Western declarations of humanitarian assistance are declarations of war


By Basel Mohaisen and Lizzie Phelan
February 19, 2012

Syria's Permanent Reporesentative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari

The UN General Assembly Resolution passed three days ago, following the Russian and Chinese veto to the Security Council Resolution that would have given the green light for direct military intervention in Syria, has further cleared the way for that intervention. It is an eventuality that would explode into an all out war with Syria that would draw in Iran, Russia and also knock on the door of China. It is a clear message that the return of cold war politics is in full swing.

Of course, an unofficial military intervention began a year ago when NATO planted its experts in the Turkish province of Hatai in order to train and supply weapons and financial and logistical support to insurgents who would cross the border into Syria. This is in addition to the other key supply route through the Lebanese border, particularly between Tripoli and Homs.

But the zionist west’s General Assembly Resolution (drafted and supported by all Arab countries) is the slippery slope to an official military intervention, including the use of aerial bombardment in order to “protect civilians”, Libya style. Of course the aim would be to protect insurgents, in flagrant contravention of UN Security Council Resolution 1624 which prohibits support for terrorists – as recently noted by Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari. The west is completely unconcerned that Al Qaeda fighters from Iraq are streaming into Syria and one of its most important strategists Abu Musab Al Suri is on the loose, no doubt providing vital support to the anti-Assad insurgency. On the contrary to being concerned, the west is responsible for this.

The process is the same as in Libya, whereby the UN General Assembly’s passing of the Resolution to suspend the Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah from the Human Rights Council, violating the General Assembly’s own procedures, paved the way for the NATO blitzkrieg of that country that caused the massacre, displacement and prolonged and ongoing suffering of hundreds of thousands.

The Libya experience is just one example of why the west’s continued insistence that it is “Friends of Syria”, its intervention is “humanitarian” and would be even more humanitarian if they had their buffer zone and humanitarian corridors, cannot be taken seriously for a second. Declarations of humanitarian assistance by the west are in fact declarations of war.

As China’s top daily newspaper, The People’s Daily, recently stated: “Libya offers a negative case study. Nato abused the security council resolution about establishing a no-fly zone and directly provided firepower assistance to one side in the Libyan war…

“[The] calamities of Iraq and Afghanistan should be ample to wipe clear the world’s eyes. Forceful prevention of a humanitarian disaster sounds filled with a sense of justice and responsibility.

“But are not the unstoppable attacks and explosions over a decade after regime change a humanitarian disaster?”

Meanwhile, the western and GCC media continues to ignore that the west’s growing aggression against Syria via its “Free Syrian Army” proxies violates the very basis of international law enshrined in the UN Charter and further elaborated upon in UN General Assembly Resolution 50/172 concerning  “respect for the principles of sovereignty and non-interference in the internal interference of States in their electoral processes.”

It is this aggression that is the only obstacle to progress in Syria via the reform programme that will introduce greater political pluralism amongst many other measures that have been called for by the Syrian masses.

The same media incredibly continues to try to present Russia as the aggressors in this crisis, while the reality is that Russia and China are the only global powers that continue to call for dialogue and a peaceful resolution to the crisis, in line with its obligations under international law.



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