Anthony Anaxagorou: If I Told You




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  1. In a phrase, thought provoking. Jesus said the poor will always be with us. This single sentence opened up the many dimensions of the word- poor. They, the poor have always been exploited, robbed, murdered or maimed. Jesus knew how deep this “black hole” of injustice really was -and still is. Thus, He rebuked Judas’ remark that money shouldn’t be thrown around for expensive spices but instead given to the needy. Jesus wanted to teach us that no amount of money could be set aside to fill the void of the impoverished or the ugly shadows that follow it. During the video clip, references to antiquity did not persuade me to believe that somehow modern man forever lost mysterious and beneficial insights from extinct cultures or their vandalized writings. I was impressed however with the conclusion where the audience is drawn into the real power of love and that it has an ample force to accomplish what brute force cannot.

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