At least one thousand Libyan rebels killed by anti-NATO resistance


By Dennis South
September 26, 2011

Tuareg fighters supported Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi and his sons raised a new army of 12,000 Tuareg soldiers.

Alan Jules: the latest news from the front

Sunday,  25.09.2011 – 13:12

Yesterday was the blackest day for the rebels. As usual, the rebels hastened to Benghazi city to announce to the world that they had entered Sirte and captured positions within the city, as we’ve heard many time and time again. But the truth is that yesterday was the most disastrous for the rebels.

At least one-thousand rebels were killed in Tripoli, Sirte, Bani Walid, Brega, and Misurata. September 24 marks a new beginning of the resistance against NATO and the rebels.

In Tripoli, the people organized themselves and came together and began not only to destroy NATO and rebel weapons caches, but to also pursue the rebels. Today, they were once again defeated at Bani Walid and Sirte. Those who tell you that they are in Sirte are lying.

Interestingly, the rebels had just announced a pause in their aggression, due to lack of ammunition. How is it possible that the supposedly rich NATO countries have run out of money, weapons and ammunition? It appears that time is on the side of the supporters of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

In the video – the explosion in the port of Tripoli, the day after it resumed work. [NOTE: Libyan resistance planted 16 bombs at a port that NATO used, and destroyed it.  A ship filled with ammunition destined for the rebels was also destroyed, apparently along with the weapons].

[Initial] Translation provided by the press service of the Russian Committee of Solidarity with the peoples of Libya and Syria.

Saif el-Islam spoke on the radio Bani Walid

Sunday,  25.09.2011 14:28

According ALLIBIYA TV, radio Libyan Bani Walid broadcast a speech by the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif El Islam al-Gaddafi.  He congratulated the people of Bani Walid for their exemplary courage.

Saif-el-Islam asserted that it is necessary to fight for and defend the city.  He said that Muammar Gaddafi’s leadership has prepared a few surprises that will soon help to improve the current situation.

The rats had to back out of Sirte, NATO continues to bomb

Sunday, 25.09.2011 – 14:43

Sirte upheld, and the rats were discarded at 30 miles outside of the city after they suffered heavy casualties from the Libyan Jamahiriya forces.

Libya now, briefly 

Sunday, 25.09.2011 – 14:49

Sirte is being bombed mercilessly by the evil US-European forces of NATO and their Qatari, Turkish and other mercenaries.  Armored columns of Qatari and Turkish troops penetrated to the outskirts of the city, but the defenders of Sirte manfully resisted.  The forces of the Jamahiriya are determined to fight until victory is won.

The main events took place in Sirte.  Under the guise of talking about the impossibility of conducting an offensive against Sirte while at the same time trenches around the perimeter, the rebels staged the assault from two directions – west and east.

According to reports, the rebels from the West were able to break into the city.  Previous surveys of videos show that the city is well prepared for street fighting – the roads are blocked with heavy construction equipment, as well as debris and barricades.  Apparently, the rebels became bogged down in street fights and gradually exhausted.  In the east, Benghazi units have not been able to pass the line of contact at Al-Sultan, as there are apparently many minefields.

On the clashes in the city now have a focal character – and it is in the western part. This means that the storm itself had failed, but not finished. The situation south of the airport is unclear.  In general, the situation at Sirte continues to be very threatening.

The rebels attempted to attack Bani Walid again but were quickly suppressed.  Bani Walid is now calm.

The situation is clearer with Sabha every day.  The picture is as follows.  [NOTE: I am not certain about the following translation].  A column of rebels were able to make a 100-kilometer march on September to the west Hammad Sabha, and then to the Ottoman fort in the south and the local airport.  The rebels managed to enter 20 in the morning in the southern districts of the city and fall down to the central region of the English Channel.

But Jamahiriya units and militias killed the column.  The rebels lost 200 men.  About 150 were taken prisoner.  The fighting lasted until the 23rd, though mostly it was all decided on the 21st.

On the morning of September 24, NATO and al-Qaida terrorists transferred from Tripoli and opened intense artillery and rocket fire on the city Sirte. The defenders returned fire.  The Firefight lasted for a whole day. According to reports from the city, the rebels are firing indiscriminately into residential neighborhoods.

Other news sources:

Ghadames is under the control of Libyan Army

At least eight rebels were killed and 50 others injured in Ghadames, on the Algerian border, in an attack Sunday by the Libyan Army supported by Tuareg fighters, according to a local official and witnesses.

At least 30 NATO Mercenaries killed and 50 wounded outside Bani Walid

New reports point to another failure by NATO as their forces came under attack outside Bani Walid and inner fighting caused the death of 40 and another 50 wounded. This comes as the Tarhuna Tribe continues disrupting supply routes from the West, towards Bani Walid and Sirte.

The propaganda warfare has been intensified, more lies are being spread, and even fake hoax images are being rotated by CNN reporters regarding Sabha.

Since the vast majority of Libya is under the Libyan Jamahariya Government’s control, and since they can’t advance any further, they have allowed NATO propaganda to create the false perception of victory in different parts of Southern Libya.

Libya Defence forces blow up Naval Base

According to new reports, 7 bombs were planted in the Tripoli Naval Base and then detonated. This base was used to terrorize the people of Tripoli and had to be destroyed accordingly by the reistance.

The Tarhuna Tribe enters Tripoli

The Tarhuna Tribe has advanced westwards towards Tripoli.  New reports suggest that some Tarhuna fighters have entered Tripoli and heavy clashes are taking place. It is yet unclear how many NATO Mercenaries have been killed in the assault.

The Tarhuna Tribe has been disrupting NATO supply routes for almost a week, this has caused multiple failures for NATO, in the front line. Now NATO is forced to attack Sirte from the East, as their forces are trapped in the West without any supplies.

NATO Mercenaries panic and hundreds quit

New reports are exposing the panic and disarray of NATO mercenaries.  Hundreds of NATO Mercenaries abandoned the front lines of Bani Walid because their Western supply routes are being disrupted by the Tarhuna Tribe.

Many Mercenaries testified that they are running out of ammunition and said that after they received multiple defeats, they were not willing to continue the fight, and wanted to just go home.

Different Mercenaries and armed gangs blame each other for the failures, and this blaming game sometimes turns to inner fighting.



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