No ‘Arab Spring’ possible in China, despite BBC’s desires


The following article below was originally published on the Sons of Malcolm news blog, written by the Not A Dinner Party news blogger: 

June 29, 2012

Clearly the BBC is hoping to stir up an imaginary “Jasmine Spring”, the tone of the reporting is quite clear in that. Now, these workers have legitimate grievances, as they do in the many protests and riots that break out across China. Working-conditions, heavy handed policing, corruption, gangsterism. And often less legitimate reasons such as the usual bigotry, racism and sectarianism that often blight the poorest communities.

And these issues need to be addressed by the CP. And in many cases they are and seriously.

For example the BBC reporter mentions wages issues amongst migrant workers who are often lower paid and discriminated against. What he fails to mention is that the wages of migrant workers have increased by over 20% on average over the last year. How much did your wages go up this year?

The simple fact is, whatever legitimate issues and grievances there are for many millions of workers in China, the fact is that there is no demand, no desire for “western style reforms”. There is no mass movement against the CP or the socialist system. Quite the contrary, people by and large want to see more socialism not less, want to see the CP being more pro-active, not less. What they want is accountability and greater means for redress.

Even hostile analysts accept that if there were a “western style” election in China tomorrow, the CP would win with such a landslide it would most likely have more seats in the already multi-Party National Peoples Assembly than it already does!

But that does not allow room for complacency. There are plenty in China with wealth and power who will be more than happy to play the west’s game. And they will use whatever means available to them to sell China out and destroy what has been gained.

These kind of protests are important. They keep the Party on its toes. Remind them who is really boss under socialism.


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