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Maoists will take up arms: Baidya


January 17, 2013

Chairman Baidya speaks to media. (Bijay Rai)

The CPN-Maoist on Wednesday warned that the party will take up arms if the state power cannot assure the rights of the people.

Speaking at a press meet organized here by the party following the conclusion Tuesday of its seventh general convention, the CPN-Maoist also informed that the time for the revolt will be determined by the political situation.

“Give rights to the people. It the people get their rights, who will take up arms? Nobody. Why is the state conspiring instead of assuring people their rights in accordance with previous agreements and assurances. If rights are not given to people, it is sure that arms will be taken up,” answered Mohan Baidya, newly elected chairman of the CPN-Maoist, when asked about the reason for people’s revolt.

“As far as the date for launching a revolt is concerned, it is not a matter to be announced at present. It will rather be determined by the circumstances. Asked when they would launch their revolt, Baidya said, “We will launch the people’s revolt or people’s war as and when circumstances compel us because no one takes up arms just on the basis of the whim or interests of certain leaders”. “Arms will be taken up by any other force also when the situation so demands, even if we ourselves drop the idea.”

The general convention endorsed the launching of a people’s revolt on the foundation of the decade-long people’s war as the party’s political line. The foundation of the people’s war is people’s government, people’s court and people’s liberation army, according to the party line.

The experience of war and the experience of running people’s government and people’s courts during the insurgency will be the Maoists’ foundation for people’s revolt, Baidya said when asked if the party was going to revive them.

Armed struggle was notthing new, he argued, pointing out that the USA, which claims to be the proponent of human rights, also took up arms. The NC and UML had also taken up arms in the past. According to him, they forgot that once they attained power. Then they started to criticize the issue of arms.

Similarly, the general convention has endorsed an immediate program for bringing in a people’s federal republic, a people’s constitution and a national joint government.

CPN-Maoist press meet. (Photo: Bijay Rai)

Talking to media persons, he termed the current government a puppet government, arguing that it signed the BIPPA agreement with India and allowed India to undertake security responsibilities at 15 airports, claiming that these are anti-nationalist activities. In the past, the UCPN(Maoist) had termed the Madhav Nepal government a puppet government.

Baidya accused the political parties including the UCPN (Maoist) of abandoning the entire agenda of the people and not following up on previous agreements. He said a new agreement should be worked out in accordance with the changing situation, as the earlier agreements had failed.

“The 12-point deal and the comprehensive peace accord have all failed. We should work out a new agreement in accordance with the changed situation,” said Baidya.

He also made it clear that his party would not join the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML protests. According to him, they can go together only in demanding that the Bhattarai government step down.

“But we can keep up debates with them,” he said.

Baidya urged media to strike a balance over coverage of the killing of journalist Dekendra Thapa, informing that journalist Krishna Sen was also killed during the insurgency, by state forces.

“You [media] are projecting cases unilaterally. Raise the issue of journalist Krishna Sen also,” added Baidya.



CPN-Maoist Chairman Kiran: ‘China respects our sovereignty, India sets evil eye on Nepal’


The following article below was originally published by Telegraph Nepal

Mohan Baidya Kiran, Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party-Maoist.

Mohan Baidya Kiran, Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party-Maoist.

Nepal note: China good, India evil, NCP-Maoist leaders claim

January 9, 2013

Whereas China respects Nepal’s sovereignty unconditionally, India on the other hand, has set an evil eye on Nepal. The northern neighbor has respect for us but the Indian ruling elites have always looked towards us with mal-intent. India’s evil eye towards Nepal must come to an end.

Addressing the inaugural session of the sixth general assembly of the party, Chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran of Nepal Communist Party-Maoist, made these fiery remarks in Tudikhel in Kathmandu, January 9, 2013.

Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan was also present on the occasion. This has immense meaning.

Vice Chairman C.P. Gajurel informed the crowd that the party has received a congratulatory message from the Communist Party of China.

“The Indian expansionism is the major obstacle towards successful completion of our revolt,” Baidya continued.

“We do not want to criticize India for nothing. We want friendly relations with the people of India and we also want good relations to exist between the two countries. There exist several unequal treaties between the two countries. The Indian ruling elites continue to treat us unequally and they have set an evil eye on our country. There lay threat to our sovereignty from the South.”

In his high voltage speech, Chairman Baidya also said that his party was ready to take the charge of the nation.

But only if awarded. But who will begin this charitable work?

“We will come with new policies, plans and objectives. We will focus our discussion on defeating imperialists and expansionists. We will bring our plan of action to successfully complete the revolt that began a decade back. We are ready to take the country forward in the direction traced by our party.”

“It has become wide and clear that the parliamentary parties have become a failure. They are outdated. There is however, the need for alliance between real communists, republicans and nationalists. We do not want to maintain our relations with the parliamentary parties.”

Seated beside the firebrand leader Netra Bikram Chan Biplav was the Chinese ambassador followed by the Ambassador from North Korea.

Biplav, as per the media reports, has been secretly meeting PM Bhattarai upon his return from China.

The party leaders Dev Gurung, Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’, Netra Bikram Chand Biplav, C.P. Gajurel, Manik Lal Shrestha were also present on the dais.

Spokeswoman, Pampha Bhusal told the reporters that none representing the parliamentary parties including the Unified Maoists Party were invited to take part in the inaugural session.

Societal boycott?

“Our objective is to fight against the parliamentary system. It would have been unsuitable to have brought them to the dais”.