zhixiao (strictly protect), a researcher

the NGO Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA). Military
spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe (strictly protect)

4. (S) Military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe
(strictly protect) told us that the idea for the forced

found temporary shelter in a school. According to
Vijayakanth (strictly protect), a Colombo Tamil working at

2. (S) A/DCM met with noted Hmong-American leader Dr. Yang
Dao (strictly protect) three times during the week of the

submission on their vision of the way forward. Political
analyst Sydney Masamvu (strictly protect) told PolOff on 5

Venezuela President Tim Cutt and Government Relations Manager
Carlos Ernesto Rodriguez (strictly protect throughout) on

Lowe, and Jason Doughty as well as resident CP Latin America
President Roy Lyons (strictly protect throughout) paid a call

CP Government Affairs Manager Alex Martinez (strictly protect

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with CNPC America Vice
President Ms. Jinling Zhang (strictly protect throughout) and
CNPC International attorney Haitao Zhang (strictly protect

Muslim community groups, Ambassador called on Sri Lanka
Muslim Congress leader Rauff Hakeem (strictly protect), who

3. (S) Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader and Minister of
Posts and Telecommunications Rauff Hakeem (strictly protect)

policy, according to well-known Beijing academic Jin Canrong
(strictly protect). Last year\’s \”unprecedented\” Foreign

Ivor Jenkins from the Institute for Democracy in South Africa
(IDASA) (strictly protect). Jenkins received a readout on

Ivor Jenkins from the Institute for Democracy in South Africa
(IDASA) (strictly protect). Jenkins received a readout on

2. (S) During a June 20 discussion with Poloff, Carlyle\’s Chief
China representative Luo Yi (strictly protect) said that the

National Alliance (TNA) Member of Parliament Suresh
Premachandran (strictly protect), the two Tamil Red Cross

4. (C) American citizen Ray Anderson (strictly protect), a

continue to operate as normal, as does the company\’s Qua Iboe
export terminal (strictly protect). Post remains unable to

2. (S) CP Latin America president Roy Lyons (strictly protect

9. (S) Petatt met Chevron Latin America president Ali
Moshiri (strictly protect throughout) on June 20 to discuss

organizations to set guidelines on how to monitor projects and make
sure money will be channeled only to those that strictly protect

Government Relations Manager Carlos Ernesto Rodriguez
(strictly protect throughout) told Petroleum Attache (Petatt)

9. (C) Tim Cutt (strictly protect throughout), president of

14. (C) Roy Lyons (strictly protect throughout), president of

little doubt he is unhappy with the Chief Justice. Supreme
Court Justice Jagath Balapatabandhi (strictly protect) told

5. (S/NF) In a separate meeting June 27, MFA Iran Desk
Officer Mansour Al-Oulaimi (strictly protect) told PolOff

Calas and Medecins Sans Frontieres-Holland representative
Will Robertson (STRICTLY PROTECT), each of whom has worked in

American English teachers (strictly protect ) to discuss the

1. (C) In a June 26 courtesy call, newly arrived British
Ambassador to Spain Denise Holt (strictly protect) told the

1. (C) In a June 26 courtesy call, newly arrived British
Ambassador to Spain Denise Holt (strictly protect) told the

of unlawful and extrajudicial killings. British Deputy Head
of Mission Colin Crorkin (strictly protect) provided Pol/C

more rapid political reform, according to Fang Jinyu
(strictly protect), veteran bureau chief for the Guangdong

pessimistic about its prospects. Well-connected freelance
journalist Chen Jieren (strictly protect) argued that the

their prerogatives, including political reform. Separately,
Zhai Zhihai (strictly protect), retired PLA military officer

2. (S) Tunisian Ambassador Jalel Lakhdar (strictly protect),

3. (S) However, Tagma (strictly protect) offered

politically sensitive subjects. According to Zhou Qingan
(strictly protect), free lance journalist and Professor at

perspective on the SICA process and regional integration on
law enforcement issues. Avila (strictly protect)

to free the Yarmag area in the Khan-Uul District from the Bogd Khan
Uul Strictly Protected Area in order to make space for housing

those that the Government has arrested. Military Spokesman
Prasad Samarasinghe (strictly protect), a political insider

4. (S) Human rights activist and member of Parliament Mano
Ganesan (strictly protect) independently supported

2. (C) In a July 4 meeting with visiting EAP DAS Thomas
Christensen, Chairman Chen Zhiya (strictly protect) of the

3. (C) Part of the debate, FISS Research Director Zhang
Tuosheng (strictly protect) explained, is that the referendum

direct access had reported. Out of sight of prison staff and
other inmates, one inmate \”Naja\’a\” (strictly protect) said

7. (C) In a separate conversation with PolOff, the inmate
Naja\’a (strictly protect) said that throughout her

9. (C) The inmate Naja\’a (strictly protect) told PolOff that

PolOff had a candid discussion with Turkish Ambassador Yalcin
Kayaerensoy (strictly protect) on the Turkish people,s

and Atiku, former Kaduna High Court Justice Usman Mohammed
(strictly protect) who provided insight into the legal

travel and technical assistance. Embassy contact Sydney
Masamvu (strictly protect) provided Post with emails between

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with BP Venezuela
president Joe Perez (strictly protect throughout) on July 9

Export Corporation, according to Panjin Asia-Pacific\’s
manager, LIU Feng (strictly protect), who organized the

7. (C) There are some exceptions, however, like the views
of LIU Chensheng (strictly protect), a former Shenyang

4. (C) Contacted by telephone, Chongqing labor rights attorney
Zhou Litai (strictly protect) said that he had heard of the

eastern cities including Batticaloa and Trincomalee. Mr. S.
Mamangarajah (strictly protect), Director of the USAID-funded

2. (C) On June 28, A/DCM, REFCOORD, and ORA analysts met with
Peter Van Orden (STRICTLY PROTECT), Addis Ababa-based Field

4. (C) Roberto Gonzalez Nieves, the Archbishop of San Juan
(strictly protect), remedied this situation, with an assist

1. (S) Iraqi Shi\’a clerical insider Jawad al-Khoe\’i
(strictly protect), outlined

(strictly protect), the thirty-something nephew of Al-Khoe\’i

Chevron\’s Chief Nigeria Security manager Peter Williams
(strictly protect) to discuss Chevron\’s operations in the

conversation, Human Rights Commission Press Section Head
Mohammed Ali Al Muadi (strictly protect) ascribed Al-Ghaith\’s

the Latvian National Security Council the week of July 23
(strictly protect, as NSC agendas are classified). Ustubs

allow the organization to continue at least some of its
activities. Separately, Tara Duffy (strictly protect),

2004 \”Color Revolutions.\” According to local elections
activist Li Fan (strictly protect), head of The World and

supremacy. In a separate conversation, Dong Lisheng
(strictly protect), reformist scholar at the Chinese Academy

expect the CDB closure to impact their work. Andrew Watson
(strictly protect), Ford Foundation Representative in China,

15. (C) In a separate meeting with Ambassador and poloffs on
July 20, MSF representatives (STRICTLY PROTECT) reiterated

1. (C) Meeting with Poloff on July 22, Egyptian Deputy Chief
of Mission Osama Shaltout (strictly protect) asserted that

byzantine nature of the Public Bidding Law. Noted consultant
and bidding law specialist Oscar Chinea (strictly protect

AmCit Director of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Jaffna
branch, Joann Ellen Kingsley (strictly protect), told us on

6. (C) On July 4, Dr. Sinniah Sivaruban (strictly protect)

2. (C) Aram Yarwaessi (strictly protect), a member of

1. (SBU) Ernesto Piedras (strictly protect throughout),
President of the Competitive Intelligence Unit and Angel
Lopez Hoher (strictly protect throughout), Head of the Unit

businessman, warden and long-time Xinjiang resident Steve
Brannon (strictly protect) discussed reports of increased

4. (C) In a separate conversation on July 23, Abdul Rayim
(strictly protect), a Uighur currency trader at the Horgos

Brannon and a Uighur contact from Hotan, Abdul Raheem
(strictly protect), told Poloff that aside from saving money,

4. (C) Zhou Qingan (strictly protect), a freelance

5. (C) Zhang Shensi (strictly protect), International

2. (S) The Prime Minister\’s Chief of Staff, Yunus Emre
Karaosmanoglu (please strictly protect), provided a glimpse

2. (C) Econ Counselor and Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met
with CP Latin America President Roy Lyons (strictly protect

4. (S) Kudret Akay, an advisor to Democrat Party leader
Serdar Denktash (strictly protect), made similar comments to

the tune of millions of dollars. We subsequently obtained a copy of
the letter itself from Brankica Stankovic (strictly protect), the

9. (s) Subsequent to receiving this document, we spoke with Predrag
Arsenijevic (strictly protect), currently chief of staff to the

2. (C) On July 27, Ambassador, A/DCM, REFCOORD, and poloff
met with Juan Pedro Schaerer (STRICTLY PROTECT), Addis

Ministry of Defense (MOD) had been inadequate. LTC Ellwood
(strictly protect) noted the weapons and ammunition that his

to Burma and other Southeast Asian countries (Ref B). Our
friends at the Thai Consulate in Chengdu (strictly protect) tell

the Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Jaffna Thambithurai
Rajeev (strictly protect), a long-time Embassy contact.

11. (C) Dr. Junaidu Mohammed (strictly protect), former

2. (C) During a July 31 meeting with Ambassador, BCRA
President Redrado (STRICTLY PROTECT) stated that the time was

remains a relatively conservative corner of the country in
terms of media freedom. CHONG Lin (strictly protect), a

practice between the television and the print media. TIAN
Wei (strictly protect), Deputy Programming Director for

Tianshifu explosion, for instance, Liaoning Party School
Deputy Party Secretary WANG Hongsheng (strictly protect)

advance of the 17th Party Congress, according to Yu Jiafu
(strictly protect) recently retired Senior Editor and

to participate in personnel-related meetings there.
Separately, Ma Licheng (strictly protect), former senior

2. (C) Petroleum Attache met with Chevron Latin America
President Ali Moshiri (strictly protect throughout) on August

(COMMENT: In a separate meeting on August 7, Richard Sentkar,
Paribas\’ Venezuelan representative, (strictly protect

Koka candidly revealed that he has selected his Chief of
Cabinet Csaba Kakosy (strictly protect) as his replacement,

5. (C) In a separate meeting, Cao Huayin (strictly protect),

the need to oppose him actively. Separately, however, Ma
Licheng (strictly protect), former senior editor at the

Taiwan to constitute crossing one of Beijing\’s \”red lines.\”
Separately, Chen Tao (strictly protect), an official at the

businessman (and former aide to Koo Chen-fu) Koh Boluo
(strictly protect) believes the current situation is less

10. (C) Shih Chih-wei (strictly protect), a Taiwan journalist

2. (C) On August 13, PolOff spoke with Barrister Mike Ahamba
(strictly protect), lead counsel for ANPP presidential

4. (C) According to Manuel Diaz Mujica (strictly protect), a

7. (C) Ethiopian Ambassador Yusuf Sukkar (strictly protect)

8. (C) Egyptian Political Counselor Dr. Ahmed Bahaa El-Din
(strictly protect) also questioned whether the Saudis made a

9. (C) However, Fathi Osman Ahmed (strictly protect), Second

Community Stabilization Program (CSP), to solicit its
assistance. CSP (strictly protect) has dispatched

2. (C) Petroleum Attache met with Sincor Deputy General
Manager Jane Nagy (strictly protect throughout) on August 20

2. (C) During discussion at a reception on August 17, Tongji
University Professor Frank Peng (strictly protect) said he had

Political Consultative Conference Executive Committee William
Doo (strictly protect) said that Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng,

protect throughout) on August 8 and Schlumberger Venezuela
President Hatem Soliman (strictly protect throughout) on

assignment of contracts. Wood Group South America Vice
President Neil Harvie (strictly protect throughout) told

PE/VC is still wanting. Hortensia Contreras, the Director of
Investment Capital at Nacional Financiera (strictly protect),

unreliable. According to Joaquin Avila, the Managing
Director of Carlyle Mexico (strictly protect), judicial

Offering his typically frank assessments, Ndaruzaniye
(strictly protect) touched on DDR, identification and the

range of political topics with five leading Egyptian
political activists (strictly protect identities of all from

ConocoPhillips (CP) Latin America President Roy Lyons
(strictly protect throughout) and Government Affairs Manager
Alex Martinez (strictly protect throughout) on August 22 to

visiting U.S. Congressman Roy Blunt (R-Missouri),
Undersecretary of Finance Alejandro Werner (strictly protect)

SUCCEDE: According to our readout from the Iraqi Embassy
here (STRICTLY PROTECT) PM Maliki met President Assad August

12. (S) Egyptian Political Counselor Dr. Ahmed Bahaa El Din
(strictly protect) confirmed to PolOff on July 23 that the

argued strongly that Hu, Wen, Zeng and Wu Bangguo will remain
following the Party Congress (strictly protect all):

this group. Former Xinhua Senior Editor and Director General
of Foreign Affairs Yu Jiafu (strictly protect) said Hu Jintao

differed significantly from the majority of sources above.
Professor Mao Shoulong (strictly protect) of Renmin

Politburo member Liu Yunshan. (Note: Chinese-American
Professor Yi Xiaoxiong (strictly protect) of Marietta

Hassan Saeed, and former Justice Minister Mohamed Jameel
(strictly protect all three throughout). The three are among

Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy Kim Seung-ho
(strictly protect), the official responsible for preparing

of cutting Japan\’s HNS. MOFA\’s SOFA Division Director Osamu
Izawa (strictly protect) said that Machimura lived up to this

other jailed activists nationwide. According to lawyer Li
Jianqiang (strictly protect), Lu\’s wife was allowed to visit

3. (C) Activist lawyer Li Jianqiang (strictly protect) told

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with BP Venezuela
President Joe Perez (strictly protect throughout) to discuss

Sullivan, Under Secretary of Finance Alejandro Werner
(strictly protect) discussed negotiations and prospects for

situation has \”not yet\” become a crisis. Cao Huayin
(strictly protect), Deputy Director General at the China

4. (C) Separately, Kang Shaobang (strictly protect),

of Tashkent\’s Uch-Tepe region and reliable Embassy contact,
Adolat Nasirova (strictly protect), told poloff that

3. (S) Syed Zahir Raza (strictly protect), Second Secretary

(R-Missouri) Mexican Finance Undersecretary Alejandro Werner
(strictly protect throughout) predicted that if fiscal reform

PolOff (reftel), Second Secretary at the Pakistani Embassy,
Syed Zahir Raza (strictly protect) insisted to PolOff on

Karimov. Human Rights Ombudsman Head of Staff Maruf Usmanov
(strictly protect), a reliable Embassy contact in Parliament,

10. (C) Adolat Nasirova (strictly protect), an Uch-Tepe

commented to Poloff weeks before the above incident.
According to Zhai Zhihai (strictly protect), who now

Strategy, Integration and Specialty Businesses Greg Goff, and
CP Venezuela President Roy Lyons (strictly protect all

1. (C) David Perez (strictly protect throughout), the

Mexican Undersecretary of Energy Planning and Technological
Development, Jordy Herrera (strictly protect throughout),

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Statoil Venezuela
President Thore Kristiansen (strictly protect throughout) on

diaspora question sustained SAG engagement. Dr. Suliman
Al-Turki (strictly protect), economic advisor to the Minister

of Minnawi in particular. SLM members Mohammed Halla and
Annur Jibreel (strictly protect) questioned why Minnawi

activism as well. Ashraf Badri, Faisal Abdul Aziz Amin, and
Adil Saeed Osman (strictly protect) told PolOff on August 23

and Saudi Aramco management, and conclude a successful
agreement. Buxton (strictly protect) clarified the project

6. (C) The NGO Culture and Environment Preservation
Association (CEPA–strictly protect) gave us a map they said

negative impact. Edgar Camargo, the Head of Economic
Research at Bank of America in Mexico (strictly protect

state incorporates the local sales tax. HSBC economist
Alejandro Martinez (strictly protect throughout) told econoff

prices lower in the capital. Poloff heard the same rumor in
August from Adolat Nasirova (strictly protect), an ex-deputy

Jintao\’s consolidation of power atop China\’s Communist Party
structure. Wang Zhenyao (strictly protect), a Director

4. (C) Zhang Xiantang (strictly protect), a senior journalist

the Agreed Minute which was provided to DHS Attach by MG
Mohsen (strictly protect), Commander of Iraqi Border Forces

2. (S) During a September 17 discussion, Carlyle Group chief
China representative Luo Yi (strictly protect) said that

said about the need to pursue diplomacy to the maximum extent
possible. Pouille (strictly protect) opined that Kouchner

poloff on September 20 that a member of her organization who
lives in Andijon, Dilshod (strictly protect), confirmed that

and Congenoff paid a courtesy call on Swiss Red Cross
representatives stationed in Shigatse (strictly protect) and

one of the primary drafters of Experts Committee \”Majority
Report,\” Vigneswaran (strictly protect), told us moderate

3. (C) By contrast, multiple media reports, echoed by Anwar
Bensaada (strictly protect) a local businessman and Embassy

2. (C) BH Latin America Vice President for Sales Edgar
Pelaez (strictly protect throughout) met with Petroleum

5. (C/NF) On September 25, Zoubai\’s Chief of Staff Khaled
Rasheed (strictly protect), offered poloff a different motive

3. (C) DCM met with Hj Muslim Hj Tengah (strictly protect),

to illegal satellite television. Beijing-based
satellite installer Han Xiaolong (strictly protect)

activist and head of the NGO World China Institute Li Fan
(strictly protect) said that relations between local governments

over the edge, Hu said. During a September 28 discussion,
Nanjing University Professor Gu Su (strictly protect) echoed

7. (S) Shanghai Municipal People\’s Congress researcher Zhou
Meiyan (strictly protect) was also present at the September 17

met on September 12-13 with Zhejiang Province-based Chen Yiming
(strictly protect), Head of the Wenling Municipal Propaganda

1. (S) Summary: During a September 28 discussion, Nanjing
University Professor Gu Su (strictly protect) gave his

1. (S) Summary: According to Nanjing University Professor Gu
Su (strictly protect) political assassinations and violence

was publicly announced (Ref B). For example, Central Party
School (CPS) Professor Qin Zhilai (strictly protect) on

Institute for International Strategic Studies Kang Shaobang
(strictly protect) on August 30, separately assessed that

personnel appointments. Nevertheless, Zhang Xiantang
(strictly protect), a senior journalist at the State

5. (C) Yi Xiaoxiong (strictly protect), Chinese-American

was publicly announced (Ref B). For example, Central Party
School (CPS) Professor Qin Zhilai (strictly protect) on

Institute for International Strategic Studies Kang Shaobang
(strictly protect) on August 30, separately assessed that

personnel appointments. Nevertheless, Zhang Xiantang
(strictly protect), a senior journalist at the State

5. (C) Yi Xiaoxiong (strictly protect), Chinese-American

and confidentially asked HDZ-BiH leader Dragan Covic
(strictly protect) to circulate a compromise solution with

1. (S) Summary: During a September 28 discussion, Nanjing
University Professor Gu Su (strictly protect) said that

1. (C) During an Embassy event on October 9, journalist and
human rights contact Bakhodir Elibaev (strictly protect) told

president of Mitsubishi Venezuela, and Yasuyuki Ozaki,
director of project development (strictly protect both

8. (C) On September 25, local JW representative Sergei
Artyushkov (strictly protect) told poloff about a relatively

Uzbekistan has an independent television station, and there
are now two in Kokand. Rajapov (strictly protect) is involved

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: Inuwa Abdul-Qadir (strictly protect),

Koreans entering China in 2007 to be roughly on par with
2005-2006 levels. LU Chao (strictly protect), a Liaoning

crossers and related PRC-DPRK borderland issues, according
to JASS researcher ZHOU Weiping (strictly protect), one of

4. (S) In an earlier discussion with EconUnit Chief, Helmut
Krehlik (strictly protect), MoE\’s Diviison Head for Export

1. (C) In an October 29 meeting with Poloff, Reverend
Zecharias Abraham(strictly protect) relayed the story of an

met with Xenia Baumgarten, Lukoil\’s Director of Business
Development for Latin America, (strictly protect throughout)

8. (C) EU China Mission Counselor for Political Affairs
Alexander McLachlan (strictly protect) November 1 told us

would be subject to criminal prosecutions. Defense analyst Iqbal
Athas (strictly protect) noted this would have a chilling effect on

those affiliated with militias. He is plain speaking, and
(strictly protect) did not hold back in his criticism of JAM and

1. (C) Polcouns and Poloffs met November 2 with Kabiru
Turaki (strictly protect), a distinguished private practice

5. (C) Petrocedino/Sincor Deputy General Manager Jane Nagy
(strictly protect throughout) told Petroleum Attache (Petatt)

be in force through December 31, 2007. According Pedro Coa
(strictly protect throughout), chief economist at Banesco, no

percent of the full loan amount upon making the loan. Pedro
Almoguera (strictly protect throughout), Technical Executive

believe that the ITF was designed expressly to target banks\’
profits. Luis Zambrano (strictly protect throughout), chief

particularly banks, who must pay the ITF. As both Zambrano
and Miguel Octavio (strictly protect throughout), Executive

markets most affected. According to Octavio and Klaus Nusser
(strictly protect throughout), Executive Director of Velox

for Democratic Change (MDC) offices in Johannesburg, MDC
Treasurer Roy Bennett (strictly protect) said he was \”over

6. (C) During the Ambassador\’s tour of Ford\’s Valencia plant,
Ford\’s country manager Gabriel Lopez (strictly protect

7. (C) The Ambassador also met with Valencia\’s popular
mayor, Francisco \”Paco\” Cabrera Santos (strictly protect

leaders like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. Ma Licheng
(strictly protect), former editorial writer for the official

toward a more collective leadership. Freelance journalist
Chen Jieren (strictly protect), who has direct access to

which can \”only be good\” for China. Former Chief Editor of
the Farmer\’s Daily, Zhang Guangyou (strictly protect),

appointments, thereby strengthening his position. Zeng Jie
(strictly protect), former head of the Beijing Haidian

7. (C) Professor Kang Shaobang (strictly protect) of the

Hu\’s \”weakness.\” Longtime Embassy contact Dong Lisheng
(strictly protect), reformist professor at the Chinese

kept his allies on the PBSC while also elevating new ones.
Liu Junning (strictly protect), a pro-democracy scholar at

14. (C) Emphasizing Hu\’s \”dominance\” in terms of policy,
Zhang Xiantang (strictly protect), senior editor at the State

3. (S/NF) Mohamed Elobeidi (strictly protect), country manager

1. (S/NF) Tej Bunnag, Deputy Principal Private Secretary of
the King (strictly protect), told the Ambassador in a

2. (S/NF) Tej Bunnag, Deputy Principal Private Secretary of
the King (strictly protect), told the Ambassador that King


and prosecutors under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice
(MOJ). Schmitz (please strictly protect) noted the RLTC

took place at the behest of Sall says Mamamdou Oumar Ndiaye
(strictly protect), the editor of the small-time paper \”Le

2. (C) NWFP Home Secretary Badshah Gul Wazir (strictly protect)

1. (S/NF) SUMMARY: Anti-Iranian Iraqi Shi\’a cleric Jawad
al-Khoe\’i (strictly protect) described to Emboff his views on

2. (S) Emboff met for a follow-on discussion (reftel) with
Jawad al-Khoe\’i (strictly protect), the thirty-something

4. (C) Defense journalist Iqbal Athas (strictly protect)

methodology in advance led some to question the transparecy
of the process. Economist Orlando Ochoa (strictly protect)

placements of dollar-denominated debt, the parallel market
would stabilize. Adriana Arreaza (strictly protect), country

lower the parallel rate. BBO Financial Services Director
Miguel Octavio (strictly protect) told EmbOffs before the

Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) country director Tony
Myron (strictly protect) has spent four years in Turkmenistan

ut-Tahrir al-Islami (Islamic Party of Liberation). Ehmetjan
Hesen (strictly protect), member of the XUAR People\’s

2. (C) On November 21, econoff met with Jennet Hojanazarova
(strictly protect), Liaison/Research Officer at the

3. (C) Chongqing Southwestern University Assistant Professor of
Geology Jiang Yongjun (strictly protect) told us Chinese

6. (C) Prominent labor rights attorney Zhou Litai (ref B)
(strictly protect), with offices in Chongqing and Shenzhen,

fudged to cover up the overstatement of exports. CAF country
economist Adriana Arreaza (strictly protect) told econoff

overstated. End note.) National Economic Council President
Efrain Velazquez (strictly protect) told econoff that his BCV

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Chevron Latin
America President Ali Moshiri (strictly protect throughout)

once again with the Jilin Academy of Social Sciences\’ ZHOU
Weiping (PLEASE STRICTLY PROTECT), a leading PRC researcher

China, though it is largely concentrated there. Poloff met
October 30 with LI Chunwang (STRICTLY PROTECT), Vice
Director of Yantai University\’s East Asia Research
Institute, and SUN Jingquan (STRICTLY PROTECT), a

that it is not publicly acknowledged and her identity is
strictly protected.

Assistant Director and Coordinator for Foreign Chapters Agape
Kramer (strictly protect) told Poloff senior PDP leadership,

2. (C) In an November 27 conversation with Poloff, Agape
Kramer (strictly protect) said press reports that the PDP

Authority Executive Board Member (and de facto Managing
Director) Dr. Hussain Al-Abdulla (strictly protect).

1. (C) SUMMARY: Mike Ahamba (strictly protect), lead counsel

wants to implement. Many local lawyers including Ricardo
Antequera (strictly protect), co-author of Andean Decision

8. (C) During a November 26 meeting, Magdaly Sanchez
(strictly protect), an IPR lawyer at Hoet, Pelaez, Castillo,

6. (C) A Muslim Hui surnamed Du (strictly protect)

applicants wait about three years before getting a
seat for a Hajj journey. Han Musa (strictly protect),

religious piety, others questioned the motives of
these donors. Han Congdige (strictly protect), a

Muslim Mansion, a bustling hotel in downtown Xining
run by Han Wenke (strictly protect), Han Musa\’s father

4. (C) According to Gao Hongwei (strictly protect), a

2.(S) On November 30, Ms. Shirin Ebadi and her husband, Javad
Tavassolian (strictly protect), attended an immigrant visa

2. (S/NF) On December 4, EU Charge de Mission Bernard
Philippe (strictly protect) told the Ambassador that he felt

3. (C) Citi\’s Stanley (strictly protect) told Ambassador Holmer

several Tibetan monasteries to ask their opinion (Note: our FSN
– strictly protect — grew up in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in

Tigers personnel) were \”inconvenient.\” (Note: Kunming Flying
Tigers Association contacts – strictly protect — recommended

overwhelmed with requests. Former CADIVI president Mary
Espinoza (strictly protect) told econoff in mid-November that

5. (C) Citibank Venezuela president Bernardo Chacin
(strictly protect throughout) told econoffs that some banks

to USD 3000 per year at the official rate. End note.) Oscar
Garcia Mendoza (strictly protect), president of Banco

earlier in the year, to more North Korean asylum-seekers.
Consul Shinichi KURITA (STRICTLY PROTECT) told Poloff on

engineering troops continued fencing Yuchi Island, opposite
Hushan, on November 7. LU Chao (STRICTLY PROTECT), a Korea

government have been paying attention. ZHOU Weiping
(STRICTLY PROTECT) of the Jilin Academy of Social Sciences

5. (C) Abdelouahed Al-Mutawakel (strictly protect), Chairman

mid-January or even February. A senior executive at Williams,
(strictly protect throughout) told Petroleum Attache (Petatt)

3. (C) The Williams executive stated that a senior executive
at Wood Group (strictly protect) also complained that his

4. (C) We note that two major service companies,
Schlumberger and Baker Hughes (strictly protect throughout),

pressure\” from Morales to make such comments, according to
General Gonzalo Suarez Selum (strictly protect), Head of

6. (C) A Uighur student at Xinjiang Normal University in
Urumqi (strictly protect) told Poloff that a friend in her

alleged practice applied \”only to Uighurs,\” not to other
ethnic groups. A Uighur tour guide (strictly protect) who

frequently travels on aircraft provided by Qatar. A
low-ranking MFA employee (strictly protect) alleges that the

of the tax on financial transactions (ref A). Citibank
Venezuela president Bernardo Chacin (strictly protect

public banks and the BCV would be. Banco Venezolano de
Credito president Oscar Garcia Mendoza (strictly protect

convert potentially large amounts of cash for people who are
not regular customers. Pedro Almoguera (strictly protect),

Iranwatcher met with MFA Senior Iran Desk Officer Deike
Potzel (STRICTLY PROTECT) on December 20. Noting the P5 1

SITUATION: Potzel was joined briefly at the meeting by
Alexander Jung (strictly protect), German Embassy Tehran\’s

2. (S/NF) Dr. Hind Siala, Director of Libya\’s National Security
Council (strictly protect), told P/E Chief that the NSC, formed

talk-show series and newspaper columns with \”friendly\” media
organizations, according to Ruth Han (strictly protect), member of

2. (S/NF) Dr. Hind Siala, Director of Libya\’s National Security
Council (strictly protect), told P/E Chief that the NSC, formed

2. (S/NF) Michael Vatikiotis (strictly protect), from the

A for a read-out Prime Minister Surayud gave the Ambassador
on this meeting. Vatikiotis asked that we strictly protect

Guangzhou RAB officials have clamped down on any expansion, according
to Alfred Leong (strictly protect), board member of the Guangzhou

amount of pressure from Guangzhou authorities, according to Fidelis
Ogwu (strictly protect), a Nigerian GICF member and salesman for a

6. (C) Expatriate house church leader Newman Huang (strictly protect)

7. (C) Wayne Huang (no relation, strictly protect), a member of

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: Maitama Sule (strictly protect), former

2. (S//NF) Maitama Sule (strictly protect), former ambassador

1. (S) SUMMARY: During a December 16 meeting with the CG,
prominent Jeddah businessman Loay Bougary (strictly protect)

Embassy contact and Zimbabwe businessman Strive Masiyiwa
(strictly protect). In a December 29 phone call to PolOff,

1. (S//NF) Maitama Sule (strictly protect) told PolOff on

\”very challenging.\” He said that Zimbabwean businessman
Strive Masiyiwa (strictly protect) has promised the party USD

3. (C) Hadj Zoubir, a prominent colonel in the Algerian
military (strictly protect source), told us privately on

5. (S//NF) Hong Kong District Councilor and Democratic Party
(DP) member Jimmy Wong (strictly protect) and the party\’s
public relations consultant Raymond Luk (strictly protect)

2.(C) Pius Anyim (strictly protect) former Senate President

5.(C) In a January 9 meeting, Chairman Ribadu\’s Chief of
Staff Dapo Olorunyomi (strictly protect) expressed to PolOff

Bankole (strictly protect) told Embassy Officers the whole

1. (C) Summary: Eritrea ICRC Head of Delegation Catherine
Deman (strictly protect) told the ambassador January 4 that

1. (SBU) During a January 7 meeting with the Ambassador, former
Minister of Finance Antonio Delfim Netto (strictly protect), who is

Poloff on January 8 met with Tumen Foreign Affairs Office
Director CUI Zhenglong (strictly protect), who was

early 2008 would be limited. Yanbian University DPRK
expert GAO Jingzhu (strictly protect), however, said the

Sinuiju, across the Yalu River from Dandong, Liaoning
Province. LIU Chensheng (strictly protect), a trade

Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) participants, Dr. Farhad
Towfighi (strictly protect) came to Dubai to discuss his

recommendations and potential alternatives, the Jilin
Academy of Social Sciences\’ ZHOU Weiping (STRICTLY PROTECT;

specialists engaged in research border-crossing, including

relatively few new North Korean arrivals. Father Jin
(STRICTLY PROTECT) of the Ping\’an Church in Yanji, which

of no arrivals among his neighbors or worshipers. Yanbian
University DPRK expert GAO Jingzhu (STRICTLY PROTECT) on

completely in the weeks to come. Farther north in Tumen,
Vice Mayor Yan Zhihong (STRICTLY PROTECT) acknowledged

and several of his family members, according to Consul KIM
Jong Han (STRICTLY PROTECT), who recently attended a North

1. (C) Pro-independence Sahrawi human rights activist Brahim
Dahane (strictly protect) told us there is a sense among

President of the Sahrawi Association of Human Rights Abuse
Victims (ASVDH) Brahim Dahane (strictly protect throughout)

1. (C) Pro-independence Sahrawi human rights activist Brahim
Dahane (strictly protect) told us there is a sense among

President of the Sahrawi Association of Human Rights Abuse
Victims (ASVDH) Brahim Dahane (strictly protect throughout)

intervention, the buzz at the meeting suddenly stopped when
Kefa Al-Amin (strictly protect), aide to Deputy Prime

5. (C) At that point, the Iraqi team leader, Saeed Nemah
Jabor (strictly protect) of the Iraqi National Security

roughly 500 of whom attend services on a regular basis,
according to Father LIAN Changyuan (STRICTLY PROTECT).

——————————————— ———
2. (C) YANG Wenjia (STRICTLY PROTECT), Chief of the Foreign

Province\’s largest grain producers. WANG Haisheng
(STRICTLY PROTECT) of the Jilin Grain Group Export and

south China are \”optimistic, patriotic, but naive,\” according to
Brother Yun (strictly protect), a parent and member of Guangzhou\’s Li
Jiang Christian Fellowship. Ruth Han (strictly protect), an elder in

that their parents had a much better awareness of how the government
worked. Willow Yang (strictly protect), an assistant lecturer at

unregistered Guangzhou Young Persons\’ Christian Association, and Evy
Yun (strictly protect), an English teacher, both acknowledged that

(RELEX) took a no-nonsense approach with Jalili. According
to a Commission notetaker (strictly protect) in the meeting,

the Arabic-language Ennahar newspaper, Mohamed al-Moqadam
(strictly protect), told the Ambassador on January 23 that

3. (C) Ennahar reporter Souad Azouz (strictly protect)

the DRP for the upcoming election. Ibrahim Zaki of the MDP
told Ambassador (strictly protect) that he was \”99% sure\”

President Mauricio di Girolamo and Harvest Vinccler
Operations Manager Karl Nesselrode (strictly protect all

in their projects. Wes Lohac, Chevron\’s new Latin America
Managing Director, (strictly protect throughout) told

in the two projects. BP Venezuela President Joe Perez
(strictly protect throughout) also stated on January 23 that

Edgar Pelaez and Latin America Operations Manager Bernardo
Burr (strictly protect both throughout) told the Ambassador

January 25 from lead South Stream negotiator Galina Tosheva
(strictly protect).)

responsibility for it,\” the Government Agent in Mannar
(strictly protect) told post that a Sri Lankan Army Deep

7. (C) Similarly, Chen Qin (strictly protect)

5. (C) On January 30, French Ambassador Hugues Pernet
(strictly protect) shared with the Ambassador a letter from

Chairman of the Ethiopian Parole Board Pastor Daniel
Gebreselassie (strictly protect) confirms that virtually all

could be levied against the two ActionAid workers. According
to Prof. Ephraim (strictly protect), the Prime Minister

International Relations Department Head Gulmurad Myradov
(strictly protect) revealed to EmbOff he has been writing

Acting Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs\’ (MVD\’s)
Forensic Laboratory Murad Cherkezov (please strictly protect

Provincial Council and former Council Chairman Issa. The
visiting judges (strictly protect) privately confirmed to the

Provincial Council and former Council Chairman Issa. The
visiting judges (strictly protect) privately confirmed to the

confirmed to us privately the spike in killings in Batticaloa
– please strictly protect.)

Maciej Lang and, separately, EU-TACIS Adviser Michael Wilson
(strictly protect both throughout). Wilson was the initial

2. (C) Former Premier Li Peng has recently suffered a stroke,
longtime Embassy contact Zhang Guangyou (strictly protect),

rescinded.\” ExxonMobil\’s Government Relations Advisor for
the Americas Milton Chaves (strictly protect) told EconCouns

2. (S/NF) In a meeting February 5, U.S.-Libyan dual national
Omar Turbi (strictly protect) told P/E Chief that eastern Libya

an Iraqi \”champion\” to lead the project: Sayid Jabour
(strictly protect) of the office of the National Security

meeting. To illustrate his close inspection, the MoO Deputy
IG, Alaa Mahdi Al-Deen (strictly protect), told PRToff

conversation, the leading Baghdad Provincial Council member
on the PCD team, Salam Hanoun Mosalat (strictly protect),

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: Kano businessman and reliable Mission
contact Shehu Dalhatu (strictly protect) alleged a close

2. (S//NF) Kano real estate entrepreneur and longtime Mission
contact Shehu Dalhatu (strictly protect) told PolOff February

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: Sokoto state Attorney General Inuwa
Abdul-Qadir (strictly protect) informed that the secret trial

2. (S//NF) Inuwa Abdul-Qadir (strictly protect), Sokoto state

trials. This relationship is so sensitive that it is not
publicly acknowledged and her identity is strictly protected.

most popular public park in Baghdad. \”Hundreds\” also come
every week day, explained Wassem Ameen (strictly protect),

companies. Indeed, Jose Pedro Fachada, the Executive Manager of
Investor Relations at the CB (strictly protect) told Econoffs that

around reserve requirements, he added. Furthermore, the Senior
Advisor to the CB Board Alexandre Pundek (strictly protect) noted

1. (C) Ministry of Trade Official Juan Guillermo Castro,
strictly protect, described the GOC\’s World Trade

1. (C) Ministry of Trade Official Juan Guillermo Castro,
strictly protect, described the GOC\’s World Trade

met February 22 with Isik University professor Bulent Aras
(please strictly protect) to follow-up on ref B discussion

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Statoil Venezuela
President Thore Kristiansen (strictly protect throughout) on

consumer products has not abated and some companies report dramatic
losses. Procter and Gamble (strictly protect) described losses from

5. (SBU) Mattel (strictly protect) complained of extensive

counterfeit and trademark-infringement problems on a scale
previously unseen. Cisco (strictly protect) received important

7. (SBU) Motorola (strictly protect) has had difficulty getting

remain divided among more than seven different government entities,
with U.S. companies such as Microsoft (strictly protect) continuing

13. (SBU) Other companies, including Motorola, DTS and Merit
Entertainment (strictly protect) have been frustrated in efforts to

14. (SBU) Motorola (strictly protect) also complained that key



camp\’s public face and purported champion, Saif al-Islam
al-Qadhafi. Basem Philip (strictly protect), Nestle\’s Country

9. (C) Zahri Muntasser (strictly protect), head of a wealthy,

9. (C) On February 25 in the Qinghai Province capital of Xining,
Wang Zhixiang (aka: Yousef bin Ali — strictly protect)

working on changing the subject. Deputy PM Djelic\’s advisers
(strictly protect) told poloff, March 3, that Dinkic was

has risen faster in percentage terms since 2003 than that of
the middle class or wealthy. Joseph Saade (strictly protect

While their numbers are slightly different, both Saade and
Luis Pedro Espana (strictly protect throughout), director of

2007 constitutional referendum, is an open question. IIES
social scientist Maria Gabriel Ponce (strictly protect

protect throughout), and economist Miguel Angel Santos
(strictly protect throughout) all pointed to increasingly

missions and government institutions as key factors. Munoz
and economic consultant Ruth de Krivoy (strictly protect

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: Isyaku Ibrahim (strictly protect), a

(PDP) and PDP Board of Trustees member Isyaku Ibrahim
(strictly protect) spoke with PolOff March 6. Ibrahim

Party, PDP) April 2007 election, conversations with Garba
Shehu (strictly protect), a confidant of Action Congress (AC)

3. (S//NF) Garba Shehu (strictly protect), confidant of

3. (C) Poloff spoke with Dr. Godknows Igali, former Secretary
to the State Government of Bayelsa State (strictly protect)

State because they sign peace agreements but \”go the other
way,\” according to Nadari Banigo (strictly protect), Senior

7. (C) On January 28, Godwin Akpobire, Head of the Delta
State Integrated Development Project, (strictly protect)

11. Sabina Stadler, Council Secretariat Slovene Presidency
Coordinator (strictly protect) attended the session and

1. (C) Summary: On March 7, Emboff met with Jorge Caballero
(strictly protect), a director and career member of the

Brazil. (NOTE: In a subsequent private meeting Diaz de Vivar
(strictly protect) told the Ambassador that none other than

the Bank\’s lead on all CTF/AML issues, to ask whether CBK had
frozen the assets. Al-Sayegh (strictly protect) said he was

Al-Ali, Al-Jalamah and Al-Bathali. According to Al-Kharashi
(strictly protect), KFH has not been instructed by the

is finally receiving his just desserts. Abdel Salam Haykal
(strictly protect), scion of one such Sunni family, commented

2004 until December 2007 has been 140 percent. According to
the Angel Lopez, President of CONINGAS (strictly protect

2. (C) Professor Dong Lisheng (strictly protect), a longtime

16. (C) Basem Philip (strictly protect), Nestle\’s Country

to be \”juvenile impatience\”, leading businessman Husni Bey
(strictly protect) decried to P/E Chief the idea that the GOL

1. (C) Summary: According to Polar\’s Director of Government
Relations Jose Machado (strictly protect throughout), Polar

largest banks in Venezuela. Nevertheless, prominent local
businessman Andres Duarte (strictly protect throughout) told

4. (C) Chevron Latin America and Africa Exploration and
Production president Ali Moshiri (strictly protect

implications for social stability nationwide (refs A and B).
According to Cao Huayin (strictly protect), Deputy Secretary

Tiananmen Square protests. (Note: Cao\’s CRF colleague, Dai
Fengning (strictly protect), said he \”fully agreed\” with

KMT\’s Ma Ying-jeou and defeat of the two competing referenda.
Cao Huayin (strictly protect), Deputy Secretary General of

the election in favor of the DPP, Cao stated. Well-connected
journalist Chen Jieren (strictly protect) expressed a similar

9. (C) Jeremy Goldkorn (strictly protect), a longtime Chinese

2. (C) On March 14, Meat Council president Jaime Branger
(strictly protect throughout) told EconOffs BRV labor and

Association of Supermarkets Executive Director Luis Rodriguez
(strictly protect throughout) on March 18. Rodriguez noted

inconsistent, the risk was too high. A few firms (Blue Rock and
Fortress — strictly protect) are selling out and departing for

responsible for the city\’s civil-affairs portfolio, were
unsuccessful. MA Haifeng (STRICTLY PROTECT), Vice Mayor

security forces to discharge their weapons. Wang Wen
(strictly protect), editor at the People\’s Daily-affiliated

March 29 election, predicted respected Zimbabwean businessman
Strive Masiyiwa (strictly protect). The only question is the

the election, or at least reduce the extent of rigging.
(NOTE: Masiyiwa asked Staffdel to strictly protect this

1. (C) Outgoing Chief of the EFCC External Cooperation Unit
Ibrahim Mohammed (strictly protect) on March 11 confirmed

common. Incoming External Cooperation Chief Mohammed Bamalli
(strictly protect) told Poloff and INLoff that individuals

to all countries and do not specifically target North
Korea. SUN Su (STRICTLY PROTECT), Deputy Director of the

currently comprise of Liaoning\’s exports to the DPRK. CHEN
Deping (STRICTLY PROTECT), Director of the Liaoning

2. (C) Zhou Zhihuai (strictly protect), Vice President of the
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Taiwan
Studies, and Sun Shengliang (strictly protect), Director of

events in August, the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences\’
LU Chao (STRICTLY PROTECT), a DPRK\”expert who researches

PROTECT), Vice Director of Yantai University\’s East Asia
Research Institute, and SUN Jingquan (STRICTLY PROTECT), an

certainly will not lead to a cross-Strait crisis. Wang Wen
(strictly protect), editor at the People\’s Daily-affiliated

3. (C) Chang Shaoyan (strictly protect), Senior Edior at

4. (C) Shi Yinhong (strictly protect), an international

opportunity to speak with COL Mohammed Abdullah Assiri
(strictly protect) about Yemeni border security issues (NOTE:

7. (S/NF) Sunai Phasuk, Bangkok representative from Human
Rights Watch (strictly protect), is clearly worried about

4. (C) Meanwhile, TNK-BP VP for International Affairs Shawn
McCormick (Amcit — strictly protect) told us March 23 that

a high-ranking Tibetan administrator of Chengdu\’s Southwest
Minorities University (strictly protect) and a well-known Han

7. (C) Like other friends and supporters of President Mori,
Doone (strictly protect), raised some quiet but probing

(ECO) and Commercial
Specialist (CS) met with JIANG Qianliang (STRICTLY PROTECT),

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with CNPC Vice
President Jinling Zhang (strictly protect throughout) on

6. (S) Saeed Nama\’a Jabr (Strictly Protect) of the Crisis

1. (S/NF) Ethiopian MFA Chief of the Minister\’s Cabinet
Abdeta Dribssa (strictly protect) candidly told Emboffs on

particular concern about provisions of the tax and capital
amnesty that strictly protected confidentiality and exempted

to adopt similar policies. According to the World Bank
(strictly protect) the GSE claims 80% self-sufficiency in

1. (SBU) World Bank (WB) Country Manager for Eritrea Chris Lovelace
(strictly protect) told Emboff the Government of the State of

7. (S/NF) According to a Council Secretariat official
(strictly protect) who recently returned from three weeks of

Rodriguez, Executive Director of the National Supermarket and
Autoservice Association ANSA) (strictly protect throughout)

Businesses Greg Goff and Latin America President Roy Lyons
(strictly protect both throughout) briefed the Ambassador on

8. (C/NF) The head of ExxonMobil in Qatar (strictly protect),

10. (C/NF) The head of Anadarko in Qatar (strictly protect)

Force Captain Jose Martinez Bravo, have led Nelson Ramiz Sr.
(strictly protect throughout) to believe that Bravo has very

2. (C) Poloff met privately February 21 with WU Jianhua
(STRICTLY PROTECT), a North Korea expert at the Liaoning

boxes and collecting loose bills left as offerings by
pilgrims. Lozang Yeshi (strictly protect), a monk who

1. (C) Summary: The Ambassador met with MFA DG Yong
Chanthalangsy (strictly protect) to raise the case of three

2. (C) On April 10, we telephoned the current head of Kefaya,
Abdel Wahab al Messiri (strictly protect), who stated that it

of leadership discussions on Tibet, longtime Embassy contact
Dong Lisheng (strictly protect), a scholar at the Chinese

3. (C) There is \”absolutely no division\” within the
leadership on Tibet, Fang Jinyu (strictly protect), Beijing

disagreement among the top leadership. For example, Huang
Shan (strictly protect), Deputy International Editor at

5. (C) Separately, Wang Wen (strictly protect), an editor and

article, which PolOffs interpreted as a sign that the pieces
are not terribly significant. Wang Chong (strictly protect),

10. (C) Similarly, Deng Yuwen (strictly protect), senior

official media be curtailed, according to Tsinghua University
Professor Zhou Qing\’an (strictly protect) and Global Times\’

1. (C) SUMMARY. MDC advisor Kathi Walters (strictly protect)

2. (C) MDC advisor Kathi Walters (strictly protect) told

Troika-Central Asia Ministerial in Ashgabat, French
Ambassador Christian Lechervy (strictly protect throughout)

2. (C) On April 16, French Ambassador Christian Lechervy
(strictly protect throughout), just back from a brief visit

1. (C) Musa Ibrahim (strictly protect), consultant to the

2. (C) PolOff spoke April 14 with Tibetan poet Wei Se
(strictly protect) (also known as \”Oser\”) and her
ethnic Han husband, dissident writer Wang Lixiong
(strictly protect). Wei Se told PolOff that her

several monks in the town of Huangzhong. One monk,
named Laxi (strictly protect), confirmed that monks

7. (C) EmbOffs spoke March 18 with Tsering Wencheng
(strictly protect), a Tibetan hotel worker in Xining.

9. (C) At Qutan monastery, which we reached in the
late afternoon, monk Souba Tuojie (strictly protect)

Iraqi sources in Baghdad and Basrah – including the chief of
staff of the National Operations Center (strictly protect) –

3. (S) Fortes also shared with Ambassador information he
stressed was very sensitive and should be strictly protected.

their sights on moving on with economic development. USAID
implementing partner IRD (strictly protect) is doing

1. (C) On a plane to Istanbul on April 5, EconOff sat next
to Nury Meredov (strictly protect), a former economic advisor

no one will respect the law. (Note: Rapid Reaction group
member Shukrat Ganiev (strictly protect) recently indicated,

and thereby, the government hopes, reduce inflationary
pressures (ref B). Nelson Merentes (strictly protect), a

indirect exporters. A partner at the law firm of Macleod
Dixon (strictly protect throughout) told Petroleum Attache

directly applied to them. A partner at the local law firm of
Travieso Evans (strictly protect throughout) showed Petatt on

version of the CTF Executive Summary on April 22. This
Indonesian source (strictly protect) asked that all reference

1. (C) SUMMARY: Selakhattin Yetim (please strictly protect

assurances from a variety of sources including MFA Director
of Bilateral Affairs Karim Halim (strictly protect) that the

12. (SBU) P&G (strictly protect) complained that seizures of

13. (SBU) Nike (strictly protect) reported more failures than

14. (SBU) Motorola (strictly protect) complained about the lenient

15. (SBU) Mattel (strictly protect) representatives complained that

16. (SBU) Colgate-Palmolive (strictly protect) reported that it

19 began a campaign to calm public anger. According to
well-connected journalist Chen Jieren (strictly protect),

In an April 22 conversation with PolOff, Umar Pariya
(strictly protect), Atiku\’s aide-de-camp, asserted that Atiku

3. (C//NF) Umar Pariya (strictly protect), confidant of

guidelines. According to veteran journalist and editor Fang
Jinyu (strictly protect) on April 14, the CPD\’s guidance was

response to the crisis. Chinese Academy of Social Science
scholar Dong Lisheng (strictly protect), told PolOff on April

propaganda and the media, was not involved. Separately,
well-connected journalist Chen Jieren (strictly protect) told

publish stories countering Western news reports on Tibetan
unrest. Zhong Weizhi (strictly protect), the editor-in-chief

print criticism of Western media, but that the Observer had
ignored the suggestion. Huang Shan (strictly protect), an

calculations of the effectiveness of the Party\’s media line,
according to several contacts. Wang Wen (strictly protect),

community and for talks with the Dalai Lama. See ref A).
Deng Yuwen (strictly protect), senior editor and writer at

2. (C) In conversation with PolOff April 23, Kabiru Turaki
(strictly protect), prominent lawyer who represented

Abdul-Qadir (strictly protect), Sokoto state Attorney General

products and services. Baker Hughes (BH) Vice President for
Latin America Sales Edgar Pelaez (strictly protect

been able to meet the requirements. BanCaribe President
Miguel Purroy (strictly protect) noted that the BRV was not

step which, should it occur, would be the \”beginning of the
end\” for banks. Ruth de Krivoy (strictly protect), a leading

overnight market. According to financial consultant
Francisco Faraco (strictly protect throughout), the Banco del

stronger, larger private sector institutions. Both Faraco
and Carlos Hernandez (strictly protect), a BanCaribe Board

Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai to revive religious fervor, said
Fang. Fang and her colleague, Xu Feibiao (strictly protect),

9. (C) Mulati Heiniyati (strictly protect), an ethnic Kazakh

nor made any presentations. BOMCA Country Manager Batyr Kurbanov
(please strictly protect throughout) said that representatives from

7. (C) Ihsan Sanker (strictly protect), a former MP and

academics and Beijing-based Uighurs. Well-known Xinjiang
scholar Yang Shengmin (strictly protect) of Beijing\’s Central

factors,\” is a source of ethnic tension. However, Li Sheng
(strictly protect), a top Xinjiang expert at the State

3. (C) Adil Zhumaturdu (strictly protect) an ethnic Kyrgyz

Uighur-language primary and secondary schools (ref A).
Xinjiang scholar Yang Shengmin (strictly protect) of

4. (C) Mulati Heiniyati (strictly protect), an ethnic Kazakh

8. (C) Parhat (strictly protect), a Uighur native of Kashgar

searching for a job in medicine. Separately, a young Uighur
named Hasan (strictly protect), a recent graduate from

Consultative Conference (PPCC) member Ahmadjan Hasan
(strictly protect) told PolOff that inflation was the hottest

2. (C) On April 24, Econoffs met with the Country Manager for
American Airlines (AA) Omar Nottaro (strictly protect

4. (C) On April 22, Econoff met US General Operations Manager
Victor Ruiz (strictly protect throughout) of the Venezuelan

1. (C) On April 8, Mission Poloffs met Rajakumari Jandhyala
(strictly protect), a private U.S. citizen consultant with

1. (C) IMF Senior Resident Representative Arnim Schwidrowski
(strictly protect) expressed to Pol/Econ Chief growing

in Ningxia. According to a Yinchuan City-based imam surnamed
Luo (strictly protect) and two Hui Muslim scholars of Ningxia
University, Zhou Chuanbin (strictly protect) and Ren Jun
(strictly protect), Ningxia currently has over 4,000 mosques

government-affiliated Ningxia Islamic Association, Yang Xue
(strictly protect), also described the difficulty in

very little social work in the community. (NOTE: Ma Mingbao
(strictly protect) an Ikhwan imam of Xi\’an, Shaanxi

10. (C) NOTE: Professor Yang Wenjiong (strictly protect), a

Development Co. (TADCO), where the manager, Saeed Salem Al
Omar (strictly protect), showed some wheat fields that may be

(ref A). Ningxia University Sharia law expert Professor Zhou
Chuanbin (strictly protect), an ethnic Hui who is bluntly

7. (C) Ihsan Sanker (strictly protect), a former MP and

3. (C) When Team Leader asked the Governor (strictly protect)

12. (C) Professor Zhou Chuanbin (strictly protect), an ethnic Hui

livestock imported under the National Priority Project for
Agriculture (REF B). Lorin Grams (strictly protect), a U.S.

5. (C//NF) Aleksandr Rasskazov (strictly protect), MinAg\’s

and/or fired. According to the President of the NGO Human
Rights First, Ibrahim Mugateeb (strictly protect), a

2. (C) Mauricio di Girolamo (strictly protect throughout),

The FM had already met with the French Ambassador to
Djibouti, Dominique DeCherf (strictly protect), and wanted

5. (S) The Ambassador also met with French Ambassador
Dominique DeCherf (strictly protect) May 4, who had recently

– An August 2007 dinner with five leading Egyptian democracy
activists (strictly protect): Hisham El Bastawisi (the Court

Lafarge have \”advanced substantially\”, Holcim Venezuela
Executive Director Louis Beauchemin (strictly protect

1. (C) TNK-BP President Bob Dudley (strictly protect)

of their own country. One of Baghdad\’s last remaining Jews,
Khalida Fouad Liahu Moualim (strictly protect), told poloff,

historic Jewish community — Khalida Fouad Liahu Moualim
(strictly protect)(reftel) — despite continual efforts, over

of a change in production policy. Likewise, the ExxonMobil
Saudi Arabia CEO (strictly protect) believes

twice summoned Eritrea\’s Ambassador to France. According to
Decherf (STRICTLY PROTECT), Eritrea\’s Ambassador to France

2. (C/NOFORN) Isik University professor Bulent Aras (please
strictly protect) told Consulate Istanbul \”Iran Watcher\” on

6, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Senior Partner Mohamed Ghattour
(strictly protect) told P/E Chief that National Security Adviser

2. (C) Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with BP Venezuela
president Joe Perez (strictly protect throughout) on May 14

1. (C) On May 7, Han Dongfang (strictly protect) and Robin
Munro (strictly protect) of the Hong Kong-based China Labour
Bulletin (CLB, strictly protect) discussed ways to strengthen

1. (C) Human Rights Watch (HRW) staff based in Thailand
(STRICTLY PROTECT) told us May 16 that the organization\’s

2. (C) A long-time and trusted Embassy contact based in
Thailand with HRW (STRICTLY PROTECT) revealed to us that the

2. (C) In a meeting with Pol/Econ Chief and EconOff on May 4,
Dr. Giuma al-Usta (strictly protect), head of Libya\’s unified

5. (S) French Ambassador to Djibouti, Dominique Decherf
(STRICTLY PROTECT) informed Ambassador on May 19 that both

9. (C) Foreign Ministry Policy Planner Jorge Caballero
(strictly protect) told PolOff May 18 that European (not just

Tsvangirai. On May 16, the Director for African Affairs
Abdellatif Bendahane (strictly protect) told us the Minister

Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Abdellatif
Bendahane (strictly protect) told Polcouns the GOM had

1. (C) SUMMARY. MDC Treasurer Roy Bennett (strictly protect)

2. (S) On May 2, Sogue Diarisso (strictly protect), a senior

Pyongyang over the past several years. LIU Chensheng
(STRICTLY PROTECT), a facilitator of PRC investment in

Academy of Social Sciences (JASS), CHEN Longshan (STRICTLY
PROTECT) and ZHANG Yushan (STRICTLY PROTECT), acknowledged

through which the majority of PRC-DPRK trade passes, YONG
Renzhong (STRICTLY PROTECT), Director of Dandong\’s Port of

experts at the Liaoning Academy of Social Science, LU Chao

including Sadrist Trend PC member Ahmed Hassan Ebrah
(strictly protect), that ISCI is creating \”shell\” independent

3. (S) On May 8, PRT met at the REO Hillah with two Sadrist
members of the Karbala PC: Ali Abbas Gzawi (Strictly Protect)
and Ahmed Redha Gareeb (Strictly Protect) to discuss matters

2. (C) Economic Counselor met with Henri Lorie (strictly protect),

the funding to be truly viable. Mayor Majed al-Yasiri
(strictly protect), one of Muthanna\’s most honest and

attempting to unseat those in power. As Colonel Ali
al-Khawam (strictly protect), one the south\’s most effective

7. (C) PolOff met May 23 with DAIA Politicl Advisor Alfredo
Neuburger (strictly protect). DAIA is the political umbrella

— they hadn\’t yet read it. EU-TACIS Adviser Michael Wilson
(strictly protect) speculates the Turkmen were uncomfortable

(DDNC) is an increasingly difficult situation, according to
senior member Riad Turk (strictly protect). The most direct

their families, receive or have received funding from the
DDNC (strictly protect).

nuclear proliferation experts were in Berlin. Combrink
(strictly protect) regretted the delay, but explained that it

3. (S) Combrink (strictly protect) expressed appreciation

4. (S) Combrink (strictly protect) revealed that there has

than in recent years, but remain divided on the question of
magnitude. CHEN Longshan (STRICTLY PROTECT) and ZHANG
Yushan (STRICTLY PROTECT), two well-regarded North Korea

hopeful in April about the possibility of U.S. food aid.
LIU Chensheng (STRICTLY PROTECT), a trade official-turned-

6. (C) Tumen Foreign Affairs Office Director CUI Zhenglong
(STRICTLY PROTECT) lamented that assessing the food

borderlands in recent months. Both WU Jianhua (STRICTLY
PROTECT) and LU Chao (STRICTLY PROTECT), specialists on

foreigners alike, appears to have increased considerably in
Yanbian. Pastor Jin (STRICTLY PROTECT) of the Ping\’an

12. (C) LIU Chensheng (STRICTLY PROTECT), a trade official-

measures, both he and his colleague, the respected Korea
expert CHEN Longshan (STRICTLY PROTECT), cautioned against

which Jakrapob made his remarks. We met on May 15 with Head
(strictly protect), who told us that he had received word

Sokoto state Attorney General (AG) Inuwa Abdul-Qadir
(strictly protect) told PolOff May 18 that given the poor

2. (S//NF) Yahaya Kabiru (strictly protect), a pharmacologist

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: Maitama Sule (strictly protect), former

2. (S//NF) Maitama Sule (strictly protect), former Nigerian

northern interest group the Arewa Consultative Forum, Ibrahim
Haruna (strictly protect) told PolOff May 29 that although

Wu Ge (Strictly Protect)
Mo Shaoping (Strictly Protect)
Wang Zhenyu (Strictly Protect)

allowed to run in 2009, and believed that NDI participants
will be among the candidates. Maha Akeel (strictly protect),

of Commerce and Industry (JCCI). Executive Director of
Public Relations Sarah Baghdadi (strictly protect) explained

3. (C) On June 3, Dmitri Shashkin (please strictly protect)

1. (C) Reverend Zecharias Abraham (strictly protect) of the

Venezuela and Chairman of the Board of Directors for ALAV
Roberto Pulido (strictly protect throughout.) Polido

McCormick, TNK-BP\’s Vice President for International
Relations (strictly protect) said negotiations between BP and

2. (C) Former Senator and 2007 AC Vice Presidential candidate
Ben Ndi Obi (strictly protect) told Poloffs May 17 that he is

4. (S) According to our Military Group contacts, General
Walter Ponoso (strictly protect), assigned to secure the

Terrorism Finance and Money Laundering Michael Findeisen

1. (C) During a June 17 meeting on embassy property issues
(septel), Ambassador Srood Najib (strictly protect), MFA

1. (C) Summary: On June 10 an Air Accident Inspector
(strictly protect throughout) from the Ministry of Popular

former Minister Attached to the Prime Minister\’s Office
Jakrapob Penkair (strictly protect throughout), who resigned

\”a total lack of coordination\” among pro-democracy parties.
Professor Michael DeGolyer (strictly protect) of The Baptist

Consultative Conference (PPCC) member Ahmadjan Hasan
(strictly protect) complaied of being forced to be at his

was allowed to leave until the relay-related events had
concluded. Similarly, Hasan\’s wife (strictly protect), an

10. (C) A Uighur-speaking AmCit (strictly protect) on a
research fellowship in Kashgar told PolOff that a Uighur
friend (strictly protect) of his in Bachu (Mandarin name)

several months working on ICRC prison visits, an ICRC
Delegate (strictly protect) shared observations with the

2. (C) On June 6, 2008, Poloffs met with Abdelouahad
Dryweish (strictly protect), a senior parliamentary staffer

1. (S) Summary: On June 18, 2008, Poloff met with Rajakumari
Jandhyala (strictly protect throughout), a United Nations

some of its weaknesses and skipped steps. (Note: World Bank
country representative (strictly protect) told Ambassador

media hype, the readout we received from one of the
businessmen, Abdel Rahman Attar (strictly protect) head of

Vice Dean of King Saud University, Ms. Hoda Adulrahman
al-Helaissi (Strictly Protect all Names).

Ambassador, former Minister of Finance Antonio Delfim Netto
(strictly protect), who is currently working as a political

1. (C) Summary: Ledum Mittee (strictly protect throughout),

2. (C) Ledum Mitee(strictly protect)of the Movement for the

social stability and tighten media controls, according to
Wang Wen (strictly protect) an editor at the People\’s

7. (C) While walking out of the building, Foreign Ministry
America\’s Director Serdar Bashimov (strictly protect) told

meeting on June 26 with UNHCR\’s local field representative in
Chimoio Josep Zapatera (strictly protect), who specifically

6. (C/NF) In a separate discussion with Poloff, Dutch and UK
diplomats (strictly protect) reported that Italian diplomats

with Harvest Vinccler Vice President and General Manager
Mauricio di Girolamo (strictly protect throughout) on July 1

6. (C) Saja Qaduri Aziz (strictly protect), a Dawa Party PC

2. (C) PolOff met with Reverend Zecharias (strictly protect)

Terrorism Finance and Money Laundering Michael Findeisen

7. (C) Three financial sector contacts – the chief economist
of the Venezuelan Banking Association (strictly protect

with CoR member Nada Ibrahim (Hewar) and Masha\’el Haider
Hassoun (strictly protect), the female prosecutor of the

member Nada Ibrahim (Hewar) and Masha\’el Haider Hassoun
(strictly protect), the female prosecutor of the prison.

4. (C) According to Douglas Yanez (strictly protect),

5. (S) On July 3, 2008, PRT Offs met with Mohammed Sadiq
Al-Hir (strictly protect source), a prominent local

2. (C) Raja Jandhyala (strictly protect), UN advisor on loan

1. (C) Summary: Sheriff Mulade (strictly protect throughout),

——————————————— —
2. (C) Sheriff Mulade (strictly protect throughout),

1. (C) SUMMARY: Ambassador met with former local guard Aklilu
Yohannes (strictly protect) on July 9, who was imprisoned

4. (C) Another Embassy security guard, Mulugheta Yohannes
(strictly protect), was arrested July 5 while visiting his

expected to dominate Russia\’s grain exports. Valeriy
Sergachev (strictly protect), a founding director of oilseed

outside the Ministry of Agriculture. Vladimir Loginov
(strictly protect), head of Soyuzplodoimport and a former

External Cooperation and current Chief of Procurement at the
EFCC Ibrahim Mohammed (strictly protect) told Poloff on July

2. (S/NF) Ibrahim el-Meyet (strictly protect), a prominent

2. (S/NF) Ibrahim el-Meyet (strictly protect), a prominent

4. (C) According to Douglas Yanez (strictly protect),

lack of political will in Senegal to pass the WAEMU
legislation. Kane (strictly protect) claimed that the

also the corrupt influence of the President\’s son, Karim.
Mbaye (strictly protect) is a true insider: an advisor to

logistics company Kuehne & Nagel representative office in
Ashgabat, Shefik Gorench (strictly protect throughout),

1. (C) Summary. Abubakar Buba Galadima (strictly protect),

6. (C) Fawaz Tello (strictly protect) a long-time human

2. (C) During a recent meeting with Congenoff, Xinnan Jiaotong
University Professor Gao Shilian (strictly protect), a

Motor\’s (GM) Director of Government and External Relations
Luis Enrique Cardenas (strictly protect throughout) who

1. (C) Summary: Newly appointed Superintendent of Banks
Maria Elena Fumero (strictly protect throughout) told

1. (SBU) SUMMARY AND COMMENT: Advisor to the Minister of Industry
and Trade, S.Otgonbat (strictly protect) shared his experience as a

2. (SBU) On July 16, post\’s Commercial Officer (and Acting Econ/Coml
Chief) lunched with S. Otgonbat (strictly protect), who discussed

2. (C) Total\’s Managing Director in Eritrea Mohammed Gbepo
(strictly protect) told Emboff that a fuel shipment

2. (C) Total\’s Managing Director in Eritrea Mohammed Gbepo
(strictly protect) explained to Emboff some interesting facts

in July 2007, when senior Bechtel representative Charles Redman
(strictly protect), former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, arrived

the money. In a separate conversation, a Uighur tour guide
named Nur (strictly protect) strongly disagreed, saying that

beaten, starved, or denied medical treatment. Reverend
Zecharias Abreham (strictly protect) of the Mehrete Yesus

Bulgargaz head of international projects Denitsa Beyazova
(strictly protect) told us July 24 that Bulgargaz officials

uniform counter terrorism financing (CTF) directive to be
ratified in Senegal. According to Segura (strictly protect),
Diop (also strictly protect) said that when President Wade

will take to implement the resolution remains unclear.
Nelson Mezerhane (strictly protect throughout), president of

Juan Carlos Dao; SUDEBAN\’s head Maria Elena Fumero (ref B);
and economist Orlando Ochoa (strictly protect all

Dialogue outweighed this concern. Dr. Mufleh Al-Kahtani
(strictly protect), Vice President of the independent but

this conference hosted in Madrid (Reftel B). However, per
the Spanish Political Counselor in Riyadh (strictly protect),

Region (XUAR). Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
Xinjiang expert Li Sheng (strictly protect) told PolOffs July

5. (C) Ma Pinyan (strictly protect) an expert on religious

Studies at the Foreign Ministry-affiliated China Institute of
International Studies (CIIS), Li Guofu (strictly protect)

of the Beijing-based Transition Institute think tank
(strictly protect), told PolOff that Party officials across

attention to particular ethnic minority groups. A Beijing
native (strictly protect) who works at a state-owned company

Beijing (strictly protect) told PolOff in May that undercover

9. (C) A 26-year-old ethnic Mongolian surnamed Li who works
at an American-run public relations firm (strictly protect)

Sciences Dean and advisor to the Beijing Municipal Government
Li Qiang (strictly protect) told PolOff on July 29 he had not

at least a week, according to the country manager of
Wintershall, Cal Sandhu (strictly protect). Sandhu claims

1. (C) Gustavo Sposito, (strictly protect throughout) the

resolution of a suit to stop the transfer or compensate
residents. Senator Jubril Aminu (strictly protect), Chair of

implications for maritime navigation. MFA Central Africa
Director Tony Eze (strictly protect) told A/DCM his

President of Tikrit University, Dr. Maher Allawi Al-Jubouri
(strictly protect), who is also a provincial council member,

boiling.\” Another PC member, Mr. Khalaf Mohammed Saleh
Al-Dhanoon (strictly protect), insisted that \”all educated

reported he enjoyed a high level of freedom during the
trip. The ethnic Tibetan guide (strictly protect)

staff members of a U.S. NGO, \”The Tibet Poverty
Alleviation Fund\” (strictly protect), who were

1. (C/NF) Moroccan MFA Chief of Staff Nasser Bourita
(strictly protect) said that Iran \”did not get most of what

2. (C/NF) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Chief of Staff
Nasser Bourita (strictly protect) told PolOff on August 1

1. (C/NF) Moroccan MFA Chief of Staff Nasser Bourita
(strictly protect) said that Iran \”did not get most of what

2. (C/NF) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Chief of Staff
Nasser Bourita (strictly protect) told PolOff on August 1

2. (C) Deputy Director of Protocol for the President, Yah\’ya
Shuaib (strictly protect) told Poloff on August 4 that

5. (C) Economist Orlando Ochoa (strictly protect throughout)

2. (C) Marcus Droll, Technical Vice President of Shell
Petroleum Development Corporation, (strictly protect)

that the trip had \”absolutely no economic merit\” but was
politically mandated. Tim Summers (strictly protect), Chief

police matters. Meanwhile, EFCC Chief of External Relations
Mohammed Bamalli (strictly protect), a trusted Embassy

2. (C) Mei Gang (strictly protect), a security officer

head of EU-Tacis in Turkmenistan Michael Wilson (please
strictly protect) said that, according to his sources, two

(and former Chief of Staff for President Abdallahi) Sidi
Mohamed Ould Amajar. Amajar (strictly protect) called to

4. (S) Mohammed Abdallahi (strictly protect) called

immediately and dispersed the crowd with tear gas. The
security officer at the Israeli Embassy (strictly protect)

5. (C) According to an American contact on the NATO
International Staff (strictly protect), the German Mission

2. (S/NF) According to a senior American (strictly protect)

3. (C) AA headquarters informed their Country Manager Omar
Nottaro (strictly protect throughout) that INAC would call in

Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Dhahran
Police Department (strictly protect), in early July 2008

8. (C) Sultan Salah Al-Hejailan (strictly protect), a

1. (C) Summary: Sheriff Mulade (strictly protect throughout),

carrying reports of the incident. An official in the Kashgar
Prefecture Public Security Bureau (strictly protect) told a

1. (C) TWO MONTHS TO PACK AND GO: The Amcit manager of
Asmara\’s Intercontinental Hotel (strictly protect) told the

1. (C) Banco de Venezuela (BdV) Vicepresident and Chief
Economist Milton Guzman (strictly protect throughout) shared

2. (C) Mou Guangfeng (strictly protect), Director

three parks. World Park Marketing and Publicity Director Liu
Huixiang (strictly protect) informed PolOff on August 5 that

alienation from the local government was approaching
dangerous levels. Hatem Mukhlis (strictly protect) described

2. (C) Hatem Mukhlis (strictly protect throughout), an

2. (C) On August 14, poloff delivered reftel demarche to
Johan Frisell (strictly protect), Head of the Eastern

his post on August 14 due to labor code violations in what
BP\’s chief lawyer in Russia, Michael Drew (strictly protect),

community, citing the Saudi Judiciary head Salih Al-Haidan
(strictly protect) for not attending the Interfaith Dialogue.

10. (S/NF) The Australian cable also details insight provided
to the Australians by Bishop Paul Hinder (strictly protect),

spoke to the Mexican Ambassador to Venezuela Mario Chacon
(strictly protect throughout) who stated that the BRV did not

list. Former Chief of External Cooperation and current Chief
of Procurement Ibrahim Mohammed (strictly protect) told

2. (C) SaD Governorate Electoral Officer (GEO) Dr. Hatim
Abdulhamid (strictly protect) told PRT members in an August

2. (C) Saifaldin Abdul Rahman (strictly protect), a senior

1. (SBU) In an August 21 meeting between Ambassador Sobel and Mario
Marconini (strictly protect), Director for International

1. (C) Summary: Dhia Mahdi (strictly protect), a senior aide

2. (C) Dhia Mahdi (strictly protect), a senior aide to

3. (C) On August 21, Econoffs met with Holcim Executive
Director for Venezuela Louis Beauchemin (strictly protect

2. (C) According to Ian MacIntosh (strictly protect), General

topic comes from ex-political activist turned leading human
rights advocate Ibrahim al-Mugaiteeb (strictly protect).

al-Ahsa has also been identified by manager Hussain
al-Alaq (strictly protect) as a high-ranking Hizbollah

offices in the IZ and two local or regional hires to work
with a low profile in the red zone (please strictly protect).

murder was related to a personal feud but ACTED Country
Director Ziggy Garewal (strictly protect) suspects local

developing new operational strategies. Nathan Ronaldon
(strictly protect), Operations Coordinator for the

these growing threats. Some, like Save The Children (STC)
((Country Director Leslie Wilson (strictly protect))),

— investigative reports he co-authored with American
academic S. Eben Kirksey (please strictly protect) alleging

6. (C) Separately, Labatt met with Jamie Davis
(Amcit–strictly protect), the country director of the

democrats first. Both HKTP chief Michael DeGolyer and the
Democratic Party\’s Law (strictly protect here and following)

5. (S) Jean Fahd (strictly protect), the chief military judge

5. (C) Pol/Econ Chief followed up September 4 with Damascus
IOM Chief Maria Rummon (strictly protect). Rummon explained

5. (C) On September 3 Continental Country Manager Andres
Tinoco (strictly protect throughout) told Econoff that during

staff members and wounded a third in Basra. Zainab al-Ribhawi
(strictly protect), a former IHEC observer, told poloff

Inspector General Mohamed Abba Ould Sidi Ould Jeilany at the
IG\’s request. A clearly disgusted Jeilany (strictly protect)

circumstances. American Airlines Operations Manager Ramon
Jimenz (strictly protect throughout) told Econoff September

2. (S) Assam Muhammad Hassan (strictly protect), who was

quick to admit that the rumors are purely speculative.
Vladimir Konovalov (strictly protect), head of the Petroleum

6. (C) Renaissance Capital Deputy Chairman Bob Foresman
(Amcit, strictly protect) who has worked with Sechin over

dealing with economic matters). He said that it was his
position (strictly protect) that the GRP should make all the
investors whole, given the nature of Quedancor as a
state-owned enterprise. Yap (strictly protect) was quite

2. (C) Mamdadou Omar Ndiaye (strictly protect), a long time

Lopez and the BCRA\’s Senior Manager of Foreign Exchange
Reserves, Juan Carlos Barboza (STRICTLY PROTECT BOTH),

5. (C) Pinto and Flores (strictly protect both) agreed that

did not seem inclined to negotiate. Ruling Movement Toward
Socialism Deputy Ana Lucia Reis (strictly protect) confided

consequences. According to MAS congressional representative
Ana Lucia Reis (strictly protect) Morales conceded he did not

2. (C) On September 15, Corporate Security Representative for
Delta Airlines Gloria Ortega (strictly protect throughout)

Airlines Director of Country Operations Ramon Jimenez
(strictly protect throughout), Jimenez told Econoffs that the

1. (C) Summary: Chevron Nigeria\’s Acting Managing Director
Andrew Fawthrop (strictly protect) said his company has lost

Development (EBRD) Resident Office Head Neil McKain (please
strictly protect throughout) is working hard to increase

1. (S/NF) Summary: Shell\’s Vice President for Africa, Ann
Pickard (strictly protect), said a September 13 attack on a

Exploration and Production and Paul Viana, the company\’s Risk
Management Advisor, (strictly protect both) told Energyoff

his request Saturday September 13 to discuss the Bolivia
crisis and regional spillover. Santistevan (strictly protect)

3. (C) According to Econoinvest Executive Director Gabriel
Osio (strictly protect throughout), who is also president of

(strictly protect), the Baku-based United Nations Office on

quartile of Venezuelans has reached 39.3 percent according to
BCV figures. Joseph Saade (strictly protect), Executive

1. (C) Summary: Xu Guangxun (strictly protect), the Chief

3. (S/NF) Baku Iran watcher met on September 12 Fuad
Hashim-zadeh (strictly protect), the Baku-based

4. (C) Polster (please STRICTLY protect), a nuclear

11. (C) Separately, Mustafa al-Kadhimi (strictly protect), a

1. (C) Summary: In a September 20 meeting, Levi Ajuonuma
(strictly protect), Group General Manager for Public Affairs

media operations, and voter outreach. Hosted by UNDP/ELECT,
Australian Toby Ralph (strictly protect) found that civil

offices, Director General of Operations for Economic Cities
Ahmed Al-Bader (strictly protect) told PolEconOff that his

Oriens Consulting Group Managing Partner Krisztian Orban
(strictly protect) comments that \”bags full of cash\” are

discussion, MFA International Security Chief Karim Halim
(strictly protect) complained about \”bumps\” in the normally

1. (C) The evening of September 30, American Airlines Country
Manager Omar Nottaro (strictly protect throughout) called

3. (C) On September 29, Mexican Ambassador to Venezuela Mario
Chacon (strictly protect throughout) informed Econoffs that

7. (C) On September 30, Holcim Executive Director for
Venezuela Louis Beauchemin (strictly protect throughout)

3. (C) Var Kim Hong (strictly protect), Senior Minister and

3. (C) Var Kim Hong (strictly protect), Senior Minister and

Jebara and his political rival, the Governor\’s Assistant for
Technical Affairs, Qahtan Hamada Saleh (strictly protect

the Juboor, and the Juboor make accusations against each
other. Ra\’id Khutab (strictly protect throughout), a Juboori

before. In May, the Governorate Election Officer (GEO),
Hatim Abdulhamid (strictly protect), told the PRT that

3. (SBU) ConocoPhillips CEO Jim Mulva (strictly protect) informed

co-organizer for Bolivia\’s UNGA delegation Jorge Caballero
(strictly protect), Bolivian President Evo Morales and

2. (C) Congresswoman Ana Lucia Reis (strictly protect) told

4. (C) On October 3, EmbOffs met with Dianne Phoebus
(strictly protect throughout), a local intellectual property

American companies manufacture products in Venezuela.)
Francisco Piccolo (strictly protect throughout), General

South Ossetia and Abkhazia. According to a very close
advisor to Merkel (strictly protect), the Chancellery

conversation with Government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm
(strictly protect throughout), who was the only other German

mandate. Government Spokesman and Merkel confidant Ulrich
Wilhelm (strictly protect throughout) told the DCM that the

2. (C/NOFORN) Omar, a naturalized Azerbaijan citizen of
Iranian Kurdish ethnicity (strictly protect), confided to

2. (C/NOFORN) Omar, a naturalized Azerbaijan citizen of
Iranian Kurdish ethnicity (strictly protect), confided to

2. (C) Independent, Gaza-based PLO Executive Committee
(ExComm) member Riyad al-Khudari (strictly protect) told

Tchuto and Yala Embalo are Balanta, as are the armed forces,
predominantly. UNOGBIS head Omoregie (strictly protect)

2. (C) According to opposition strategist Javier Flores
(strictly protect), talks between the ruling Movement Toward

tensions with authorities. A Tibetan hotel owner
named Gong Po (strictly protect) told EmbOffs

prayer halls at both these sites. A monk at Longwu,
who gave his name as Chisa (strictly protect), said

capital, Xining, EmbOff had an extended conversation
with Ma Jinhua (strictly protect), a Qinghai

for the crisis, Ninewa Deputy Governor for Administrative
Affairs Yussuf Lalo (strictly protect), a Bartalla Christian

Christian literature began appearing openly in China around
2002, according to Pang Har (strictly protect), a Malaysian

Christian Fellowship (BICF), a church for foreign residents
of Beijing; and Rob Eberz (strictly protect), an American

PolOff not use his company\’s name in any reports on this
subject.) Le Geng (strictly protect), a PRC citizen and

living titles and testimonies of Chinese Christian authors.
Zhai Jiexia (strictly protect), a Peking University graduate

Started in 2006 by ethnic Chinese Malaysian citizen Fee Ling
(strictly protect), The Rock categorizes its stock of roughly

version, to RMB 80 (USD 11.76) for a hardcover edition.
Church volunteer Nigel Wang (strictly protect) told PolOff

2. (C/NF) The Ambassador spoke October 22 with President of
Doe Run Peru (strictly protect), who confirmed the Shining

unofficially by a staffer in the Private Office of NATO
Secretary General de Hoop Scheffer (strictly protect).

that promotes Tibetan language and culture in Deqin County and
met with its founder, Sonam Norbu (strictly protect), an ethnic

2. (S) PRT Econ Section chief met with Hassan Ahmad Mahjoob
al-Qaisy (strictly protect throughout), October 13 to discuss

1. (S) Summary: Hassan Fahs [strictly protect], former

12. (C) Trusted MFA contact and Director of Policy Planning
Jorge Caballero (strictly protect) acknowledged demarching

13. (C) EU Desk Officer Claudia Betancourt (strictly protect)

appointees already well underway (reftel b). Many
careerists, such as Julio Salas (strictly protect), former

3. (C) Yega Rinpoche (strictly protect) noted that the number of

5. (S) Soon after arriving in Xiahe, EmbOffs spoke with
restaurant owner Namgal Dolma (strictly protect). Namgal,

detainees. Later, EmbOffs spoke briefly with a Tibetan named
Shamba (strictly protect) who works at a tourist guesthouse

Stearns and Dino Mahtani from the UN Group of Experts for the
DRC (UNSC 1807). Stearns (strictly protect) provided a

17. (C) ABANSA President Arias (strictly protect) said that

U.S. attacks on foreign targets from Iraqi soil. Mohammad
Musli (strictly protect), a Palestinian-American academic who

3. (S) Former Minister of Telecommunications Amre Salem
(strictly protect) confirmed this assessment, saying he had

3. (C) EmbOffs met with Dr. Machado (strictly protect

the Sociedad Anticancerosa de Venezuela and Carmen J. Gosling
(strictly protect throughout), public relations director for

Institute of Diplomatic Studies. Joining him were Fowzan
Mohsen al-Harbi (strictly protect), an engineer, and Fahd
Abdulaziz al-Oraini (strictly protect), a school principal.

3. (C) According to economist Hugo Faria (strictly protect),

7. (C) We also met on November 5 with Chutinant Bhirombhakdee
(strictly protect), the well-connected scion of a wealthy

significance of Decree 49 to their community. Massoud Akko
(strictly protect), a Kurdish writer, journalist, and civil

representative of the Kurdish Future Movement Party, Hervin
Ose (strictly protect), told poloff the SARG suspected a

noting that many Chinese were unaware that the talks were
even being held. Deqing Wangmu (strictly protect), an ethnic

protect) and her husband, dissident writer Wang Lixiong
(strictly protect), told PolOff November 7 that they believe

analysis procedures were somehow compromised. Andrew
(strictly protect) agreed that the \”interpretation\” of the

financial sector executive) at USD 31 billion; and Hugo Faria
(strictly protect; a local economist) at USD 25 billion.

9. (C) A member of Thaksin\’s legal team, Manida \”Micky\”
Zinmerman (strictly protect), told us on October 31 that

orders to deport 13 Taif Christians (Ref A) have been
rescinded. Reji Johnson (strictly protect) asserted that the

1. (S) DOD/HIV Officer reported that Lebanese businessman
Ramzi Abu Hassan (strictly protect) met with Nigerian

Vice President James Liu, a long-time Consulate contact who is a
U.S. citizen (strictly protect), offered a particularly negative

1. (S) The IAEA Department of Safeguards recently circulated
a confidential internal memo (strictly protect) outlining

1. (C) BNP Paribas country representative in Venezuela
Gregorio Toulemonde (strictly protect throughout) said he was

their homelands near Jalu, some 700 kilometers to the north.
The Federal Express station manager in Kufra (strictly protect

His office was looted and heavily damaged. A representative of
the Bey and Sons Company (strictly protect source), a large

reschedule the trip. The World Food Program\’s director
(strictly protect source) was told on November 11 that the

traffic was moving very slowly. The UN\’s security officer in
Tripoli (strictly protect source) was told on/about November 11

reftel for background). We spoke prior to this vote with
Solicitor General Ian Wingfield (strictly protect) regarding

markets to accept a currency. Rosneft Vice President for
Finance Peter O\’Brien (Amcit, strictly protect), simply shook

1. (C/NF) FCO Deputy Head Security Policy Chris Holtby
(strictly protect) confirmed that HMG is satisfied with the

3. (C) Zhou Qing\’an (strictly protect), a professor at

1. (C) Summary. On November 17, Robert Bryan and Michael
McTighe (strictly protect), executives with Delta and Arik

1. (C) SUMMARY. Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU)
Director A.B. Okauru (strictly protect) met with Poloffs on

2. (C/NF) Irena Krumane (strictly protect), head of Latvia\’s

of Latvia\’s bank regulation agency (the FCMC), Irena Krumane.
Krumane (strictly protect) provided Ambassador Larson with a

1. (C) SUMMARY: Syrian dissidents Aref Dalila, Muhanad
al-Hasani, and Fawaz Tello (all strictly protect) met with

community within China, Luosang Cicheng Pengcuo
(strictly protect), a living Buddha at Lucang

2. (S/NF) During a November 18 meeting with IRPO officers,
Tehran-based UNHCR official Amir Barmaki (strictly protect)

comfortable working with the USG under the UN umbrella. In a
separate conversation, Bruce Koepke (strictly protect), the

1. (C) Summary: Senior Special Assistant to the Vice
President Oronto Douglas (strictly protect throughout) told

2. (C) Pol-Econ Chief met on November 22 with Oronto Douglas
(strictly protect throughout), Senior Special Assistant to

allowed to go. Correspondents for the Syrian Arab News Agency
(SANA) and Maghreb News Agency (strictly protect source) learned

told them the trip was by invitation only. Reuters stringer
Salah Serrai (strictly protect), who participated in the trip,

2. (C) Muhammad Tarnesh (strictly protect), Executive Director

el-Mshawet, he probably will not stay any longer than he has to.
ConocoPhillips GM Page Maxson (strictly protect) recently told

(strictly protect) told P/E Chief that Ghanem\’s mistaken belief

management, had left him isolated and ill-informed. Former
ConocoPhillips GM Page Maxson (strictly protect) told P/E Chief

Istanbul (septel), ConGen Istanbul\’s NEA \”Iran Watcher\” met
discreetly with Ali Hamed Iman (strictly protect), an

more freely and a few shops began to reopen. Human Rights
Watch (HRW) researcher Eric Gutchuss (strictly protect)

alleged and a ruling party MAS Deputy Ana Lucia Reis
(strictly protect) confirmed, that Presidency Minister Juan

in the MOUs. Holcim Executive Director for Venezuela Louis
Beauchemin (strictly protect) told Econoffs November 4 that

significantly undervalued\” its business in Venezuela.
Mexican Ambassador Mario Chacon (strictly protect) has told

political mobilization. According to organizer Isaac Mao
(strictly protect), the conference is the \”only time

man began taking pictures of PolOff and Guangzhou-based
blogger Wen Yunchao (aka Beifeng, strictly protect)

programmer and occasional blogger from Nanjing Zhu Huazhi
(strictly protect), who told PolOff that the \”Great

Internet\” such as commercialization. Beijing-based lawyer
and social activist blogger Liu Shaoyuan (strictly protect)

York Times Beijing Bureau and well-known Chinese blogger
Zhao Jing (aka Michael Anti, strictly protect), major PRC

Chinese Internet. Yunnan-based blogger He Caitou
(pseudonym, strictly protect) complained that when viewing

the U.S. presidential election. During the conference\’s
closing speech, Yang Hengjun (strictly protect), a

4. (SBU) Janio Quadros Neto, the Government and Strategy Advisor to
Azul Airlines (strictly protect), told EconOff that he does not

3. (S/NF) FCO Iran Coordination Group Team Leader Will
Gelling (strictly protect) on December 10 passed to Poloff

6. (C) Also on December 4, well-informed local contact
Ra\’id Khutab (strictly protect throughout) told the PRT that,

independent Islamic foundations around the country, according
to civil society activist Fawaz Tello (strictly protect), on

4. (C) Sheikh Salah Kuftaro (strictly protect), a moderate

2. (C) Catherine al-Talli (strictly protect) from the Syrian

8. (C) One Linzhi FAO cadre (strictly protect), an ethnic

12. (C) Rosneft Vice President for Finance, Peter O\’Brien
(strictly protect), also thought delaying tax reform would

4. (C) PLO Executive Committee (ExComm) member Riyad
al-Khudari (strictly protect) told PolOff by phone from Gaza

of the Bank of Latvia\’s external relations department, Juris
Kravalis (strictly protect), told us the IMF was \”happy and

2. (C) PLO Executive Committee (ExComm) member Riyad
al-Khudari (strictly protect) told PolOff by phone from Gaza website, Soufun Ningbo Company General Manager You
Yangbin (please strictly protect) told Econoff in a meeting on

1. (C) Summary: The chairman and managing director of Pan
Ocean Oil Company, Dr. Festus Fadeyi (strictly protect), said

2. (C) On December 15, Holcim Executive Louis Beauchemin
(strictly protect throughout) told Econoffs that his company

3. (SBU) Citibank Vice President for Corporate Finance
Francisco Nunez (strictly protect) said on December 16 that

Bilateral and Multilateral Affairs Director Kurt Hager
(strictly protect). To move forward bilaterally, Hager

2. (C) Neil Harvie (strictly protect throughout), commercial

living Buddha at Lucang Monastery in Guinan, Qinghai
Province (strictly protect). Although PRC authorities

2. (C) Luosang Cicheng Pengcuo (strictly protect), the

4. (C//NF) Sid Ahmed El Moussaoui (strictly protect), a

causing an accident. The three lawyers, Noureddine El Alami,
Ali Bakkar and Lahoucine Boufim (strictly protect all), said

1.(C) On December 29 Karim Lansary (strictly protect), a

1. (C) SUMMARY: Muhanad al-Hasani (strictly protect), a human

we reported in the past (ref B), moderate Sunni Sheikh Saleh
Kuftaro (strictly protect) put the number at 4,000.

1. (C) Summary: French DCM Nicolas Suran (strictly protect)

Republican Institute Country Director, Dimitry Shashkin
(strictly protect) has passed on several far fetched but

2. (C) American-Palestinian academic Mohammed Muslih
(strictly protect), an intermittent Embassy contact whose

2. (C) MP Hashem Akkad (strictly protect) requested a meeting

3. (C) The second in command at the lab, Hungarian scientist
Dr. Lazlo Sajo-Bohus (strictly protect throughout,) said he

December 3. According to MFA Legal Advisor Paola Melendres
(strictly protect), the MFA received a draft version of the

2. (C) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legal Officer Paola
Melendres (strictly protect) told PolOff January 7 that the

5. (C) Jorge Caballero (strictly protect), MFA Director of

7. (C) Chilean Consul Gonzolao Figueroa (strictly protect)

and sensitive positions in the provincial government.
Qahtan Hamada Saleh (strictly protect throughout), the

4. (C) Dima Shashkin (strictly protect), Director of the

3. (C) Madghis Madi (strictly protect), an ethnic Berber/Amizigh

Francophonie) in the next two weeks. The EC Representative
(strictly protect) is concerned about the unilateral actions

6. (C) German Concerns: European Commission Delegate
Strammer (strictly protect) voiced worries about German

Tehran-based Center for Strategic Research (CSR) (please
strictly protect), the Iranian Expediency Council\’s

2. (C) Waddah abd al-Rabo (strictly protect),

role of Israel\’s representative rather than an honest
broker.\” Al Watan journalist Ziad Haidar (strictly protect),

2. (C) Muhammad al-Wash (strictly protect), Country Director for

Libyans to travel to Gaza to fight. End note.) Al-Wash got a
readout from Khaled al-Hmeidi (strictly protect), who attended

participate in the mining of Morocco\’s rock phosphate. (Note:
Please strictly protect this sensitive commercial

Melbourne and Tasmania, expects to lay off nearly one third
of her workforce this year (strictly protect) due to sagging

will have to lay off at least 350 of Caterpillar\’s 1,120
employees in Australia in 2009 (strictly protect). According

2. (C) Waddah abd al-Rabo (strictly protect),

role of Israel\’s representative rather than an honest
broker.\” Al Watan journalist Ziad Haidar (strictly protect),

1. (C) Indian businessman, George Jacob, (strictly protect

about the government or its leadership, Chua Chin Hon
(strictly protect), the new Straits Times (ST) U.S. Bureau

8. (C) Lynn Lee (strictly protect), a reporter for ST,

building careers at home in the first place, according to
online student journalist Chong Zi Liang (strictly protect).

2. (C) Moroccan DCM Haddawi (strictly protect) told Poloff

(UNAMI) representative and former governor Ali Kamonah
(strictly protect) on January 18, Da\’wa candidates, in

Bouygues Construction architect, Pierre Pupulin (please
strictly protect), shared the following comments about

3. (S) When asked if UN Special Envoy Gambari will visit
Burma soon, U Kyaw Thu (strictly protect) responded: \”Keep

2. (C) At the invitation of Laila Tomeh (strictly protect),
National Program Director for IOM, and Rania al-Jabiri
(strictly protect), Chairwoman and founding member of AWRD,

and has yet to admit anyone. According to Tomeh and IOM
Director Maria Rumman (strictly protect), the MSA is quietly

has, however, been concern over AWRD\’s effectiveness. Rene
Spitz (strictly protect), First Secretary at the Dutch


Development (EBRD) Resident Office Head, Neil McKain (please
strictly protect), said that the head of the Union of

Development (EBRD) Resident Office Head, Neil McKain (please
strictly protect), said in a meeting on January 14 said that

2. (C) Opposition Senator Roger Pinto (Podemos, Pando;
strictly protect) told PolOff the principal field commander

Opposition strategist and close Pinto associate Javier Flores
(strictly protect) told PolOff January 21 that Alpire\’s

Development (EBRD) Resident Office Head, Neil McKain (please
strictly protect), explained barriers in the domestic lending

2. (C) On January 13, Emboffs met with Donald Ramirez
(strictly protect throughout), at the request of a

2. (C) Swiss Ambassador Daniel von Muralt (strictly protect)

parties. The head of the KDP Assayish, Qahtan Taher Qader
(Strictly Protect), has asserted that insurgents are

between the GOI and the KRG that local residents in Tuz want
no part of. Even Abdul Hussein Jalad (Strictly Protect), the

Director of Chevron\’s Latin America business unit Wes Lohec
(strictly protect both throughout) on January 23. Perez

3. (S/NF) Qaisi (strictly protect) told poloff on January 27

comparison with the specter of what could have been.
Well-connected businessman Husni Bey (strictly protect) told the

comparison with the specter of what could have been.
Well-connected businessman Husni Bey (strictly protect) told the

10. (C) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legal Advisor Paula
Melendres (strictly protect) told PolOff January 24 that the

steady rate among urban professionals, according to Daniel Zhao
(strictly protect), pastor of a large house church in the suburb of

associations, would create unwanted scrutiny from government
authorities. James Jia (strictly protect), also pastor of several

authorities, according to Pastor \”Auntie Yang\” (first name not
disclosed — strictly protect), a U.S.-trained house church pastor

those in the urban core. Pastor Feng (first name not provided —
strictly protect), an elderly evangelist and pastor working and

registered church leaders are even supportive of house church
movements on campuses. Rev. Huang Tianhua (strictly protect),

Minister Counselor for Immigration at the Australian Embassy
in Jakarta (strictly protect) told DepPol/C. IOM submitted a

Ensco Vice President for Investor Relations, Richard LeBlanc
(strictly protect throughout), who confirmed that Ensco had

3. (C) Neil Harvie, President Latin America and Caribbean for
Wood Group (strictly protect throughout), confirmed on

eastern Venezuela. On January 30, Vice President Tim Penton
(strictly protect throughout) informed us that PDVSA has

field services companies are closing. Miguel Octavio
(strictly protect throughout), Executive Director of

1. (C) Financial executive Miguel Octavio (strictly protect

2. (S/NF) In a January 29 conversation, Presidency economist
Sani Musa (strictly protect throughout) gave us a somewhat

1. (S) Opposition strategist Javier Flores (strictly protect)

77,\” well-known liberal blogger and media commentator
Zhao Jin (aka \”Michael Anti,\” strictly protect)

2. (S/NF) A local government contact (strictly protect) recently

designations pending a \”clear U.S. signal to all 27 EU member
states.\” Counselor Wolfgang Rudischhauser (strictly protect)

budget when the 2010-2011 draft budget document is released
on Friday, February 13 (strictly protect). Mission requests

7. (C) British DCM Steve Townsend (strictly protect) told us

11. (C) MAS Deputy Ana Lucia Reis (strictly protect) told us

conversation, Presidential Villa economist and policy analyst
Sani Musa (strictly protect throughout) told PolCouns that

the past 18 months. Vice Foreign Minister Eduardo Rosales
Ramirez (strictly protect) gave us the following details:

5. (C) Christ Spohr (strictly protect), Social Sector

6. (C) World Bank Rural Sector Coordinator for China Sari
Soderstrom (strictly protect) told Econoff on February 6 that

7. (C) Li Zhiying (strictly protect) from the Empowerment and

and make a living. Li Ping (strictly protect), a rural land

10. (C) In a January 6 meeting with Econoff, CASS Rural
Development Institute\’s Yu Jianrong (strictly protect), an

5. (C) Christ Spohr (strictly protect), Social Sector

6. (C) World Bank Rural Sector Coordinator for China Sari
Soderstrom (strictly protect) told Econoff on February 6 that

7. (C) Li Zhiying (strictly protect) from the Empowerment and

navigate China,s modern market economy to find jobs and make
a living. Li Ping (strictly protect), a rural land expert at

10. (C) In a January 6 meeting with Econoff, CASS Rural
Development Institute,s Yu Jianrong (strictly protect), an

Administration\”), Vice Minister (VM) for Basic Services
Gustavo Morales (strictly protect) learned his position had

1. (C) Ricardo Cohen (strictly protect throughout), a

drill more test wells. Verenex\’s general manager for Libya, Don
Shepherd, (strictly protect), said Verenex had a good

coming year, according to independent journalist Chen Jieren
(strictly protect), the nephew of Politburo Standing

2. (C) On February 9, Petroleum AttachQ (Petatt) spoke with
Jose Angel Pereira Ruimwyk (strictly protect throughout),

starting February 9 (Note: Schlumberger President, Ivan
Betancourt (strictly protect throughout), told Petatt that he

leading energy journalist (and former Bulgarian energy
official) Galina Alexandrova (please strictly protect), RWE

approached university professor and biotech expert Dr. Claret
Michelangeli de Clavio (strictly protect throughout) to

with a colleague of his at ABACC, an inspector named Dr. Carlos Feu
(strictly protect), and they thought this system would give

property previously housed North Korea\’s first Embassy
to the PRC. He Shuzhong (strictly protect), founder

4. (C) Wang Lixiong (strictly protect), a dissident

6. (C/NF) Emboffs also received a copy of text from FCO
officials (strictly protect) of the alternative scaled-back

3. (C) United States faith-based NGO Evergreen International
Project Officer Marc de Ruiter (strictly protect) runs

5. (C) Evergreen\’s Taiyuan Regional Director Andrew Kaiser
(strictly protect), however, was more generous in his

7. (C) Ms. Zheng Bing (strictly protect), the founder and

anomaly in a culture in which many officials do not even have
official email accounts. Monsignor Tighe (strictly protect)

2. (C) EconCoun and Petroleum Attache (Petatt) met with Gamal
Ayoub, newly named CEO of Jantessa (strictly protect

4. (C) In a separate February 5 meeting with Jan Dehn of the
Ashmore Group (strictly protect throughout), Dehn shared that

7. (C) Ruling MAS Party Congresswoman Ana Lucia Reis
(strictly protect) previously told EmbOffs that Minister of

April 27, regardless of opposition participation, according
to GPC MP Nabil Basha (please strictly protect.) National

12. (C) Scott Kearin (strictly protect) the head of the

has no reports that any demonstrations actually occurred.
Dr. Tawfiq Al-Saif (strictly protect), a highly respected

citizen director of the Non-governmental Organization
International Medical Corp. (STRICTLY PROTECT) Upon arrival in

2. (C) On February 24 Ambassador Derse met with BP Azerbaijan
President Bill Schrader (strictly protect throughout) in a

Affairs Committee (HFAC) and HFAC Senior Professional Staff
Member Alan Makovsky met with Jumana Seif (strictly protect),

member and former parliamentarian Riad Seif, and Shaykh Nawaf
al-Bashir (strictly protect), current treasurer for the

5. (C) Speaking personally, Najder (please strictly protect)

Bozize\’s Presidential Guard (GP). Intelligent observers in the
region, to include the Sultan/Mayor of Ndele (STRICTLY PROTECT)

2. (S/NF) On February 13, 2009, Abdellatif Bendahane
(strictly protect), Director of African Affairs at Ministry

committee to that end, and have asked UN Resident Coordinator
Brian Gleeson (strictly protect) to sit on the board as its only

GOSS Vice President Riek Machar (also a Nuer) apparently facilitated
Tanginiya\’s departure. UNMIS Chief David Gressly (strictly protect)

1. (C) Milton Guzman (strictly protect throughout), chief

1. (C) Summary: In January 15 and February 9 meetings in
Lagos with Festus Keyamo (strictly protect throughout), human

2. (C) On January 15, Poloff and Labor Attache met with
Festus Keyamo (strictly protect), one of Nigeria,s best

6. (SBU) Save the Children – UK (strictly protect) reports of

8. (C) Ruling Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) Party
Congresswoman Ana Lucia Reis (strictly protect) told PolOff

11. (C) As Senate Vice President Luis Ortiz (MAS, Chuquisaca;
strictly protect) explained to PolOff February 19, the MAS

prominent media figure Du Daozheng as the journal\’s director
(shezhang). Li Nanyang (strictly protect), daughter of

eastern city of Benghazi), Abbas Ghaddar al-Mansuri al-Obeidi
(strictly protect), gave a readout on his group\’s deliberations

2. (C) As reported ref A, Libya appears to be in one of its intermittent periods of intense political foment. As debate in the externally-based opposition press and Libya\’s small indigenous elite swirls around proposed wealth distribution, government re-structuring, possible adoption of a constitution and the ostensible withdrawal from politics by presumed heir-apparent Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi, ordinary Libyans have largely eschewed politics and remained primarily focused on improving their daily standard of living. Khaled Nayyed (strictly protect), son of a prominent businessman and a successful importer of furniture in his own right, recently told P/E Chief that ordinary Libyans had been frustrated by years of sanctions-imposed privations and, more recently, by the disparity between increased availability of consumer goods and their stagnant salaries. Exhausted by years of largely failed political adventurism under the auspices of Muammar al-Qadhafi\’s al-Fateh Revolution and the Jamahiriya (state of the masses), most Libyans do not really care about politics or political reform. \”Do not give us free speech, parties, a constitution or elections – give us the ability to make and freely spend money\”, he said.

PAST: Former Reformist parliamentarian Mohammad Mousavi Khoeni
[strictly protect], who served in the Sixth Majles (2000-2004),

2. (C) William Bracho (strictly protect throughout), the

Manager of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Marisela de Loaiza (strictly protect throughout), and
Humberto Figuera (strictly protect throughout), President of

6. (C) The conference organizer was Syrian Christian lawyer
and civil society activist Hind Kabawat (strictly protect).

7. (C) Philippines Embassy Minister Maria Hellen M. Barber
(strictly protect) told PolMinCouns February 25 that PRC

10. (C) Embassy of Vietnam Political Counselor Dang Minh Khoi
(strictly protect) predicted to PolOff March 3 that Vietnam

8. (C) According to Yasuyuki Ozaki, Director of Project
Development for Mitsubishi (strictly protect throughout), 80%

7. (C) YUST Vice President David KIM (strictly protect),

a wide variety of independent Iranian and Azerbaijani sources
(strictly protect), including Baku-based Iranian students,

Economic Development who is currently jailed. According to a
prominent Azerbaijani business consultant (strictly protect),

manufacturer and exporter from Tehran who has known the
family for years (strictly protect) noted that \”he is very

February in North Rhine Westphalia, Nobel Peace Prize
laureate Shirin Ebadi (strictly protect throughout) kept to a

5. (C) Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga (strictly protect)

companies have contacted Post. Launch operator Tidewater
Country Manager Mikael Jakob (strictly protect throughout)

5. (C) According to Neil Harvie, President Latin America and
Caribbean for Wood Group (strictly protect throughout), PDVSA

6. (C) Tim Penton, Williams Vice President (strictly protect

impact on the political process. The local IRI
representative (strictly protect) told Poloff that she had a

2. (C) Ambassador Schulte met informally on March 9 with
Bolivia\’s Ambassador Bazoberry (please strictly protect) to

July, Ghanem informed Muammar al-Qadhafi; however, he laughingly
dismissed it. According to Ibrahim el-Meyet (strictly protect)

5. (C) Al-Meyet and Zahri Muntasser (strictly protect), a

afterward that it had failed to inform the USG and other
allies, Tinline said. Jones (strictly protect) told us in

3. (C) Army Inspector General Carlos Suarez and the MOD\’s
Legal Advisor Monica Cifuentes (strictly protect)–both of

Damascus Declaration, we met on February 26 with Fawaz Tello
(strictly protect), who works with the Damascus Declaration

technocrats and proponents of the distribution scheme pause (ref
D). UN ResCoord Brian Gleeson (strictly protect) recently told

the MOU, Pakistan Embassy Counselor Shafqat Ali Khan
(strictly protect) suggested to us on February 27 that though

General Peruvian Army Brigadier General Wilson Barrantes
(strictly protect) has claimed to Poloffs that remnants of

Recently-retired Army Brigadier General Wilson Barrantes
(strictly protect), for one, argues that significant elements

5. (C) Arthur Yan (strictly protect) of Cambridge Energy

6. (C) Beijing-based Dow Jones reporter David Winning
(strictly protect) also stated that the three consortium

2. (S/NF) Abdellatif Bendahane (strictly protect), Director

materializes, would enable Eritrea to complete the purchase.
The German ambassador to Eritrea (strictly protect) said the

2. (S/NF) Abdellatif Bendahane (strictly protect), Director

Trade (DFAIT) Afghanistan Task Force (FTAG) Senior Advisor
David Fairchild (strictly protect). It will take time for

two, Zucconi said. As the meeting was drawing to a close,
Zucconi (strictly protect) made a personal aside to highlight

4. (C) Ruling MAS party congresswoman Ana Lucia Reis
(strictly protect) told us during a February 4 meeting of MAS

5. (C) Dissident MAS member and Senate Vice President Luis
Gerald Ortiz (strictly protect) told PolOff the fallout from

2. (C) Econoff spoke on March 16, to Maria Cristina Romero de
Grimaldi (strictly protect throughout), President of the

to suit Beijing, both AmCham Macau Chairman Paul Tse
(strictly protect throughout) and sometime-democratic

lengthy argument pre-planned with his lawyer Muhanad
al-Hasani (strictly protect), who is also head of the Syrian

6. (C) Swedish DCM Martina Quick (strictly protect) told us

3. (C) Confederation of Venezuelan Workers (CTV) Executive
Committee Member Froilan Barrios (strictly protect

2. (C) Seeye Abraha (strictly protect), the Chief Executive

According to Dakingari\’s Special Assistant on Due Process
Aminu Usman (strictly protect), Aliero and his brother Abba

executives from UK-based Deutschland, who want to develop a
hotel next to Basra airport.) Strictly protect: REO learned that

1. (C) SUMMARY: Cargill de Venezuela President Roberto Moro
(strictly protect throughout) told the Charge on March 17

March 15 meeting. This was confirmed by Ra\’id Khutab
(strictly protect throughout), a political strategist for the

— Sayyid Hassan al-Nimr (strictly protect), a popular Shi\’a

1. (C) Summary: Belgian PM Herman Van Rompuy\’s diplomatic
advisor Dirk Wouters (strictly protect) shared with Charge

opposition claims of a rigged election. UNDP IT consultant
Tony Farnum (strictly protect) who has worked at the MEC

2. (S/NF) President and General Manager of Gulfsands
Petroleum Mahdi Sajjad (strictly protect) told us that he

2. (C) On March 18, Econ Counselor and Petroleum AttachQ met
with Teresa Palacios (strictly protect throughout), Wilpro

(PetAtt) met with Managing Director of Chevron\’s Latin
America business unit Wes Lohec (strictly protect

may be worth a second look in Washington and Jerusalem.
Ambassador Michaeli (strictly protect) clearly would welcome

heavy-handed SARG reaction to Nowruz Eve revelers. According
to Herveen Osse (strictly protect), a leader in the Damascus

celebration \”safer.\” We heard the same message the following
day from Messud Akko (strictly protect) and various Kurdish

2. (C) In February, Lt. Col. Cuevas (Strictly Protect),

3. (C) In March, FELCN Deputy Commander Felix Molina
(Strictly Protect) told NAS officers that the head of FELCN\’s

ignored at the higher levels of FELCN. Col. Guido Frias
(Strictly Protect), then head of the FELCN Canine unit, told

2. (C) Maurice Ekpenyong (strictly protect), Special

3. (C) SzDSz party executive committee member Matyas Eorsi
(strictly protect) told EmbOff on March 25 that he tried to

complete with actors dressed in full camouflage and carrying
mock AK-47s. We asked Messud Akko (strictly protect), a

11. (C) Ahmed Mazouzi (strictly protect), a Rabat based
notary and professional mediator at the non-profit National
Center for Mediation (strictly protect) explained that the

close confidante, Simon Egede (ref A). On March 25, Muhammad
Babandede (strictly protect), Director of Investigations at

growing concerns (and a degree of confusion) over the U.S.
role in the arrest. Sheikh Salam Hatim (strictly protect), a

2. (C) Rabat Protestant International Church Pastor Jack
Wald (strictly protect) contacted PolOff Sunday morning to

2. (C) Honduran Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Eduardo
Rosales (strictly protect) covered a wide range of issues in

2. (C) Chevron\’s General Manager in Western Venezuela, Ray
Keeley (strictly protect throughout), confirmed that its

4. (C) Dave Beacham (strictly protect throughout), Wood Group

IOCs and JVs are unable to pay as they have not been paid by
PDVSA. According to Mikael Jakob (strictly protect

PDVSA. Superior Energy Service Executive Director Mac McVay
(strictly protect throughout) told PetAtt that PDVSA paid

Bs (roughly $395,350) on March 21. Finally, COAPetrol\’s
Bryan Stanley (strictly protect throughout) claimed that

However, according to the Interior Ministry\’s Kurt Hager
(strictly protect), the working group was unable to agree on

2. (C) Petroleum Attachi (PetAtt) met with Schlumberger Venezuela
President, Ivan Betancourt (strictly protect throughout), on April 2,

instigation, Rabat-based Egyptian diplomat Tarek Darough
(strictly protect) told PolOff on March 30. Darough was

7. (C//NF) Tim Barrows, UK PSC Ambassador (strictly protect)

in solitary confinement), Amin Obeidi, and Sheikh Nawaf
al-Bashir (strictly protect all) met with PolEconoffs on

with the prisoner\’s families, especially his daughter, Jumana
Seif (strictly protect), to weigh the pros and cons of

1. (S/NF) British DCM Irfan Saddiq (strictly protect) told

now Executive Director of the \”Developing Eight\” (D8) states
(ref A, please strictly protect), told us that the timing of

2. (C) On April 9, PolOff met with Iraqi businessmen Karim
Majed (strictly protect) and Ali Abdulhussain (strictly

sources is disconcerting enough to merit reporting. Sources
have included [STRICTLY PROTECT ALL] the FOMUC second in

1. (C) In an April 14 meeting with the Ambassador,
ConocoPhillips Chairman and CEO Jim Mulva (strictly protect)

11. (C) Manida \”Micky\” Zinmerman (strictly protect), a lawyer

was unexpectedly sacked by his boss by e-mail. Several
expatriate employees at Bouygues (strictly protect

2. (C) Former Deputy Manger of Planning at Turkish
construction firm Polimeks, Caner Demir (strictly protect

(strictly protect throughout), said QP is unsatisfied with

five Christian foreign women on March 29 for proselytizing
(Ref.A). Jabiri Mustapha (Strictly Protect) is the father of

in prison for being a Christian during the reign of Hassan
II. Hmami Zouhair (Strictly Protect) has been a Christian
for several years. El Hassan Nasry (Strictly Protect) is

stay in the race even if he may draw votes away from other
reformist candidates. Masih Alinejad (strictly protect), an

by one of the EFCC\’s lead prosecutors, Festus Keyamo
(strictly protect), who told PolOff on April 14 that \”the

2. (S/NF) Both Deputy Governor Gulab Shah and Zabul\’s WFP
program manager Bazeed (strictly protect) have told PRT

1. (C) SUMMARY: Jumana Seif (strictly protect), the daughter

generally brushed off the new \”code of conduct.\” Du
Juan (strictly protect), an assistant at the

4. (C/NF) Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) Monitor
Heather Ryan (strictly protect source) reported April 24 that

2. (C/NF) Cabinet Office Senior Africa Policy Advisor Anna
French (strictly protect throughout) explained to poloff

support lifting EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, UK Cabinet Office
Senior Africa Advisor Anna French (strictly protect

Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Burton Ruth
Smeeth (strictly protect) told us April 20 that Brown had

implemented Merida Initiative funding, NNP Chief Aminta
Granera (strictly protect) pulled Ambassador Callahan into a

8. (S) In a recent meeting with Damascus Declaration leader
Riad al-Turk (strictly protect) (ref C), we learned that

is \”destroying the country,\” according to a supposed senior
leader of Eritrea\’s internal opposition (strictly protect).

1. (C) Businessman Andres Duarte (strictly protect) shared

28. (C//NF) The Council Secretariat (strictly protect) is

3. (C) On April 27, PetAtt spoke with Hugh Q&BlueQ8 Gesch
(strictly protect throughout), ENSCOQ,s Venezuela rig

5. (C) EconCoun and Petroleum AttachQ met with Andres Duarte
(strictly protect throughout) on April 24. Duarte, the

2. (C) PDVSA Vice President Eulogio del Pino told Williams
Country Manager, Teresa Palacios (strictly protect

payment of outstanding arrears. According to SIMCO\’s General
Manager, Dave Beacham (strictly protect throughout), a Wood

3. (S) Vargas (strictly protect) told poloff that SL\’s

12. (C) COMMENT: The ICRC (strictly protect) told us on May

1. (C) Moshuud Erubami (strictly protect), Chairman of the

5. (C) Commission on Human Rights Regional Director Alberto
Sipaco (strictly protect) at a private meeting affirmed that

6. (C) CHR Regional Director Sipaco (strictly protect) noted

may have ended up in Egypt. Secretariat contacts have told
us (strictly protect) they do not so far see any indication

vessels on Lake Maracaibo and the honorary Greek Consul in
Maracaibo (strictly protect throughout) PDVSA seized the

10. (C) Simco\’s General Manager Dave Beacham, a Wood Group
expatriate, (strictly protect throughout) told PetAtt that

8. (S/NF) According to Raed Karawani (strictly protect),

10. (S/NF) Karawani and Dr. Shadi Karam (strictly protect)

13. (S/NF) American Express representative Kamal Abu Shaar
(strictly protect) told us that Rami Makhlouf is employing a

15. (C/NF) General Manager of Bank Audi Syria Bassel Hamwi
(strictly protect) remarked that CBS\’s performance is

6. (C) Separately, ASSK\’s food deliverer (strictly protect)

may have ended up in Egypt. Secretariat contacts have told
us (strictly protect) they do not so far see any indication

Director of the Division for Disarmament and Sensitive Technologies,
Minister Santiago Mourao (strictly protect) told Post\’s Environment,

Mohamed al-Saadi, Chairman of the Aden Chamber of Commerce.
Abdul Galil Shaif al-Shaibi (strictly protect), Chairman of

7. (C) Marco Antonio Lema (strictly protect), an advisor to

willful ignorance as President.\” Lema and petroleum industry
leader Fernando Villanueva (strictly protect) complained that

to their agenda,\” said Tarija Business Federation President
Manual Cuevas (strictly protect). The group was pessimistic

Secretariat General members Amin Obeidi and Riad al-Turk
(strictly protect both), Obeidi contended that Meshaal\’s

once he was in prison. Riad al-Turk and Beirut-Damascus
Declaration signatory Najati Tayara (strictly protect)

provoking a conflict on May 26. A longtime Burjanadze aide
(please strictly protect) told PolChief that she was

1. (S) Ministry of Foreign Relations Legal Advisor Paola
Melendres (strictly protect) told PolOff May 11 that her

accounts payable. Some information shared by U.S. companies
(strictly protect all company information throughout) over

2. (SBU) Renato Mendes (strictly protect), chief technical

15. (C) Bio notes: The director of CSR-Iran (name and CV
emailed to NEA/IR; please strictly protect) graduated from

4. (C) In a recent meeting, NOC Chair Shukhri Ghanem admitted
to a senior visiting Marathon Oil official (strictly protect)

6. (C) Hess\’ General Manager (strictly protect) agreed that

new fund would be a non-starter for Hess. Chevron\’s GM
(strictly protect) wondered why the government did not simply

number of issues including the risks associated with any
escalation of the protests. (strictly protect). Also on May

Bakradze – Usupashvili Meeting (Strictly Protect)

mother. In addition, EFCC contract attorney Festus Keyamo
(strictly protect) said that Fayose is suspected of receiving

political organization \”Afenifere,\” Chief Supo Shonibare
(strictly protect), told Emboffs that Fayose was an example

Development also asserted that Fayose,s corrupt governance
has been widespread. Tai Oguntayo (strictly protect), the

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
6. (S) According to Shina Loremikan (strictly protect),

the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Churchill Adedipe
(strictly protect), confided to Emboffs on March 2 that local
people are fearful of being part of any opposition to Fayose.
Tai Oguntayo (strictly protect), the president of the Ekiti

2. (C) Per Neil Harvie, Wood Group President for Latin
America & Caribbean (strictly protect throughout), Wood

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma\’s Science and High
Technology Committee (please strictly protect) told us

4. (C) Dobieslaw Rzemieniewski (STRICTLY PROTECT), Head of

Plenipotentiary for Minority Affairs and Andrzej Mirga
(STRICTLY PROTECT), OSCE Senior Advisor for Roma Issues, both

1.(C) INLOff met with United Nations Office of Drugs and
Crime (UNDOC) IT Advisor Alain Nkoyock (strictly protect) on
May 6 and 13 and Country Representative Dagmar Thomas
(strictly protect) May 7 and 8 respectively regarding on the

leading Iranian university for agricultural and environmental
studies, please strictly protect) was in Istanbul recently to

all policy-making among the Kyrgyz political elite. The
official, Sapar Isakov (strictly protect), who was close to

3. (C/NF) Ahmad Camal (strictly protect), a longtime Frelimo

5. (C/NF) Leonardo Simao (strictly protect), Foreign

correspondent for Iran\’s \”Press TV\” news channel (please
strictly protect) told us that a sizable majority of Press TV

correspondent for Iran\’s satellite news channel \”Press TV\”
(please strictly protect). The UK national, who previously

4. (C) Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga (strictly protect)

Environment, Science, and Transportation, Ulrich Weins
(strictly protect), told us May 26 that the Russians had

2. (C) Former MFA Afghan section chief Yuri Kholkhov
(strictly protect) told us recently about his job as deputy

Saifaldin Abdul Rahman, Hashimi\’s senior advisor and a close
Embassy contact (strictly protect), all of the members of the

2. (C) A Turkish political science professor at Istanbul\’s
Isik University (please strictly protect) described to us his

3. (C) Several local analysts have opined the deal is quite
favorable to Santander. Milton Guzman (strictly protect

Shar-e-Safa and Surri districts. Deputy Governor Gulab Shah
(strictly protect) told us privately that, aside from the

professors Chu Shulong (Tsinghua University), Zhu Feng (Peking
University), and Jin Canrong (Renmin University) (strictly protect

Manager Steve Bross, and Security Director Walied Shater (please
strictly protect) said that they were scouting the province

2. (S) PolOff met May 15 in Beijing with Luosang
Cicheng Pengcuo (strictly protect), a living Buddha

10. (C) However, Senator Roger Pinto (Podemos, Pando;
strictly protect), told PolOff June 3 that, although the

11. (C) Podemos Deputies Claudio Banegas (Santa Cruz;
strictly protect) and Bernardo Montenegro (Cochabamba;
strictly protect) told PolOff in May that the congressional

Gerry Kehoe and Country Representative Mikael Jakobs
(strictly protect throughout) on June 4 told Petroleum

1. (C/NF) In response to reftel demarche, Jon Knight
(strictly protect) at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

over the wide margin of the March 14 coalition\’s victory.
Basil Hamwi (strictly protect), head of Audi Bank operations

on the Syrian government and its policies. Al-Hayat Bureau
Chief Ibrahim Hamidi (strictly protect) depicted a wide range

7. (S) Syrian daily \”al-Watan\” Editor-in-Chief Waddah abd
Rabo (strictly protect) said there had been a range of

2. (C) Hungarian born Dr. Lazlo Sajo-Bohus (strictly protect

3. (C) In a previous conversation with USB Lab Director Dr.
Eduardo Greaves (strictly protect throughout) on December 2,

6. (C//NF) A UK negotiator (strictly protect) requested, \”It

8. (C) According to the Baku-based UNODC anti-narcotics
officer (strictly protect), export of narcotics from Iran

situation possibly to the tune of 100 million Euros (please
strictly protect this figure until the EU\’s public

2. (C) Former Holcim Venezuela Executive Director Louis
Beauchemin (strictly protect throughout) told Econoff June 10

2. (C) UNMIS/Juba Civil Affairs Deputy Head Diane de Guzman
(strictly protect) slammed &nave WFP preparations8 in her

instructions from Paris. While the French here are being
entirely mum, the UN mediator (strictly protect) is telling

Abubaker Ahmed, Director of the Central Hospital of Tripoli
(strictly protect source), told P/E Chief in early June that

reported ref B, columnist and Human Rights Society of Libyan
Executive Director Muhammad Tarnesh (strictly protect) was

6. (C) The local correspondents for BBC News and the Syrian Arab
News Agency (strictly protect sources) told us shortly after the

1. (C) Summary and comment: Bao Pu (son of the late Zhao
Ziyang\’s secretary Bao Tong; strictly protect throughout)

2. (C) Deputy Representative of UNICEF\’s Turkmenistan
Office, Abdul Alim (strictly protect throughout), said in a

5. (C) Yin Gang (strictly protect), a Middle East expert at

6. (C) Peruvian Embassy Political Counselor Eduardo Zeballos
(strictly protect) told PolOff June 18 that the demonstration

3. (C) On a visit to the home of Sunni religious reformer
Hassan al-Maleki (STRICTLY PROTECT), al-Maleki told Zaiback

Pakistan, Pakistan Embassy Political Counselor Shafqat Ali
Khan (strictly protect) told PolOff June 3 that Pakistanis

7. (S/NF) Not all Syrians were upset with the images of
unrest in Tehran, argued Ihsan Sanker (strictly protect), a

2. (S/NF) The well-known Damascus-based human rights lawyer
Muhanad al-Hasani (strictly protect) reported to us on June

reduction starting in April or May) and other changes, the
deputy governors of Miranda and Carabobo (strictly protect

majority of the privately held warehouse operations in the
port of Maracaibo. Ana Maria D\’Andrea (strictly protect

political prisoner. The two Iranian residents contacted
(strictly protect) spoke freely and without urging. One, a

2. (S/NOFORN) Habib Yektah (strictly protect), described to

1. (SBU) Summary. Child labor specialist Renato Mendes
(strictly protect) at the ILO Brazil office said child labor

Commission\’s (EC) Cooperation and Verification Mechanism
Joeri Buhrer Tavanier (please strictly protect) confided that

they expected to arrest individuals identified as the
perpetrators shortly (strictly protect). End Summary.

to these individuals once they were detained. (Torres
requested that we strictly protect this information given

12 and June 24, ConGenOff met with a group of Mumbai\’s Muslim
intellectuals (strictly protect), mostly Sunni, who returned

pace has picked up again. The best explanation we have heard
as to why comes from Rafael Munoz (strictly protect

2. (C) On April 23, Jim McFarland (strictly protect),

2. (C) In May and June 2009, EmbOffs met with Feliciano
Reyna Ganteaume (strictly protect throughout), president of

HIV/AIDS in Latin America, and Renate Koch and Alberto Nieves
(strictly protect throughout) of Accion Ciudadana Contra el

2. (C) Petroleum AttachQ met with Halliburton\’s Global
Account Manager for PDVSA, Martha Sandia (strictly protect

1. (C) Mitsubishi\’s Venezuela Projects Director, Yasuyuki
Ozaki (strictly protect throughout), told Petroleum Attache

5.(C) A source connected to Liberal Party Congressman Jose
Azcona (strictly protect) told EconCouns around noon local

5.(C) A source connected to Liberal Party Congressman Jose
Azcona (strictly protect) told EconCouns around noon local

3. (SBU) Boillon also reported (strictly protect) that a

participation in Belene. Bulgaria\’s leading energy
journalist Galina Alexandrova (strictly protect) told us in

1. (C) Summary: Emboffs joined lawyer and civil society
activist Daad Mousa (strictly protect) in a visit to the

2. (C) On June 8, Wes Lohec (strictly protect throughout),

discovered was not in sufficient quantities to be commercial.
Tidewater Vice President Gerry Kehoe (strictly protect

period,\” according to lawyer and women\’s rights activist Daad
Mousa (strictly protect). According to the Syrian Women

8, however, former Legislative Councilor and ExCo member
Allen Lee (strictly protect throughout) told us C.Y. Leung

the General Secretariat. Damascus Declaration member Fawaz
Tello (strictly protect) met with us on July 1 and explained

point relates to a recent report from lawyer/journalist and
human rights activist Razan Zeitunah (strictly protect) who

U.S.-Moroccan dual national and Sahrawi activist Saleh
el-Bachra (strictly protect) to discuss current events in the

2. (C) Khashoggi (strictly protect) talked at length about

more than 100 banks, although it has not defaulted on all of
this. Saud Al-Gosaibi (strictly protect), chairman of AH

1. (C) President Karzai\’s chief of staff (strictly protect)

under consideration. Civil society activist Daad Mousa
(strictly protect) said elements in the SARG want to keep the

according to the ICRC Head of Delegation Gherardo
Pontrandolfi (strictly protect). The operational environment

5. (C) A French Embassy source (strictly protect) confided

5. (C) A French Embassy source (strictly protect) confided

(ICRC) Tunisian Coordinator for Regional Protection Francesco
Bruscoli (strictly protect) informed acting P/E Counselor

2. (C) According to the editor of the semi-independent daily
al-Watan, Wadah abd-Rabo (strictly protect), Lufthansa

4. (C) Jon Kleiman (strictly protect) , who previously worked

8. (C) Peking University Professor of Middle Eastern Studies
Wu Bingbing (strictly protect) told PolOff that a formal

queried Colonel Jose Echeverria in the GN\’s Judge Advocate
General staff (strictly protect). When asked if the officer

1. (C) In a lunch with EconCouns and Econoff on July 10,
respected political economist Orlando Ochoa (strictly protect

3. (C) In a July 16 meeting with the charge, Sumate
President Maria Corina Machado (strictly protect throughout)

industrialize iron ore in Bolivia by the end of 2014 or face
nationalization. Marco Antonio Lema (strictly protect), an

approximately 300-400 followers, according to FBS president
William Ng (strictly protect). Ng noted that membership in

tensions between FLG and the GOS. FBS vice-chairman G.K. Lim
(strictly protect) suggested to PolOff that over the years,

6. (C) The case of Ma Xiao (strictly protect), who met with

observer Haji Mohammed Haji (strictly protect) of the

2. (C) Outgoing UNHCR Chief of Mission Mohammed al-Wash
(strictly protect) told us on July 23 that he has concluded the

bilateral investment treaty between Venezuela and the
Netherlands. Nelson Garcez (strictly protect throughout),

1. (C) Summary: Saud Al-Gosaibi (strictly protect), chairman

2. (C) Saudi businesswoman and human rights campaigner
Samira Bitar (Strictly Protect) told EconOff that she is

Division of Agricultural Marketing, Analyst Lennys Rosales
(strictly protect throughout) told AgOff that Minister Jaua

7. (C) Al-Hasani also notified civil society activist Daad
Mousa (strictly protect) of his July 28 interrogation and

5. (C) In a July 21 conversation with EconOff, private
sector aluminum entrepreneur Jorge Monch (strictly protect

1. (C) According to Bernardo Weininger (strictly protect

1. (C) Stuart Gillick (strictly protect throughout), Repsol

4. (S/NF) Separately, Wadah abd Rabo (strictly protect),

occupational hazard). Local Dar al-Hayat correspondent
Ibrahim Hamidi (strictly protect) said red lines were clearer

blow-back from the government, principally because it is an
English-language publication. John Dagge (strictly protect),

including the Minister of Culture, have Facebook profiles.
Author Rafaa Hazaa (strictly protect) said the government

4. (SBU) On July 7, the EXBS Advisor met with 1st Lt. Mussalam
al-Awaid (strictly protect)who is with the Royal Oman Police (ROP)

Embassy in Tehran by Rassam\’s privately-retained attorney
(strictly protect) has been sent via classified e-mail to

FCO provided poloff with an analyis of the \”trial\” by
Rassam\’s privately-retained attorney (strictly protect).

Separately, Mac MacVay of Superior Energy Services and
Antonio Moschella of Lukiven (strictly protect both

5. (C) Shell Venezuela President Luis Prado (strictly protect

General Manager of Simco (strictly protect throughout), told

Simco operated was offline. Williams Venezuela Country
Manager Teresa Palacios (strictly protect throughout)

6. (C) CRUDE INVENTORIES: According to Chevron officials
(strictly protect) PetroBoscan has a storage capacity of 7

4. (C) Jim Vidrine of Weatherford (strictly protect

5. (C) Cesar Fernandez, a plant manager for Cameron in
Maracaibo (strictly protect throughout) shared that its

6. (C) Schlumberger Venezuela President Ivan Betancourt
(strictly protect throughout) shared that PDVSA production

1. (S) Summary: Deputy Prime Minister Igor Dodon
(strictly protect) confided to Ambassador that a

2. (S) On August 13, Deputy Prime Minister Igor
Dodon (strictly protect) told the Ambassador that

Budapest. However, in an August 13 meeting,
Marian Lupu (strictly protect) confided to the

4. (S) In a highly confidential conversation
August 13, Marian Lupu (strictly protect) confided

unless his hand is forced by the King. Sheikh Mekhlef Daham
al-Shammary (strictly protect), a Sunni tribal leader, told

8. (SBU) Earlier the Governor (strictly protect) had told State PRT

4. (C) Sadek al-Ramadan (strictly protect), a Shia business

two officer, Zuher Hammad, according to Damascus Declaration
activist Fawaz Tello (strictly protect). Following Hasani\’s

Followers of Shia Jurisprudence. We understand from a
Private Office source (strictly protect) that the letter is

Nevertheless, we learned that another Ally had been able to
obtain a copy, which they shared with us (strictly protect).

Petroleum AttachQ on ENSCO\’s situation in Venezuela on August
20. Chaddick (strictly protect throughout) stated that the

2008 (ref A). In a lengthy August 24 conversation with Luqman
Osso (strictly protect), a member of the Kurdish Azadi

2. (S/NF) SUMMARY: Labor Party leader Bos told the Ambassador
in confidence (STRICTLY PROTECT) the Dutch will likely stay

4. (C) An Embassy source familiar with aviation issues in
Syria, Kamal Abou-Shaar (strictly protect), was unsurprised

——————————————— ————-
2. (C) According to Alvaro Perez (strictly protect

4. (C) Mauricio Moreno (strictly protect throughout)

equivalent of $42 million (of a pending $80 million in PDVSA
arrears). Superior Energy\’s Mac McVay (strictly protect

5. (C) Mauricio Moreno (strictly protect throughout)

8. (C) Alvaro Perez (strictly protect throughout), a board

money has been invested to \”walk away\” from the deal. In an
August 26 teleconference, Lisa Schroeter (strictly protect), Dow

million who live here and receive support from the Syrian
government,\” growled Wadah Abd Rabo (strictly protect),

1. (C/NF) Saudi Aramco\’s former Executive Vice President, Dr.
Sadad al-Husseini (strictly protect), recently commented on the

2. (C) Astrium Friedrichshafen official and DLR consultant,
Tom Walati (please strictly protect) described Germany\’s

could take \”four to five years, at a minimum.\” (NOTE:
STRICTLY PROTECT — Sumanthiran said he had not raised the

7. (C) According to former Afar government official Here
Hamedo (strictly protect), Afari discontent with the regional

population,\” according to former Afar government official
Here Hamedo (strictly protect). (Note: According to Here,

10. (C) Dilidaer Aiziz (strictly protect), a Uighur

2. (S) Duola (strictly protect), a professor of

websites regardless of the content. Separately,
Caiwang Naoru (strictly protect), chief editor of

the pre-March 2008 levels. Tibetan restaurant owner
Namgal Dolma (strictly protect), with whom PolOff

10. (S) Tenzin Lopsang Gyaltsen (aka \”Jensen,\”
strictly protect), a monk at Ta\’er (Kumbum)

Hainan TAP, and met with Luosang Cicheng Pengcuo
(strictly protect), a living Buddha resident at

Province August 21-24. Yushu resident Tashi Dhondup
(strictly protect), who goes by the English name

Buddhism after work hours without restriction.
Suonan Zhuoma (strictly protect), a retired cadre,

2. (C) An Embassy source with close ties to Syrian Air senior
management, Nazir Hussain (strictly protect), said Syrian Air

6. (C) Former Burjanadze confidant and advisor, Thea
Gogvadze-Apfel (strictly protect) told Polchief that she and

1. (S) Summary: Presidential hopeful Marian Lupu
(strictly protect) told the Ambassador about a

Iranian journalist, Ruhollah Shahsavar and a student leader,
Daniel Mohamedzadeh (please strictly protect), who recently

2. (S) Duola (strictly protect), a professor of

4. (S) Tenzin Lopsang Gyaltsen (strictly protect),

6. (S) Luosang Cicheng Pengcuo (strictly protect), a

10th Panchen is whom (Tibetans) believe in.\” Tashi
Dhondup (strictly protect), a resident of Yushu,

Opportunities and DLR consultant, Tom Walati, was cc\’d on the
email and forwarded it to EconOff (strictly protect). Walati

was provided by a member of the NATO International Staff
(strictly protect)) thanked the CSTO chief for his \”kind

private lunch he had with PM Pahor on September 7. (NOTE:
Stier asked PolCouns to strictly protect the fact that he had

1. (S) UNHCR (strictly protect) sources told PolOff on

4. (S) We met with EU-TACIS Representative Michael Wilson
(strictly protect) September 14 to get his view. Wilson is a

contacts in the EP have echoed these sentiments. Ibrahim
al-Mugaiteeb (strictly protect), a self-proclaimed human rights

is from a Sunni family), which he believes is \”impossible\”
today. Hussein al-Alaq (strictly protect), the managing editor

8. (C/NF) During an initial courtesy call visit to Prince Badr
(strictly protect) in March 2009, when sectarian tensions were

off-shore Platforma Deltana (PD2) in Eastern Venezuela, Bret
Tarpley (strictly protect throughout), told Petroleum Attache

4. (C) Finally, Stuart Gillick (strictly protect throughout),

1. (C) SUMMARY. CONOFF spoke with Ebrahim Sharifi (please
strictly protect) on Thursday September 17 concerning his

2. (SBU) On September 15, the Ambassador met in Almaty with
Vitaliy Voronov (strictly protect throughout), the lead

1.(S) SUMMARY: Blogger Fouad Al-Farhan (strictly protect),

3. (C) Sipunov (strictly protect throughout) shared that a

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights State Secretary Marko
Karadzic (strictly protect) told us on September 16 that it was his

9. (S) Duola (strictly protect), a professor of Tibetan

5. (C) IMF Representative Mark Carre (strictly protect) told

to voters provided the vehicles contained no election-related
advertisements. IIUM\’s Sautede (strictly protect) reported

the U.S. Embassy and the State Department. As previously
reported, Razan Zeitunah (strictly protect) recounted a June

State Department officials (ref A). Kurdish Future Movement
activist Herveen Ose (strictly protect), brought in for

According to a September 18 e-mail we received from his
colleague Catherine al-Tali (strictly protect), the SARG

2. (C) According to NDI Chief of Party Luis Navarro
(strictly protect) negotiations were ongoing right up until

Eudomario Carruyo.) In the wide-ranging interview, Aular
(strictly protect throughout) first confirmed that PDVSA was

1. (C) Summary. Local journalist and close PRT contact Majed
Al-Brekan (strictly protect) dismissed Prime Minister Maliki\’s

2. (C) Local print and radio journalist Majed Al-Brekan
(strictly protect) spoke dismissively of Prime Minister Maliki\’s

contacted from London on Tuesday, September 22 by
Hojastelislam Jawad al-Khoei (strictly protect), an Iraqi

2. (S) PolOff spoke September 9 and September 23
with Dildar Eziz (strictly protect), a Uighur

caught many in the MOD, FCO and Cabinet Office by surprise.
Dr. Richard Freer (strictly protect) Head of Defence and

5. (S/NF) Both Freer and Judith Gough (strictly protect),

mishandle the case. On September 22, the Ambassador of Portugal
(strictly protect) told the Ambassador that the Swiss were

were issued without Gazprom\’s knowledge. ConocoPhillips
government affairs manager Lena Zemskova (strictly protect)

4. (C) In a September 22 conversation, ExxonMobil Russia
President (strictly protect) Steve Terni called the

6. (C) Shell government affairs manager Elena Polyakova
(strictly protect) described the process as \”very strange.\”

12. (C) Responding to the question of why Chevron wasn\’t
included in the meeting, Sergey Kuznetsov (strictly protect),

attractive to Chevron. BP\’s government and public affairs
manager Anton Mifsud-Bonici (strictly protect) told us that

attend the opening ceremony at KAUST. According to al-Hayat
Bureau Chief Ibrahim Hamidi (strictly protect), Asad had

4. (S/NF) The Editor-in-Chief of Syria\’s only
privately-owned daily, Wadah Abd Rabbo (strictly protect),

1. (C)SUMMARY: In separate meetings with Poloff, Jeddah
Education Ministry official Mustafa Hersi (strictly protect)

2. (C) In an August meeting with Poloff, Mustafa Hersi
(strictly protect), Assistant Director of the English

4. (C) Al Sharq Al Awsat columnist Hussein Shabokshi
(strictly protect), a graduate of the University of Oklahoma,

4. (C) Peking University Professor of Islamic Studies Wu
Bingbing (strictly protect) told PolOff that the Iranian side

affected by the work of the new oil committee, according to
Yaqoub (strictly protect). \”If we\’re just going to select

for a reduction of some 1,000 troops. MFA DG for
Political/UN Affairs Luca Giansanti (please strictly protect)

2. (S/NF) Joe Smargiassi (strictly protect), Commercial Manager

1. (C) In a September 28 meeting with the Ambassador,
Banesco president Juan Carlos Escotet (strictly protect

Jeddah, Iraqi Consul General Dr. Ajwad Sheikh Taha Hamad
(strictly protect), Iraqi-Canadian dual national,told CG that

insurgency with funding, people, and material, claims Reuters
Bureau Chief Khaled Oweiss (strictly protect), who spent

believe he traveled in and out of Syria frequently, reports
Egyptian Political Counselor Adel Ibrahim (strictly protect),

jihadis into Iraq, assesses Crisis International Group
representative Peter Harling (strictly protect), who cautions

2. (C) Jim McFarland (strictly protect), CEO of Canadian oil

back the area now that oil had been found). Verenex General
Manager Don Shepherd (strictly protect) opined that a sale

week in the Yamal region. ConocoPhillips Russia Vice
President Stuart Snow (strictly protect) told us on September

the tender, plans to apply with the Embassy\’s Commercial
Section for advocacy (strictly protect). End summary.

will soon be filing for advocacy in the Paks tender (company
confidential, strictly protect).

2. (C) Bernardo Chacin (strictly protect throughout),

11. (C) Gas market expert Tatiana Mitrova (strictly protect),

major lending deals with ICBC, confided BMCE\’s Corporate Office
Director, M\’fadel El Halaissi. (Please strictly protect this

3. (C) On September 27, Sr. RefCoord also met with ICRC Head
of Iraq Delegation Juan-Pedro Schaerer (strictly protect) to

3. (C) ICRC representative Hicham Mandoudi (strictly protect)

Iraq. According to International Crisis Group Representative
Peter Harling (strictly protect), some Syrian officials, such

exile groups themselves, according to Al-Hayat Bureau Chief
Ibrahim Hamidi (strictly protect), who argues that Syria\’s

14. (C) Tatiana Mitrova (strictly protect), head of the

funding going via another viable organization to support the work
of Joe McDonough (strictly protect). McDonough is uniquely

the current GOI, there should be no doubt that \”Norway is a
friend of Israel.\” Gjelstad hinted (STRICTLY PROTECT) that

3. (C) During a late evening meeting September 29, CBE General
Manager Karina Saenz (STRICTLY PROTECT) expressed serious concern

2. (C) Acting Regional Representative for UNHCR, Dr. Hamdi
Bukhari (strictly protect), confirmed to Poloff that a

2. (S) Hamid al-Ahmar (strictly protect), prominent

residence, Iraqi Consul General Dr. Ajwad Sheikh Taha Hamad
(strictly protect) had more to say about his posting as

departing Iraqi Consul General Dr. Ajwad Sheikh Taha Hamad
(strictly protect) had a few words to say about Ali Akbar

3. (C) Dr. Ayman Midani (strictly protect), a banking and

trading is taking place. On September 29 Lupu
(strictly protect) confided in the Ambassador that

was knowingly undervalued by the previous government. On
October 14, Herbert Morrison (strictly protect), a

REASON: 1.4 (d)
1. (S) Summary: Chengdu ethnic Tibetan LES (strictly protect)

3. (C) Syrian Human Rights Organization (SWASIAH) activist
Catherine al-Tali (strictly protect) told us Maleh\’s defense

and Iraq, would follow. In a separate meeting, however,
Damascus Declaration operative Fawaz Tello (strictly protect)

4. (C) Syria-based Reuters correspondent Khalid Oweis
(strictly protect) informed us that Maleh\’s detention, along

Baker Hughes\’ (BHI) number two executive in Venezuela,
Mauricio Moreno Caijao (strictly protect throughout),

the Ambassador with additional insight on PDVSA operations.
Executive Director Mufid Houmeidan (strictly protect

3. (C) Syrian Human Rights Organization (SWASIAH) activist
Catherine al-Tali (strictly protect) told us Maleh\’s defense

and Iraq, would follow. In a separate meeting, however,
Damascus Declaration operative Fawaz Tello (strictly protect)

4. (C) Syria-based Reuters correspondent Khalid Oweis
(strictly protect) informed us that Maleh\’s detention, along

2. (C) Summary. In an October 1 meeting with PRT Econoffs, BP
Iraq Chief Operating Officer David Campbell (strictly protect)

5. (C) Laurent Niddam (strictly protect), an Amcit legal

they want to remind people they have the means to destroy
reputations. In particular, Leung (strictly protect)

with the Hungarian PRT in Baghlan Province, Ambassador Istvan
Tolli (strictly protect), requested a meeting with PolOff to

1. (S/NF) SUMMARY: On Monday October 19th, CONOFF and
LEGATT interviewed Ebrahim Ali MEHTARI (strictly protect), an

of the previous allegations made to us by Ebrahim SHARIFI
(strictly protect)(reftel). The same day Post had brief
phone contact with Maryam SABRI(strictly protect), another

to statistics obtained from the International Committee of
the Red Cross (ICRC). (STRICTLY PROTECT: Provision of these

Qfurther street protests in the fall. The IRI Country
Director (strictly protect), who briefed many of the

2. (S) Professor of Comparative Politics and Democratization at
Garyounis University, Zahi Mogherbi (strictly protect), told

1. (C) Summary: Bank president Oscar Garcia Mendoza
(strictly protect throughout) told the Ambassador he was

2. (C) Oscar Garcia Mendoza (strictly protect throughout),

Bashir al-Ashhab, confirmed this report to Marathon General
Manager, Steve Guidry (strictly protect), with al-Ashhab

1. (C) Summary: According to the General Manager of
PetroCanada, Will Duncan (strictly protect), the Libyan

2. (C) Will Duncan (strictly protect), the General Manager of

8. (C) The head of Marathon Oil in Libya, Steve Guidry
(strictly protect) said he saw the PetroCanada cuts as a

4. (C) Tachira State Police Director Homero Ruiz Vivas
(strictly protect) told PolOff that there were two competing

(Note: Separately, UNDP Country Director Turhan Saleh
(strictly protect) has confirmed this to us. End note). The

1. (S/NF) General Oscar Naranjo (strictly protect throughout), the

Turkish firms, comments Damascus Chamber of Commerce
Secretary General Bassem Ghrawi (strictly protect), at a time

message,\” observes Orient Center Director Samir al-Taqi
(strictly protect), a contact close to FM Muallim whose 2008

favoring Syria, contends Syrian businessman and former MP
Ihsan Sanker (strictly protect). Egyptian Political
Counselor Adel Ibrahim (strictly protect) concurs. FM

2. (C) An Indian Embassy official (strictly protect) told

2. (U) Acting Regional Representative for UNHCR, Dr. Hamdi
Bukhari (Strictly Protect) elaborated on UNHCR press release

1. (C) Summary: Rio Principal Officer, accompanied by PAO,
met on 23 October with Felipe Donoso (strictly protect), the

10. (S/NF) ISN/CTR met with the Deputy Chief of Mission,
Lorenzo Kluzer (strictly protect) at the Italian Embassy to

accept the five Uighur detainees on a &long-term temporary
basis.8 (Note: Strictly protect – President Nasheed will

1. (C) PolOff recently met with Hassan Ahmed Makhtal
(strictly protect), a former Ogadeni (Somali region) tribal

6. (C) Turning the discussion to Jerry Rawlings himself,
Gbeho (strictly protect) noted that Rawlings remains an

constantly seeking balance between work and family. Mohammed
Bouabdelli (strictly protect), a former school master who

5. (S) Egyptian diplomat Marwa Fouad (strictly protect) told

7.(S) Sinaan al-Majali (strictly protect) of the Jordanian

2. (C) Major Mekonen Geleta (strictly protect), a Member of

2. (C) Acting Regional Representative for UNHCR, Dr. Hamdi
Bukhari (Strictly Protect) discussed two security and

back to Afghanistan after a routine training/rest period.
(C/NOFORN) Afghanistan cont\’d (STRICTLY PROTECT until

position (ref A). This loss, Damascus Declaration member
Fawaz Tello (strictly protect) speculated in a November 13

3. (S/NF) In a separate November 15 meeting with Pol/Econ Chief,
Italian DCM Lorenzo Kluzer (strictly protect) confirmed that

al-Hasani and Haitham al-Maleh had produced, Catherine
al-Tali (strictly protect) told us state security services

General Zuheir Hamad ordered Muhanad\’s brother Mulham
al-Hasani (strictly protect) to report to security offices

3. (C) In a separate meeting, the Executive Secretary
(strictly protect) of the Political Party Forum (an

2. (C) Cargill\’s sugar refinery manager Anio Du Pisani
(strictly protect) told us November 15 that officials from

2. (C) Acting UNHCR Regional Representative Dr. Hamdi
Bukhari (Strictly Protect) confirmed previous reporting by

investigation by the CID, something that Kosmos Energy
Country Manager Kevin Black (strictly protect) feels has

5. (C) Kevin Black (strictly protect) informed Econ Chief of

6. (C) Following the publication of the Daily Guide article,
Kosmos Energy COO Brian Maxted (strictly protect) briefed the

direction than the Turkish organizers had desired. A senior
member of the BiH Mission to NATO (strictly protect)

2. (C) Maan Abdul Salam (strictly protect), the founding

1. (S/NF) SUMMARY: The U.S. Deputy Director of the Secretary
General\’s Private Office Jeff Rathke (strictly protect) told

2. (C) \”The Internet situation in China is worsening,\” said
Zhang Shihe (aka Lao Hu Miao, strictly protect), who was part

trend will be permanent. Prolific blogger Yang Hengjun
(strictly protect), another panelist, expressed similar

4. (C) Conference organizers Wen Yunchao (aka Bei Feng,
strictly protect) and Mao Xianghui (aka Isaac Mao, strictly

force that can be generated through the Internet. David Feng
(strictly protect), a longtime conference participant, also

Chang Ping, strictly protect), a celebrated blogger and former

Firewall would be the greatest achievement of this century.
Likewise, Teng Biao (strictly protect), a Beijing human rights

whom ConGenOff spoke made similar statements. Zhang Le
(strictly protect), a second-time conference participant,

was \”driven out of large cities,\” said Wen Yunchao (aka Bei
Feng, strictly protect), a prominent blogger and one of the

3. (C) Another organizer, Mao Xianghui (aka Isaac Mao,
strictly protect), also commented to ConGenOff that many

individuals can together change the world, explained keynote
speaker Hu Yong (strictly protect), an associate professor at

people want to understand China, they can use Twitter,\” said
David Feng (strictly protect), a self-proclaimed avid Twitter

9. (C) Twitter was again widely discussed during two other
sessions. Zui Hulu (pseudonym, strictly protect) led a

session, Twitter was hailed as the tool that helped free Guo
Baofeng (aka Amoiist, strictly protect), who was detained in

Firewall and access blocked sites like Twitter. Led by Zhou
Shuguang (aka Zuola, strictly protect), the presentation

form a \”high-level political mechanism\” to break Nepal\’s
political impasse, according to K.P. Oli (strictly protect),

4. (C) Pedro Almoguera (strictly protect throughout), Technical

13.9 percent of government deposits in the financial sector. End
note.) Bernardo Chacin (strictly protect), president of Citibank

would pose a systemic risk). According to Banesco Executive Vice
President Carmen Lorenzo (strictly protect throughout), the

Venezuela\’s leading wireless service providers. Digitel director
Ricardo Mata (strictly protect) told Econoffs November 17 that

7. (C) In a separate conversion with P/E chief on November 15,
Italian DCM Lorenzo Kluzer (strictly protect) expressed his

2. (C) Ahmed Ubaid (strictly protect), an Iraqi diplomat

(reftels). According to Ambassador Jacques Pitteloud
(strictly protect), Head of the Political Secretariat

3. (S/NF) In a November 18 meeting with DCM, Ambassador
Jacques Pitteloud (strictly protect), Head of the Political

Berdimuhamedov\’s wish, gazelles from the Badhyz
nature preserve, which is a strictly protected area

1. (C) Syrian Human Rights Organization – SWASIAH activist
and lawyer Catherine al-Tali (strictly protect) told us on

1. (C) SRSG for Chad Victor Angelo (STRICTLY PROTECT) called

1. (C) Summary: Kurdish Democratic Front Secretary General
Abdul Hakim Bashar (strictly protect) detailed backchannel

to discuss resources for Afghanistan, La Russa advisor Ruben
(please strictly protect) called Pol M/C to confirm that the

4. (C) At a Thanksgiving dinner last evening, prominent
Jeddah attorney Kareem Nazir (strictly protect), son of

5. (S) In a subsequent conversation with DCM after Williams\’
departure, Campbell (strictly protect) said Anglican-Vatican

5. (S) In a subsequent conversation with DCM after Williams\’
departure, Campbell (strictly protect) said Anglican-Vatican

and Nepali businessman Dinesh Manandhar accompanied
Prachanda. Manandhar (strictly protect) told Emboff November

at the official exchange rate, Bs 10,000 = USD 4,651). Orlando
Ochoa (strictly protect throughout), an economist with close ties

anticipation of possible GBRV intervention, a point made by
brokerage executive Miguel Octavio (strictly protect) on his

2. (C) Summary. Observers in the French shipbuilding industry
(strictly protect) provided background information on prospects for

Southern Daily Group or closely associated with the
Southern Weekend (strictly protect all), have confirmed

5. (C) Both Conmy and McGarry (STRICTLY PROTECT) opined that

rape case in Gia Lai Province. According to Pastor Siu Y Kim
(strictly protect), an Executive Board member of the Southern

forward, according to a person close to the Cardinal. Further
to ref a, Cardinal Law (strictly protect) told DCM in confidence

to an American was cause for retaliation. Student Mustafa
Tawfiq (strictly protect), for example, told PRTOffs that

Lebanon and ending up in the hands of Syrian security. Razan
Zeitunah (strictly protect) told us the wife of Kurdish

5. (C) Wissam Tarif (strictly protect), an Embassy contact in

as public protests are prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Columnist
Hussein Shobokshi (strictly protect) characterized the

have rebutted the contention. Radio journalist Samar Fatany
(strictly protect) and Shobokshi asserted that several

3. (U) According to the Ministry of Nature Protection,
there are eight strictly protected nature preserves

of Ashgabat. Rotaru said that while the Kopetdag
zapovednik will continue to be a strictly protected

3. (SBU) Senior Commercial Officer was approached recently by U.S.
company Anadarko (strictly protect) requesting information and

residence, Royal Air Maroc CEO Driss Benhimma (please
strictly protect throughout) spontaneously raised the case of

7. (C) Turkish DCM Aydin Acikel (strictly protect) told us

business entrepreneurs who is well connected in the Gulf, Baha Eddine
Shanableh (please strictly protect throughout), told EconOff that

Al-Jazeera officials. ONA\’s Vice President, Majeed Tazloui, (please
strictly protect throughout) who led the ONA delegation to Qatar with

the other seven banks in that it was not healthy: respected
analyst Francisco Faraco (strictly protect) in his September 2009

in the financial sector about the recent bank interventions.
Brokerage executive and blogger Miguel Octavio (strictly protect)

official exchange rate). Nevertheless, Sintesis Financiera analyst
Tamara Herrera (strictly protect) described the interventions to
date as \”an episode that is probably over\” and which was \”not a
crisis.\” Senior economists from Banco Mercantil (strictly protect)

others, like World Bank senior economist and one of Luanda\’s
most astute observers Ricardo Gazel (strictly protect), are

2. (C) Both Gazel and Mamadou Beye, a senior Chevron Angola
official (strictly protect), also spoke to DCM about rumors

turn, is good for Chevron. According to the Chevron rep
(strictly protect), Ms. Matieva is studying Business and

hammered together during Berdimuhamedov\’s visit to Romania in
2008. Horumba (strictly protect) has complained about the

the Moroccan Foreign Minister Taieb Fassi Fihri and Guinean
DCM in Morocco Fode Camara (strictly protect; no relation to

7. (C) Former Energy and Finance Minister Paa Kwesi Nduom
(STRICTLY PROTECT) told the Ambassador that the GOG had no

11. (C) The Ambassador was told by Cofie (STRICTLY PROTECT)

veto the issuance of Schengen visas to Qadhafi family members.
He specified that the Portuguese Ambassador (strictly protect)

strategist Imad Mugniyah in the Syrian capital. Al Hayat
Bureau Chief Ibrahim Hamidi (strictly protect) spoke very

only that \”he was here,\” and \”when he visits, it\’s usually
significant.\” MP Hashem Akkad (strictly protect) reported

abandon its ties to Iran, according to as-Safir and al-Watan
journalist Ziad Haidar (strictly protect). The visits

relationship. According to former MP and Minister Hasan
al-Nouri (strictly protect), U.S.-educated director of

most of the larger banks. One dissenting voice is that of Oscar
Garcia Mendoza (strictly protect throughout), president of

with unemployment problems that is heavily dependent upon the
government. Ali Yehia Al Hayani (strictly protect), a member

7. (C) On October 29, Samiullah Faizi, Hamdard\’s personal
interpreter (strictly protect), came to Forward Operating

The Provincial National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief
Dr. Shah Jahan (strictly protect) even provided a written

Dadis for some time, presumably to make his own assessment of
Dadis, health. Guinean DCM Fode Camara (strictly protect;

4. (C/NF) Mustafa al-Kadhimi (strictly protect), director of

with several USAID Ethiopia staff, WFP Director and Deputy
Director for Ethiopia (Strictly Protect Both) and other WFP

management of the CVG companies. According to journalist Damian
Prat (strictly protect throughout), an expert on the basic

This may not be the only such incident: according to Pedro Rondon
(strictly protect throughout), spokesperson for a group of current

independently confirmed this estimate. Edelca engineer Rafael
Salazar (strictly protect throughout; contact made with Econoff

of the companies for the time being. According to lawyer and
company director Jose Santiago Nunez [strictly protect throughout],

suppliers remains within the public sector (i.e., if Sidor delays
payment to Edelca), Gabriela Bellizzi (strictly protect

approaching their breaking point. Labor leader and former Bolivar
Governor Andres Velazquez (strictly protect) observed that if the

Pedro Rondon, a labor activist with Venezuela\’s Sidor steel
industry (strictly protect), lamented the irony of workers \”seeking

sector workers use to pay for health care costs at private clinics
(ref B) received similar criticism. Henry Arias (strictly protect),

Lismarbeth Zamora (strictly protect) said the region had \”taken a

9. (C) The Catholic Bishop for Ciudad Guayana, Mons. Mariano
Parra (strictly protect), echoed these sentiments. He said the

elections. The publisher of Ciudad Guayana\’s largest pro-opposition
newspaper, David Natera (strictly protect), argued that the

remarks about making Guayana a \”socialist example.\” Banesco
Regional Bank Manager Gabriela Bellizzi (strictly protect) noted

conditions are terrible.\” Labor leader and Alcasa employee Carlos
Gonzalez (strictly protect) observed that the various actions of

the AN elections was evident to all. Regional opposition \”unity
table\” representative Cesar Ramirez (strictly protect) suggested

post on December 30, 2009, according to Dr. Mustafa Bahran
(strictly protect), the head of Yemen\’s National Atomic

DATT on January 5 and 6; Brigadier General Herbert Chingono
(strictly protect), Inspector General for the Zimbabwe

serving military officers took a grave personal risk meeting
with us, and their identities should be strictly protected.

10. (C) Laila Tomeh (strictly protect), the National Program

6. (C/NF) On December 18 UK Ambassador Andrew Soper
(strictly protect) and DFID representative met with President

Ireland, and co-Commissioners Andrew Sens, Brigadier Tauno
Nieminen and Aaro Suonio. (STRICTLY PROTECT ALL FOUR.) De

6. (C) Don Pathan (strictly protect), a reporter for The

7. (C) Chaiyong Maneerungsakul (strictly protect), a reporter

10. (C) Sunai Phasuk (strictly protect), a researcher for

morning after, Tawasul executive director (and former Embassy
Muscat FSN) Khalid al Haribi (strictly protect) said that in the

been evident at various red-shirt gatherings (REF B). German
photojournalist Nick Nostitz (strictly protect) told us on

1. (C) Summary: The World Bank\’s Mining Advisor Craig Andrews
(strictly protect) reports Mining Minister Shahrani is planning to

been publicly postponed till February 15. On January 20, World Bank
Mining Advisor Craig Andrews (strictly protect) confided to us that

3. (C) Rossing Uranium\’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Peter
Carlson (strictly protect) provided a detailed account of the

dysfunction,\” where lack of legal clarity serves the purposes of
presidential power. Polydor Muboyayi (strictly protect), editor of

the Ambassador, Grand Ayatollah Hussein Ismail al-Sadr
(strictly protect), cousin of Moqtada al-Sadr, made the

2. (C) Acting OCHA Chief Amy Martin (strictly protect) told

1. (C/NF) Adham Naguib, Egypt\’s DCM at its Embassy in Qatar
(strictly protect), told P/E Chief Rice January 26 that the

6. (C/NF) Mohammed Sadiq al-Hir (strictly protect), president

9. (C) COMMENT CONTINUED: Former MFA Americas Department
Chief Serdar Bashimov (strictly protect) in 2009 warned us

2. (C) Presidential Chief of Staff Zazah Ramandimbarasoa
(strictly protect) came to see me discreetly at the residence

4. (C) Basha Bashraheel (strictly protect), Hisham\’s son,

with Presidential Peace Advisor Annabelle Abaya somewhere in
the Netherlands at the end of November. (Strictly protect —

United States, as \”unacceptable.\” Mohammed Sadiq al-Hir
(strictly protect), president of Karbala\’s Hotel and

5. (C) Riad Seif Update: Riad Seif,s daughter, Jumana
(strictly protect), told us February 3 that her father\’s

6. (C) Syrian Women\’s Observatory (SWO) founder Bassam
al-Kadi (strictly protect) shared his reactions to Syria\’s

Obama\’s decision to meet with the Dalai Lama.
Suoang Zhaxi (strictly protect), a monk from Yushu

7. (S) Gebchak Wangdrak Rinpoche (strictly protect),

Tibetans. Similarly, Luosang Cicheng Pengcuo
(strictly protect), a living Buddha at Lucang

Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) deliberations
(strictly protect – see reftels).

Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) deliberations
(strictly protect – see reftels).

had with Intertrust, a local broker, according to Intertrust
directors (strictly protect throughout). We know of at least two

U.S. banks, appear mostly to affect smaller, less well-established
financial institutions. Philip Henriquez (strictly protect

Mercantil had with it. Citibank Venezuela president Bernardo
Chacin (strictly protect throughout) noted that Citibank recently

banks to be intervened themselves. Chacin and Milton Guzman
(strictly protect throughout), chief economist for Valores

2. (S/NF) MOD Legal Advisor Monica Cifuentes (strictly protect),

2. (C) On January 20, private sector aluminum entrepreneur
Jorge Monch (strictly protect throughout) told EconOff that

6. (C) In a separate discussion, JCO member Mohammed Laoufir
(strictly protect) told of a personal experience that is

3. (S) The Private Office (strictly protect) reports that

Strictly protect. Ha. And here is: cat cables.csv | grep -i -B 1 “protect source”





British-Iraqi national who has lived in Iraq for the last
twenty years (please protect source) briefed PRM and

1. (C) On March 13, DART Field Office/North personnel
met with Andre Lapierriere (Protect Source), UNICEF,s

1. (C) On March 13, DART Field Office/North personnel
met with Andre Lapierriere (Protect Source), UNICEF,s

particularly sensitive time (during the CHR session in
Geneva). (Note: Cowan (protect source) told poloff that one

Embassy forwarded his application to San Jose on June 20.
PolOff spoke with the Costa Rican ConOff (protect source),

lawyer in Amman, Nancy Dababneh of International Business
Legal Associates, (protect source) one serious concern is the

requirements laid out in a two-page, USG non-paper (Ref B).
(NOTE: Protect source. A copy will be faxed to NEA/ARN and

7. (SBU) Talhouni provided the following text of the draft
circular (protect source):

3. Econoff met with a key member of the former management of
International Hospital Group team (protect source) for a

4. (S) Please protect sources accordingly.

Sensitive but unclassified. Please protect sources and

6. (SBU) It is unclear as yet whether the GOZ will issue an
appeal. WFP informally told us (protect source) that the

include in the trial and what to leave out in order to
protect sources and methods. Spanish prosecutors have no

Sensitive but Unclassfied. Please protect sources.

protecting the rights of journalists, including their right
to protect sources. These rights, she said had to be

2. (C) Dominican Minister of Industry and Commerce
Francisco Javier Garcia (protect source) on September 8

Agnes Asekenye-Oonyu, the OCHA Assistant Director visiting
from New York. Ms. Asekenye-Oonyu (protect source) confided

1. (C) Summary: Deputy police chief Brig. Gen. Guzman Fermin
(protect source) told DCM on September 19 that Interior and

Supreme Commander Pedro Antonio Marin, AKA \”Manuel Marulanda\”
or \”Tirofijo\”. (Please protect source and information.) The

terrorists. As we have not been able to share details given
the need to protect sources and methods, the Lebanese fully

\”contravening the law…which assures journalists the
right…to protect sources and (reveal them) only to the

9. (C) Military Spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe
(protect source) told pol FSN that he could not rule out the

Vavuniya, in Colombo in separate meetings June 28-30. The
soft-spoken GA Jaffna (protect source) emphasized the

9. (C) On June 29, Vavuniya District High Court Judge M.
Elancheliyan (protect source) claimed to poloff that another

3. (C) David Johnson, senior human rights officer at OHCHR
(protect source), told Emboff on July 5 that he suspected a

3. (C) Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Captain Tushara (protect source)

are co-funding Masamvu\’s salary at IDASA (NOTE: strictly
protect source of Masamvu\’s salary). He will focus on

right to print stories and
protect sources. Za\’im Ali and his colleagues, after further

8. (C) Surendra Shah, Senior Superintendent of Police in the
Nepal Police (protect source), hoped both sides would

security forces were aiding the Karuna group (TMVP) in child
abductions in the east. The desk officer (protect source)

circulation within U.S Government pending consultation with
USUN in order to protect source. Note also that the

and an AmCit employed by the Registry in
Freetown (protect sources) that Munlo is

Krause shared this information in confidence, saying it was
an ongoing sensitive point. Please protect source).

works as an anonymous stringer for a western news organizations
(protect source) to inquire about the situation in Basrah. His

5. (C) The Malaysian NGO \”SUARAM\” (Suara Rakyat Malaysia,
Malaysian People\’s Voice) (protect source) provided the

2. (C) Yves Duvivier who was the World Bank resident
representative for three years (please protect source

3. (C) Hadj Zoubir, a prominent colonel in the Algerian
military (strictly protect source), told us privately on

2. (C) Mohammed Abbou (protect source), a member of the FLN

other elements, including language that would require (as
opposed to permit) journalists to protect sources.

other elements, including language that would require (as
opposed to permit) journalists to protect sources.

3. (SBU) A flight safety consultant with the International Civil
Aviation Organization (please protect source) confided to us on June

need to get the information to the people who required it
with the need to protect sources. He said the CTC would

need to get the information to the people who required it
with the need to protect sources. He said the CTC would

5. (S) On July 3, 2008, PRT Offs met with Mohammed Sadiq
Al-Hir (strictly protect source), a prominent local

His office was looted and heavily damaged. A representative of
the Bey and Sons Company (strictly protect source), a large

reschedule the trip. The World Food Program\’s director
(strictly protect source) was told on November 11 that the

traffic was moving very slowly. The UN\’s security officer in
Tripoli (strictly protect source) was told on/about November 11

2. (C) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources Deputy Director
Jabar (protect source) confirmed to EconOff on November 19 that due

4. (S) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources Deputy Director
Jabar (protect source) confirmed to EconOff on November 19 that due

allowed to go. Correspondents for the Syrian Arab News Agency
(SANA) and Maghreb News Agency (strictly protect source) learned

the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ghana. COMMENT:
Embassy contacts at Newmont (PROTECT SOURCE) privately suggest these

3. (C) On December 6, Zafar-Ul-Hussan, Deputy Economic Advisor,
Ministry of Finance (protect source), described Pakistan\’s refined

but hinted that a devaluation is forthcoming. (Note: Mahen
Dayananda (protect source), an influential businessman and

1. (S) On February 25, Helicopter inspector and aviation
consultant Arnold Sundquist (protect source) told us that two

other agreement between Qadhafi and Bozize has been breached.
Outgoing Ambassador of BONUCA, Francois Fall (PROTECT SOURCE),

releasable information on mutually agreeable terms that would
appropriately protect sources and methods, Sedney advised.

Presidential Guard. A former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
[PROTECT SOURCE] told the Ambassador, `He would love to

4. (C/NF) Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) Monitor
Heather Ryan (strictly protect source) reported April 24 that

Ng Kuok-cheung, and earlier with Professor University of
Macau Professor Eilo Yu. (Please protect sources throughout.)

Abubaker Ahmed, Director of the Central Hospital of Tripoli
(strictly protect source), told P/E Chief in early June that

6. (C) The local correspondents for BBC News and the Syrian Arab
News Agency (strictly protect sources) told us shortly after the

4. (C) The question of a possible loophole was also discussed
with Judge Jun Shimato. (NOTE: Protect source. END NOTE).

2. (C) Shoko Fujiwara (NOTE: Protect Source. END NOTE), head

5. (C) In a meeting on a different issue, Yoko Hayashi (NOTE:
Protect Source. END NOTE), a prominent Japanese Human Rights

Protect Source. Ha. This is a major victory for TRUTH against the global U.S.-led terror and plunder, and many more are to come.


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