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Chinese cities surrounded by US warships, fighter jets


Imperialism seeks recolonization of China

By William West
January 12, 2012

For the past year the Obama administration has been touting the policy of the “Asian pivot,” a gradual redistribution of U.S. resources into southeast Asia. Pres. Barack Obama’s November trip through Asia was promoted as a diplomatic tour designed to reinforce established alliances and forge new allies in the region. That same month, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development released a report saying that the People’s Republic of China would have the world’s largest economy by 2016, overtaking the United States. The gradual refocusing of U.S. foreign policy towards Asia is meant to stop the OECD’s prediction from coming true.

Obama’s tour began in Myanmar, where he was the first sitting U.S. president to visit the country. The visit coincided with the lifting of sanctions against Myanmar. Myanmar and several of the nations on the tour, such as Cambodia, have long been allies of China and the U.S. appears to be trying to forge alliances with them as a way of curbing Chinese influence in the region.

But other recent actions by the U.S. in Asia have not had nearly so “diplomatic” a flavor. In August, the U.S. launched a “missile shield” in Japan, ostensibly to knock away debris from a North Korean satellite. But experts point out that the trajectory of the “shield rockets” would not intercept falling debris, but could be used against China and North Korea.

In December, the Pentagon announced that there would be an increase in U.S. troops, ships and aircraft in the Philippines, a U.S. client state that has recently been in territorial disputes with China over the Spratly Islands. Chinese leaders have called the expansion of U.S. forces in the Philippines a threat to their national security, with Chinese Communist Party Chief Xi Jinping going so far as to urge the country’s military to “prepare for struggle” without naming the enemy.

Laughably, the United States’ response to China is that the military presence in the Philippines is “humanitarian” in nature, and that the U.S only intends to help the Philippines recover from Typhoon Bopha. How aircraft carriers are supposed to help the Filipino people rebuild is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, the government of the Philippines has continued its policy of torturing and disappearing dissenters while enjoying $700 million in “aid” from Washington, just since Obama took office.

Last summer, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the U.S, which already has 50 percent of its Navy in the Asia-Pacific region, will have 60 percent of its warships—the majority of the largest navy in the world—in Asian waters by 2020. This comes as the U.S. is planning the construction of a large naval base on the South Korean island of Jeju, despite the fact that 94 percent of the residents of the island’s largest village voted against the building of the naval base.

Still, Panetta thoroughly refuted any notion that the buildup of the U.S. war machine in Asia should be any cause of alarm for the Chinese. “Some view the increased emphasis by the United States on the Asia-Pacific region as some kind of challenge to China. I reject that view entirely,” Panetta said. “Our effort to renew and intensify our involvement in Asia is fully compatible … with the development and growth of China. Indeed, increased US involvement in this region will benefit China as it advances our shared security and prosperity for the future.”

But in November, Panetta announced that F-22 and F-35 fighter planes would be in Japan by 2017. This means that China’s major cities would be within striking distance of the world’s most advanced warplanes by the time it becomes the world’s largest economy.

Many in the U.S. government allege that it is nonsensical to claim that the U.S would want to ever wage war against China, as the Communist Party of China has decided to provisionally open the country’s markets up to foreign finance capital, and that capitalists in the U.S have much to gain from China’s market. But it must be remembered that China’s ruling Communist Party, upon coming to power under the leadership of Mao Zedong, ended decades of colonial exploitation of the Chinese people. The CPC still dictates the terms under which foreign companies can enter into the Chinese market. Even this is unacceptable to U.S. imperialism. They would like to overthrow the CPC and see the installation of a regime fully compliant to the whims of imperialism.

In addition, the U.S, as the current master of the capitalist-world, cannot allow a foreign market to overtake it in profitability, as the Chinese market currently seems capable of doing. It must thus seek to break up that market into more easily controlled fiefdoms. U.S. imperialism aspires to the ultimate break-up of the People’s Republic of China, and the recolonization of the Chinese people.



Communist Party of the Philippines condemns entry of US submarine in Philippine waters


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

May 17, 2012

Citizens of the Philippines demonstrating against U.S. intervention.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounced the entry in Philippine waters of the nuclear-capable attack submarine USS North Carolina as a violation of Philippine sovereignty.

“The US imperialist war machine entered Philippine waters in total contempt of the territorial integrity of the Philippines, even ignoring the existence of its puppet government,” said the CPP. “Officials of the puppet Aquino regime were caught unaware and presented themselves as dumb and useless in the face of the unannounced entry and surfacing of the USS Carline in Subic Bay last Tuesday.”

“The unannounced, unwanted and illegal docking of the nuclear-capable USS North Carolina exhibits the increasing arrogance and contemptuous attitude of the US imperialists with regard to Philippine sovereignty,” said the CPP. It pointed out that the USS North Carolina, being what the US touts as among its most advanced submarines, is fully capable of maintaining and firing nuclear rockets and other weapons of mass destruction.

“The US imperialists are making use of the anti-China scenario it has been whipping up in the past several years with the Aquino regime to camouflage and justify the utilization of the Philippines to build up its military presence and conduct power projection operations to control and maintain hegemony over the South China Sea and other crucial sea lanes in the Asia-Pacific region,” added the CPP.

“The Filipino people are indignant at how the US imperialist government is making use of the entire Philippines as a vast military base, where it could dock its ships, land its fighter jets, fly its drones, refuel, replenish supplies, conduct repairs, provide rest and recreation for its crew and carry out other crucial and ancillary operations any time and anywhere it wishes,” said the CPP.

“Worse, the Philippine government is serving as an imperialist stooge in blindly allowing the US imperialist military to trample on Philippine sovereingty with willfull contempt,” added the CPP. “Aquino and his retinue of Amboy officials raise a howl and vigorously wave the flag of ‘patriotism’ when the Chinese government sails its ships at the edge of Philippine waters, but fall deafeningly silent and fold up the Philippine flag when American military ships and submarines sail and dock within the very scope of Philippine territory.”

“The CPP joins the Filipino people in demanding the immediate pullout of the nuclear-capable USS North Carolina submarine. The CPP further reiterates the demand for the abrogation of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, the Visiting Forces Agreement and other unequal treaties between the imperialist US and its puppet government.”

Philippines: Hail to the Women Revolutionaries! Salute to the Mothers of the Oppressed!


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

Veronica Makabayan
Southern Tagalog Southern Tagalog Chapter – MAKIBAKA (MAKIBAKA)

May 12, 2012

“I realized that I am not the mother of my children only, but the mother of all the children of the oppressed peasantry…”

Pamela Jane ‘Ka Sol’Lapiz
Revolutionary Martyr of the New People’s Army
April 1966 – April 2012

Traditionally, the second Sunday of May is always commemorated as Mother’s Day, throughout the world mothers are remembered of their heroic deed. Thus the revolutionary forces of MAKIBAKA express its highest regards to all of its members who were mothers and those women who chose to be mothers of the oppressed. This occasion might be a bourgeois initiated commemoration but the fact that we’re going to commemorate this special day with the revolutionary mothers and martyrs makes all the difference. We will always treasure the undying compassion of mothers and women who have served their life for the revolution and the Protracted Peoples War.

All along in our semi-feudal and semi-colonial mothers are stereotyped to be at home attending the needs of her husband and children, and in some harshest condition they become the submissive servant of the entire family lineage.

Along with the pace by pace advancement of the Protracted People’s War, we sow the seeds of the revolution in the so-called basic unit of the society. We splinter to pieces the remnants of the old society and as we establish the new society brought by the National democratic Revolution, we build with a stronger foundation and equality amongst its members.

We give our highest salute to the revolutionary women cadres, red fighters, red commanders, and members of the revolutionary organizations. They have continued to break the traditional mothers that the patriarchal society have thought us, they are women and mothers without homes to tend, they are mothers with children to fed but have continuously feeding children whom were literally homeless and have long been forgotten by the US backed government. Their undying vocation for the revolution made them mothers of the oppressed peasant, workers and the broad masses. These are mothers that though not with their children physically, have preserved their families and have guided their children to be children of the revolution.

MAKIBAKA-TK also pays tribute to the entire revolutionary martyr, the mothers who unselfishly shared their time, love and life for the revolution and its children. Ka Soli, Ka Sol, and other martyrs have not only made their children orphan but they orphan the revolutionary forces and the masses that have considered them as their mothers also. Thus, our cause to liberate the country from imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism will carry on to be aflame by their children and its generation, until our nation democratic aspirations have reach its completion.

US, Philippines conduct war games in South China Sea


One component in overall US strategy to contain rise of China

By Matt Murray
May 4, 2012

U.S.-Philippines war games in the South China Sea, April 2012

Recent joint military exercises by the United States and the Philippines in disputed territories of the South China Sea have heightened tensions between the United States and China.

The two-week-long series of so-called “war games” reached its tensest moment on April 25, when U.S. and Philippine troops performed a mock assault on the island of Palawan, claimed by both China and the Philippines.

In response, China’s military issued its strongest warnings to date to the United States. Previous warnings from China had stated that any actions taken by the United States in the South China Sea would raise the risks of armed confrontation between the two countries.

“The South China Sea issue is not an issue between China and the U.S., because the U.S. doesn’t have claims over the South China Sea,” said Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai.

The annual U.S.-Philippine military exercises are part of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, one of many “security alliances” forged by the United States in the Asia-Pacific region during the Cold War.

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

The South China Sea has long been a region of contested territories. China and the Philippines, as well as Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam all claim parts of the area, also a former home to a U.S. Navy base at Subic Bay.

In addition to the one-third of global trade passing through it, the South China Sea also contains considerable energy reserves. It is estimated that anywhere from 4.8 to 213 billion barrels of oil and up to 3.8 trillion cubic meters of natural gas deposits are contained in the South China Sea—equivalent to the known oil reserves in Alaska and in excess of the known natural gas reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. (CNN Money, April 26)

Such vast energy resources are seen as major prizes by global energy monopolies intent on dominating access to supply in pursuit of the maximization of profit. ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron, among others, are already drilling in the region.

ExxonMobil, currently operating in Malaysia, has so far defied warnings that the company would be banned from Chinese markets if it pursued plans to drill in Vietnam. U.S.-based Murphy Oil and Philippines-based Philex Petroleum are also actively drilling in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, in the nearby Gulf of Thailand, Shell and Chevron are pursuing drilling programs.

US imperialism intends to isolate and contain the rise of China

Despite strong evidence to the contrary, U.S. and Philippine officials claim their presence in the South China Sea has nothing to do with China.

“Never was China ever mentioned in our planning and execution,” said Philippine military commander Lieutenant General Juancho Sabban. The exercise “simply means we want to work together, improve our skills.” (Reuters, April 26)

However, the joint military exercises with the Philippine military are only one component of a developing U.S. military strategy in Asia. In an effort to contain the rise of China as a global power, the United States has been increasingly shifting military assets from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with the cooperation of its allies in the region, including the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

In mid 2010, the U.S. Navy deployed newly equipped submarines to the Philippines, South Korea and the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. It was the first time these assets—armed with Tomahawk missiles capable of striking anything within a 1,000-mile radius—had been deployed from U.S. ports. At the same time, the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and significant amounts of heavy weaponry were sent to South Korea. In early April this year, 2,500 additional U.S. marines were deployed to northern Australia.

It is clear the United States intends to expand its presence in the region—what U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called a “pivot” towards Asia. In response, all revolutionaries and progressives must stand against increasing U.S. hostilities towards China and all oppressed countries struggling to maintain or achieve sovereignty.


Communist Party of the Philippines: Balikatan 2012 further trampled on Philippine sovereignty


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

April 27, 2012

Anti-U.S. imperialism demonstration in the Philippines.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said the ten-day Balikatan 2012 military exercises conducted by the US military with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in various parts of the country “has further strengthened the US’ foothold in the Philippines and resulted in the further abasement of Philippine sovereignty.”

“Through the Balikatan 2012 exercises, the US imperialists once again demonstrated that the Philippines is its military stronghold which it will make use of in line with its geo-political aim of furthering its hegemony over the Asia-Pacific region,” said the CPP.

“For ten days, 4,500 American soldiers freely moved around the country for war games, conducted counter-guerrilla trainings, live-fire exercises and intelligence operations and carried out power-projection operations in the South China Sea.” American soldiers were able to conduct these types of activities in Cavite, Palawan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and Tarlac.

“In a nauseating display of condescension, American soldiers also carried out so-called socio-civic activities to build schools and provide books, with the self-serving objective of winning the sentiments of the Filipino people,” said the CPP.

“The media-covered distribution of notebooks and school-building repairs by American soldiers sought to camouflage the outright trampling of Philippine sovereignty in the same way that American occupation soldiers of the early 1900s gave away candies and chocolates to placate the Filipino people’s anger over the massacres committed in the course of the subjugation and colonization of the Philippines.”

“Demonstrating its subservience, the Aquino regime allowed American soldiers to make use of Philippine territory in full contempt of Philippine sovereignty,” said the CPP. “Aquino is allowing the US imperialists to make full use of the Philippines as a pawn in its hegemonism, even stoking tensions with China and risking an armed confrontation, to justify the deployment of American warships in the South China Sea.”

“Aquino is exhibiting complete subservience to the US in exchange for the ‘privilege’ of purchasing a few obsolete second-hand war materiél from the US military’s scrapyard.”

CPP: Intensify the people’s anti-imperialist and democratic struggles on 39th anniversary of the NDFP


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

April 24, 2012

The entire leadership and membership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and Red fighters and commanders of the New People’s Army (NPA) extend their warm revolutionary greetings to the allied organizations of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) as it marks its founding anniversary.

Thirty-nine years ago today, the Preparatory Commission of the NDFP issued the NDF 12-point program, which since then has served as the framework for building the Filipino people’s unity under the banner of the national democratic revolution.

The NDFP has been waging armed struggle, carrying out agrarian revolution, mass base and united front building in the past four decades. It represents the Filipino people’s revolutionary forces and their people’s democratic government, which are being built on the foundations of the victories attained in waging people’s war. Through the NDFP, the collective interests of the Filipino people are being represented in negotiations with the reactionary government, in the field of international diplomacy and solidarity relations with other revolutionary forces, people’s movements and other groups.

Let us celebrate four decades of united front building through the NDFP. Through the NDFP, the Filipino people are being united with the basic alliance of the proletariat and peasantry at its core, in alliance with the progressive forces of the petty bourgeoisie, and in further alliance with the patriotic forces of the national bourgeoisie. The NDFP has also entered into temporary alliances with factions of the ruling classes in order to build broad alliances to isolate and fight the ruling clique.

The Filipino people are today confronted with the reactionary ruling Aquino puppet regime. As the current caretaker of the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal system, the Aquino regime is implementing the worst of the neoliberal economic policies imposed by US imperialism and its financial and economic agencies, exhibiting the most detestable forms of subservience to its imperialist masters and employs the most brutal tactics of suppression combined with outright deception.

Conditions are exceedingly favorable to expand the NDFP in a big way. The various democratic sectors comprising the Filipino people are restive and seek to organize or join organizations that uphold their national and democratic demands. Workers, peasants, the mass of unemployed, ordinary employees, overseas contract workers, professionals, youth and students, women, educators, church and religious people, artists and workers in the field of culture and arts, journalists and other media workers, scientists and technologists, small businessmen, minority peoples, the Moro people and numerous other oppressed and exploited sectors seek to expand the existing underground organizations or build new ones to ally with the NDFP.

Amidst their worsening socio-economic conditions, the Filipino people demand to intensify their mass struggles and armed resistance. They demand to unite the broadest number on the basis of their demands for social justice and their patriotic aspirations for national liberation.

The CPP calls on all revolutionary forces to exert all out effort to expand and build more revolutionary mass organizations representing the various democratic sectors of the Filipino people. Let us further expand the NDFP to unprecedented heights. Let us build the broadest possible alliance and mobilize the biggest number of people in democratic and anti-imperialist mass struggles and isolate and oppose the ruling Aquino puppet regime. Let us gather the broadest possible support for the armed revolution and the people’s mass struggles.

National Democratic Front: Armed struggle of the NPA and the people is a Just war


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

The CPP-NPA and the NDF are engaged in a just revolutionary war. The justness of this revolutionary war addresses the fundamental interests of the people especially the workers and the peasants who have long aspired for freedom and democracy, true development and a just and enduring peace.

The US-Aquino and its AFP/PNP are widely boasting their “victory” in the first year (2011) implementation of the Oplan Bayanihan against the revolutionary movement nationwide. They popularized their fantasy-statistics on the decrease of the armed strength of the NPA, dismantling of the targeted guerrilla fronts, waning of the mass base and isolation from the support of the people. They go beyond predicting that come 2016, after the term of P-Noy the revolutionary forces will be reduced to strategic insignificance.

The local reactionaries in Negros, particularly Alfredo Maranon Jr and the military officers under the Central Command-AFP Visayas and the 3rd Infantry Division, Phil Army have parroted the official propaganda psywar line of the US-Aquino and the AFP. They repeatedly declare that there are only 212 NPAs left in Negros after their “victorious” military campaign in 2011 that has resulted in several “surrenders”, AWOL, captured and KIA of officers and members of the Red Army.

The people of Negros know how to find the truth. The people can never be deceived by lies and disinformation being peddled by the class enemy. The people have been honed in 43 years of civil war in the country. They are conscious and have persevered in the protracted armed and unarmed, legal and illegal struggle against the exploitative and repressive semi-colonial and semi-feudal system.

Frank Fernandez 
NDF-Negros Island

April 22, 2012

CP of the Philippines: Balikatan photographs show U.S. involved in counter-guerrilla operations


April 21, 2012

Filipino and U.S. soldiers conduct a patrol during an ambush drill during a Philippine-U.S. troops joint military exercise in Ternate town, Cavite city, south of Manila April 19, 2012.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today cited pictures taken by Reuters photographer Romeo Ranoco and published on the Yahoo! News website ( and other outlets clearly showing that so-called joint military exercises between the US military and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) are geared towards US involvement in local counter-guerrilla operations in the Philippines.

The pictures were taken on April 19 in Ternate, Cavite where a contingent of American soldiers engaged in war games with Filipino troops are shown portraying situations of armed engagement against the NPA. Several pictures show American soldiers engaged in mock ambushes against NPA fighters. One of the captions read: “US soldiers inspect a Filipino soldier portraying a communist rebel killed in an ambush during a Philippine-US troops joint military exercise…”

U.S. soldiers inspect a Filipino soldier portraying a communist rebel killed in an ambush during a Philippine-U.S. troops joint military exercise.

“Clearly, Aquino and his military spokesmen are lying when they claim that the Balikatan exercises are only meant to boost the external defense capabilities of the Philippines,” said the CPP. “These pictures explicitly show American troops engaged in counter-guerrilla war games to situate themselves more squarely in the fascist war of suppression against the Filipino people and their army.”

“It is plain to see that the Balikatan war exercises are meant to increase the inter-operations capability of the US military andAFP to engage in internal domestic counter-guerrilla combat operations in the Philippines,” added the CPP.

“The Filipino people vigorously condemn US military intervention in the Philippines and involvement in the internal affairs of the Philippines,” said the CPP. “US military intervention in the Philippines involves the arming, planning and training of the reactionary AFP to gear it to suppress the Filipino people’s anti-imperialist armed resistance.”

U.S. soldiers walk past Filipino soldiers portraying communist rebels killed in an ambush during a Philippine-U.S. troops joint military exercise in Ternate town, Cavite city, south of Manila April 19, 2012.

“The Filipino people will not forget the long history of US armed intervention of the Philippines, including the war of aggression and occupation of the Philippines at the turn of the century which saw the massacre of close to half a million Filipinos by American soldiers,” said the CPP. “Heightened US military intervention and the outright puppetry of the Aquino regime compel the Filipino people to raise high the banner of patriotism and intensify their armed struggle for national and social liberation.”

“The US military and security establishment has long been engaged in counter-guerrilla operations in the Philippines,” said theCPP. “In fact, the Counter-insurgency Guide of 2009 issued by the US Department of Defense served as the blueprint and framework for Aquino’s Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression, which underscores the need to step up psychological warfare and publicity stunts to cover up the brutalities of the AFP’s military operations.”

“The 700-strong Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF-Philippines) based inside Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City has since 2002 served as the US mainstay in the Philippines engaged in various forms of counter-guerrilla, psywar and civil-military operations,” said the CPP. “For a decade now, US soldiers have been embedded in AFP units engaged in combat operations, serving as field advisers and stationing themselves in AFP tactical command posts, providing logistical support as well as satellite- and drone-fed intelligence information.”

“There have been numerous sightings of American soldiers in AFP counter-guerrilla field operations,” added the CPP. “Most recently, the US was involved in combat operations in Basilan where American military advisers guided AFP soldiers who dropped US-made ‘smart bombs’ on a supposed terrorist lair.”


CP of the Philippines declares April 19 “Serve the People Day” to mark Ka Roger’s 65th birthday


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

April 19, 2012

Revolutionary forces under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today marked the 65th birthday of former CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal. The CPP issued the following statement:

Today, we mark the 65th birth anniversary of Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, former spokesman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

In behalf of Ka Roger’s family, friends and comrades, the CPP would like to express its gratitude to the tens of thousands of people who expressed sympathy over his passing on June 22, 2011. Announcement of his death last year sparked widespread grief and inspired revolutionary fervor. Gun salutes were carried out by by NPA units across the country even as thousands joined street demonstrations in various cities, the October 21 tribute rally, wrote poems, songs and essays and tributes.

Ka Roger was a popular figure of the Filipino people’s revolutionary cause. He was, however, ever humble and conscious of the fact that he was just one among the multitudes of revolutionary fighters who devoted their lives in service of the oppressed and exploited people.

As a fitting tribute to Ka Roger and his life of selfless sacrifice for the Filipino people’s revolutionary cause, let us declare April 19 as “Serve the People Day.” Let us devote April 19 of every year to educational, cultural, political and other activities to study and draw inspiration from the life and struggle of Ka Roger and all other heroes and martyrs of the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation.

Unión del Barrio: U.S. Imperialism Out of the Philippines!


April 17, 2012

To the People of the Philippines,

To the International League of People’s Struggle,

To Bayan USA,

To Anakbayan, Sigaw, Habi Arts, and all the organized workers of the Phillipines,

Unión del Barrio, a Mexican/Latin-American revolutionary and anti-imperialist organization, that struggles against US colonial occupation of our territories usurped in their illegal war of aggression against México in 1846-1848, stands in solidarity with you to end the genocidal US military intervention in your homeland.

Unión del Barrio understands that the deepening economic crisis of capitalism is threatening the imperialists in the US and Europe from maintaining their political control of neo-colonial nation states, who’s peoples are overturning years of colonial and neo-colonial rule as the masses of the people the world over rise up to take back their natural resources.

Like a wounded animal with its back against the wall, US Imperialism is desperately trying to survive and it is resorting to open and outright violence in order to maintain its power and control over the natural resources the world over. Part of the process of Imperialist survival is its attempt to conserve political rule through right-wing puppet governments. It is under that context that we are able to understand why the US continues its military intervention in places such as México, Colombia and our sister nation of the Philippines.

In Latin America, the US has installed military bases in countries ruled by right-wing fascist governments that cater to the needs of US imperialism and its international oligarchy, as a means to encircle and cordon off revolutionary nations such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua in their attempts to strangle the emancipatory process taking shape in those countries.

In México, under the so called Plan Merida and under the declared “War On Drugs”, the US has launched a genocidal campaign aimed at destroying all social and alternative political movements that challenge or even question its neo-liberal (imperialist) model. With operations such as “Fast and Furious”, the US has armed both the Mexican Military and the Drug Cartels, fueling a drug war that has resulted in the death of over 50,000 Mexicans in the last 5 years.

In the Philippines, the US is now carrying out joint exercises with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), a military that has for decades committed grave human rights violations. This mirrors our experience with US backed regimes in Latin America, where military juntas were trained at the infamous US Army School of the Americas where they learned to torture, maim and dispose of political opponents.  As if that were not terrible enough, the US imperialists are now arming the AFP with unmanned killer drones that will undoubtedly result in the deaths of countless civilians. We have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan how these US weapons of mass-destruction have been used to punish the defenseless civilian population that has now suffered over one million casualties. Under the pretext of the “War on Terror” or “The War on Drugs”, the US and their Filipino lackeys have attacked human rights activists, political activists and Filipino freedom fighters with these very weapons.

For those reasons, Unión del Barrio fervently denounces the joint US-Philippine military exercises and the US military intervention of the Philippines and her people. We denounce the US government for providing weapons of mass destruction to the AFP, and denounced the US war of terror on the sister Island Nation.

As Unión del Barrio we have learned much from the brave people of the Philippines who have been an example to the world of what it means to struggle against colonialism and imperialism. We are proud to join with Bayan USA, Anakbayan, Sigaw, Habi Arts, International League of People’s Struggles in your struggle, which is our struggle, to demand that the US stay out of the Philippines and that the US stop funding and arming the AFP!

US out of the Philippines!

US out of México!

US out of Latin America!

Down with Colonialism and Imperialism!

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!


Unión del Barrio