Communist Party of the Philippines congratulates DPRK’s anti-US defiance in launching rocket


The following statement below was originally published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) for successfully defying the US-led campaign of imperialist countries and their puppet states to stop it from launching a rocket to bring a civilian satellite into space to upgrade its communication and scientific infrastructure.

“After months of diplomatic, economic, political and military pressure exerted on the DPRK by the US-led imperialist countries, the DPRK defied all imperialist threats and today launched the Unha-3 rocket auspiciously timed to mark the 100th birth anniversary of its revolutionary anti-imperialist leader and first president Kim Il-Sung on April 16,” said the CPP.

The launch, however, was not a complete success as the DPRK announced that the rocket failed to break the earth’s atmosphere. The CPP pointed out that even the most advanced capitalist countries have encountered rocket-launch failures in the past, including the mid-flight explosion of the US Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986.

“The main issue at hand is that the DPRK has exhibited determination to continue with its rocket launch in accordance with its sovereign right to carry out the necessary scientific and technological advancements in order to address the growing needs of its people,” said the CPP.

“The defiance of the US-led imperialists exhibited by the DPRK, a relatively small independent nation, inspires the patriotism of the Filipino people and the peoples of the world who continue to suffer under the yoke of imperialist economic and political domination,” said the CPP.

“In having built another rocket to launch its second sattelite into orbit, the DPRK has also exhibited its achievements in the realm of rocket and space technology, putting to shame the US-led imperialists and their puppet states who have long sought to prevent the national development of the DRPKthrough economic and trade sanctions, diplomatic and political pressure and military subversion,” said the CPP.

“The achievements of the DPRK stand in stark contrast to the continuing economic backwardness of the Philippine semicolonial and semifeudal system that has long been under US domination,” said the CPP. “In contrast to the repeated success of the DPRK in building and launching a rocket, the Philippines cannot even independently build a decent car or a hand tractor for that matter.”

“To the detriment of the Filipino people, the Aquino regime has made a fool of itself in toeing the imperialist anti-DPRK propaganda and lining itself against the DPRK,” said the CPP. “If only to satisfy its imperialist masters, the Aquino regime resorted to making such big stupid publicity stunts as imposing no-fly and no-fishing zones in complete disregard of the economic impact especially on hundreds of thousands of subsistence fisherfolk in Northern and Central Luzon and the Bicol region.”


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