“To All” – A message from Troy Anthony Davis


September 10, 2011

Troy was found guilty of murdering a police officer 19 years ago, based upon the testimony of 9 witnesses. Today, 7 of those 9 have recanted their testimony entirely, and there are enormous problems with the testimony of the remaining 2 witness accounts. There is NO OTHER EVIDENCE. The murder weapon was never found. There is no DNA to test. Troy is scheduled to die by lethal injection on September 21, 2011.

To All:

I want to thank all of you for your efforts and dedication to Human Rights and Human Kindness, in the past year I have experienced such emotion, joy, sadness and never ending faith. It is because of all of you that I am alive today, as I look at my sister Martina I am marveled by the love she has for me and of course I worry about her and her health, but as she tells me she is the eldest and she will not back down from this fight to save my life and prove to the world that I am innocent of this terrible crime.

As I look at my mail from across the globe, from places I have never ever dreamed I would know about and people speaking languages and expressing cultures and religions I could only hope to one day see first hand. I am humbled by the emotion that fills my heart with overwhelming, overflowing Joy. I can’t even explain the insurgence of emotion I feel when I try to express the strength I draw from you all, it compounds my faith and it shows me yet again that this is not a case about the death penalty, this is not a case about Troy Davis, this is a case about Justice and the Human Spirit to see Justice prevail.

I cannot answer all of your letters but I do read them all, I cannot see you all but I can imagine your faces, I cannot hear you speak but your letters take me to the far reaches of the world, I cannot touch you physically but I feel your warmth everyday I exist.

So Thank you and remember I am in a place where execution can only destroy your physical form but because of my faith in God, my family and all of you I have been spiritually free for some time and no matter what happens in the days, weeks to come, this Movement to end the death penalty, to seek true justice, to expose a system that fails to protect the innocent must be accelerated. There are so many more Troy Davis’. This fight to end the death penalty is not won or lost through me but through our strength to move forward and save every innocent person in captivity around the globe. We need to dismantle this Unjust system city by city, state by state and country by country.

I can’t wait to Stand with you, no matter if that is in physical or spiritual form, I will one day be announcing,


Never Stop Fighting for Justice and We will Win!


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  2. Since 1973, 138 people have been exonerated from death row. We do not know the number of innocents, who have been executed. But one thing is for sure: If the Parole Board wants to avoid a wrongful execution, they must halt the scheduled execution and commute Davis` sentence to life. There is too much doubt to execute Troy Davis. In 2007, the Parole Board said it would not allow an execution to proceed if there “was any doubt”. We have to call on them to follow this standard again. We have to do like former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Pope Benedict XVI, and thousands of other peoples have done. We have to speak out. Visit http://ncadp.org/#Troy_Front_Page and take action!

    Davis` case is a prime example of how our death penalty is broken and ought to be abolished.

    • Please have a heart. Without evidence a man cannot be proven guilty. A witness is not an accurate piece of evidence. HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE SO POOR IN THEIR EYESIGHT THEY CONFUSE WHAT THEY SEE? I KNOW AT LEAST 6 PEOPLE THAT ARE ALMOST BLIND WHEN THEY AREN’T WEARING THEIR GLASSES. THIS IS A TRAVESTY. LET HIM GO.

    • He is with our father now GOD n we as people need to continue to fight so this can end let Troy Davis go down in history let him be the one that Stops the death penatly. My prayers goes to his Family and loved ones. His story will foever live in our hearts

    • I am so glad i was born white british as to have been born in a country where guns are acceptable would be horrendous for me!! My blessings go to all those being persecuted in our world, may it soon end as we transend these times !!! XX

      • You are free Troy Davis, for 49 days go anywhere you will, say your goodbyes, come and visit if you have time, and then I pray God blesses you and your families with overwhelming joy,

  3. Please write to your congress person where ever you are, states must end the death penalty it is medieval and serves no purpose more often than not the innocent are killed while killers run free to kill again. Because we cannot perfect the system, and we don’t have the technology to read minds and intentions the death penalty is useless, it’s no more than public lynching

    • As a born again believer in CHRIST JESUS, I am called to believe all of GOD’s WORD. HE established the death penalty in Genesis 9:6. If a person takes the life of another person without reason, that person’s life is forfeit. Anything that involves human intervention/interference has a possibility of going very wrong. However, if Troy Davis is born again of the SPIRIT of GOD, the death of his flesh only means he is released to life everlasting.

      • As a “born again believer in CHRIST JESUS”, you should not be following the laws of the Old Testament. Jesus came to take the place for ALL sins committed by mankind in the New Testament teachings. The Old Testament laws were written for the Jews and when they couldn’t keep the laws, God sent a Redeemer in the form of Christ. Read your Bible and pray for understanding, Christian.

      • Tell me, do you eat pork? What about shrimp? Note Deuteronomy:

        14:8 And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase.
        14:9 These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and scales shall ye eat:
        14:10 And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you.

      • You’re an idiot.
        This is a man’s life we’re talking about here.
        You don’t need to bring your silly imaginary friend into this,
        he is going to DIE. His life will END.
        If your god is so good, why has he not stopped this wrongful death?
        Basically, sir-or-maddam,
        fuck you. This is real. Take your playtime elsewhere.

      • You don’t know that he took anyone’s life. Humans were involved in investigating the crime, as well as convicting and executing him. Do you think Jesus just lifted him up and placed him on death row?

      • You’re a horrible human being and an example of what a christian is not. You cannot see past your bigoted and racist views and see this is an innocent man being executed by extremists who just want to hold any Black person responsible for this crime. One less black person in the world is good enough for some Whites in America. What a disgrace this country is. How dare America try to civilize the world when they’re mere barbarics executing innocent people and look at how hateful they’re to their President and anyone who’s not white and heterosexual. Hell awaits you scaremongering, hatemongering evil people. Using the bible to commit evil deeds eh. Christ was about love. I bet these are the descendants of the evil people who murdered Jesus Christ because he was a Brown man. there’s nothing christian about you, you’re plain evil. People like you will fight for a feotus – a seed – yet can’t fight for a living soul.Shame on you!

      • You’re a horrible, ignorant human being, Helen G Thomas, and I’m disgusted to share this planet with you. I hope you’re judged by being in the wrong place at the wrong time someday.

      • I am a Christian as well, but until the truth be told maybe he isn’t ready for the “death of his flesh”. Also, It’s not up to you to say “if” Troy Davis is born again. You are not to judge.

      • Why is it that ppl are so quick to put down or deny the existence of God and Jesus Christ, but no one can remember that there is also a Devil that comes to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY lives!!! With that being said, its sad that an “innocent” man was wrongly convicted; if that is the case……….God bless him!!

      • HGThomas, please go somewhere with that madness. If he was your son, brother, father, friend, and was claiming his innocence, I doubt you’d be quoting scriptures!!

      • If you are a believer in Christ Jesus how dare you say He is for the death penalty. You quote scripture from the old testament but profess Christ’s New Testament..If it is lawful for any man to kill for ANY reason then Christ would have had no reason to die, seeing as the whole world deserved death…The bible says in 1Corinthians chapter 15 ..he must reign till all his enemies are under his feet and the last enemy is death. Foolish young christian…never speak the name of Christ and death in the same sentence as if they agree on any point. You do not understand the Old testament nor the “carnal” nature of the system that God used to regulate man..which is now abolished and we live under a “spiritual”…never condone killing…for no reason..simply because you do not know the heart nor can you. That is the pure jurisdiction Of God…who is eternal life.

      • If one believes that the clarifying and definitive “Word “God has spoken to humanity is Jesus Christ then it becomes impossible to reconcile the death penalty as something God truly wills. Jesus never willed it…never returned violence for violence. The death penalty is something we have willed.

  4. I just want to say,that its ashamed the law across the land is so screwed up…that it seems no one get would get a break in the system! I been fucked over by the law a couple times,and I truly understand what u mean. I’m sorry this happened to you and I wish Justice was served better for u and all Troy Davis’s out there. God Bless u and may God keep u. ;)

    • @Bjorn – It’s an Alford plea and it’s too late for that. He’s been tried and convicted. Also an Alford plea would be inappropriate ihis case. An Alford plea is used when a defendant states they are innocent but acknowledges that there is sufficiant evidence to convict him or her. In this case there is no other evidence than the ‘witnesses’, 7 out of 9 of whom have recanted. Of the two who have not recanted, one has been identified by a recanting witness as the murderer.

    • 2 things:

      1st, an attorney does not use an Alford Plea. A plea, by definition, is a statement made directly by the accused to the court, not by the accused’s attorney.

      2nd, it’s too late. The Alford Plea is something that is made by the accused prior to conviction, and he was convicted long ago.

      • But there was just a special on Sunday on the Memphis 3 who used the Alford Plea to get released from prison after serving for 10 years. One of them was on death row. They were just released last month.

  5. After nearly 1 million petition signatures delivered to stop the execution of Troy Davis, calls for clemency from the Pope, Reagan’s FBI Director, and countless others, clemency for Troy Davis was today denied.

    Learn more and take action to help Troy Davis here: bit.ly/oIzg74

    • You are precisely right. If it were an ordinary citizen this man would not be being executed especially since there is basically no evidence expect that of the word of people who were pressured by cops. Cops will always want someone to pay for a dead cop, doesn’t matter if they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. This is heartbreaking.

    • @Darkoverlord – Correct it is about cop killing. I just watched a film about a man falsely accused of killing a cop. Three witnesses didn’t see anything worth while and the actual killer was the fourth witness. Fortunately the film (The Thin Blue Line) got Randall Adams freed from death row in time.

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  8. May God keep you my brother now and forever… It’s sad what is going on and that people cannot and will not adhere to the truth in this matter. God loves you and that is all that matters…

    Forever on your side, the side of truth!

    JT your brother in Christ

  9. Troy I am most impressed with your spiritual strength. God never sleeps and those who have judged you wrongly and ready to prosecute you will have to face God. My prayers are with you. It is a greater sin what they are doing to you with so many questions and them not being absolutely sure you are indeed the one that killed the cop. They can kill you in the flesh but they cannot kill your spirit. I assure you they will have sleepless nights, they will cause sins upon their generations to come for you blood shall be on their hands each and everyone that played a role in overlooking truth.

    May God be you shield and protector in the time of your darkest hour. Soon they well realize who God is. They shall not sleep, they shall be tormented in the spirit for as long as they live on this here earth. They shall witter and drop like flies for God will deal with them. Karma shall pay them a visit and that should be an encounter they shall never forget.

    May the peace of God be with you now and forever.

  10. God is able. Trust that the Lord is just and right and all of His judgements are for the better. “To live is Christ, to die is gain!”
    -Philippians 1:21

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  13. sending love and energy to yourself and your family, troy.

    this is heartbreaking, but your soul is free. they cannot take that away.

  14. Thank you Troy for inspiring me, My heart and soul are with you, and my sincere prayers…
    Lot’s and love and respect for your dignity and faith.

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  17. I can’t even comprehend the failings of justice that took place here. I am heartbroken and incredibly upset. A family is about to lose a son and a brother to a miscarriage of justice. The US is broken and if this case doesn’t force us to admit it, we are absolutely hopeless.

  18. There’s a certain undeniable uneasy feeling you get when you know something’s just not right. I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach. This man deserves to live. May God be with you Troy. May God be with us all.

  19. Troy Davis, I never heard of you ever until recently. As reading your story, You deserve to be free and they do not have the right to end your life given the.circumstances and as a muur indigenous to yamassee I will fight for you so the injustices taking place on this continent cease, it is totally unfair to aquiest to a system in which there are major conflicts of interst. My heart go out to you. I love you man.
    rve to be free and they do not have the right to end your life given the.circumstances and as a muur indigenous to yamassee I will fight for you so the injustices taking place on this continent cease, it is totally unfair to aquiest to a system in which there are major conflicts of interst. My heart go out to you. I love you man.

  20. Troy Davis, I never heard of you ever until recently. As reading your story, You deserve to be free and they do not have the right to end your life given the.circumstances and as a muur indigenous to yamassee I will fight for you so the injustices taking place on this continent cease, it is totally unfair to aquiest to a system in which there are major conflicts of interst. My heart go out to you. I love you man.

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  22. This is such a sad situation that with all the overwhelming evidence of miscarriage of justice the system the state is still willing to go forward with ending this mans life… ABSOLUTELY unbelievable… any unjust act such as ending a mans life unjustly is a terrible act…!!! disappointed …

  23. Please do not take the life of another human being. Murdering another person is barbarious and evil and any involved will face their own punishment from God. Even murdering a truly guilty man would be horrible, but if there is chance that a man could be innocent, the killer of that innocent man will truly be judged in Heaven along with every other evil person by God. Pro life is saying that you will protect the sanctity of each and every life, not just pick and choose which will live and which will die. That is for God and God alone to decide, no man should wield that power lest they will be counted among the truly evil

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  25. God sees all..l am in tears right now..but l God would be with you all through..Christ is in you and that gladens my soul above all,your words has given faith to many souls all over the world..you have saved&won so many souls for Christ and l believe that is the greatest thing a man can do to be by His side..eartrh is only a journey my Brother..Heaven is home.. Be at Peace,for if you’re executed in body today..your soul lives on in millions of live’s heart for a very long to come.. God be with you ..

  26. Thanks for showing this in your blog! We have been fighting for Troy Davis for so long and even though everyone sees that the system can, and probably is, killing many innocent men, they still turn their back and decide to ignore such important facts.

  27. Troy

    There is nothing of law or justice in what has befallen you. As if I needed any additional proof of the bankruptcy of the system; as if I wanted any ! Nobody could ever deny it now, nor the need to replace it with something better. WHICH WE WILL!


  28. Troy, my heart aches & my tears have come & gone, come & gone since I read about the Board’s decision early yesterday morning. I admire your strength & wish I had at least a 10th of it. But what amazes me the most is your concern for the other Troys that have become “Trophies of Man” & are languishing in the Belly of The Beast to face a fate such as yours. You have inspired thousands to speak out against State Sanctioned Murder & if your sacrifice serves any purpose, it will be to strengthen the fight against capital punishment.
    There is NO Justice for poor people & people of color in this Amerikkka!!
    May God have Mercy on this Nation ‘when the chickens come home to roost’.

  29. The system must not know peace until we know peace, respect and justice. Brother Troy is another classic example of the stubborn nature of this New World Order that seeks to crush us all, particularly those that whose ancestors were the slave that built the modern world.

  30. Tears burn my eyes as I read this unjustness. This United States of America is only united in the destruction of black men and black families. I love all people white,black,red,brown etc but it’s the systematic powers that be that loom to destroy our people. Yes you have many well off blacks who look down on the brothers & sisters who find themselves caught up in these types of situations…and they are the ones who most of us are measured against. However its a sin filled state to be so broken as a people. America is a wicked country that had been so from conception. This division within the black race is the new slavery…its not just the luck or bad draw of Damn near every inner city filled with blacks, package stores fast food & churches is also filled with guns, drugs cancer and murder rates only fit for world wars. America had been killing us since they stole us. This day is a sad day..let it had been another black youth and this case would be over & done with. The officer who wad killed god bless his spirit and family. To my brother who is on death row…God will see you through completely. To all of my fellow black brothers please let this stand as a advid reminder that the race is not over.

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  32. this case just shows how f….d up the system is, how screwed up the people are. my heart goes to you troy davis, you are a brave man who deseves to live and will live no atter what.

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  34. He never says, “I am innocent.” I am not disputing whether he is or is not, nor am I trying to minimize the impact and emotion of the letter, but it is a powerful thing to proclaim in your own words that you believe and know that you are innocent because no guilt will hold you back from declaring it, or weigh on your mind after you have said it. Regardless, I do not believe in killing anyone, whether guilty or innocent since whether we commit a murder, are adulterers, secretly hate someone, or steal something once, we are all guilty. Imagine if we were all put to death for those things/sins/transgressions/whatever your spiritual beliefs are….that we cannot take back after they are done? Murder is just a magnified version of our personal failings to be perfect and the evil that still exists as part of our nature, yet we try to separate it from ourselves, wash it out, rid ourselves of it, perhaps make ourselves seem or feel pure by putting it to death through state sanctioned execution. Wow. We are not fixing anything and clearly the death penalty isn’t deterring murder. We need to fix our society, encourage parents to raise thoughtful children, empower those who feel powerless to change their circumstances. The death penalty isn’t going to discourage someone who feels they have nothing to lose and has been emotionally hardened. The sad thing is that oftentimes they are transformed after committing a crime when they are in prison, but this could go on so I will stop here.

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  36. Wow! Such strong encouraging words…..My prayers are with you Troy and all the other Troys incaerated wrongly! We serve a God of justic and it will prevail in JESUS name!

  37. Troy Davis that message you wrote touched my heart in ways you can ever imagine. The justice system is so out of touch with believing the truth that they don’t want to believe the truth. My prayers go out to you as well as your family. Praying that your execution will be over turned. The way I feel right now is at this point they really do not care if you are innocent they just want to give peace to the MacPhal Family they need peace that is true but not at the cost of you, a innocent man. FREE TROY DAVIS!!!!!!!!

  38. This so touched my heart. And you will get your freedom. U r a angel sent to earth to make a change into alot if pplz eyez. I dt kno u but I love u for being a strong individual. My heart goes out to u. God bless you.

  39. No wonder if people are rioting, if things like this is allowed to happen and citizens have exhausted every possible reasonable ways to solve this attrocity. What anout judges, if they are going to kill an innocent man, aren’t they accountable for deliberate murder?

    Who do these judges think they are,,,gods??!!??

  40. Such grace in the face of such awfulness …. makes me so proud and so sad. Rest in the same Peace that you appear to have lived in life and thank you for this teaching. I’m so sorry you and your family had to go through this.

    Prayers abound…

  41. Brother Troy Davis This is from Africa
    I was in same situation and no doubt that I am on your side
    The American Justice system it has being broken long time
    I learn that when I was in Your situation the difference Is that I was accused with something else
    Well Brother in Name of God I wish you strength on this last minute of your life
    Might God Bless You and Your Family
    From Motherland Peace on your soul
    Antonio Da Costa

  42. Is this the justice, are this the values many people from all over the world die for – not onlx in Afghanistan? The Lord is the allmighty judge. Does he now live in Georgia?

  43. It truly is a sad day today. My eyes filled with tears as I read the letter from Mr. Davis. If this travesty of justice is allowed to prevail, I am reminded that the Bible tells us that “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”. Someone put it best earlier, this life on earth is only a journey, our real home is in Heaven. My heartfelt prayers to you Mr. Davis, your family and that of the slain officer’s family as well. Peace to you and God Bless you.


  45. God knows all and sees all. God loves you more than the “justice” system on this earth and you can count on that! No matter what happens, be joyful as you have already stated!!!! YOU ARE VICTORIOUS IN GOD!!!! I love you…

  46. No human beeing has the right to judge if someone is to live or to die. It is not right. Worst of all , is that there is no evidence and the person claims to be innocent al these years. How comes you have no doubt that you would be killing an innocent person? Why go on when you can proove nothing……why say you are a justful nation when even such an easy decision you cannot make it right and just? Stop death the penalty!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I am praying for you. God is the ultimate judge and whether its right now or years from now he has the final say so! You serve an awesome God and he deserves to be praised and you praise him all the way to the end despite of! My heart and prayers goes out to both families. Often times we as a people are driven to our own opinions but ultimately the truth is all that matters. I read other blogs and the things some of those people are saying and it really hurts me to my heart to know its people out there like that. Slavery has been replaced with steal bars and death its corrupt I just don’t understand how someone’s life can mean so little and that is on both ends of the situation. God bless you Troy Davis i feel like ive known you my whole life!

  48. Troy,

    Your life, your light, your strength and your dignity are an inspiration to so many throughout this travesty of justice. You have an army of souls praying for you. God bless you.


  49. My heart breaks into a million pieces for you and your family. This isn’t right and nobody on this planet deserves to go through what you are all going through. I don’t have any other words. Just peace be with you.

  50. Troy Davis, I am ashamed of this country in terms of the death penalty. Your letter is very moving, and my thoughts will be with you this evening. I am still hoping for a miracle. Much love to you.

  51. As the one who runs this news blog, I want to thank all those who have commented, and those who will comment here soon. Troy Davis isn’t dead yet and we can still make a difference. What we need you to do is call this number:


    This is Larry Chisolm’s number. Call in and demand that he vacate the death sentence for Troy Davis!

    And even if they execute Troy Davis, despite his clear innocence, this should come as a wake up call to everyone who’s dedicated their time and efforts towards the freedom of Troy Davis, even when his freedom won’t be granted. If we’re wanting to ensure no other innocent life is to be taken by the New Jim Crow – prison industrial complex – we must dedicate a line of struggle against the death penalty. It must be abolished! Only then will we have a chance to free future Troy Davis’.

    Even then, the death penalty isn’t just the only problem. It’s the entire mass incarceration system. This is the New Jim Crow! And we must combat it through organized resistance. The words of the great African American Communist Harry Haywood once said:

    ‎”The key question involved in projecting a solution for the Negro question is the universal problem of reform or revolution. The reformist position on the Negro question claims that it is being solved on the basis of gradual, progressive gains within the framework of the existing monopoly-dominated system. There are variations on this theme, ranging from the Southern “liberal” gradualists to the assimilationist line of the NAACP, the most recent variant of which is solution of the Negro question through “full integration into every aspect of American life.”

    While we Communists fight for every possible democratic demand of the Negro people, and welcome all advances made, we have pointed out that the Negro question is at bottom the question of an oppressed nation in the South and a national minority in the North. Therefore, the Negro question can only be solved on the basis of a revolutionary change in the Deep South. This difference is fundamental.”

    -Harry Haywood, For a Revolutionary Position on the Negro Question

    Never give up! Organize! Resist! Capitalism is the true enemy and it must be eliminated to ensure the total freedom of the working class and all oppressed nationalities.

    Again, thank you all for showing solidarity to Troy Davis’ struggle and supporting for his freedom!

  52. Troy, we are so, so, so sorry that you are going to lose your life due to nothing short of a horrible game of politics. There’s nothing to be said about the wretched state of heartlessness in America today except that it must be stopped. We love you.

  53. Troy–my dearest Troy!
    You are a pillar. You are strength. You are God. You are the Ether. You are the Water. You are the Wind. You are the Fire. You are the Earth. You are ever-present now and always! Your prayers have gone out and reached us. You have made a huge difference in many lives and your purpose, while intensely difficult and painful, has been to teach us to remain true and steadfast to Self, God and Oneness of Creation!!! YOU have already achieved the victory. Continue to keep your mind, heart and soul clear, clean and focused–no matter what happens because, as you know, anything can happen. You know I love you!

  54. Troy, some Christians have this holier than thou attitude, but they lose sight of the simple basic message, love thy neighbor, no matter what they may or may not have done.

    I am so sorry that you may never read this or you may never be free. I am so sorry that our justice system is broken and is screwing you over.

    I love how humble you are and how you’ve come to terms with this. You are stronger than any person I know!

    May God be with you in your time of need, and may God bless you!

  55. Cuando estès ante Dios en las puertas del cielo sentiras su bendicion, ya estas bendecido.
    Que Dios te acompañe en tu camino, el estara a tu lado a cada paso que des y te llevara con su abrazo de amor y paz.
    Estos ulitmos momentos de vida deben ser muy desgarradores para ti, quisiera que puedas saber que el mundo esta contigo y te esta acompañando en tu hora mas dura y oscura.
    Estamos alli, we are there with you dear Troy.

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  57. He is not being put to death for being black. There may be injustice in his sentence but saying since he is black there in lies the injustice is bull

    • Then explain why he’s still being locked up, why he’s about to be executed for a crime that bears no evidence of him being guilty of. To claim that racism is not a factor in this is the problem with today’s society. You believe that once the Jim Crow laws were abolished, they were then abolished completely. The problem is this: Jim Crow was only abolished in name. Today, it continues on through what is known as mass incarceration.

      I’d highly recommend you getting a copy of “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander. This will help explain why and how racism still reveals its dirty face in the incarceration of our black community here in the United States.

  58. Prayers and blessings for a last-minute miracle. This is not right! Troy and family…… please keep the faith! This makes no sense, but please feel the warmth of God’s embrace. Humanity might let you down, but the Lord up in Heaven will not. Many many prayers :(….

  59. US commit a murder of Justice if they do not stop the execution. And my thoughts go out to Troy Davis and his family.We are manny ppl in Sweden and in the rest of scandinavia that feel for his life..

  60. God’s will is always done! Bless you and your spirit, Troy! Only you and God know every element of your life’s journey, and he will take you to your fate. Remain faithful in him, and he will NOT fail you (heaven or earth)…

  61. Dear Troy, it’s after midnight here in England and after 7 in Georgia. I’m so ashamed to be an American right now, to be from a country that allows these kind of injustices to happen on a daily basis. You strength amazes me and I hope your family is able to find solace within it. The anger that people around the world will feel if Georgia has gone ahead with this incredibly wrong decision will hopefully lead to the eventual destruction of this inhumane system that exists in the US. I’m so sorry you were never able to experience first hand all the places, cultures and religions you write about in your message. I’m thinking of you.

  62. Georgia, the world is watching. History is not kind to the perpetrators of injustice — is this really how you want to be perceived and remembered?

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  64. Troy Just Remember: That We Serve A God That Sits High And Looks Low. He Is The Judge During Judgement Praying That You Will Be A Free Man

  65. It is times like these where people seem to come together and cry out to the Lord, when there is nowhere else to turn literally. I implore every one reading this…get to know Jesus before it’s to late.Troy your life story is remarkable, God has used you to bring together believers and non believers alike, I just want to take the opportunity to say Thank you, and lets Get RIGHT people you know not the day nor the hour of his return

  66. So, when the execution has been postponed but it may be one hour or up to seven days. But the fact is that it is only temporary because of the media attention it worldwide. And do the politicians want the world to forget about this so they can execute him later. The best they can do is to give Troy a new fair trial which would also be in the judiciary and the politicians interest…

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  68. I immigrated from Iran, and there are executions there all the time. If we feel that the barbaric executions in Iran and Saudi Arabia are unjust and inhumane, then we need to end the death penalty once and for all.

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  71. He has an IV in his arm and ready to be put to death, but yet casey anthony walks FREE what the hell is wrong with our system?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  72. May God Bless you Troy, I pray that your soul flys to Heaven with the angels. There are so many people in prison that are innocent & wrongly accused. Innocent until proven guilty is America’s stable statement….but do we stand by that? Everyone fought the good fight for you my brother. Just know that we as People Stood by your side for what’s right.

    Eternal Love,

  73. God bless your soul! My prayers go out to you and your family and my heart is heavy on the night of your execution! This fight will not stop and your execution will not be in vain! God bless!


  75. RIP TROY DAVIS …..Death to the murders! GOD sees all….Remember when you go to sleep at night what you have done, and i know you think you kind of justice was right, but you have failed miserably! KARMA

  76. Moments like these give me a reason to be ashamed to be an american. Rip Troy Davis!!! <3 them white people could not wait to kill you. Smh


  78. Well let us not forget the life of the police officer. I have not studied this case enough to say he deserved to die. I will put it this way, if he did it…it deserved to die. With that said, 2 eyewitnesses held their grown and 7 recanted. That alone does not prove the 2 are wrong. We can say all types of silly stuff like eyewitnesses do not count, but that is not the case. An eyewitness testimony is creditable evidence(period).

    • Actually, having studied Psychology, and currently getting my PhD. in Psychology, this simply isn’t true whatsoever. Eyewitness testimony shouldn’t be credible enough to be presented as evidence for conviction. Fact of the matter is that most people really don’t know what they saw and are often pressed in developing their own memories when they aren’t even real memories.

      Hundreds of people have been released from prison because of DNA, in which they were originally sent to jail because of eyewitness testimony. Thankfully, DNA was able to prove why the eyewitness testimony of all these innocent lives weren’t actually guilty and eventually freed. It’s just a real damn shame that Troy Davis was unable to win his freedom before being executed.

      • The problem is.that it sometimes works. If that same evidence gives you a life sentence that is not better. There is no perfect way unless you recorded yourself commiting a crime.

    • No1 is sayin that we should forget the officer killed…what IS being said is that this is an injustice. I honestly believe that he was put 2 death bc he was a black man who was “accused” of killing a white cop…not just bc he was black, but bc he was a BLACK man “accused” of killing a WHITE COP…when u consider that out of 9 witnesses, 7 re-canted…7…that leaves 2 and from what i can tell, thier stories didn’t sound 2 credible either. You say that the REAMINING 2 eye-witnesses is CREDIBLE EVIDENCE, lmao, so basically what ur telling us is that if it were U and there were “eye-witnesses” then ur guilty, right…what if the “eye-witnesses” in ur case were flawed…what if 1 forgot 2 wear her glasses and couldn’t c very well but yet she went along with what others were saying…what if another was cheating on his wife and figured, hey…this is the best scenario 2 give my wife when she asks where i was…the point i’m tryin 2 make is that ppl CAN b and often are WRONG…and in this case i feel sure they were…just remember when u say sum1 else is guilty of a crime…the next “eye-witness” may b a witness against u and sumthin u didn’t do.

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  81. as I read this letter my heart begin to break. I actually hear his heart and im in tears right now, I cant believe the country we live in and how our justice system is corrupt. it angers me after all the facts, they still killed this man? folks hate comparing race or creed but this is a clear case of modern day racism! im angry that at 11:08pm they put a man to death without a fair trial! for that I despise our justice system! RIP Troy Davis, U will live on thru your family and millions around the world! GOD Loves U!

  82. He may have been denied life but maybe that wasnt his destiny maybe his true perpuse was to open eyes and to start a movement too show people who believe in there system of justice that it can be flawed and that there is much room for improvement and it should not be so easy or quick to send a man to death . I dont believe it was racist its happened to people of all races I believe it was idiotciy evil and fear a fear of something they believe in so much being wrong and flawed that to uphold that idea they would send an innocent soul to death to prove it and that is where the evil comes in we shall leran from him and become stronger as a people but only if we countinue to point out that witch is truely wrong r.i.p troy hevean is a better place now that u have arrived and may god have mercy on our souls

  83. I am truly saddened when I read some of these postings. I personally am involved in a murder trail sentencing in a few weeks. The story told in court was far from the truth but because a black man killed a white woman in a rich/nice town-he will pay the price. I hope that an appeal will follow immediately.
    For those of you-stating Christains rantings-please go jump in a lake. This has nothing to do with God/JC or the Holy Ghost. You should keep your igorant rants to yourself!

  84. Im sorry this is a bunch of bull!@#$, I mean really? It has been clearly recognized that this man has no evidence against him proving his guilt. I am so angry and upset with how the judicial system aka the government has blood on their hands for the murder of an innocent man. When I first heard about it I thought it was a joke. I will not be surprised if riots break out in the streets. Open your eyes people, racism still exist in our country(Casey Anthony trial)…We have to stick together and pray that we have a better future. God Bless

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  89. no other evidence but eye witness testimony is a very wrong reason to execute any man i know it is too late to stop this and it is done, but there has to be no doubt in anyones mind. witnesses are

  90. idk mch about this case but from wat i read u are innocent. if casey anothony can get off with killing her own baby(there is no EVIDENCE but i still believe she did it) i hope u can get off with a crime u didnt commit. im sorry u had to waste ur time in a place u never thought you’d be. i hope ppl will see u as innocent not guily. i know ur lethal injection was a few hours ago and i wish i saw this article sooner, but i pray someone fought for u like i wish i could have done. im hopeing to be speaking this to Troy Anothony Davis but if its too late for this wish i hope im speaking to the family and friends that know him best. For all the families that have lost a loved one due to a situation like this i pray for u now and always will. i will forever keep u in my prayers.

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  92. It’s a shame that people like Casey Anthony beat the justice system, get off & then the tax payers flip the bill on her protective custody. Meanwhile a guy like Troy Davis gets executed in his circumstances. I’d rather my tax payer money be spent giving that man justice rather then paying for that girl to be in hiding. It’s a shame what this country has turned into. May you rest in peace Troy Davis.


  94. Was anyone trying to get his sentence commuted? If he wasn’t on death row, but imprisoned for life is that better? I agree that justice serves people differently, mostly because of money. If he was not on death row I’m just wondering whether thered be so much attention. Rot in prison or lethal injection your life is screwed either way

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  96. I can’t believe that any of us are criticizing one and other. Religion has no room in politics and this is about political issue, not religious. This is about putting an end to capital punishment and legally murdering people. I will think of Troy Davis and Mark McPhail meeting now and wondering why they could not have been friends in life rather than in death!

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  98. Death is not the greatest of evils; it is worse to want to die, and not be able to!

    Not only will Gods love heal the time you felt was loss. The redeeming power of his glory will overwhelm you. Stay in prayer and you the doors will OPEN! No Matter what happens!!!!!!!

  99. I preface my comment with the following comment: Comments, e.g., “Fry Him”, “I feel good about this one” “Am I missing something” Ricks Perry’s comments and subsequent applauses, etc. The aforementioned is a microcosmic photo of a sad and sicken segment of our society and its sentiment toward the death penalty and life in general. The Death Penalty administered (especially in the USA) is Bias, Criminal Cold Blooded Murder and a Sin.
    I am very passionate about this topic and it would be remiss of me to not share my deeply rooted sentiments. Never in my adult or juvenile life have I been proud of” or had faith in our justice system or most of the individuals or groups who implement the laws. It is the epitome of hypocrisy placing the words, “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW” above and at the entrances of our court houses. I am proud, however to have the courage of my conviction to make the aforementioned comment whether I am running for public or private office or not. Because if by now I have not found cause for which I have the courage of my conviction for which to stand, life has not been worth living.
    One individual stated “It’s the law” and then asked, “Am I missing something”? That is the epitome of metaphorical myopia. I grew up during and within the Jim Crow era, and need I inform you of the decadent and unjust laws that existed during that time that adversely (negative reminiscence and residue still remain) impacted millions of lives and America? State sanctioned Segregation, Apartheid, etc. were on the books as law. These are just a few additional examples of unjust laws that were reversed subsequently after mortals were given no other options or coming to their senses. The former prevailed in most instances. 130 individuals waiting on death row to be executed, have been exonerated and set free after DNA technology has become an integral part of forensic science. Yes, you are missing plenty and especially the big picture. Because it is the law, does not mean that the law is just. They are mutually exclusive.
    I applaud, agree and I am proud of the individuals preceding me who so eloquently expressed their opposition to the death penalty. Life, whether the victim’s or the perpetrator’s, is indeed sacred.
    It is my belief that no mortal has been invested with the authority by the omnipresent and omnipotent one to take the life of another human with few exceptions, e.g., to protect and preserve the life of others or oneself but only at the moment of such threat, etc. Mortals’ selfish and subjective interpretation of scripture to mold and justify the death penalty will not suffice. The implementation of the death penalty by mortals is a convoluted form of “Cold Blooded Murder” and the judges, jurors, prosecutors, law enforcement agents, legislators, etc., will have to answer at the conclusion, if not before, to the “Almighty” in the court house, where true EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW” is indeed administered.
    We are witnessing one important components of a decadent nation. Rome did not fall in one day and no one noticed the decadent entities that caused Rome’s decline until the 12th hour had arrived. We are the only so called “developed” nation that has the death penalty. God has invested no mortal with the authority to take a life in this fashion, even if the suspect were guilty beyond a doubt. Those who are responsible for taking another’s life in this fashion will have to give account on judgment day. This aforementioned belief is so deeply rooted in my heart and soul to the degree that I would not want the death penalty for person/s who murdered my mother, father, sibling, or any loved one, etc. Another factor that is troubling to me are people rejoicing and applauding this heinous act, e.g., Rick Perry takes pride that Texas has executed over 200 individuals since he has been Governor of Texas and people applauded when he recently made this announcement in New York. I shall mourn the death of 4,000 people but I shall not rejoice in the death of one. This is a paraphrased quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The USA, we as a people, and the world is a better place as a result of this man and the wisdom and words he imparted with us. We would be a better world and nation if we were to listen, adhere, and administer the words of a person of MLK’s caliber immediately and subsequent to his imparting them with us, as opposed to when they become mainstream, advantageous to one’s cause and politically beneficial and expedient.

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  101. My condolence goes out to Troy Davis family and Troy Davis in spirit as I read his story I’m glad he kept faith alive! I think we need to continue to fight for justice around the world they killed an innocent black man. I don’t know my laws but I do know without evidence you have no case. I think racism played a BIG role in it. I’m still stuck on the Anthony Casey how she was found innocent for killing her baby and she’s free now nor did she do any time! Troy has been locked up 19 yrs and still got the death penalty! It’s Alot I don’t understand in this country we live in I just wish it would all stop and we could all come to peace and work together instead of against each other! keep Troy Davis name alive and remember keep fighting for justice we will WIN one day.


  102. Even Christian as a Religion was about murder and killing and Do Believe that this was done in the name of the religion. Troy, We LOVE you Brother and for every action is a reaction… Do NOT REMOVE the DEATH PENALTY,,, those who Created it, Will Be Judged By IT. Those who really Brought the Towers down, Those responsible for the Lynching of Troy Davis, and many other evil atrocities will feel the same pain as they have. The ploy to remove the Death Penalty and ride off of my brother’s Lynching, No Way, you will Pay for it is the way of the Universe, KARMA is JUST.

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  104. Another in a long line of injustices which will continue on and on until the death penalty is abolished. It has no place in an enlightened system of justice. It is a remnant of the dark ages and beyond. Most modern nations have given it up, recognizing it has no value. It prevents no other crimes. It’s expensive beyond any sane rationale.

  105. black always suffer for the white people, they feel they alone could make mistake but dont worry there is god above and he will jugde for those wicked judge and juroros and them fire for them when resurrection come everything will turn on them i am not a black person anyway

  106. A Black President No Diffrence in status Quo…. Denial with threat of veto for Palastine State no mercy or halt in execution to investigate the new evidence For Troy Davis and talk of weopens of mass destruction this time IRAN… PUPPET Government controlled by INhumane BIG Bussiness no Democracy Dictatorship. RIP Justice Fairness

  107. @Esset Schonburg…Insulting God does nothing in the way of people giving up with encouraging Troy (God rest his soul) and others. In a world full of strife and ugliness that PEOPLE cause, we need to believe in Someone other than people That Someone is God.
    God had nothing to do with Troy’s undeserved death. People did. People like you are so quick to blame God because we get too lazy-minded to try to really UNDERSTAND Him. If people just judged YOU without trying to understand you, would YOU like that? No. You wouldn’t. So don’t do that to God. We are screwed up creatures who messed stuff up for ourselves. Our screwed up nature & sinning hurts us. God does not. God MADE life and since God is smarter than you and I, He isnt gonna make life only to enjoy watching it die! We hurt ourselves. Others hurt us (like how you may have hurt that person by cursing them and insulting their belief: nasty, close-minded and foolish girl you need to grow up). God does not hurt.
    And also, what you did was selfish. If Troy read your comment before he was lethally injected, do you REALLY think your negative & nasty comment, downgrading the very God you saw he was putting hope in in his last months, helped him at all? I am sure you did not help him.
    The REALITY is there is a God and it would do you well to get over yourself and quit the humanistic, vain, selfishness and see that.
    The REALITY is Troy did die, but your harsh words didn’t do a thing to spark any hope in him as did the other comments. Noone needs to go to you for encouragement, ever. You only think about yourself.
    The REALITY is death is real, but God is as well. He still won. God still won because though Troy died & his body was taken, his spirit can NEVER be taken by anyone. God is in full control and the evil ones still lost. The spirit is the most important, The rest is just a shell and God won.
    But you would know all this if you got over yourself and tried to understand someone and something much bigger than us/you.

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