Palestinians and Syrians are fighting the same battle


By Mohamed Omar
March 14, 2012

In Gaza Palestinian resistance fighters are struggling to defend their people against the aggressive Zionist war machine. At the same time in neighboring Syria the Syrian Arab Army is struggling to protect its civilian population and institutions against armed groups, backed by the Zionist regime, the US and their allies.

The Palestinian resistance fighters and the Syrian Arab Army are fighting the same battle. Gaza, Homs and Idlib are merely different fronts in the same war that has been going on since the foundation of the Zionist entity in 1948: The war for Arab independence, freedom and dignity.

The armed groups operating in Syria are funded and armed by the same forces, whom for more than sixty years, have enabled and maintained the occupation of Palestine. The US, which has staunchly supported and armed the Zionist entity, regardless of its ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, is now supporting and arming the so called “Free Syrian army”. And as we can see from the butchering of woman and children in Homs the so called “Free Syrian Army” is as brutal as their Zionist counterpart.

The fronts might shift from time to time but the war is one and the same. The internal enemy in Syria is nothing but an extension of the external enemy which it has fought in the three wars of 1948, 1967 and 1973.

There have always been traitors in Syria, who put their own sectarian, economic or political agendas, above the nation. Just like there have always been traitors in Palestine, trying to undermine the resistance. The so called “Free Syrian Army” has shamelessly reached out to the Zionist entity and without doubt there is already a great deal of covert cooperation.  These armed groups are acting exactly like the Zionist occupying force in Palestine, taking civilians as hostages and using them as human shields, occupying residential areas and killing people for being loyal to their country.

Syria is formally at war with the illegal Zionist entity and has been so since 1948. The current unrest should properly be seen as the latest phase in that ongoing war with the Zionist entity, which refuses to accept an independent, stable and free Syria on its borders.

The so called “Friends of Syria Conference” in Tunisia was of course nothing but a “Friends of Israel Conference” in disguise. By destabilizing Syria they hope to help Israel. Otherwise, if these regimes were really concerned with the suffering of peoples, they would have organized a “Friends of Palestine Conference” a long time ago.

Some Western regimes together with the Zionist entity and the Wahhabi dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar care as much for the welfare of Syrian people as they care for the welfare of the Palestinian people, i.e. nothing at all.

In Gaza the Zionist regime uses its official military forces to uphold its occupation and suppress the Palestinians. In Syria they, and their Western and Arab allies, use paramilitary forces like the so called “Syrian Free Army”.

The Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza and the Syrian Arab Army in Homs and Idlib are one the same side in this battle against Zionism and Imperialism.

Mohamed Omar is a Swedish freelance writer



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