Communists won’t let NATO in Lenin’s birthplace


April 4, 2012

Russian Communist Party supporters (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vyatkin)

Russia’s Communist party (KPRF) is planning to stage a series of protest rallies across the country against possible NATO presence on Russian territory.

The KPRF expects that up to 2 million people throughout the country may take part in the event on April 7.

The center of protests will be in Ulyanovsk, a city on the Volga River, where a transit hub for NATO’s Afghan-bound cargo may soon be created. Rallies will also be held in all regional centers and large cities.

“We won’t let [NATO] in. We have no right to let them come here – there is absolutely no need for them,” KPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov said, as cited by RIA Novosti. He also warned the Russian leadership that such cooperation with the alliance “will turn out badly.”

Earlier, Zyuganov accused President-elect Vladimir Putin of purchasing the recognition of March 4 vote from the US by “presenting” them the “NATO base in Ulyanovsk.” Formerly known as Simbirsk, the city is the birthplace of the Revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin (originally named Ulyanov).

The Communists believe that the presence of foreign military “base” at the very heart of Russia could pose a threat to the country’s national security. In addition, the KPRF fears that the new transit hub could open a new channel for drug-trafficking from Afghanistan to Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that Moscow and Brussels were finalizing negotiations over the deal that would allow NATO to use Ulyanovsk air base for deliveries of non-military cargo to and from Afghanistan.

The news stirred up a wave of criticism in Russia. However, both Russian and NATO officials assured that there will be no “bases” on the Russian soil and that the deal is only about allowing “non-lethal cargo” transit.



About B.J. Murphy

I'm a young socialist and Transhumanist activist within the East Coast region, who writes for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET), India Future Society, and Serious Wonder. I'm also the Social Media Manager for Serious Wonder, an Advisory Board Member for the Lifeboat Foundation, and a Co-Editor for Fight Back! News.

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  1. “NATO” is nothing more than a sockpuppet that the American Empire hides behind.

    This military axis is America’s very own Waffen-SS, the multinational military force of Nazi Germany.

    It shows how treasonous Russian rulers are that they even considered allowing this criminal American organization on its soil in the first place–given that NATO’s ultimate agenda is the conquest of Russia in particular and Eurasia (i.e. China, Iran, Southwest Asia, etc.) in general.

    Russian leaders allowing USA-NATO on their soil is equivalent to permitting Nazi or other Axis military forces inside the Soviet Union in the immediate prelude to World War 2.

    And look at how well that turned out.

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