19 arrested for demanding jobs


Occupy Milwaukee begins Oct. 15

October 13, 2011

Police arrest protester at U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s office. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Milwaukee, WI – About 75 protesters rallied outside of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s office at the Federal Courthouse here. Riot police swarmed inside and outside of the building, refusing to allow the activists to meet their representative. 19 activists who entered the building refused to leave until they were allowed a meeting with Johnson; instead they were arrested, loaded into paddy wagons and hauled off to the first precinct. Each of the demonstrators arrested was issued a $171 ticket for trespassing and released.

Tony Marley, a Milwaukee resident who was arrested at the demonstration, said, “The voice of the people will no longer be ignored. We are the 99%. We have power and we will be heard. We can no longer stand by and watch our government side with the 1% that owns most of the capital. We need jobs and we’re willing to go to any lengths to get them. I would gladly get arrested again.”

Senator Johnson is a multi-millionaire businessman who called the American Jobs Act, “the definition of insanity.” During his 2010 election campaign he infamously referred to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as his “foundational book.” Staying true to his foundations, Johnson shamelessly sides with the interests of the billionaires and millionaires like himself, placing profits over people.

On Oct. 15, Milwaukee activists are planning to launch Occupy Milwaukee with a massive protest in the heart of the financial district, just three blocks from Johnson’s office. The event is being organized in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and will demand an end to the crimes of Wall Street and the top 1% ruling class. The protest will begin at 12:30 outside JP Morgan Chase Bank on the corner of Water Street and Wisconsin Avenue.



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