New York City Chapter: Veterans of the 99% Call to Action


Call to Action

October 31, 2011

Across the country Americans of all stripes are coming together in their cities and towns to demand government accountability and an end to Wall Street’s stranglehold on our political system.  As the 99% movement has spread, the presence of veterans at rallies, marches, and occupations is becoming increasingly visible.  Veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and even World War II have participated in the occupations, speaking out for the 99%, and raising the movement’s visibility in the process.  Most recently, the unconscionable treatment of Marine veteran Scott Olsen has drawn national attention to veterans’ participation in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We are veterans of the 99%. We have been directly affected by the economic and social issues raised by Occupy Wall Street.  We are part of this movement, and we believe it is time for us to make our participation as veterans more deliberate and more visible.  As veterans who have served our country in the military, we now have a unique opportunity to continue serving here at home through our participation in this civic movement. As veterans, our presence in this movement is itself an intervention in the evolving narrative about Occupy Wall Street.

Over the past eight years, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War have been at the forefront of social justice movements involving veterans’ issues and war. We have learned many lessons from our efforts, and we now have an opportunity to help galvanize other veterans around our generation’s most visible and widely supported American social justice movement.

On November 2nd, members of the New York City Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War and other veterans will come together at Wall Street with other Veterans of the 99%.  We will march from Vietnam Veterans Plaza to Liberty Square (Zuccoti Park)—the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement—and hold a press conference announcing our support for the 99%, and calling on other veterans and service members to join us.

November 2nd, march with us in support of the 99%.  If you’re unable to come to New York, organize veterans in support of the 99% at your local occupations.

We are veterans.  We are the 99%.

Veterans of the 99%
March to Occupy Wall Street
Wednesday, November 2nd
11:00am – 1:00pm

Veterans who would like to participate should contact



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