FULL INTERVIEW: This is why they killed Syrian-Palestinian actor Mohamad Rafea


Mohamad Rafea was the first Palestinian artist to be martyred in Syria. This interview with journalists Lizzie Phelan and Mostafa Afzalzadeh is an example of how despite the numerous threats Mohamad had received because of his vocal opposition to the illegal covert foreign intervention and insurgency in Syria, he refused to be silenced primarily about the importance of the country remaining united in the face of the western and Gulf state conspiracy to divide and destroy it. This interview was originally shot for a documentary by the journalists that can be watched in English, French and soon Spanish here http://www.manufacturing-dissent.com/ but has been released in full in the wake of his murder.

On Friday November 2nd 2012, Mohamad was kidnapped by extremists. On Sunday November 4th 2012, his father received a phone call from his murderers, informing him that they had dumped his body in an orchard. His body bore clear signs of torture and mutilation.

Despite attempts by western and pro-opposition media to portray Mohamad as a Syrian government thug, Mohamad was a much loved and widely known figure for his humility and dedication to humanity. His murder sent shockwaves throughout Syria. His father has called him a “martyr for Syria’s unity”.

A tribute to Mohamad by Lizzie Phelan can be read here in English http://tinyurl.com/asn8eag and here in Arabic http://tinyurl.com/akwcr8x


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