Common sense needed to understand the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case


By B.J. Murphy

Since the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by 28-year-old George Zimmerman, on 26 February 2012, a nationwide movement has erupted in response, calling for the arrest and prosecution of Martin’s murderer.

After over a month gone by since the killing of Trayvon Martin, no arrest has been made of George Zimmerman, leaving a lot of speculation on what exactly happened that day. Zimmerman, himself, has fled into hiding, which only raises even more suspicion on his guilt over the crime he committed. And while the majority of U.S. citizens support the arrest of Zimmerman, the mainstream press are not as united regarding what the official story really is.

For example, both a friend of Zimmerman’s and the police are claiming that the screams heard in various 9-1-1 calls made by nearby neighbors were that of Zimmerman, not Trayvon Martin as originally alleged. The police had also claimed that Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father, admitted in the screams not being his son’s. In response, the “family claims the police are lying, and pointed out that once the audio quality was cleaned up the father said that the voice did indeed belong to his son.”

Another story coming out of the woodwork is that Trayvon Martin had “knocked [Zimmerman] down with a punch to the nose, repeatedly slammed his head on the ground and tried to take his gun.” Eyewitnesses are also coming forward and confirming that Zimmerman and Martin did, indeed, start fighting.

And then there’s the recent revelation of Trayvon Martin being suspended from school, not long before being murdered by George Zimmerman, because of marijuana possession. Though, lacking any relevancy to the case itself, it’s also noted that Martin didn’t have any past criminal record, despite his recent suspension. On the other hand, Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, does have a criminal record from 2005: “battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.” But that’s not all! Also in 2005, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée had “filed a petition accusing Zimmerman of pushing her during an argument at her Orlando home.”

So let’s apply the facts in the case as well:

So when we apply these facts alongside all the stories popping up in the media since the killing of Trayvon Martin, you get a common sense case of self-defense. Though, despite what Zimmerman claims to be self-defense against whom he murdered, common sense should tell us that it was Martin who fought in self-defense, not Zimmerman.

As the provided link above of Zimmerman’s call to the police shows, Trayvon Martin had noticed Zimmerman following him around in the rain, keeping in mind also that Zimmerman was armed with a 9mm handgun. Phone records also showed that Martin was on the phone with his 16-year-old girlfriend, telling her that he noticed someone following him. The police told Zimmerman not to continue following Martin, but clearly didn’t heed to their warning. Thus resulting in a violent confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman.

Common sense, alone, should beg you to ask the vital question of why Martin attacked Zimmerman in the first place. The answer clearly being quite simple: self-defense!

Eyewitnesses report seeing Martin hitting Zimmerman in the face and back of the head, trying to reach for his gun. Though, I’d like for everyone reading this to put yourself in Trayvon Martin’s shoes. Imagine yourself being Martin, walking in the rain, and you notice a 250lb man with a gun following you around. It doesn’t matter if Martin was taller than Zimmerman, Martin was still unarmed and cannot logically be considered the “aggressor” in this scenario.  I, myself, am 6’1″, but if I saw someone following me around with a gun, I wouldn’t care if the person was 3’8″, I’d still attempt to disarm him by beating the shit out of him. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or a coward.

You also have to keep in mind Zimmerman’s past criminal record, where he violently attacked a police officer and tried resisting arrest. Clearly Zimmerman was very strong and more than likely fought just as hard with Martin, thus reasoning why Martin was unable to successfully disarm Zimmerman, resulting in his eventual death.

On April 10, George Zimmerman will have to face a grand jury and be tried for the crime he committed. Whether or not the jury will find him guilty is hard to say, given the history of phony jury convictions in the U.S. whenever a Black man or woman’s life is the main topic of each case. Though, whatever the result may be, one thing is for sure: Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman, fighting for his life which led to his unfortunate death.

Justice for Trayvon Martin! 
Arrest and Convict George Zimmerman!  

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  3. You are taking an interesting political line here. By demanding the ‘arrest and conviction’ of Zimmerman, you are simply tailing the mass movement and may be bolstering the legitimacy of the settler-imperialist state. Marxists should provide an element of leadership. In this case, it needs to be pointed out how the state is merely an instrument of the same rotten social relations under which the murder occured in the first place. Even if Zimmerman is arrested and convicted, lasting justice for Trayvon Martin will not be had (outside of liberal conceptions of the term). It’s a good article, but I wouldn’t describe the analsyis as Marxist in any deep sense.

    • Because it wasn’t supposed to be a Marxist analysis on the entire racist capitalist system. It was an article to address all the misleading propaganda against Trayvon Martin. Until self-determination is won by all the nationalities in the U.S., socialism will not be achieved. So I fight for Black and Brown liberation, which starts with the simple conviction of their murderers. This is just one small piece to the puzzle, and more will soon come to light as the struggle continues on.

  4. Hm. Even if you were 10 foot tall, if you tried to disarm anybody following you with a hand gun by trying to “beat the shit out of him” you’d probably end up dead. Stupid. Very stupid.

    • Not unless you had no other choice. According to the reports, Trayvon had originally tried running away, but Zimmerman still cornered him, which then led to an argument, and then eventually a fight. Given his position, Trayvon had no other choice but to fight back for his life.

      • sorry to leave a reply over a year later, But tell me in what world can an overweight out of shape short Mexican guy chase down and catch a tall 17 year old athletic Black kid?

  5. “140lbs, while Zimmerman was 250lbs” Weight difference false, see autopsy report. Martin 158 lbs. 5’11”. Zimmerman’s height is shown as 5’8″ and his weight as 185 pounds on booking report by police.

  6. These are always fun to read. Really shows how corrupted someone’s mind can become when presented with misinformation.

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