Indigenous People’s Day at OccupyMN


October 11, 2011

Indigenous People’s Day at Occupy MN, October 10, 2011 (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN – Clyde Bellecourt of the American Indian Movement (AIM) organized a rich and moving Indigenous People’s day ceremony of speakers, dancing and drumming for OccupyMN at the People’s Plaza, Oct 10.

“This is a day of mourning for the 120 million indigenous people of the western hemisphere erased from the face of the earth after the pirate Columbus landed,” said Bellecourt.

The Meshika and the Ketzal Coatlicue dance groups energized and electrified the crowd and opened their circle for all to dance.

The General Assembly, a mass meeting where the occupation is organized, cut short their daily meeting to see Jackie Star, who came from South Dakota perform the beautiful and difficult hoop dance. As hundreds gathered around, she and the spirited AIM drummers sang. The evening ended with everyone greeting each other by walking in 2 facing lines.



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