On Saadi Gaddafi’s statement on Feb. 17, 2012


Secrecy key to resistance actions

By Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm 
February 15, 2012

The younger Muammar Gaddafi

This is just a short note to raise the issue of the Saadi Gadafi’s widely reported comments that there will be a national uprising in Libya on 17th Feb this week, one year exactly after the pro-nato uprising.

I have got reliable information from Libya that many people, especially in Sabha and Tripoli, have been arrested by the nato puppet administration in Libya in preparation for the 17th. Many young people including teenagers have been taken into custody by the ntc.

While Brother Saadi’s comments may have caused some anxiety and stress amongst the ntc, the fall out from such comments creates many more tragic problems for the resistance than helps it.

The resistance is not the same as the nato-backed counterrevolution. The resistance has very little international friends who can give anything substantive to the resistance there, whereas the enemy has the combined forces of many African, most of the Arab and all the nato countries backing it.

Elements of the Libyan resistance have beforehand telegraphed dates for our people in Libya to rise up against nato’s puppets. While I am in no position to criticise the Libyan resistance, some obvious points need to be made.

In the context of a very difficult struggle in Libya, it makes little sense to project to the enemy dates of resistance initiatives. The enemy will just up their brutal repression, and then we are left with that many more of our patriotic brothers and sisters in custody of the enemy, who are then tortured and often killed.

Projecting dates of resistance has been done before by the Libyan resistance, and I cannot see how this has benefited the resistance in any way shape or form. Indeed, on balance it overwhelmingly helps the enemy more than our resistance.

The absolute ABC of peoples underground struggle against colonialism and their agents has been popularised by the greatest film of anti-imperialist resistance The Battle of Algiers and of course the filmis representation of the great Libyan resistance led by Omar al-Mukhtar against the Italian occupiers in Lion of the Desert, and fundamental to resistance is the underground and secretive nature of the organisation and general modus operandi of resistance actions. I dont think Muammar Gadafi ever projected 1st September 1969, the date of the Libyan anti-imperialist revolution, to his enemies. One just has to think about what would have happened to him and his comrades if he had done so.

I wish the Libyan resistance the very best, and am sure the resistance is and will continue to gather in strategic strength until victory.



About B.J. Murphy

I'm a young socialist and Transhumanist activist within the East Coast region, who writes for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET), India Future Society, and Serious Wonder. I'm also the Social Media Manager for Serious Wonder, an Advisory Board Member for the Lifeboat Foundation, and a Co-Editor for Fight Back! News.

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