Christopher Go Home!


By Enaemaehkiw Túpac Keshena
October 9, 2011

On October 12, 1492 the real war against terror, waged by the indigenous people of the continent now called the Americas, began. It has not ended in the 519 years since.

On that day some European named Christopher Columbus washed up on the shores of our Taíno brothers and sisters in the Bahamas. However, unlike the European of today who go there for sun, sand and liquored beverages served by colonially enslaved Africans, this European was one seriously fucking lost guy (he was so lost that we are not even sure where he was from)! If you can believe it this guy was actually on his way to China!

Much to the fortune of the Chinese Christopher ran into us first. It was of course anything but a fortunate encounter for us.

He brought with him the weird Trinitarian god of his people (apparently I am told that it is three people but one person but three!?) and the hatred of women and two-spirited people that this god commands. He also brought with him the strange European lust for a shiny yellow coloured metal called gold.

It was all down hill from there.

Christopher opened the way for more and more lost Europeans to wash up on our shores. This process was directly responsible for the murder of millions and millions of our people. I am told that these Europeans have a love of liberty and religious and cultural freedom. I guess they forgot to apply this love to residential schools and reservations.

Christopher was also a slavetrader in Africa before he washed up over on this side of the Great Lake. He began the slave trade in the “Americas” (so named after another lost European) because so many of people were worked death in the name of their bizzare loving god (why do people worship this three-but-one guy again?) or died from the diseases they brought (these people were filthy) that they needed to steel Africa’s babies in order to replace us.

Oddly enough though these supposedly freedom loving Europeans have created a holiday to celebrate Christopher’s fateful journey. We, the indigenous people, however think that he deserves no holiday, no parades, no statues.

Christopher’s Day celebrates the doctrine of discovery – the legal process that stole Indian people’s territories, and that continues today.

Christopher brought a philosophy of domination to the Americas that persists today – domination of other peoples, domination of the environment, domination of other belief systems, domination of women by men.

Put Simply, the legacy of Christopher is one steeped in blood, violence, and death.

The day celebrating him was created in 1907. 104 years later its time to remove this day celebrating violence, bloodshed and the dispossession and extermination of indigenous peoples from our calender. We must actively rejects the celebration of Christopher and his legacy. We must also reject historical misconceptions regarding Christopher and his “discovery” of the Americas.

As my small contribution to the fight against colonialism and one of the key holidays that celebrates it, here are some links to a selection of resources for anti-Christopher and anti-Christopher Day activists and warriors:


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