Conspiracy against Syria thwarted by the axis of anti-imperialism


By Basel Mohaisen
February 22, 2012

"Trying to Pole-Vault from Libya to Syria to Iran," by Carlos Latuff.

On Friday 17, Reuters reported:

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the Western alliance had no intention of intervening in Syria even in the event of a U.N. mandate to protect civilians, and urged Middle East countries to find a way to end the spiraling violence.

Rasmussen told Reuters Friday he also rejected the possibility of providing logistical support for proposed “humanitarian corridors” to ferry relief to towns and cities bearing the brunt of President Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

During an Anglo – French summit in Paris last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy admitted that the disarray of the leadership of their proxies – the SNC and its armed wing the so-called “Free Syrian Army” – both inside and outside Syria, is hampering efforts to provide support. Sarkozy said: “We cannot bring about a Syrian revolution… If the Syrian revolution does not make an effort to rally together and organize so that we can better help them.”

Also last week, the Italians news network ANSAmed reported that the Turkish government had stated their opposition to French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe’s calls for a “humanitarian corridor”, enforced militarily by NATO and linked to military sites on Turkish soil via the Turkish-Syrian border.

Officials suggested that instead the corridor could be linked to a British military base via the Mediterranean.

Comments made with the top-ranking US military officer, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Martin Dempsey during an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, not only reconfirmed the west’s despair at the divisions amongst their proxies but also made clear that the hesitation to mount a Libya style intervention and destabilisation, was because the US is only willing to pick on defenseless states that have no international support. He said:

You’ve got great power involvement.  Turkey clearly has an interest, a very important interest.  Russia has a very important interest.  Iran has an interest… “Syria is a very different challenge [from Libya]. It’s a different challenge…geographically. It’s a different challenge in terms of the capability the Syrian military.  They are very capable.  They have a very sophisticated, integrated air defense system, for example.  They have chemical and biological weapons. Now, they haven’t demonstrated any interest or any intent to use those. But it is a very different military problem.

In all of the above statements the western powers of US, Britain and France have all admitted that their initial and illegal plan for regime change, including via overt NATO intervention, has been thwarted thanks to the stance of the Russians and Iranians – who sent the clearest signals when they docked naval ships in the Syrian port of Tartus – the Chinese’s steadfastness and the awareness of the Syrian people, whose experience of relentless western and zionist for generations means they have a high level of consciousness in regards to imperliast conspiracies against their nation and national dignity.

It is such a consciousness that has ensured that the reform programme – which began long before the crisis but was stalled because of the external plot to undermine Syria’s sovereignity – will continue with the phase promised by President Bashar al-Assad in January. With the referendum and new constitution being prepared for February 26 2012, Syria is leaps and bounds ahead of all the Arab countries which the west applauded for their so-called “revolutions”. Tunisia remains without constitution, Egypt is lost in political chaos and the civil war and human suffering that the Arab Spring “revolution” brought to Libya deepens every day.

Together the Syrian people and government have proved to be making serious step towards real inborn democracy against all odds.



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