Video: Kim Jong-Il’s funeral service in People’s Korea (full length)


The following article was originally published by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA):

Millions of Pyongyangites, Servicepersons in Grief Bid Last Farewell to Kim Jong Il along 40-odd km Routes in Snowy December

Pyongyang, December 28 (KCNA) — The servicepersons and people bid last farewell to leader Kim Jong Il in heart-rending grief Wednesday.

The streets in Pyongyang were wrapped in great sorrow.

Streets extending 40-odd kilometers were crowded with millions of people who turned out to bid farewell to him.

They included servicepersons, workers, farmers, intellectuals, school youth and children and foreign friends staying in the DPRK were waiting for the historic moment, exposed to snow mourning the great man.

As a motorcade of hearse for Kim Jong Il that left the plaza of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace amid the solemn playing of the immortal revolutionary paean “Song of General Kim Jong Il” entered Ryonghung intersection, bitter grief pervaded the street.

The motorcade was led by a car carrying a huge portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il.

Last farewell-bidders broke into tears when his portrait came in sight.

The car with the portrait of Kim Jong Il was followed by a car carrying a huge wreath in the name of Kim Jong Un, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the WPK.

The hearse for Kim Jong Il slowly advanced.

His bier was bedecked by flowers and his coffin draped in the flag of the WPK.

The hearse was followed by a motorcade carrying the members of the National Funeral Committee.

Officials, workers, farmers, intellectuals and school youth and children bitterly wailed over the loss of the father who died on a running train. He worked heart and soul, having uncomfortable sleep and rice-balls and regarding military posts in the forefront areas and every place where people live as his office.

Bitter grief also pervaded premises in front of the April 25 House of Culture.

People bitterly wept, saying they have never thought of the existence of Pyongyang and socialist Korea without him and crying, please don’t go.

As the hearse entered Jonsung Square, men and officers of the three services of the KPA, students of Kim Il Sung Military University, Kim Il Sung Political University and other military and political schools at all levels and students of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School bitterly lamented.

They took off their military caps and bid farewell to the Supreme Commander in humble reverence, feeling painful at the loss of Kim Jong Il who performed undying feats in army-building which would shine long with the invincible might of the elite revolutionary armed forces, the army of the party and the leader.

The streets were full of pledges of loyalty to uphold the leadership of Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the WPK and the Korean people, with arms.

In Mansugyo intersection servicepersons of the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces and people’s security workers burst into tears, unable to repress bitter grief.

The motorcade headed for Chollima Street through Pothongmun rotary.

An old man sank to the ground and bitterly cried, saying: General, the people are weeping. I want to take our General on my back. Indeed, I want to take on my back the General who is making the forced march. General!

Not only the elder people but youth and students threw themselves into pavement, unable to repress sorrow.

The hearse slowly entered Tongsong Bridge as if the General in jacket seemed to go anywhere with a broad smile on his face, not hearing the voices of the crying people. The moment the portrait of Kim Jong Il in jacket came in sight, the masses wailed and the routes turned into the sea of weepers.

The motorcade of the hearse threaded its way through Phyongchon intersection in which major industrial establishments are located after passing through high-rise buildings standing like a folding screen.

People’s lamentation rocked the heaven and earth as they had to bid last farewell to Kim Jong Il who always made journey to mix with people, saying he feels happiest when he is among the people.

More than 100 000 farewell bidders packed the streets leading from Chungsong Bridge to the entrance to Raknang Bridge.

Working people of all social standings bid last farewell in bitter grief, recollecting with deep emotion the days when they received loving care and trust from the fatherly General.

The hearse threaded past Munsu Street overcome with grief amid the solemn playing of a dirge by the military band.

People who were paying last respects to Kim Jong Il in the plaza of the Party Founding Memorial Tower felt their hearts breaking apart.

The motorcade crossed Okryu Bridge and entered Kim Il Sung Square that turned into a sea of weepers and wailers.

The square was packed with masses and reviewing stands were crowded with deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly, labor heroes, men and officers of the KPA and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces, men of meritorious service and officials of ministries and national institutions gave rein to emotion, looking up to the portrait of tender-hearted Kim Jong Il with smile on his face. Foreign friends also expressed deep condolences with great grief at the loss of the great teacher of mankind.

A huge crowd of people of all social standings greeted his bier in bitter grief in front of the Pyongyang Grand Theatre.

Wailing of people greeting and sending off the hearse in tears seemed to shake the land.

The motorcade rolled down at the foot of Moran Hill trembling in bitter tears of grief shed by tens of thousands of farewell-bidders.

The plaza of the Arch of Triumph was another sea of weepers and wailers.

Seeing the portrait of Kim Jong Il in jacket, people hardened their determination to build at an early date on this land a thriving nation where the desire of Kim Il Sung and the ideal of Kim Jong Il come true.

While the crowds evinced their firm pledges, the motorcade slowly rolled toward the Kumsusan Memorial Palace through the Friendship Tower and the Ryonghung intersection.

During his lifetime Kim Jong Il, wishing a bright future of the country being confident of the steady continuity to the Juche cause, said: As there is General Kim Jong Un, the future of the country and the nation is in safe hands.


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