PFLP: Fatah, Hamas ‘deception’ unacceptable


September 30, 2011

Palestinians protest in support of Ahmad Saadat, jailed leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (MaanImages/Khaleel Reash)

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine leader Jamil Mizher said Friday the “deception and stalling” of Hamas and Fatah to reconcile was no longer acceptable.

In a statement, Mizher said the Palestinian people and factions need honesty, and he demanded the parties implement an agreement signed in May and put “this black page” of Palestinian history behind us.

He stressed the necessity of building a united strategy in order to address the serious risks facing the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian people will no longer tolerate a “misinformation policy” and deliberate delays in implementing the agreement as, without unity, it is not possible to confront Israel or stop settlements.

He added that the Palestinian people would have preferred that Abbas go to the UN with a mandate of genuine partnership in addition to the national and Islamic factions’ participation in the decision.

The reconciliation deal signed in Cairo on May 4 set out a path for the creation of a transitional government of technocrats and an end to the animosity which has split the Palestinians into two political camps since 2007.

In August, Fatah and Hamas agreed to delay efforts to implement the reconciliation agreement until September. They have held talks recently in Nablus to restart the process.



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