Fidel Castro’s Reflections: The horrors offered to us by the empire


May 15, 2012

A cable from AP, the principal U.S. news agency, datelined today in Monterrey, Mexico, explains it with irrefutable clarity. It is not the first and doubtless is not the last about a reality which demolishes the mountain of lies with which the United States attempts to justify the inhuman destiny it reserves for the peoples of Our America.

What does the cable relate?

“MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) Forty nine people were found mutilated and scattered in a pool of blood on a highway that connects the industrial city of Monterrey with the U.S. border, in what would seem to be the lastest blow in the presumed fight between Mexico’s dominant drug cartels to outdo each other in bloodshed and expand their territory and smuggling routes.

“The 43 men and six women were dumped at the entrance to the town of San Juan, on a no-toll highway leading to the border city of Reynosa. “100% Zeta” was spray painted on a stone arch welcoming visitors where the bodies were dumped.

“Nuevo León state security spokesman Jorge Domene stated at a press conference that a ‘narcomanta’ (symbolic banner) was found with the decomposing bodies, in which Los Zetas claimed responsibility for the killing.

“The victims could have been killed as long as two days ago, which leads authorities to believe they could have been transported from another location. The dead would be hard to identify because of the lack of heads, hands and feet, which have not been found, said the official.

“State Attorney General Adrian de la Garza said that there had been no reports of mass disappearances in the last few days, so the victims may have been brought from other Mexican states, or were even U.S.-bound migrants from Central America.

“Mexican drug cartels have been escalating their bloody war to control smuggling routes, as well as the national drug market and extortion, and their victims include migrants seeking to reach the United States.

“So far this month, 18 bodies have been found in a tourist area near Guadalajara; 23 corpses were found decapitated or hung from a bridge in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, where violence among cartels has escalated. Bodies have appeared this year in the states of Veracruz, Guerrero, Morelos, Jalisco, Tamaulipas and Nuevo León.

“De la Garza stated that there are no leads to link the new wave of violence with the July presidential election. It has the dynamic of a war between cartels, he said.”

For its part, the BBC Mundo website reports:

“The scenes of decapitated and mutilated bodies in Nuevo León, where 49 bodies were dumped on the highway this Sunday, shook many given the extreme barbarity displayed by the killers. Even in Mexico, which after five years of intense war among cartels, would seem to have seen everything.”

More than a few countries of Our America are affected by these problems.

In our homeland, the problems related here do not exist; could this be why the empire is trying to defeat it through hunger and hostility? Half a century has not sufficed, and I very much doubt that the empire has another half century before, sooner or later, it sinks in its own mire.

Fidel Castro Ruz
May 14, 2012
4:36 p.m.



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