The Secret War To Come: The War On Iran


by BJ Murphy

Iran, under its desperate struggle between their independence & those forces sought out to destroy it, finds itself facing what history once taught us, but, from what it seems, has lost itself someway or another to the minds of those who live today. Whether it be a newly independent State that broke off all ties from the imperialist forces that once did business with them, or it be a State in which continues to this day to fight for their independence, for whatever may be left of it, the struggle for independence still wages on, in which we continue to see in face of Iran. Despite the lack of any real proof, or what many of us like to call “evidence”, of the development of nuclear weapons by Iran, the US, with the help of those in the United Nations & close allies, continues to push forward, what it seems, the possibility of war against them. Though, if one was to merely look back in history, from the 1950’s to today, we begin to understand not just the reason why they’re doing this, but also what may possibly happen here in the near future.

Nuclear relations between the US & Iran

Day after day, hour after hour, we continue to hear the mainstream media talk of Iran’s nuclear development, in which has been said numerously that it’s nothing more than nuclear energy. Though, on both sides of the political spectrum, we seem to never get a different opinion on the matter at hand, & find ourselves hearing both sides talk of the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons, not nuclear energy. Though, it’s interesting to see how quick the media is to demonize Iran for their nuclear development, yet never seem to even brush on the clear history between the US & Iran on said nuclear development.

According to a document called “Iran’s Nuclear Program: Status” by Paul K. Kerr, Iran’s nuclear program started all the way back since 1950, in which was helped funded & supplied by the US. What the US helped supply was a research reactor located in Tehran.[1] Though, this was just the beginning. Iran was hoping the development of 10 – 20 more nuclear power reactors would come to light. They even took the step to make sure everyone understood, including the US, that they were not using these reactors in order to create nuclear weapons. They did this by signing the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968 & then submitted a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly that called for nuclear-weapon-free-zone areas within the Middle East in 1974.[2] Of course, even when the US was helping fund this nuclear program, they remained skeptical of Iran. This was made clear when a national intelligence report became declassified, called “Prospects for Further Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons”. It was stated that “…if Iran has a full-fledged nuclear power industry and all the facilities necessary for nuclear weapons, and if other countries have proceeded with weapons development, we have no doubt that Iran will follow suit..”[3]

Muhammad Mossadegh, being overthrown by a CIA-organised coup in Iran in 1953

It must be noted, though, that the US didn’t start supplying Iran until the right leader was put in place. In 1951, Mohammed Mossadegh was elected as Prime Minister of Iran. While in power, under popular support by his people, Mossadegh nationalized Iran’s petroleum industry and oil reserves. This made the US & British very displeased in their choice of breaking off any ties to the US & British regimes when it came to the oil reserves. In response, the British government, which was headed by Winston Churchill, led an embargo on Iran’s oil & then enlisted the US in order to overthrow the democratically elected government of Mossadegh. This became what is known as “Operation Ajax”.[4] Helped formed by the CIA, “spontaneous” mass demonstrations began to arise in 1953, in which was calling for the return of the Shah.[5] When all was said & done, on the 19th of August 1953, PM Mohammed Mossadegh was arrested & the democratically elected government was then overthrown & replaced with the ruling by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. From then to 1979, Iran & the US began their partnership in the development of nuclear energy.

Iran’s Past Resistance

During the US backed ruling of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, there was a voice speaking out against the “white revolution”, in which led to the overthrowing of Mohammed Mossadegh. This voice was by Ayatollah Khomeini. Soon after denouncing the new government, Khomeini was arrested & imprisoned for 18 months. Once his time was up & he was released, Khomeini spoke out again, but this time it was against the US government. Because of his dissidence, the Shah made the decision to exile him to turkey. Though, he then found himself in Iraq, & then later on finally exiled to France.

By 1978, a guerrilla resistance formed up against the US backed government & sought out to overthrow it. This became known as the “Iranian Revolution”.[6] After the country became paralyzed by the numerous amounts of strikes & demonstrations, the Shah had fled the country in January 1979, in which Khomeini returned to Tehran from exile. Just 10 days later the Pahlavi regime had collapsed, allowing the guerrillas & troops to overwhelm those troops loyal to the Shah through armed resistance on the streets. By the 1st of April 1979, Iran officially became an Islamic Republic, & by December of that same year, Khomeini was then declared as the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic. This only led to the complete deterioration of any friendly relation between Iran & the US. And to show their oppositional stance against the US, on the 4th of November 1979, a group of Iranian students seized US embassy personnel, in which were believed to be CIA agents plotting to overthrow the revolutionary government, similar to what had happen to Mohammad Mossadegh.[7]

This, of course, all ended by 1997 when Iran found itself a new ruler, a reformist named Mohammad Khatami. Khatami was in good relations between themselves & the US. Though, this only came through his advocation of “freedom of expression, tolerance & civil society, constructive diplomatic relations with other states, & an economic policy that directly supported the free market.” Though, as regarded by many, Khatami was seen to have been quite unsuccessful in the achievement of making Iran more “free & democratic”.[8] Because of this lack of success, by 2005, Iran found itself going down a different direction once again by democratically elected Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in which started a war that mirrored the past.[9]

The US vs. The IAEA

Although there were earlier developments of nuclear energy before 2005, it was put in the light of said development by Ahmadinejad to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) when elected. Since then, as the IAEA has continuously done check ups on Iran’s nuclear program & has essentially approved each visit, the US has continued to go against the facts presented by the IAEA & instead lead an investigation against Iran on the possibility of nuclear weapons being constructed instead of nuclear energy. It was made clear in a report on November 15, 2007, by the IAEA that “Iran’s statements are consistent with…information available to the agency,” despite growing speculation that Iran may not uphold their agreement to the Additional protocol.[10]

On February, 2008, there was a report by the IAEA in which was to be released in order to continue to show Iran’s compliance with them, but it was then delayed because internal speculation against Iran & wasn’t to be released until resolved. In a meeting between French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner & IAEA Director Mohammed Elbaradei, the French Foreign Minister was sent to try & convince the Director to “listen to the West” & to remind him that the IAEA was only in charge of the “technical side”, not the “political side” of the issue.[11] Though, because of these attacks against both Iran & the IAEA, the senior IAEA official ended up denying the reports of internal disagreements & accused the Western forces of using “hype” in order to impose sanctions on Iran over the nuclear program.[12] On the February 22, the IAEA finally released their report, in which then the Director stated, “We have managed to clarify all the remaining outstanding issues, including the most important issue, which is the scope and nature of Iran´s enrichment programme..”.[13]

Though, in the report, allegations were then made stating that the IAEA shared intelligence with Iran recently provided by the US regarding “alleged studies” on a nuclear weaponization program. This information was said to have been required through a laptop that was smuggled out of Iran & was provided to the US in 2004.[14] Of course, when the need of the original source of such information comes up, s/he is then speculated to be dead.[15] Then, when a senior European diplomat reviewed it, he ended up warning the US by saying “I can fabricate that data,” & argued that the documents look “beautiful, but is open to doubt”. This becomes a problem when this laptop has become the US’s only relied on “evidence” to prove that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.[16] Though, as stated in the February 2008 report by the IAEA, the Agency has “not detected the use of nuclear material in connection with the alleged studies, nor does it have credible information in this regard.”[17] Even to this day, as alleged studies by the US of “evidence” that Iran is producing nuclear weapons remains, Iran has continued to assert that the documents presented are forgeries, in which they stated to the IAEA, “The government of the United States has not handed over original documents to the agency since it does not in fact have any authenticated document and all it has are forged documents.”[18]

Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in Isfahan

According to the media, Iran had begun diverting uranium hexafluoride (UF6) for a renewed nuclear weapons program, despite the fact that all of the uranium hexafluoride was under IAEA safeguards. Though, these reports were then characterized by IAEA spokesman Melissa Fleming as being “fictitious”.[19] Iran had even clarified themselves that the alleged activities being promoted by US media against Iran as being false, as stated in the September 2008 report by the IAEA. The report then further states that “no evidence on the actual design or manufacture by Iran of nuclear material components of a nuclear weapon or of certain other key components, such as initiators, or on related nuclear physics studies … Nor has the Agency detected the actual use of nuclear material in connection with the alleged studies”.[20]

As the February 2009 report by the IAEA started coming in, reports by the media began suggesting that Iran ended up failing to properly report their amount of low-enriched uranium that they possessed because the Iranian estimates didn’t match the IAEA’s findings, in which started claims that Iran had enough uranium in order to make a nuclear bomb.[21] Though, these claims didn’t last long, & began to be widely criticized as being unjustifiable & hyped.[22] Melissa Fleming, spokesman of the IAEA, had then responded by stating that the IAEA had no reason to believe that the estimates of low-enriched uranium produced by Iran were an intentional error, & that no nuclear material could be removed from the facility for further enrichment to make nuclear weapons without the agency’s knowledge since the facility is under video surveillance and the nuclear material is kept under seal.[23]

Because of these clear false claims against Iran, & the somewhat failed agreements in keeping the IAEA updated as much as possible, questions started circulating on whether Iran has violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Though, in relation to the questions being circulated, a September 2009 Congressional Research Service paper ended up stating that “whether Iran has violated the NPT is unclear…”[24], though they were very skeptical of them not violating the treaty. This opinion was similarly shared in a 2005 U.S. State Department report in which stated that Iran’s extensive failures to make required reports to the IAEA made “clear that Iran has violated Article III of the NPT and its IAEA safeguards agreement.”[25] Despite all these allegations, it was confirmed by the Foreign Select Committee of the British Parliament that Iran had not violated the NPT, in which their conclusion states, “The enforcement of Article III of the NPT obligations is carried out through the IAEA’s monitoring and verification that is designed to ensure that declared nuclear facilities are operated according to safeguard agreement with Iran, which Iran signed with the IAEA in 1974. In the past four years that Iran’s nuclear programme has been under close investigation by the IAEA, the Director General of the IAEA, as early as November 2003 reported to the IAEA Board of Governors that “to date, there is no evidence that the previously undeclared nuclear material and activities … were related to a nuclear weapons programme.” … Although Iran has been found in non-compliance with some aspects of its IAEA safeguards obligations, Iran has not been in breach of its obligations under the terms of the NPT.”[26]

The Nuclear State begins making their mark

By February 9, 2010, Iran had announced that it would begin producing uranium enriched up to 20% in order to produce fuel for a research reactor used to produce medical radioisotopes, in which would process its existing stocks of 3.5% enriched uranium.[27] During the celebrations in Tehran for the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution, only two days after announcing their uranium enrichment plans, Iranian President Ahmadinejad ended up announcing that Iran had now become a “nuclear state”.[28] Because of the known-to-come criticism of the enrichment plans, President Ahmadinejad said, “Why do they think that 20 per cent is such a big deal? Right now in Natanz we have the capability to enrich at over 20 per cent and at over 80 per cent, but because we don’t need it, we won’t do it.” In which he then added “If we wanted to manufacture a bomb, we would announce it.”[29] The enrichment plans were then confirmed by the IAEA when stated that the enriched uranium was “up to 19.8%”.[30]

A few months later, Iran had then joined up with both Brazil & Turkey & issued a joint declaration “in which Iran agreed to send low-enriched uranium to Turkey in return for enriched fuel for a research reactor.”[31] To remain in good terms with them, Iran had then reported the joint declaration to the IAEA, asking them to inform the “Vienna Group” (the United States, Russia, France, and the IAEA), in order to conclude a written agreement and make contingent arrangements between Iran and the Vienna Group.[32] This was of course welcomed by China & Russia.[33]

The missing scientist controversy

For over a year now, the whereabouts of a missing Iranian nuclear scientist has been unknown. Though, within just a few months within 2010, the US has been stirring up commotion through the media with claims that the Iranian nuclear scientist, named Shahram Amiri, had defected to the US with valuable information, in which was willfully given to US authorities while in the US. Just a week after this was being hyped by the media, reports started coming in with satellite images that supposedly “exposes” a secret nuclear facility in Iran, & has used this as proof that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.[34] Though, in response to the US’s claims of an Iranian scientist “willingly” coming to the US with so-called “valuable information, Iran fired back by releasing a video in which, according to them, shows proof that Shahram was rather kidnapped & was taken to the US. On the video, Shahram ends up stating that, while under US custody, he was tortured & is right now living in Arizona. This video was made by Shahram, himself, through a webcam connected to his computer.[35] Here is what Shahram had to say under full coverage:

“I was kidnapped last year (2009) in the holy city of Medina on 3 June in a joint operation by the terror and abduction units of the American CIA and Saudi Arabia’s Istikhbarat [intelligence agency].They took me to a house located somewhere that I didn’t know. They gave me an anesthetic injection. When I became conscious I was in a big [voice interrupted] towards America.

“During the eight months that I was kept in America, I was subject to the most severe tortures and psychological pressures by the American intelligence investigation groups.

“And the main aim behind these investigation teams and the pressure imposed on me was to make me take part in an interview conducted by an American media source and claim that I was an important figure in Iran’s nuclear program and I had sought asylum in America at my own will. And (to say) while seeking asylum I took some very important documents and a laptop with classified information on Iran’s military nuclear program in it to America from my country.”[36]

Conflicting videos ended up deepening the mystery as to Mr Amiri's whereabouts

Though, just hours after the laptop video was made, another video was released, but this time through the US media. In this video, what seems to be Shahram, he states that he plans on staying in the US & came to the country willingly. This new video release, whether true or not, ended up contradicting the laptop video that Shahram released at his own computer, making the situation more confusing & more controversial.[37]

On June 29, yet again, another video of Shahram pops up, which was helped played by Iranian television, in what seems to be the real Shahram clearing up the mystery going on about his whereabouts & the second video that was released by US media:

“I, Shahram Amiri, am a national of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a few minutes ago I succeeded in escaping US security agents in Virginia. Presently, I am producing this video in a safe place. I could be re-arrested at any time.

“The second video which was published on YouTube by the US government, where I have said that I am free and want to continue my education here, is not true and is a complete fabrication. If something happens and I do not return home alive, the US government will be responsible.”[38]

According to State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, in response to whether Shahram was taken into the US, he stated that, “We are not in the habit of going around kidnapping people.”[39] Though, with all three video releases, despite the contradiction between one another, they both confirm that Shahram is at least in the US. On July of this year, Shahram then made the leap in which would spark a much more heated, but clearer discussion on Shahram’s story, by showing up publicly at the door of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington D.C. asking for help in returning to Iran.[40] Because of Shahram’s bravery & will to resist against the lies made against him, the truth has come out on how far the US will go in order throw dirt on Iran – kidnap, torture, & lie.

Sanctions on Iran

These actions made by the US, ranging from using speculated, yet undetermined satellite images of nuclear facilities in Iran, to even kidnapping Iranian nuclear scientists & fabricate videos of them in order to throw dirt on Iran, have been used as a justifiable reason to demand for sanctions to be placed against Iran. Through the UN, votes were being made in order to determine whether a joint agreement can be made to successfully start a sanction against Iran. Though, this isn’t the first time the US has promoted lies in order to sanction against independent, democratically elected governments.[41] Although Iran had got to seem a bit of light come out of the UN vote when both Brazil & Turkey voted no against the sanctions [42], the vote initially came to an approval June 10.[43] It appears, like any other independent country that has been sanctioned against – DPRK & Cuba -, the use of any misleading story in order to get what is needed has become a useful tactic by imperialist countries.

Was the war already being planned beforehand?

According to a Joint Working Group report on December 2008 called “Nuclear Weapons in 21st Century U.S. National Security”, there’s been many studies taking place on States in which they feel are stockpiling in nuclear weapons. Such places are the obvious DPRK & Iran. Though, when talking of their nuclear developments, it is stated that “The nuclear proliferation threats represented by North Korea and Iran will be immediate tests for the next administration, and will have to be addressed alongside efforts to combat the longer-term challenges represented by existing stockpiles of the nuclear weapon states..”[44] Though, despite the US’s hard efforts to try & demonize Iran with false accusations of them developing nuclear weapons, the UN had stated a year earlier that “..most U.S. intelligence shared with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has proved inaccurate and none has led to significant discoveries inside Iran.”[45] In other words, the US’s data against Iran is unreliable.

In January of this year, CNN spokesmen decided to have a little chat with General Petraeus about what he feels should be done about the current issue with Iran. Although he did not elaborate specifically on the plans against Iran, he did end up telling CNN that “…they certainly can be bombed. The level of effect would vary with who it is that carries it out, what ordnance they have, and what capability they can bring to bear.” He then stated, “It would be almost literally irresponsible if Centcom were not to have been thinking about the various ‘what ifs’ and to make plans for a whole variety of different contingencies.”[46] A few months later, Petraeus went at it again on Iran through a secret directive that had been released. In the directive “It authorises an expansion in the use of US special forces throughout the Middle East..” with the “..possibility of American troops operating covertly inside Iran..” in order to “..destabilise regional security.”[47] With Petraeus being in the spotlight on becoming the “how-to” guy when it comes to plans against Iran, I found it quite “coincidental” when Petraeus, after given the recent controversial events of former General McChrystal [48], is then appointed as a replacement to former General McChrystal with a vote of 100%,[49] making him the commanding general of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (for now).

Another odd set of events took place during late May, given the joint relations between Israel & the US against Iran, where Israel began joining forces with Greece in order to conduct war game practices, named “MINOAS 2010”, such as aerial maneuvers to practice long-range missions & mid-air fueling.[50] These reports coincide with the recent threats against Iran by Israel with a military strike to target Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Such threats seem to be justified through Israel’s claims that Iran is bent on starting a “nuclear war”.[51] What this is particularly leading up to is unknown “officially”, but we all have a good idea on where exactly it may lead up to.

And to make things worse for Iran, according to their naval forces, they have recently detected a US nuclear submarine in the Persian Gulf waters. Despite environmental concerns of this possible detection, with the nuclear submarine, there is currently 48 logistic & 18 combat US vessels in the Persian Gulf waters as well, being among them the USS-Eisenhower aircraft carrier.[52] Not a day later after this possible detection, a confirmation came in where Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles were deployed in the Gulf near the coastline of Iran. According to the Sunday Times, “the deployment was designed in order to act as a deterrent, gather intelligence & potentially to land Mossad agents”.[53]

Because of these recent events, former President of Cuba Fidel Castro gave out two warnings, with some time elapsed between the two, on what is to come by the US on Iran & the consequences of such actions if taken. The first warning by Fidel was of the possibility where President Obama may order a nuclear strike against Iran in order to win a second term to his presidency. Castro then goes on to ask “Could Obama enjoy the emotions of a second presidential election without having the Pentagon or the State of Israel, whose conduct does not in the least obey the decisions of the United States, use nuclear weapons against Iran?…How would life on our planet be after that?”[54] In the next warning by former President Fidel Castro, which came just a month after his first warning, he states “that a U.S./Israeli military attack on Iran would represent a serious threat to world peace.” He then later states that “..faced with completely open U.S. and Israeli aggression, Iran has acquired all possible weapons, its Revolutionary Guard numbers one million,and the army and navy have air, sea and land forces…They are training every Iranian 12-60 years old, and there are 20 million Shiite Muslims..” In which he points out how Iran is prepared for whatever the US & Israel brings to them.[55]

Throughout his warnings, he even spoke against Israel’s recent attacks on ships trying to bring aid to the Gaza Strip, condemning their actions as “nazi-like”. Though, Iran was going to be one of those ships as well when Iran announced that they were going to try & bring aid to the Palestinians. But, with all the controversy taking place right now, Israel then began threatening Iran that if they were to try & reach Israeli shores, then a war would be brought to them.[56] And so, because of the controversy that is continuing today & the recent threats of war by Israel, Iran had then made the decision later on that they would not bring aid after all.[57] A smart move in my opinion.

Has the war been secretly waged already?

Thousands upon thousands of Iranians supporting the CIA backed counterrevolutionary "Green Revolution"

To first make something clear, as history has clearly showed us, the acts of terrorism &/or “revolutions” are used whenever possible by imperialist countries in order to try & covertly overthrow a democratically elected government. We saw this happen in 1953 when Mohammed Mossadegh was taken out of power through “Operation Ajax”, in which was in disguise as the Shah’s “White Revolution”. You see, colored revolutions are used in order to gain popular support over an imperialist attack that is hidden with what seems to be a populist revolt. A day before the current President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected in 2009, neocon Kenneth Timmerman wrote that “there’s talk of a ‘green revolution’ in Tehran.” He then later stated that “..the National Endowment for Democracy has spent millions of dollars promoting ‘color’ revolutions … Some of that money appears to have made it into the hands of pro-Mousavi groups, who have ties to non-governmental organizations outside Iran that the National Endowment for Democracy funds.”[58] And sure enough, when President Ahmadinejad was democratically elected as President of Iran for a second term, the “Green Revolution” began. To the untrained eye, may saw this as merely a “populist revolt” against a claimed bureaucratic Islamic government. Though, as history has shown us, this was nothing more than a joint effort in order to gain popular support of an imperialist attack against a democratically elected government. Thankfully, the “Green Revolution” failed in bringing President Ahmadinejad out of power.

Thing about it is that these colored revolutions are only one piece of many through the plans of an imperialist attack by the Western forces. The funding of terrorism has become a more useful alternative in order to overthrow an independent government. In October of last year, an ex-CIA agent ended up coming out of the dark & confirmed that the claims of the CIA helping supply & fund the Iranian terrorist organization Jundullah were true. Though, he then stated that he’s “been told that the Bush Administration at one point considered Jundullah as a piece in a covert-action campaign against Iran, but the idea was quickly dropped because Jundullah was judged uncontrollable and too close to al-Qaeda..”[59] Now, with a new fresh presidency here in the States, one can only ask themselves if this decision is still in the red light.

But of course, the very “coincidence” that, after all these years of talks & threats against Iran & the closed door meetings determining on whether or not to wage war against Iran, the CIA-funded Jundullah just so happens to come out of the dark & begin blasting attacks against Iran soon after makes you wonder what is really being said behind those closed doors.[60] Of course, the media are only talking about the Jundullah for what they’re perceived to be, but not a single mention of their direct funding by the US’s CIA. Though, when one might have thought that the story may have remained hidden in the dark, Iranian President Ahmadinejad then began accusing the US for being behind the deadly attacks, stating that “ was ironic for U.S. President Barack Obama to send a condolence message for the Zahedan killings when Washington is backing armed groups that oppose the Iranian government.”[61]

But of course, when one thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. Reports have recently come in about how Washington is now reportedly called for Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants – a former communist group, now terrorist core – to allow members of an anti-Iran terrorist group, named the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), into a mountainous area along Iran’s northwestern border.[62] It was then stated by the International Strategic Research Organization, a Turkish think tank, that “agents with the Israeli spy agency Mossad as well as the Israeli military’s retirees had been sighted providing training to PKK gunmen in the Iraqi Kurdistan.”[63] Another source, though unknown, has told Press TV last month “that a group of 150 longtime MKO terrorists has been moved from their base in Camp Ashraf near Baghdad to a US base in central Iraq to be trained as spies…The US plans to dispatch the trained MKO members as secret agents across the border and into Iran, with plans to carry out terror acts..” according to the source.[64] Whether or not this source’s information checks out or not can only be determined on what happens in the near future.


So where do we go from here? Has the war already started, or is it about to be? Well, whether it has started yet or not, the war on Iran is clearly within our midst. As people who have the same desires as those did in the past where their desires were taken away from them by imperialist forces, we should understand, we should feel their suffering, their struggle. For it is a struggle in which lay upon us all. Even when declared independent, the struggle for independence remains being waged. Until these imperialist forces are stopped, the struggle will continue. Thanks to all those who have uncovered everything that I have presented to you here, we may have a chance to stop this war before it begins. But it is up to all of you – the working class, the peasantry, the poor, all those who have nothing left – it is up to you to take that final step in order to take everything that is yours back. Fight or die, Comrades.

Red Love & Salutes!


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About B.J. Murphy

I'm a young socialist and Transhumanist activist within the East Coast region, who writes for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET), India Future Society, and Serious Wonder. I'm also the Social Media Manager for Serious Wonder, an Advisory Board Member for the Lifeboat Foundation, and a Co-Editor for Fight Back! News.

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