Moldova: Communists rally for end to pro-EU government


December 11, 2011

Logo for the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM)

Over 50,000 communists and their supporters massed in central Chisinau on Sunday to demand the resignation of the Alliance for European Integration (AEI) government.

Peaceful protesters who crammed the central square and blocked several surrounding streets waved union banners and red flags and called on Prime Minister Vlad Filat to go.

Leading Communist Party of Moldova (PCRM) activist and MP Lurie Muntean accused Mr Filat and his ministers of bumping up the prices of necessities and implementing other anti-social policies since they replaced a PCRM-led administration two years ago.

“They imposed ‘economic liberalisation’ so that the country will be ruled from Brussels, the US and from Bucharest and the hell knows where.

“Is that we want?”

Mr Muntean said that the government’s policies were fuelling crime.

And he predicted that the AEI will seek to impose more neoliberal structural reforms “so that we can deliver three sacks of wheat, two bags of sugar and some wines without customs duties” to the EU market.

Former president and PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin and other communist deputies participated in the rally and attended a public congress that concluded it.

The communists accused the AEI administration of “violating the rights of all, regardless of social status or age – even unborn children.”

They affirmed their readiness to “assume full responsibility for pulling the country out of crisis and bulding a new Moldova – equitable, social and united.”

Protesters who took part in the open-air congress agreed to develop “systemic and consistent national resistance to the regime” and continue staging protests until the AEI administration bows out.

The country’s 120-seat parliament is due to hold presidential elections on December 16.



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