NATO Has Assassinated Gaddafi — Now the Puppets Can Dance


By Boots Riley
October 21, 2011

NATO has assassinated Gaddafi.  Now the puppets can dance.  This is not about democracy, as the “new” leaders are a combination of his ex-cabinet officials and ex-Mujahideen who took out the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in the 80s and installed the Taliban for the CIA.

Pro-Gaddafi protests in Tripoli have been met with “rebel” gunfire — even mainstream media reports this.  Not about democracy.  Not about what the people wanted.

Under Gaddafi, at least they had a 2,000-people General People’s Congress and 468 local Basic People’s Congresses.  Hundreds of thousands participating in decision making in a country of 6 million.  The people voted Gaddafi’s proposals down constantly over the years.  It was not a dictatorship.  It was not a revolutionary people’s state, but much better than what we have here.

Women were part of his government, and women were encouraged to get degrees and jobs of their own.  Equal rights for women was part of the discussion that was constantly on the table.  The ex-Mujahideen folks are not down for any of this.

The Libyan people had the highest standard of living in Africa and of most Arab nations.  Libyans were the most well-traveled people in all of Africa, because of the wealth.  This is even though there were sanctions against Libya for years!  They had free health care and free education.  1/5 of the workforce were intellectuals due to this.

Wikileaks documents show that the U.S. knew that Gaddafi lived a meager lifestyle, especially compared with most other leaders in oil-producing nations, but his sons misused funds on their trips for frivolous things.  If you look at pictures of his home, there are a gang of houses in the Oakland hills that are way more luxurious and much bigger.  This was all covered up in order to gain support for this NATO action.

This was not about stopping a “massacre,” that has been debunked — it didn’t happen and wasn’t gonna happen — it’s a rumor repeated by the media with no back-up.



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