PFLP: General Secretary Sa’adat transferred to Ramle prison hospital


The following statement below was originally published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

April 29, 2012

Ramon prison management Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to Ramle prison hospital on Sunday, April 29. Sa’adat  has been in isolation for over three years in Ramon prison, and is part of the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike for justice and dignity.

PFLP prisoners were previously offered that Sa’adat’s isolation would be ended in exchange for them ending their hunger strike, which the prisoners refused, saying they are committed to achieving the full demands of the strike united with prisoners from all forces and factions, and ending isolation for all.

Comrade Sa’adat has lost 6 kilograms so far on this hunger strike, which comes only short months after the last extended hunger strike from September 27-October 20, which was led by prisoners of the PFLP and inspired by Sa’adat’s isolation, which called for an end to isolation and solitary confinement.

The PFLP issued a statement in response to the news that Sa’adat has been transferred to the prison hospital, saying that the PFLP “holds the occupation government fully responsible for any consequences to the life of General Secretary Sa’adat and all of the heroic prisoners fighting the battle of open hunger strike in order to meet their just demands, particularly ending solitary confinement. We have great pride in national leader Ahmad Sa’adat, who is locked in the battle of open hunger strike….we confirm our full support of the prisoners’ movement strike…and we call for the widest movement on all levels to support the prisoners in their strike in the prisons of the occupation and force their demands to be accepted.”


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