KKE: SYRIZA gave its official “letters of credentials” to the USA and the EU


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of Greece

June 7, 2012

On Wednesday the 6th of June, the President of SYRIZA, A. Tsipras met with ambassadors and diplomats from the member-states of the G20. The newspaper “Rizospastis”, organ of the CC of the KKE, on the 7/6/2012, made the following comment on this:

“Mr Tsipras handed over his “letter of credentials”, at a really ceremonial event, to an official of the US embassy and diplomats from the planet’s 19 strongest capitalist countries! The meeting of SYRIZA’s President with the ambassadors of the G20 countries gave us a reminder of the recent past, specifically it reminds us of the former Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou, who has vanished without trace in recent weeks… The same slogans regarding “a new multi-facetted peaceful foreign policy”, the same references to “international initiatives for the democratization of the system of international relations” and the need to “upgrade the role of the UN.”

And at the same time, no mention of NATO. The lips are sealed! NATO which recently met in Chicago and took new dangerous decisions for the expansion of its activity, for the repression of every force. of every people that seeks to take control of its own future. Mr Tsipras’ silence concerning the continuing intervention against Syria was astounding. No mention, as if plans for a military intervention in the region are not being drawn up. As if the use of US base at Suda is not part of the plans regarding this intervention, and the use more generally of the ports, the airspace, and the sea of our country. The President of SYRIZA said nothing as to how the “left” government, which he promises to form, would react in such a situation!

Why? It is obvious! When it does not pose the issue of the country’s departure from the imperialist plans, from the imperialist organization of NATO, in the name of “alliance obligations”, the country will be dragged into this new bloody imperialist war, under a “left” government. But Mr Tsipras did not omit to mention that he would play a leading role in a “nuclear-free Middle East”, pointing to Iran’s nuclear programme, which is in any case the pretext which will be used by the USA and Israel to justify a possible military attack against Iran, a new war. Not a word about the nuclear weapons Israel already possesses!

SYRIZA’s President made a point of once again declaring his loyalty to the imperialist EU, and the need for Turkey’s assimilation into it, something which the Turkish communist and labour movement are opposed to! Finally, he considered it appropriate in front of the foreign ambassadors to unhesitatingly spew his poison against the socialism humanity knew in the USSR and other countries in the 20th century, and which, despite its weaknesses, was for over 50 years an irreplaceable support for the peace and security of the peoples and a thorn in the side of the imperialists.


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