My Revolution: The Writings of One Man Against the World

This was the first book that I had ever got published, & the majority of it, like all the other books, consisted of my political beliefs at the time. And to be completely honest, a good amount of the political poems consisted of conspiracy theories that I was really into at the time, which of today I no longer support. Though, I look back into these poems (beliefs) & never regret writing them, nor believing what I believed during those times, due to it taught me the idea that if one wants to truly be free, then one has to question everyone & everything that is told to them. I had a lot less anger through my political beliefs back then, & really wasn’t that well educated into politics as much as I am now, but the anger was there, & it made me who I am today.

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My Revolution: The Collection of a Mad Man

When I started writing this book it was soon after I had just got done publishing my 1st one. I was very excited in creating this one since I had promised myself that I would advance it further than I did originally. During this time period I began studying Socialist economics. Although I didn’t know much about it at the time, I understood the basic concept behind it & it was enough to get my developing mind hooked forever. Though, if I can remember correctly, I was still unaware that Communist ideology was part of Socialist belief, & because of this unawareness, I was very critical against the idea of Communism, especially through the conspiracy theories. So I started writing poems in support of this new found belief, along with the conspiracy theories that I, unfortunately, was still going on about. In this one, you can definitely tell that my anger became more apparent than the original book that was published before it. Though, I was also more senile during that time as well as my conspiracy theorist lifestyle was taking over more than ever.

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Project-Mother Earth

By this time, I had finally left the conspiracy theorist movement. It was just a couple months before I got this published when I started realizing how misinformed I was on a lot of the things that I believed in – i.e. Obama’s birth certificate, 9/11, & especially on global warming. There, I realized how I got screwed over again, but this time it was by the “truth movement”, not the government. So it was a different step for me to be betrayed by a movement that I put my entire life into. I was use to being betrayed by the government, but not that. So it generated a lot of anger in me, & so I retaliated against one of the main conspiracy theories that I found was completely untrue, & that was the claim that global warming was a hoax. My third book, “Project-Mother Earth”, became a book based on my generating beliefs towards environmentalism & as I kept writing I kept learning more about climate science & how global warming operates, especially what all effects are taking place because of it & what needs to be done to stop it. I ended up releasing a good amount of anger in this book, & I also made present my advancing beliefs towards Communism. So, what this book allowed me to do was to relieve myself from the anger that was raging inside me at the time & also to start speaking out towards a real cause. As I was writing this book, I felt like I was finally free once again.

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Anger is a Gift

This has become my latest book & it’s also become the most militant one that I’ve made so far. Fueled completely with the anger that’s been raging inside me, I’ve brought forth a series of revolutionary poetry expressing my beliefs towards Communism & the revolution that is to be waged in order to gain Communism & to fight against the Capitalist elements of the bourgeois & bourgeoisie. I also ended up adding my first three books as well inside it to show exactly how much my anger has progressed & to show that I’ve really advanced my beliefs since the beginning.

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Anger is a Gift vol. 2: The Third World

My newly awaited 2nd volume of “Anger is a Gift”. By far the most militant and most controversial book of mine to be published. Ranging among various topics, from revolution, to class struggle, love, and all-out survival. Filled with poetic stories of the past, present and future. Along with various pictures provided, putting into account a revolutionary history almost forgotten. This newly published book will be the last of my books on poetry. Where I go from here is unknown, but I ensure everyone reading that you won’t be disappointed with “Anger is a Gift vol. 2: The Third World”.

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